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Kanji 闇 の 破滅
Rōmaji Yami no Hametsu
Also Known As Saturn,Yami
Age 16
Gender Male
Height 5'10
Weight 130
Blood Type AB
Professional Status
Kingdom Unknown
Occupation Mage
Level 15
Experience 500
Bounty 51,000
Family Unknown
Allies None
Enemies None
Status Alive
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Yamino Hametsu (闇 の 破滅 literally: Destruction of Darkness) is a mage who currently resides in Gula. His birthplace is unknown. He also doubles as a warrior.


Yamino is of fair height. His usual attire consist of dark colors such as black and purple as a reflection of his destined power. He is fairly muscular and has tribal markings on his left arm. He has long hair and is dark purple and black. He usually wears a dark blue and white zipped shirt and black, baggy but semi tight-fitting hakama pants. He also wears a dark purple sleeveless shirt at times with a long, white belt.


Yamino is a very quiet and at times expressionless. He is very skilled, intelligent, and clairvoyant. He can be described as being a ninja in personality. Whenever he does speak or converse with others, he is ver friendly and helpful, and usually speaks in a low volume. He is not one to become upset easily.


Yamino's background is unknown but it can be inferred it was somewhat gloomy to an extent. However, it is known he has trained with several masters and he actually was raised by a pack of mystical wolves.

Story/Current EventsEdit

  • Yamino vs. Akashi. Winner: Akashi, Earned 500 XP & 1,000 B



Silence Glaive Surprise


Silence Glaive

Yamino is excellent in combat and battle strategy. He fights strategically and usually offensively.


  • Silence Glaive - This is Yamino's preferred weapon. It is formed when he combines his twin swords. It is a very strong polearm and it channels Yamino's powers of darkness.
  • Dual Swords- Regular single edged curved swords.
  • Spell Book - Book of spells.
  • Kunai - Several metal kunai
  • Kabutowari - A giant axe and hammer connected by a chain that also channel's Yamino's power.


Darkness MagicEdit

Yamino uses magic that utilizes darkness and destruction 


  • Silence Glaive Surprise - Technique that can completely destroy almost any great entity, however this move can be a double-edged sword, meaning that this can also kill him in the process, but he almost always reborn as a baby when being destroyed by his own power. Whenever this happens, he goes through a speedy aging process.
  • Silence Wall-A forcefield of dark energy that can deflect almost anything
  • Saturn Revolution An attack that draws the power of Saturn and focuses it into a strong, powerful beam of dark, cosmic energy.
  • Dark Absorption - A dark energy ball that drains the strength and energy of those nearby, but only those he desires to. In grows in effect if touched by any person.
  • Kabuto Ruin  - Activated when ground is smashed by the hammer of the kabutowari, it creates a wave of destruction around a 10 mile radius, but how far it goes is controlled by the will of Yamino.

    Yamino as a baby, usually 5-9 months old


    Yamino after aging rapidly, then a child, usually 9-12 years old