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Zakku Kobayashi
Also Known As
Age 18
Gender Male
Height 5'10
Weight 160 lbs
Blood Type O
Professional Status
Kingdom Hades
Occupation Alchemist

Deadman Magus Shaman

Level 30
Experience 0/30,000
Bounty 50,000
Family * Gorou Kobayashi (father, deceased)
  • Unnamed mother (deceased)
Allies Nobuo (deceased)
Enemies The Count
Status Alive
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Zakku Kobayashi is a young man from Hades. He is an Alchemist, a Deadman, a Shaman, and a Magus. He is Imperial Wyrm's main Role-Play character. Zakku is a young man from Hades, aged 18.

Bio Edit

Zakku was born in December, in Skream, the Witches Territory of Hades. His father was a Knight who had been killed by a warlords henchmen, for rebelling. He had died just days after Zakku's birth. Zakku's mother was a Magus who taught him how to use the element of Wind. When Zakku was ten, his mother was killed right in front of him by The Count's soldiers. He was then captured and imprisoned in a dungeon with The Count's other enemies.

Zakku spent five years there, in The Count's dungeon. He was forced to do hard physical labor, such as mining gold and coal, digging trenches, and helping to build tunnels. He was often verbally and physically abused by the guards, and even molested. However, Zakku was later helped by an old man who protected him from the guards. The old man had been imprisoned for rebelling against The Count, and was an Alchemist, who had known Zakku's father. Zakku's father was Gorou Kobayashi, a Knight. The old alchemist, named Nobuo, had been an old mentor of Gorou, teaching him alchemy skills. Nobuo decided to teach Zakku, the son of his late pupil. Zakku learned how to transmute elements and create things from alchemy.


Toru, Zakku's Guardian Ghost

During those five years, Zakku had also discovered that he had a Branch of Sin, mutated blood that could be used as a weapon or to form armor. This meant that he was a Deadman. According to Nobuo, Zakku could control his Branch of Sin because he had been exposed to shards of the Red Diamond while mining. His power was kept secret from the guards, who would surely find some way to brainwash him into The Count's Army. At the age of fifteen, Zakku escaped from the dungeon with Nobuo. However, there were too many soldiers chasing after him. Nobuo stayed to fight them off with his alchemy, but was killed when an arrow pierced his heart. Nobuo was killed, but Zakku managed to escape.

Ever since then, Zakku lived the life of a wandering nomad, travelling from town to town. He eventually stayed with a Shaman tribe who were impressed with his power. They bestowed upon him, Toru, a Guardian Ghost. Becoming a Shaman, Zakku could use furykou, as well as an Oversoul, by summoning the spirit of Toru.

Abilities and Techniques Edit

Alchemy Edit

Transmutation Edit

Using his alchemy skills, Zakku can transmute things. He can use blood to create a weapon from it, from the iron in the blood. He can also transmute a steel door into a steel weapon. He is also capable of transmuting shockwaves against his opponents, and can create various weapons and armor.

Shaman Skills Edit

Toru Edit

With Toru, Zakku can use furykou (spiritual energy used by shamans). He can channel and summon spirits, as well as merge with them. Using Toru, Zakku can create an Oversoul for battle.

Attacks and Abilities Edit

  • Rapid Tempo Assault
  • Halo Block

Magus Skills Edit

Zakku can use the element of Wind, when it comes to Magus skills. He can cast wind spells, as well as conjure up lightning.

Branch of Sin Edit


Zakku's Branch of Sin

Zakku uses his Branch of Sin to throw blasts at his opponent, made of his mutated blood. These blasts can cause explosions and shockwaves, burning or electrocuting his opponent.