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Yuuto Yukimura
Yuuto Yukimura
Kanji 悠人雪村
Rōmaji Yuuto Yukimura
Also Known As Sloth

Archbishop of Sloth

Age 18 (DOB: December 31st, Year 190)
Gender Male
Height 5'9"
Weight 131 lbs
Blood Type AB-
Professional Status
Kingdom Tsukuyomi
Occupation Mage
Family Yuudai Yukimura (Father)

Yuuki Yukimura (Mother)

Allies Astrea
Enemies Imperial Reich
Status Alive
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 Yuuto Yukimura, mostly known as Sloth, and also known as "W". Is a mysterious young boy from the Kingdom of Tsukuyomi who is the infamous Sin of Sloth Archbishop. He was nearly killed during an attack by the Imperial Reich due to his father, Yuudai Yukimura, who was the leader of a rebellion against the Reich. 


Yuuto Yukimura2

Yuuto's usual demeanor

Yuuto is a shy, timid, and quiet young boy who gets flustered easily. He is kind, caring, and considerate of other people's feelings. He doesn't like to talk about his personal problems; preferring to keep them hidden from others: even if they're trying to help him cope with them. However, perhaps the biggest aspect of Yuuto's personality is his unmatched laziness. 

Yuuto is one of the laziest people in the world, he dislikes doing anything that requires any type of exertion on his part. He refuses to read books, take walks, or do what's necessary for him to recover after his near-death incidet because "I don't feel like it". He'd prefer to simply sit home and listen to music, play games, and watch TV shows and movies all day. Although he does have a great interest in quality craftsmanship, which is why he decided to learn Ice-Make magic. 

Nonetheless, after what happened to his family, Yuuto has become more determined to do something than ever before. Their death has made him seek out the one's who are responsible for his parent's deaths in order for them to face justice. This has caused him to embark on a journey of his own, forcing him to stop being so lazy so that he can achieve peace of mind and avenge his parents. 

Yuuto Yukimura5

Yuuto when he's perturbed

Unfortunately, Yuuto is a coward and doesn't have a ounce of bravery in him. He is easily scared, and runs away at the slightest things. He can be described as wimpy and lacking strength of will, with no backbone to support himself. He lets people talk down to him due to his lack of self-esteem in his own abilities, despite being one of the Archbishops of Sin. He knows this, and is gradually working towards getting rid of these negative qualities of himself: in order to become a stronger person. His love for his family, and what they stood for, is his strongest motivator, and because of that he refuses to let them down.


Yuuto Yukimura was born on December 31st, Year 190, in the Kingdom of Tsukuyomi in the Northeregion. His parents were Yuudai and Yuuki Yukimura, members of the Yukimura Clan: a clan that specializes in Ice Magic. His father was one of the biggest anti-Imperial Reich advocators. He had received some intel on the shady activities that they were doing, and brought it to light, and spoke out against them: like most of the North. Thus, he raised Yuuto to be headstrong, determined, and to fight for what he believes in. 

He and his mother enrolled Yuuto in classes at their clan's traditional academy in order to learn Ice Magic like the rest of those in their clan. Yuuto specifically learned Ice-Make magic, due to his unique interest in craftmanship. However, his skill in it wasn't that great due to him being too lazy to train it some more. Regardless, Yuuto displayed a nature aptitude for the art, and eventually graduated without much of a problem.

Eventually, Yuuto's father Yuudai became the leader of a small rebellion against the Imperial Reich. He attracted a lot of attention to himself and his family, friends, and other allies. This, however, put them all in danger and led to Yuudai and his wife Yuuki being killed one day in an attack by the believed-to-be Imperial Reich. Yuuto nearly died in the incident, and during this time his fading consciousness had come across what called itself the "Sin of Sloth": a wandering spirit of one of Requiem's Eternals. It told Yuuto that if he had someone who he truly hated, that it would bind with him and save his life. Yuuto told it that he hated whoever did this to his parents, and that he would track them down and kill them for what they did. Next, the Sin of Sloth had bound with him and Yuuto officially became the Archbishop of Sloth..Afterwards, Yuuto set out on a journey to find out exactly who killed his parents and to make them face justice for what they did. 


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Yuuto Yukimura3

Yuuto's demeanor when using his Authority

As one of the Archbishops of Sin, Yuuto has the potential to become one of the most powerful individuals in all of Shinsekai. However, due to his personality he has not yet accessed the full extent of his newfound powers and therefore is weaker than the rest of the Archbishops. Aside from that, Yuuto is a mage with a natural talent for Ice-Make magic but due to his laziness he has not perfected the art. 

Authority of SlothEdit

The Authority of Sloth enables the user to disable the "talents" of other entities: regardless of their species or state of being. They become "lazy", unable to utilize Requiem's gift, and lose all of their energy and motivation for even something as basic as living. Their laziness will prevent them from even eating or drinking, and they will become overwhelmed with an urge to sleep until they die. For one who wastes Requiem's gift is worthless, wicked, and is destined to die due to their "refusal to labour". Talents that are taken away by Sloth, can be given to a more "productive" (anyone who still has and uses their powers) user who doesn't waste Requiem's gift. This Authority can expand to even inanimate and non-living things, taking away their abilities, and allowing the user to cause things to crumble and fall apart. Those who have their talents taken away will also cause a strong feeling of irritability to all of those around them; causing them to dislike the person, and making them stay away from them: leading to emotional ruin. It also gives the user the ability to affect the physical environment with an invisible force that takes the shape of hands. This ability is known as "Idle Hands", and the strength and range of the hands are depedent on Yuuko's own individual power.


As a Mage, Yuuto has the ability to utilize magic: the physical embodiment of the spiritual connection between the user and the world. He uses Mana which is magical energy that gauges a Mage's Magic Power. Mana is considered particles of magic, that dwells within all living organisms and the atmosphere. Mana gathers and rests within what is known as the Magic Container in the body of a Mage, which is a limiter for their power. Once all of it is used up, the Mage can no longer use magic until it is regenerated by both their body and the Mana in the atmosphere that will converge on their body and refill the container. Due to becoming an Archbishop, Yuuto's Magic Power was increased tremendously and because of that he is capable of using advanced magic despite having little training and discipline. 

Ice-Make MagicEdit

Ice-Make magic is a type of Molding Magic that grants Yuuto the ability to create countless types of objects out of the element of ice. The objects that are created can be used for offensive, defensive, or supplementary purposes. They can used for wound dressing, such as stopping bleeding and preventing swelling as well. There are two types of Ice-Make, the first one is known as Static Ice-Make while the second is known as Dynamic Ice-Make. The first type involves creating inanimate objects and affecting the environment, whilst the second involves creating animated ice sculptures. The latter can also be cast quicker than the first type, making it more useful in certain situations. Overall, Ice-Make is an incredibly versatile type of magic that can be used in almost any situation.


  • Yuuto Yukimura's first name means "distant and leisurely person" and his surname means "snow town".
  • Yuuto's appearance is based off of that of Oreki Houtarou from the Hyouka series.