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Tsumiki Miniwa
Kanji 御庭 つみき
Rōmaji Miniwa Tsumiki
Also Known As Tsumiki, Chuumiki, TsumiNeko, TsumiNyan, Munchkin Cat
Age 22 (35 chronologically)
Gender Female
Height 4'
Weight 77 lbs
Blood Type O+
Professional Status
Occupation Hunter
Martial Artist
Level 45
Experience Capped
Bounty N
Family Unknown
Allies Eos
Enemies Who knows?
Status Alive
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Tsumiki Miniwa is a 35 year old woman who's defining characteristics are how mysterious she is, her small size, the fact she only meows, and her strength.


Small with long purple hair, catlike eyes, cat ears and tail, a sweater, dress shirt, and a short skirt with white thigh-high stockings and white shoes.


She's a human who acts like a cat. To go into more detail, she's extremely straightforward and honest to an insulting degree, and can be incredibly selfish.


She was with Eos briefly before wondering off on her own. Hasn't been seen since.

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

Physical AttributesEdit

  • Superhuman Strength, Speed, Senses: Through extensive training during her 26 years since she was with Eos, Tsumiki has come to possess extreme physical capabilities, well into the superhuman level. She is naturally several times the speed of sound, is capable of lifting hundreds of tons, and possesses striking power capable of shattering the earth around her, straight through the bedrock. She possesses extremely heightened senses through mental and physical training possessing an acute attention to detail and a perfect sense of awareness. Through this she can easily predict what moves and what strategies one would make against her, even without visual aid to help her narrow down the exact areas as she is perfectly aware and knowledgeable of every opening and weakness she may possess.
  • Hypercognition: Through mental training Tsumiki has come to possess a level of cognition that allows her to process information in a fraction of a fraction of second. This grants her the capability predict and see future moves and actions made by her opponent, and given the right information, she can memorize her opponent's through process to accurately predict their actions several seconds ahead regardless of visual and other sensory cues, meaning that even if her target has brought themselves into another dimension or realm, she can accurately predict where they would emerge and what they would do upon emerging, giving her a substantial amount of time to strategize and counter any action her opponent might take.
  • Mastery of Martial Arts: A master of numerous martial arts, Tsumiki has memorized every art she has learned to muscle memory, granting her an instinctive edge over most other martial artists. This is thanks to her rigorous training over the 26 years since she had disappeared from Eos.

Martial ArtistEdit

  • Perfect Ki Control and Manipulation: Through her mastery control over Ki and all its applications, Tsumiki has, instead of generating energy waves, made use of her Ki to greatly enhance her own physical capabilities several times over, granting her incredibly durability and absurd physical power and speed, capable moving and fighting and increadible speeds with perfect control of her velocity and direction, being able to change her direction instantly, stop instantly, and still maintain full momentum and speed, if not become faster.
    • Strength Enhancement: By containing all of her energy in her body, and circulating it evenly and effeciently through every muscle, Tsumiki has vastly increased her physical strength above what she is physically capable of, granting her the ability to level several thousand tons and extreme levels of striking power, capable of leveling large islands in this state. However if she focuses all of her power into a single limb, she can increase the strength, durability, and striking power of that limb even further. She can also, through immense control of her own strength, completely withhold all of that power within her enhanced body or limb, focusing all of that striking power into a single point, greatly enhancing the damage potential and piercing power of her attack. This also grants her a siginificant speed increase physically, which can be stacked with a speed increase via manipulation of Ki to make her lighter and faster.
    • Speed Enhancement: By manipulating the Ki around her body, Tsumiki can vastly increase her base speed well above the speed of lightning, which in combination with her extremely high reflexes and agility, gives her the deadly combination of speed and accuracy. In combination with her phyiscal enhancement, can she become even faster, and due to her small and light body, can easily maneuver herself at extreme speeds.
    • Durability Enhancement: By containing her Ki within her body with perfect control, she vastly increases her physical durability. She can increase this further by generating a Ki barrier on her skin, capable of withstanding most impacts, only being able to be shattered by those with better Ki control or overall greater physical power, of which only few possess.
    • Regeneration: By using the energy of Ki and focusing it in the cells near wounds, Tsumiki can stimulate extreme mitosis to rapidly repair her body, or even replace limbs. She can even use this to stimulate reproduction of blood cells, but being attacked or startled while in the process could cause her to over exert the process, inducing a heart attack.
    • Ki Fists: Similar to how Ko functions, Tsumiki can concentrated incredible amounts of Ki into her hands to vastly increase striking power. This in combination with her other enhancing abilities grants her extreme destructive capabilities. She can also fire out massive amounts of ki into condensed, extremely fast spheres that she can manipulate freely. These spheres possess enough destructive capacity to reduce a mountain to a crater, and can be scattered among the battle field to create a secondary offense in the instance that Tsumiki catches her opponent off guard. Despite the destructive capability of the spheres, Tsumiki uses her perfect level Ki control to contain the blasts, enhancing the intensity of the attack while also minimalizing, if not preventing collateral entirely and minimizing environmental damage.


  • Focus Power: While she possesses relatively low mana compared to most prolific fighters, has developed methods in which to utilize this low mana, including spells that increase her consumption through mana present in the atmosphere around her. Through this, she can give herself a near continuous, steady supply of mana to use for the relatively few spells she does posses, like Focus Power. Through Focus Power, Tsumiki can double her speed, durability, senses, and strength to grant her even greater physical ability over her opponents.
  • Enhancement: A curse that Tsumiki has come to utilize, she uses the curse upon herself to greater enhance her speed, strength and durability, as well as her senses to greater increase her awareness in com bat, giving her full acknowledgement of every small action ever taking in the battlefield. Due to being a curse, Anti-Magic items do not work to negate the effect, however it does present limits, most of which Tsumiki has come to be beyond naturally, allowing herself to be enhanced further than what most could handle. She can also cast Enhacement on others, and will more than likely enhance them past their limit, killing them.
  • Absorpiton Seals: A relatively basic magic enscribed on Tsumiki's clothing. It works by specifcally filtering mana from the enviornment to give her greater utilization of mana in her Martial Arts.


  • Combo Star: Through each successive hit, Tsumiki's attacks become stronger, with each attack receiving an additional 200 Kilotons of force. However if her attack misses, the damage output resets to it base state(+boosts).
  • Critical Over: Upon stockpiling massive amounts of mana, Tsumiki can then convert all of it into raw strength, speed, and durability in combination with her additional boosts, granting her sub-light speed movement and striking power unparalleled in all of Requiem. She has also managed to bypass the loss of cognition through her aforementioned training of the mind.


  • Nen: Nen is a technique that allows one to use and manipulate their own physical Life Energy, produced by the body, known as Aura. It is gradually released from special pores beneath the skin known as Aura Nodes. For those who become skilled practitioners of Nen, they obtain the ability to open and close their Aura Nodes at will. Not much is known as to how Tsumiki came to possess the ability Nen, but it is assumed that she was born as a Genius, clearly indicated by her ease of use at a very young age. It is also assumed that she became stronger as she became more aware of the ability, and through quick learning she was able to become very adept at meditating to make it stronger. It is also noted that Tsumiki appears to be an Enhancer, given her very straightforward and instinctive behavior. She is also extremely proficient in
    • Cat-like Aura: Tsumiki's aura lets off a very cat-like presence, and can often be mistaken for an actual cat if one does not catch a glimpse of her physical appearance.
    • Enhancer: Tsumiki is an Enhancer, granting her incredible strength and recuperative abilities. After over 3 decades of training she has trained in all the five accessible Nen types, but is however much more proficient in Emission than the other three besides Enhancer thanks to her need to communicate fluently to those around her due to her lack of physical communication such as speaking and writing, (She is a very good listener and reader despite this.) Tsumiki is also a master of all four basic and all five advanced Nen Techniques, being able to completely seal away her presence with Zetsu. She has almost entirely halt the aging process and formed an extremely strong defense against Nen with Ten. She can vastly enhance her body with Ren, granting her inconceivable amounts of physical strength and durability, and has used this to enhance the sharpness of her nails to have them function as claws. She can further increase this through powerful utilization of Ko, and through mastery of Ken Has she come be able to maintain these levels of enhancement for days, and has managed to maintain a Ken state for well over a week thanks to her advanced training in increasing her Aura. She can further grant her enhancements power through the use of Ryu by focusing and adjusting even greater amounts of aura into parts of her body. Despite taking the time to master Shu, Tsumiki does not utilize secondary items as weapons or defense, as she is fully capable of covering for such things through the use of the other Nen techniques.
    • Hatsu: Hatsu (発, Release; Act) is the release or transmission of one's aura so it can be projected to carry out a certain function. Its qualities are influenced but not restricted by the Nen user's natural category. In essence, Hatsu is one's personal expression of Nen that creates a special and unique paranormal ability, which is colloquially called a "Nen ability", "Hatsu ability" or "Hatsu". In this sense, "Hatsu" is a very generic term that signifies a manifestation of one's Nen that cannot be ascribed to any of the basic or advanced techniques as a whole, although there are instances of Nen abilities being essentially applications of Ko (an advanced Nen technique which however makes use of Hatsu). A good Hatsu ability reflects a person's own character, regardless of its complexity; one can never truly master Nen if they only copy other people's abilities. Tsumiki's main Hatsu Abilities are Cat's Claw, Cat's Paw, Feline Leap,and Communication, the latter of which being an Emission ability as a way for her to communicate to people due to her lack of the ability to speak and write.
      • Cat's Claw: An advanced application of Ko, Tsumiki concentrates all of her aura into her fingers and toes, generating inconceivably sharp claws that can cut almost any material, barring Valyrian.
      • Cat's Paw: Similar to Cat's Claw, Cat's Paw is an advanced application of Ko in which all of her aura is focused into her hands and feet, exponentially increasing striking power on each. With this she can pulverize islands her her punches and jabs, while also being able to split the earth with a single kick.
      • Feline Leap: Similar to the aforementioned techniques, Tsumiki uses Ko on both of her legs, vastly increasing their strength and granting her insane jumping power, being able to leap long distance and completely over mountain ranges. In combination with her other abilities, she can even leap entire oceans fairly easily in a few bounds.
      • Communication: Through uses of the various techniques applied to Emission type Nen, Tsumiki communicates to others by projecting what she wants to say through minor manipulations in the emitted Aura.