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Also Known As
Age 13
Gender Female
Height 5'3"
Weight 110lbs
Blood Type B-
Professional Status
Kingdom Fujin
Occupation Psyren
Stand User
Level 10
Experience 0/10,000
Bounty Beli35,000
Family unknown
Allies none
Enemies None
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Tsumi is a 13 year old girl that was conspired out of unknown events, not much is known about her but she currently resides within Fujin of the Northeregion.


Tsumi displays a very mysterious aura, she is an individual of few words and only speaks whenever she fits it as necessary. She doesn't form relationships with others and will easily disconnect or severe a link with someone for the sake of either a mission or her own benefit.


"Tsumi" was created under unknown circumstances, because of this she wanders around Shinsekai often in search of why she exists. Tired of the lack of answers, Tsumi opted to reside within Fujin to train her current skills. Her mysterious aura and lack of presence tends to leave a sense of a large threat.


List of EventsEdit


Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Tsumi was gifted natural super-human abilities and prowess of a cat, allowing her to access a rather versatile kit for most situations. Being a Stand User and a Psyren alongside her physical prowess, she displays proficiency within combat.

Physical AbilitiesEdit

  • Superhuman Mobility - Tsumi's sense of agility, speed, and reaction time display remarkable capabilities. She is easily able to out-move an opponent and turn the fight in her favor whilst presenting quick jabs and hits on pressure points of the body to paralyze them. Her ability to parry, dodge, and re-direct attacks at extreme speeds pose as one of the many features that make her deadly as a combatant.
  • Superhuman Senses - Tsumi has an enhanced set of senses that coincide with her super-human abilities.
    • Sight - Her vision grants Tsumi the ability to see in virtually anything even in the harshest of conditions. The only reason she wears glasses is because it acts as a shield from eye injury.
    • Hearing - Her sense of hearing can be controlled if needed so it's possible that Tsumi can hear a person's heartbeat or anything within a one-mile radius.
    • Smell - Tsumi can sniff out anything within a one-mile radius.
  • Striking Power - Tsumi naturally has a very powerful set of kicks and punches she uses if she were to be disarmed by her opponent. She is easily able to strike up to a 5 metric ton object into oblivion.


Tsumi's ability as a Psyren is formidable as she can channel energy and fire it to her enemies. She includes charged variations, spreadshots, and Geysers. Her Burst are mainly fire and lightning oriented.

Dawn of RuinsEdit

Tsumi's ninjato that she keeps with her at all times. It is said that her blade is imbued with the art of magic and was passed down to her by one of her many teachers. The Dawn of Ruins displays extreme sharpness and durability with the ability to cut through everything. One of the unique traits of this blade that it will be binded to its user until death or until the user retires as its owner to a successor. If the user is murdered, their soul will be absorbed by the weapon to further increase its strength and will adapt to the user's preference in combat. From there, whoever killed the previous owner is granted the ability to wield the Dawn of Ruins.

Notable SkillsEdit

A Jack of All TradesEdit

Tsumi is skilled in all forms of combat due to her excessive training alone, her preference is her blade the "Dawn of Ruins" that she carries on her at all times.

Parkous, Freerunning, and AcrobaticsEdit

In order to full optimize her mobility, Tsumi learned how to utilize parkour in order to get to get from point A to point B faster.

Cat-like prowessEdit

Since Tsumi is slightly part cat, she naturally has some traits that cats hold.

Image GalleryEdit


Tsumi's Stand "Camellia" is a stand that Tsumi gained after almost being raped by 4 men, she used the stand to kill her attackers. Her stand resembles a blonde girl in a schoolgirl outfit but seems to be metallic in appearance. The stand utilizes some sort of "energy whip" as a weapon.


  • Extreme Durability - As the stand may appear to be very fragile, its armor plating can take an excruciating amount of punishment before damage is taken.
  • Self-Preservation - The stand makes sure that its user is unharmed in a majority of situations.
  • Power Imbue - The stand can use its energy to imbue the stand-user ability to fight, allowing for the user to even severely damage an enemy stand, or worse, destroy it.
  • Energy Whip - Camellia's weapon, it can be utilized for a variety of tasks. One of its uses can be to create an energy crack to stun or damage opponents.
  • Berserk Mode - The stand's special ability and trump card. Berserk mode grants the stand user a tremendous boost of overall power along with the stand's durable armor. Berserk mode drains a massive amount of the user's stamina. Using this mode results in immediate death if used for too long.