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Viserys van Cirus
Viserys p3
Also Known As Rys
Silver Falcon
Age 23
Gender Male
Height 6'1"
Weight 198lbs
Blood Type O-
Professional Status
Kingdom Ass'Hai
Occupation Pirate
Soul Reaper
Stand User
Family Kiryso van Cirus (father)
Valarie van Cirus (sister)
Virgo van Cirus (adoptive brother)
Allies Order of the Phoenix
Enemies None
Status Deceased
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Viserys van Cirus is a 17 year old Pirate born on the island of Ass'Hai and is the oldest son of Kiryso as well as the older brother of Virgo. He mainly operates as a young Lord and his dream in life is to die how he lived "in a bed with girls and boys who I've paid to have sex with me." As a child he consumed a logia-based version of the Kage Kage no Mi, making him a "Shadow Human".


Viserys is an attractive young man with a muscular build. He has short black hair which he keeps gelled back the majority of the time with one portion of his hair left dangling over his forehead. Due to the influence of his father's chimera nature during his birth, Viserys' eyes can shift between black to red during any given situation. Across portions of the right side of his body including his face, Viserys has black marks from where the fist child Lilith, cursed Ryso's first born descendants for generations to come after Kiryso shoved a spear through her heart and killed her.

For his attire he wears a black collar up jacket made from cotton and a valyrian steel mesh. With this he also wears plan black trousers and black combat boots with a silver lace.


Viserys is everything a person would expect a young lord to be. He is confident in stature and nature and carries a heavy presence with him everywhere he goes. To his friends, he is loved and to his enemies he is feared. The people of Ass'Hai adore him regardless of the fact he has a reputation for seeking comfort in brothels. Regardless of his abilities he earns respect from all those who have come into contact with him.

Viserys is known for his lust, quick-wit, barbed tongue, outstanding intelligence, carnality and tactical mind, all of which being the loved by his people. He has a very close relationship with his younger brother, and indulges in his delusions from occasion to occasion.

Above all Viserys is a deeply passionate man, with a hot temper that often leads him into duels and grudges, but in equal measure this also made him deeply loyal to those he cares about, such as his sibling, his younger cousins. Although he is a very serious man, he has a very laid-back, easygoing attitude, taking anything that came his way in his stride, but he is not incapable of being deadly serious when the situation insisted upon it.

Rys' overall attitude is that life is short, and one must enjoy all of life's pleasures while one can - thus his sexual adventures has become infamous, and popular rumor has it that he must have had sex with half of the people he had ever met from Hades to Nemesis. Viserys is a deeply honorable person, but his philosophy in life was that he doesn't care about the negative opinions of others - he would rather live life on his own terms, openly challenging his enemies and risk destruction rather than live by someone else's rules.

Quick List of AbilitiesEdit

Curse of LilithEdit

  • Superhuman Capabilities
  • Regenerative Healing Factor
  • Pure Mana Manipulation


  • Rokushiki
  • Kenbunshoku Haki
  • Busoshoku Haki
  • Haoshoku Haki
  • Kage Kage no Mi (Logia Variant)

Soul ReaperEdit

  • Zanjutsu Expert
  • Kido Master
  • Hakuda Expert
  • Hoho Master
  • Zanpakuto - Katana named Krux
    • Shikai - Infinite Cut, which can cut everything horizontally over a large distance.

Stand UserEdit

  • Stand: Method Man - Basically Upgrade from Ben 10 but not limited to machinery
  • Ripple
    • Ripple Waves


It's weird you know, growing up you hear all these stories about the "bad guys" and all the terrible stuff they do, you just brush it off as stories, you might not think it's a lie but it never sinks in fully. And then when the reality kicks in it makes it that much a terrible nightmare

—to Astrea