Also Known As
Age 19
Gender Female
Height 5' 6"
Blood Type A+
Professional Status
Kingdom Camelot
Occupation Vampire
Level 1
Experience 0
Bounty 0
Family Unknown
Allies Nicholai Lestat
Status Undead
Image Gallery


Victoria was born and raised in Camelot.  Her parents divorced shortly after she was born and she was raised by her aunt.  One day their house was robbed and her aunt was killed infront of her.  One day, when she and a few of her friends were camping in the woods just outside of Camelot.  They were attacked by a vampire, her friends were turned into ghouls and she was "rescued" by Nicholai, who happened to be taking a walk through the woods.


Even though she is now a vampire, Victoria is very timid and hates being forced into fights.  She follows Nicholai due to him both being her master, and the one who saved her life.  She will often avoid fighting if she has too and hates when Nicholai takes his "walks", usually trying to talk him out of it.


As a fletchling that has yet to drink blood, Victoria is not as powerful as a true Vampire.

Superhuman SensesEdit

Victoria can see and hear great distances.  These aid her when shooting or trying to find someone.


She carries a 7.62x51mm automatic rifle.  She carries a desert eagle.

Blood RageEdit

As a fletchling the sight of blood causes Victoria to go into uncontrollable fits of bloodlust, giving her the full strength of a vampire for a short time.

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