Rōmaji Urizen
Also Known As The Willed One

The Hellmaker

Hell King Urizen


Age Unknown
Gender Male
Height 6'1"
Weight 190 lbs
Blood Type O-
Professional Status
Kingdom None
Occupation Magus




Family Caine (Son)
Enemies Akashi
Status Alive
Image Gallery

Urizen is an extra-terrestrial Demon who arrived to Shinsekai right after it's creation. Urizen is originally from a separate world known as Isekai. He reigns over his own territory located in the Neveregion. During the destruction of Kyusekai, Urizen had noticed that the effects would reach his world as well. In an effort to escape certain destruction, he jumped through space and time and in doing so landed in the newly formed Shinsekai utilizing the power of Second Magic.

He is cited as creating Hell after his arrival as well as being the first Warden of Hell. After it's conception, Death came to Urizen for a deal. In exchange for Hell, Death would give Urizen Immortality. A deal Urizen accepted as he began to get bored of the realm. He left to explore more of Shinsekai, making his own territory and keeping to his own business, except when international politics involved him.

Personality Edit

Urizen usually bares a calm demeanor, his appearance consisting of a very collected individual. He likes to keep a vale of civility and dignity when dealing with the public or those he interacts with. This does not mean though that he isn't capable of being angered or enraged. He is in fact very quick to anger when dealing with a large annoyance and becomes a rather malignant force. Though if he finds someone more of a joke, he will turn from anger to a mocking figure as he likes to more so humor those he finds less serious.

Powers & Abilities Edit

Natural Abilities Edit

Arch-Demon Physiology - Urizen is a very old and very powerful Demon. The very first of his kind to exist within the Shinsekai, Urizen's physiological make-up and racial abilities greatly exceed what a normal Demon would be capable of. His physical strength, his speed, durability, etc... is greatly beyond what any normal Demon is able to do. This also accounts for any magical abilities they use as well, even abilities normal demons don't have access too.

  • Demiurgic Will - Urizen's prime demonic power, his will is capable of restructuring physical objects on an atomic level. For example he would be able to water into wine. The Extent of this ability is far reaching though it is thought that he isn't able to directly affect the living, so he would not be able to directly affect the status of a living body, it does not apply to animals though. He is also able to create things and give them shape, Hell being a prime example though this seems to be more difficult as forming things from nothing takes much more concentration and time.
  • Demon Form: Zoa - As a Arch-Demon, Urizen's most seen appearance isn't his truest. His true form is that of a dark and monstrous monolith. The reason he hides it is because of the immense presence it created, so much power being produced that it literally affects reality around him. Sealing this form allows Urizen to be active without great casualty, though much of his power is sealed with it.
  • Immortality - Urizen is incapable of dying. after his deal with Death and giving him access to use Hell as a depository for souls, Urizen was given the ability of eternal life. This deal makes it impossible for Death to reap Urizen's soul and as such Urizen cannot die.

Powers & Abilities Edit

Mage Edit

  • Arc of the Abyss

Shinigami Edit

Kido Edit

Saint Edit

  • Sixth Sense
  • Seventh Sense

Magus Edit

  • Second Magic
  • Mystic Eyes
  • Reality Marble
  • Marble Phantasm

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