Vampires for the most part have changed and evolved from any counterpart seen before in the world. Instead of the traditional vampire, the modern day vampire extends from an entity known as the "Dark Ancestor". The Dark Ancestor is said to have lived over a thousand years until he revealed himself to the world by crafting what is in modern day, the country of Gula. The line of vampire created by the Dark Ancestor extend through several mutations and evolutions through Vampiric DNA causing several different forms of vampires that can result in different abilities and powers.

Powers and Abilities Edit

All abilities list conventional powers that all Vampires possess, no matter the mutation.

  • Super Strength
  • Super Speed
  • Enhanced Durability and Regeneration
  • Enhanced Stamina
  • Blood Letting/Draining
  • Levitation
  • Longevity (Can be increased through blood drinking)
  • Enhanced Senses

întuneric Edit

The întuneric are a mutated form of vampire who has the ability to control a dark energy manifested in the heart of a vampire known as the "Dark Flow". One of the many mutations coming from the DNA of the Dark Ancestor. The powers and abilities of întuneric vampires can be very versatile and those who control this energy can be very adaptive and creative in it's uses, from forming physical weapons to to outright using it to restore limbs. With this ability however are drawbacks, the regenerative abilities of întuneric vampires are not on par with that of a regular vampire which will require the use of Dark Flow to restore limbs until the body part can be fully healed which can take from a few hours to a few weeks depending on the injury. They also must consume blood more often than normal vampires due to the usage of Dark Flow energy being taxing on the stamina of the user. The source of the Dark Flow comes from the users heart, meaning if it were destroyed, the use of Dark Flow would cease and as such the user would have to wait for the heart to regenerate fully before they used it again.

  • Dark Flow Manipulation
    • Weapon Creation
    • Armor Generation
    • Etc..
  • Slowed Regeneration

Luminat de lună Edit

The Luminat de lună are a mutated form of vampire whom has the ability to channel moonlight. These vampires are capable of using the moonlight to enhance there abilities and weapons they use to increase the damage they can inflict. Some may also be able to absorb moonlight to increase healing abilities and longevity. The use of moonlight either on a weapon or on themselves would leave a light blue aura around what it being infused with it. The downside however is that Luminat de lună are far more vulnerable to sunlight than normal vampires and burn far easier though they remain stronger during the night along with phases of the moon.

  • Moonlight Manipulation
    • Weapon Enhancement

Vampire Types Edit

Low Bloods Edit

Low Bloods are universally known as the "common" vampire, these vampires have been turned by others who themselves are so disconnected from the original strain of the Dark Ancestor that they have been diluted and are the weakest and most spread out of all vampire species, consisting of millions of members. The power possessed by Low Bloods are inherently weak compared to the higher members of the species of vampire but still highly outclass normal humans.

Nobles Edit

Nobles are a higher form of Vampire, less in number but greater in status and power than a normal vampire. They are closer in familial ties than the regular population and as such, it is recognized that most if not all Noble Vampires are a part of a noble family within Gula that reign in a political position such as Duke or Baron, usually it is noticed that the closer the relation to the Dark Ancestor, the higher the position. These vampires also usually reign over there own plot of land consisting of towns or villages within the multiple constituencies of Gula. Due to the purer blood of these families due to the more traditional form of breeding to increase numbers instead of creating fledglings as well as the relative closeness of these families to the Dark Ancestor, they are often seen as superior in both status and power. The power of Nobles are seen as far greater, a Noble being able to defeat an entire team of regular vampires easily. The powers granted to Nobles are also capable of extending passed the range of what the average vampire has in there arsenal. The powers that Nobles do share with the average vampire however are increased in effectiveness exponentially, drawing no comparability between the potency in abilities between a Noble and regular vampire as the Noble possesses greater powers.

  • Noble Blood Magic - Blood Magic is a power granted to Nobles through the blood of the Dark Ancestor. Unlike normal magic, Noble Blood Magic is passed down through familial ties meaning that a regular vampire or any other type of creature would be unable to use it. The power of this magic is all dependent on the amount of time one has put into studying and training it and it can be used in effective and versatile ways depending on the users imagination.
  • Vampire Creation - Unlike detached vampires, the close relation to the Dark Ancestor allows them the ability to create more vampires. The DNA restriction on regular vampires due to how unconnected they are from the royal bloodline has taken away there ability to create fledglings for themselves. This leads to only Noble vampires who's bloodline is close enough to the Dark Ancestor that they still retain the ability to create vampires through blood transaction or DNA alteration through biting.
  • Shape Shifting - Nobles reserve the ability to alter there body shape and structure down to the cellular level, enabling them to take the shape of whoever or what ever they wish.
  • Essence Drain - Nobles have the ability to absorb the life force, memories, and even abilities of those they feast upon.
  • Vampiric Beauty - Vampiric Beauty is a natural trait more so than an ability. It takes the core emotion of a Noble and displays it in physical form through a set of powers given to the Noble. The abilities can vary depending on the emotion but this is usually seen as the staple to a Noble's power.


Regalians Edit

Reglians are the purest blooded vampires, higher in status than any other vampire in the world. They are the closest in the bloodline to the Dark Ancestor, being made up mostly of immediate family and those who he had turned personally. They retain the purest strains of vampirism and as such hold the greatest powers and abilities given to vampires. Royals are also the rarest form of Vampire, only two known examples of them left in the spotlight being Marius de Dragoncourt and Countess Elise-Carmine Guillotine.

  • Daywalking - Unlike any other vampire, Regalians are able to withstand the Sun's light and as such are capable of walking out during the daytime.
  • Phasing - Regalians are able to manipulate themselves down to the molecular level, this manipulation of there own molecules allows them to maneuver there bodies through solid matter and as such through walls.
  • Immortality - Unlike other vampires, Regalian are truly Immortal. There natural life-span being seemingly infinite even without the consumption of blood.
  • Vampiric Form - Inside every Regalian is the true beast that symbolizes the savagery and power of true vampires. This form takes away from the natural beauty of a vampire by taking on a more deformed,, grotesque, and brutal visage. Though this also allows them enhanced abilities that make them far stronger than any other vampire.

Clans Edit

Vampire Clans are seen as biological "sects" within the whole race of vampire. These different clans all originate from Regalian children embraced and turned by the Dark Ancestor thousands of years ago before the ascension of Vampires. These children would go on to turn others, starting whole clans that span over 10 generations and over 1000 years. The certain traits carried by these vampire reflect what powers were bestowed to there progenitors millennia ago by the Dark Ancestor. The extent of these abilities and traits though can depend on the type of vampire who possesses them, for example, a Noble who is of the same clan as a Low Blood will have far more potent powers then them and a Regalian even more so.

Tâlhari Edit

The Tâlhari are one of the Lume vampiric clans that currently exist in modern times. Tâlhari are very seclusive and introverted, they prefer to stick to the shadows and are inherently stealthy, making them quality spies and assassins. They possess traits and skills that give them great abilities to sneak, stalk, and silently kill. Though these abilities come at a cost, they lack strength and durability, especially if dealt with head on. As such, it would be unwise for one to directly engage in battle as against a well equipped opponent, they are easily dispatched.

Nebunie Edit

The Nebunie are one of the existing Lume vampiric clans in modern times. Nebunie are generally looked down upon in vampiric society, this is however due to a chronic and universal mental illness that is spread throughout the whole of the clan. The clan though has an apparent ability to see into the future, they long ago were often seen a Soothsayers and Fortune tellers but are in modern times passed off as simple charlatans. Their mental condition though can vary from person to person,from simple Bipolarism, Depression, and Anxiety to full on Psychosis and Schizophrenia. They though possess immense insight and enlightenment the farther their insanity takes them, seeing what many cannot and having great clarity, being capable of seeing beyond deception and lies.

Oştean Edit

The Oştean are one of the existing clans within modern Lume vampiric society. The Oştean are looked at as being Soldiers, Warriors made for battle. Possessing immense strength and power, they are often used as the bulk of Gula's militaristic forces due to there immense physical prowess. Oştean are also hot-headed and quick to anger, often seen as very ferocious and intimidating due to this combined with there physical traits. What they have in might they lack in common sense. They let their anger get the better of them more often then not, making them terrible at negotiation or other practices requiring patience and thinking.

Isteţ Edit

The Isteţ are one of the existing vampire clans with the Lume society of vampires that are still active. The Isteţ are seen as the intellectuals of society, often being at the forefront of scientific discoveries and inventions. The intellect possessed by members of the clan are incredibly high, even among the lower spectrum. The power of their minds being so powerful that it is often said that they possess telepathic abilities. Though what they have in mind, they lack in body. Isteţ are often seen as feeble and small, often not being fully equipped for direct battle or confrontation and instead use mechanical weapons such as specialized firearms or technology to fight when they must. Those who possess telepathy in the clan are also capable of using it instead, making up for what they are missing in physical power. There telepathy ranges from mind control to telekinesis and beyond.

Vrăjitor Edit

The Vrăjitor are one of the existing and active clans within the Lume society of vampires. They are usually seen as Sorcerers and Mages, having the innate ability to wield Blood Magic with the utmost expertise. This lends them great power and are often also used within certain divisions of the Gulan military. Unlike other clans, they possess an inborn ability to wield magic. Where as other clans would have to spend months or even years learning basics, a Vrăjitor would only have to spend mere days reading and studying to learn and control the magics they wield. They also possess stronger spiritual connections to metaphysical forums, allowing them to gain better control over higher forms of magic that would be uncontrollable to others. Though do to there magical abilities, they possess frail physical forms. This makes them near useless in close quarters combat with another more physically capable person. Though these weaknesses can be augmented with certain magics.

Frumosi Edit

The Frumosi are one of the active clans existing in modern Lume vampire society. The Frumosi are seen as charismatic and interesting individuals, them loving attention and spotlight. They possess an innate beauty that makes them near impossible to pass by without a long glance. Unlike other clans, Frumosi adore the spotlight and attention, in fact they make up the bulk of vampire celebrities and artists active today. They walk as the living embodiments of compassion, beauty, romance, arts, etc... effectively making them a Renaissance people. They have the ability to coerce others, being able to manipulate and enchant those who they wish to control and do as they want with their beauty and words.

Monarhii Edit

The Monarhii are often seen as the social and public "leaders" of the Lume, often at the seat of public office. The Monarhii revel in power, taking on positions of authority in most cases, they are also noted of having authoritative issues, having some sort of power based narcissism. CEOs, Politicians, Bureaucrats, etc... are all positions filled with Monarhii, also extending into those of Lume society. They possess abilities somewhat similar to that of the Frumosi, being capable of dominating a person's mind and will. Unlike the Frumosi however, they don't coerce or manipulate, instead they dominate the mind and will of others whether or not they will it or not. This can also be translated from sentient objects to non sentient ones as well as they can use this ability to "dominate" objects by enforcing their will to move them, giving them a psuedo-telekinesis.

Fiarele Edit

The Fiarele are one of the active clans of the Lume society. The Fiarele are seen by many as "animalistic" and "barbaric". They are more attached to nature then any other Vampire clan as they share an almost spiritual connection to it and it's inhabitants. They are very isolated, choosing to live away from civilization and instead choosing to live among the different biomes. They are very close to animals as well, taking on the different traits of wild animals, as well as living in packs they are also territorial and keep eyes on land that belongs to them and don't allow others onto it. They are said to have abilities that allow them to communicate with animals telepathically and even being capable of transforming into animals themselves.

Forgotten Clans Edit

Modern Lume historians claim that there were originally thirteen clans instead of the modern eight that were created by the Dark Ancestor over one thousand years ago. These clans have entered obscurity over the centuries and most information about them has been wiped. The true motives for this are unknown and remain a mystery though many cults have sprung up over the years dedicated to these forgotten clans.

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