The World
The World, also known as the Known World, is the term given to the universe the main story takes in by it's inhabitants. There also exists the Alt-World, which is believed to exist in a separate reality. History of the world begins at the Age of Gods, the time far before the multiversal collapse when realities were beginning to form.

The World is currently held together by the Root, a metaphysical location outside the Shinsekai that acts as the "force" that exists at the top of all theories in every dimension, as well as the source of all events and phenomena in the universe. It is believed that the Root acts as a sun and moon for the Shinsekai. Without the Root, the world ceases to exist.

The future of the planet is undetermined, with many possible outcomes available depending on the conditions present in the parallel worlds.

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Age of GodsEdit

History of the Known World begins at the Age of Gods, the time far before the multiversal collapse when realities were beginning to form. A time where separate realities had begun forming under the dominion of divine spirits. During which mankind was less populous and Divine Spirit were either more common or more active. This period is marked by a greater proliferation of Phantasmal Species, and greater interaction between gods and mortals. This is the age of heroes and mythology, when rules of mankind and the laws of the world were different right down to the very fundamental physics of reality itself, but this period ended many years ago.

Age of ManEdit

The dominion of these Divine Spirits and eventually the World came to know the Age of Man, were the main story of each contributing universe used to make the Shinsekai takes place in the World's history.

Dusk of ManEdit


The multiversal collapse begun, triggered by the Gaia. Realities began to disappear causing ripples in spacetime, mysterious creatures dubbed as the Others, beasts of Gaia, reaped the souls of mankind across the multiversal. Time was running out and Jacob Lux, was the only one who could stop it.

Age of RequiemEdit


The birth and death of the Kyusekai as well it's rebirth as the Shinsekai.

Age of DawnEdit


The current age of the Shinsekai. Started from the 2 years leading up to the death of A'llye (the God of Requiem) in the Shinsekai year of 200.

Counter ForceEdit

The Counter Force is a vital component of the Known World as the highest form of deity across the multiverse. It transcends space and time and is the safety device formed by the collective unconsciousness. The concept of Counter Force is central to all realities, and consists of two components: Gaia and Alaya. Gaia is the will of the Earth, the planet's intrinsic wish to survive and prosper. Alaya, on the other hand, is the collective unconscious will of mankind to avoid extinction. As humans are creatures of Earth, Alaya was a component of Gaia. However, as mankind begins to develop independent from nature, it became independent of the Gaian system. With this divergence, Alaya is no longer aligned with Gaia and potential conflict can result.

Although Gaia and Alaya are thought to be intangible forces of will, each does enlist physical agents to deal with events too threatening to address with indirect intervention. The agents of Gaia consist of Spirits, Phantasmal Species, and other species born from the planet (such as the Others), it's main agent is known as The Extinction Machine, a supernatural beast known to bring havoc across the multiverse. The agents of Alaya are human spirits who pledge their eternal service to Alaya in return for power during their lifetime. Agents employed in this way are referred to as Counter Guardians such as the Eternals.

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