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The story and world of Requiem can be quite confusing nowadays so here is a page for you idiots who don't pay attention to chat or do not have an intricate notebook full of plot points, red herrings and conspiracy theories based on characters you have made. This page also retcons some misconceptions.


Whilst knowing everything about Req is not a necessity, these things are, so here they are.

God and His CreationsEdit

  1. The entire universe was created by a mortal by the name of A'llye, who had gained the power to do so during the collapse of the multiverse.
  2. A'llye created the universe using a combination of memory, imagination and taking literal aspects of a universe and placing them in his own (such as its people and locations).
  3. A'llye is technically 'The Black God' as the religion that worships him is 'The Black Faith' but many of the inhabitants of the universe call him Requiem or Req for short.
  4. The creation of Req's new universe and the events leading up to is known as 'The First Impact' where the combined strength of over a dozen universes helped defeat the superior strength of the Others (creatures from another world who feed on energy) this ties into the Legend of the Black Faith.
  5. The universe created from the first impact is now gone along with the people who lived on it, Reqiuem destroyed it after growing tired of the chaos his creation had created and made a new world known as Shinsekai, with similar locations, occupations and powers but with completely different people.
    1. To the people who know of it's existence, the old world is known as Kyusekai
  6. Whilst there are new people, the Black Faith still exists as well as many other faiths.



Living and the AfterlifeEdit

  1. There are 3 potential planes of existence a spirit can inhabit in this universe.
    1. The Realm of the Living, where they have a physical body prior to it's death.
    2. The Otherside, where it passes after death and can view the Realm of the Living but cannot interact with it. When a spirit is in the Otherside, it can be reincarnated
    3. The Underworld, where they are banished to no potential return if the Endless of Death decides the potential threat of them being reincarnated is too great.
  2. A spirit can be reincarnated into a newly born if it exists in the Otherside but the spirit does not get to choose the body or when it happens.
  3. Spirits that do not pass over into the Afterlife become Hollows

Humanoid Biology and OccupationsEdit

  1. Many creatures are born with genetics that enable them to use the abilities of occupation. The primary one in the universe is a gene that allows mana to MANAfest (pun) itself in different ways (hence the different occupation of Magician, Mage, Knight, Caster etc etc who all use "magic").
  2. Babies are born with these genetics active and hence have the potential to utilize every occupation (with the exception of those which require manual genetic alteration such as Deadman or those that are awakened with a hidden ability such as Meister).
  3. The older they get without utilizing these genes, the more their potential fades. As the potential to use the occupations fade, it eventually becomes dormant (this happens after 5 years).


  1. Whilst high level technology such as air ships, laser cannons and mechs exist in the universe, it is not very accessible and is very limited in terms of supply.
  2. The primary method of transportation is horseback
  3. Real life norms such as mobile phones an cars do not exist and all things broadcasted in Requiem is is live via Den Den Mushi.
  4. The majority of communication in Req uses Den Den Mushi
  5. Weapons such as guns exist also but due to it's versatility, swords and lances are preferred.
  6. The universe is an amalgamation of Steampunk,Medieval Fantasy with some aspects of adavanced science fiction, but Steampunk x Medieval Fantasy is the main base.

New AgeEdit

  1. The New Age of Requiem is the name given to the time between the defeat of the last Other's and the 15 years of world exploration following it.
  2. As the Other's occupied the sea between a variety of land mass, the majority of people thought that their Kingdom was alone in the world.
  3. As different Kingdoms began to defeat the Others and spread their influence, more and more Kingdoms were founded with new alliances being formed. People began to figure out they weren't alone and established methods of power
  4. It was not until when the last Others on the coast of Olympus died that the New Era was declared, despite the fact exploration and building had already started years prior.

Pretty ImportantEdit


  1. Dusk are a group of people from Kyusekai and were the main focal point of the story.
  2. They were for the most part good people and had conflicts with the World Government of the time, Void (a mercenary group) as well as other things
  3. When A'llye grew tired of the conflict his creation had sparked, he destroyed the world but allowed Dusk to be reincarnated into different people in the Shinsekai.

Legend of the Black FaithEdit

  1. The Legend of the Black Faith is a prophecy which states a group of individuals who bore witness to the First Impact and the calamity that the Other's would bring.
  2. They would be awoken in Shinsekai and lead their people into a battle with the others and come out on top leading their people into a new dawn.
  3. At first this was believed to be about Eos but the Legend has many iterations across the globe and has been fulfilled many times by many different people.

War of the FirstEdit

  1. The War of the First is one of the two major wars that take place in Olympus' history.
  2. It is the reason for there being separate Kingdoms.
  3. War of the First was between humans who fought along side Kindred (aka the First Children) against humans who fought along side Great Beasts (aka First Monsters)
  • Any great hero who fought during the War of the First is known as one of the "First Men" in Olympus' history and their descendants are held in great regard. Descendants of the First Men include those with the family name
    • Dusk
    • Dawn
    • Basilis
    • Krane
    • Uchiha
    • Senju
    • Van Cirus
    • Strauss
    • Ruhl
    • Blitz
    • Wayne
    • Youkai
    • Hishiro

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