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Tsubasa Kagome



Kanji つばさカゴメ
Also Known As The Abomination


Age 50 (DOB:July 7th, Year 158)
Gender Male
Height 6'4" (Human Form)
7'7" (Dracolycanpyre Form)
Weight 216 lbs (Human Form)
777 lbs (Dracolycanpyre Form)
Blood Type AB-
Professional Status
Kingdom Hades
Occupation Hunter
Family Ren Kagome (Mother)
Hitoshi Kagome (Younger Half-Brother)
Karina Linus (Sister-in-Law)
Haruka Linus (Nephew)
Jayme Linus (Nephew)
Hima Kagome (Older Half-Sister)
Takara Kagome (Older Half-Brother)
Hiroshi Kagome (Older Half-Brother)
Allies Eos
Enemies Gaia
Akajimaru Hishiro
Ren Kagome
Status Alive
Image Gallery
Tsubasa's Theme
 Tsubasa Kagome is an fifty year old Trinity Blood (Dragon, Lycan, and Vampire) from the Kingdom of Hades. He is an enigmatic and whimsical individual, as he used to stalk his little brother Hitoshi Kagome and his friends: Eos. He later became a member of the Olympus Survey Corps, and explored the world in order to broaden his horizons and potentially find his elder siblings. He went missing several years ago during a mysterious incident with the Survey Corps. Later on, he was found, and reunited with his long lost siblings and was caught up in a plot stemming back to before he was even born. As of now, he has reunited with his little brother Hiroshi and has made a new living in Dis Pater with the rest of the Olympians. 


Tsubasa Personality

Tsubasa's usual demeanor

Initially, Tsubasa was an incredibly dark, cold, and pessimistic individual due to being raised by the terrible woman known as Ren Kagome. He was aggressive, hateful, resentful, and cruel towards others due to the various types of abuse and neglect that he had suffered. Though he was always naturally quite whimsical and deceptive, usually hiding his true feelings of hatred from his mother. Tsubasa frequently had thoughts of violence, feeling the frequent urge to kill his mother due to what she had put him and Hitoshi through. These thoughts eventually became reality, and it was ultimately he who murdered Ren Kagome while she was sick.

Due to being forced to go out into the slums of Hades commonly to fetch things for Ren, and later forced to live out there with Hitoshi. Tsubasa was rather tough, indepedent, and mature in certain ways despite his young age at the time. This made it easier for him to adopt to the status of his life, though his life had made him into a cold-blooded murderer and thief who held little to no regard for the lives of others. Though observation and self-reassurance, Tsubasa had come to view the world as a source of freedom and a playground that he could do anything within it that he wanted.

He believed that nothing he or his brother Hitoshi did was their fault, as they're the way they are due to their mother Ren. So all of their actions are her fault, and there's no need to feel guilty for stealing or killing people for even nefarious reasons. As to him, the only people that mattered were him and Hitoshi. This mindset created a strong brotherly bond between Tsubasa and Hitoshi, and a deep feeling of trust: one that Tsubasa believed only existed between them, and that no one else could ever be trusted. This belief eventually led to the dissolution of their bond, and is what caused Tsubasa to slightly change his outlook on the world later on.

After being taken in by the Devil Slayers, Tsubasa had learned to trust others and his outlook had changed entirely. He learned that others could be trusted, had reated his very first friendships, had found a new mother, and had fallen in love. They made him into a much more optimistic, kind-hearted, compassionate, and bubbly person. With his whimsical and weird nature showing itself even more than even before. Once the Devil Slayers were eradicated by Akajimaru, and Tsubasa lost his new family. He became a vengeful and hateful person, driven solely by his desire to destroy Akajimaru and obtain revenge. These feelings became even stronger after Akajimaru beat, tortured, and drove Tsubasa's mind into a state of insanity. 

Though due to his prowess in deception, he was able to mask his true feelings: specifically when talking to Hitoshi and his friends after being reunited with him. When Tsubasa realized that even with Eos' help, that they still couldn't take on Akajimaru. He placed his true feelings and thoughts at the back of his head, and decided to give himself a new goal in life. Which was to simply broaden his horizons, and find his other siblings instead of getting revenge: at least momentarily. Overall, Tsuabsa is a whimsical, perculiar, unpredictable, and unorthodox man who is very good at masking his true feelings by deceiving others.



Tsubasa Kagome was born to Ren Kagome in the Ghoul Territory of Aima within the Kingdom of Hades on the date July 7th in Year 158. She named Tsubasa "Wing" because he was supposed to be the wing that carried her, and constantly supported her with everything she "needed". Once he was old enough, Ren taught Tsubasa how to use Nen and treated him horribly, as nothing more than her misreable servant who was forced to do everything his mother demanded or else he would face severe mental and physical abuse: and eventual death. 

Thus, he obeyed his mother and dealt with her inhumane treatment and constantly went out of his way to fetch her anything that she desired, such as human flesh to support herself during her pregnancy with his younger one-eyed ghoul and half-brother Hitoshi. He was commonly sent out of the house and into the "field" to grab things from an external environment, and put himself in constant danger when doing so. Once Hitoshi was born and was old enough, he became the house servant, who stayed inside and gave her anything that she wanted. The two acted as pair, one representing the "house" and the other the "field": both tasked with carrying out specific tasks on a daily basis. 

This created a strange relationship between Tsubasa and Hitoshi, the two rarely speaking with one another and seeing each other almost as fellow coworkers rather than brothers. Eventually, once Ren began to become sickened due to the human flesh she consumed. She began to depend on Tsubasa and Hitoshi even more than before, and needed to be taken care of frequently. One day, Tsubasa had finally had enough of his mother's treatment and decided to kill her when she was too sick to fight back. Finally ending the constant pain and suffering that he and Hitoshi had endured for all these years by their own mother's hands. Due to her death, Tsubasa and Hitoshi had nowhere to go and they were forced to go live out on the horrifying and life-threatening streets of the slum that is Hades: whilst only being 11 and 7 years old. 

Life in the SlumsEdit

For the next three years, at the age of 14 and 10, Tsubasa and Hitoshi lived on the streets of Hades in poverty with no place to call home. Tsubasa taught Hitoshi how to use Nen, so that he could defend himself and together they would do whatever they needed to survive: such as stealing, hunting, and killing. They became a thieving duo, and spent most of their time on the run throughout Hades' wastebin. 

They became violent murderers who killed not only to survive but also out of pleasure, as it allowed them to redirect all of their built up negative emotions onto the world around them. This made Tsubasa and Hitoshi demented, sadistic, cruel, and cold-hearted individuals who had no regard for the lives of others aside from each other. With Tsubasa telling Hitoshi that there was no need to feel guilty, as they're only this way because of their mother, Ren, and that it was alright.

Tsubasa saw this new life as freedom from their mother, such freedom that should be relished in without worries. As now, they could utilize some of the latent potential that wasn't already wasted by their pitiful whore of a mother. Hitoshi adopted this view, which was the main reason behind his actions alongside Tsubasa. Eventually, Hitoshi had become arrogant due to his natural prowess as a one-eyed ghoul and prodigious Nen-user and had departed from Tsubasa to kill a seemingly helpless old man by himself: when Tsubasa wasn't paying attention to him. 

Later on, when Tsubasa ran into Hitoshi several hours later. Hitoshi informed Tsubasa that he met an old man, who had offered him a new start at life both within and outside of Hades. A new life that could give him meaning and allow them to do more with themselves, and that he was certain that the man would take in Tsubasa as well. Tsubasa had grown to develop a mentality that only he and Hitoshi could trust each other, and that it was them against the world. Something he had told Hitoshi for years, and for Hitoshi to suddenly have even the slightest change of heart out of nowhere had deeply angered Tsubasa. 

Out of both anger and confusion of hearing the ridiculous words that his little brother had spouted, Tsubasa utilized his usage of Nen to beat up and patronize his brother for his actions of betrayal in his eyes. Hitoshi responded, and quickly overpowered and beat up Tsubasa until he could no longer move. Interestingly, it was at this moment that Tsubasa told Hitoshi that this whole time he hated Hitoshi, never loved him, and only pretended to love him so that he would stay by his side. That way his chances of survival within Hades would be increased, as Hitoshi was even stronger than himself for the longest of time. But now that Hitoshi had begun to stray from his path, he no longer had any use for him and wished that he had simply never been born or simply died. 

Though this wasn't actually true, as Tsubasa actually did care about and love Hitoshi. But out of his anger for feeling he was betrayed, and beaten up by his brother, he said whatever he could to anger Hitoshi. This resulted in disaster, causing Hitoshi to feel as if he had been betrayed the most prompting him to run away in a fit of rage. That was the last time Tsubasa saw Hitoshi, and after Tsubasa slowly recovered from his beating he was on his own from that point on within Hades. 

Tsubasa ventured through Hades' darkness all alone, and had regretted what he had said to his brother. Not only because he missed him and cared about him, but because he was lonely and fearful for losing his life. He had searched weeks for Hitoshi, but was unable to find him. He eventually gave up, and blamed himself for Hitoshi's departure. His fears of dying eventually became reality, and he had been cornered in a alley one day by a group of Demons. He fought them to the best of his ability, but he was unable to defeat them and they were going to kill him. But before they could he was saved by a group of several mysterious indivuals. The individuals were a group of seven Devil Slayers, and upon recognizing his talent, they explained who they were and offered him a chance to become one of them: which although Tsubasa was reluctant, their display of power that he had never seen before had amazed him and his mindset changed incredibly quickly. This caused Tsubasa to decide to join them, as he was desperately seeking a reason to live and to obtain the power he had witnessed. 

Becoming a Devil SlayerEdit

The Devil Slayers were a branch of the Night Hunter Organizaiton, a secretive organization within Hades that had existed since Year 100. Their leader was known as The Director, and the organization's main goal was to maintain equilibrium within Hades among the species and to make sure the weaker human race wasn't devoured by the supernatural species. They had lost a member recently, as there is usually eight of them in total, and they needed a replacement. The Devil Slayers were consisted of a Helios Devil Slayer, Selene Devil Slayer, Hephaestus Devil Slayer, Poseidon Devil Slayer, Anemoi Devil Slayer, Gaea Devil Slayer, Zeus Devil Slayer, and Achlys Devil Slayer. The Zeus Devil Slayer had been killed during one of their many missions, and thus Tsubasa would be installed with an Ultra Concentrated Ether Light Lacrima that would not only grant him phenomenal power but make him a formidable Mage. 

The leader of the Devil Slayers was the Helios Devil Slayer, a woman known as Ms. Tsubame who was the most powerful of them all and had accomplished a type of Magic known as "Hybrid Theory". She had implanted the Lacrima that contained the power of all eight types of Devil Slayer Magic within her body and had mastered them all to the fullest extent. She was the only one who's body was capable of doing so for unknown reasons, and was viewed as a mother-like figure by her fellow and younger Devil Slayers. Tsubame had taught Tsubasa all about the founding and mechanics of the N.H.O, the branch of Devil Slayers, and any knowledge he lacked in general. She had basically became Tsubasa's adopted mother and he had grown to view her and love her as the good mother that he never had. 

The Devil Slayers gave Tsubasa a new meaning in life and had changed his outlook on the world, he would use his newfound power for destroying the evil supernatural species that had existed within Hades. He also desired to find Hitoshi again, and to make sure that his little brother was alright. He spent most of his time training, learning, and mastering the ways of the Devil Slayer under Tsubame's guidance and the first friendship he had formed with his fellow Devil Slayers. He had grown to fall in love with the youngest of them all, a girl named Kotone, who was the Selene Devil Slayer. They had become his new family, and he valued them above all else. Tsubasa had finally learned to trust others, and had discovered true happiness. Though his longing to be reunited with his brother Hitoshi, had still remained deep down.

Quest for RevengeEdit

After eigth years of his life as a Devil Slayer, and his pursuit of finding his brother Hitoshi, Tsubasa had finally given up and decided that wherever Hitoshi is he's probably with the old man he talked about and is living a good life. So despite missing him, he was happy at the thought of Hitoshi most likely being happy. As for Tsubasa's own life, he and Kotone had become a couple and she had become pregnant with his child. Tsubasa was not only one of the most powerful members of the Devil Slayer group, but he was now a father, and all of his peers had congratulated him. However, all of this happiness had gone away one day due to the arrival of an abomination.

One day, while Tsubasa was staying with his fellow Devil Slayers. Their base was infiltated and attacked by a legendary ghoul known as Akajimaru. Akajimaru single-handedly murdered all of the Devil Slayers, including Kotone and Tsubasa's unborn child, and in his rage he attempted to kill him. Tsubame then, was forced to reveal her true identity as a Dead Apostle in order to fight to her fullest, and she fought Akajimaru directly. Unfortunately, he proved far too powerful for her to deal with and he had defeated her and left Tsubasa on the brink of death. In order to save his life, Tsubame bit Tsubasa and transformed him into a Dead Apostle before being completely destroyed by Akajimaru herself: though Tsubasa was able to escape alive.

From that point on, Tsubasa vowed to track down and kill Akajimaru by any means necessary. But he knew he would need to become more powerful in order to do so, and because of that Tsubasa traveled across the world devouring the blood of countless humans in order to become more powerful and utilizing his Devil Slayer Magic to adopt the powers of other demonic entities. As one of Devil Slayer Magic's greatest costs, is that if used to defend and absorb the power of demonic entites too much. It will transform the user into the creatures that they slay, and Tsubasa had drew on the power of lycans and dragons as well as having learned other types of Slayer Magic in order to become even more powerful. He further refined and honed his Nen as well, and after much research and hardwork he had discovered Akajimaru's location at one of his strongholds.

He fought his way through Akajimaru's army of ghouls, and had confronted him directly. Asking him why he had did what he had done, to which Akajimaru told him that he came for him directly. He explained that he had learned that Ren Kagome, Tsubasa's mother, had died years ago. He was searching for her child that was a one-eyed ghoul, to see how he was doing, as the child was his son, and he figured that her other children would know what one of their siblings was doing. He met Tsubasa once when he was too young to remember, but had remembered Tsubasa's name and learned of his existence due to being enrolled in the Night Hunter Organization which has a list of all of it's members names. Tsubasa told Akajimaru that he hadn't seen his sibling in years, and fearing that Akajimaru intended to find and harm Hitoshi. He withheld information about him from him, Akajimaru realized this, and engaged Tsubasa in battle, in order to force him to tell him what he knew about Hitoshi. Tsubasa attempted to kill Akajimaru not only out of his pure hatred towards him for killing his family, but also due to wanting to protect his brother. But his efforts proved futile as Akajimaru was in a completely different league, and despite his newly acquired powers he was nothing compared to him.

Akajimaru brutally beat and tortured Tsubasa until he revealed all that he knew about his brother, having driven Tsubasa to insanity, as despite becoming a Dracolycanpyre he still felt pain. Once he no longer had any use for him, he discarded Tsubasa and only let him live in case he learned anything new about Hitoshi before he left to find Hitoshi himself. Once the event at Hera transpired, Tsubasa had learned of Hitoshi's current status and location and began pursuing his brother in order to observe him and do his best to keep Akajimaru and his followers away from him. He intended to act like he actually hated his brother, and would provoke Hitoshi, in order for him to use his anger to get stronger so that he and his friends would become powerful enough to help him take down Akajimaru and finally obtain his revenge. 




As a "Trinity Blood" or Dracolycanpyre, Tsubasa is the perfect hybridization of a ferocious Dragon, rampaging Lycan, and demonic Vampire. He possesses unnmatched hybrid vigor, having the full strength of all three species and absolutely none of their respective traditional weaknesses. He was an exceptional Night Hunter who had dedicated his life to hunting down and slaying creatures of the night. He did so as Zeus Devil Slayer, and later became an Anemoi God Slayer and Poseidon Dragon Slayer: representing his status as a Mage. Later on, he became a Magus. As of now, he is a Hunter, Mage, and Magus who has become a unique one-of-a-kind type of creature. He is powerful enough to be declared one among Shinsekai's strongest inviduals in the world: something he takes pride in. 

Trinity Blood Physiology Edit

Originally, Tsubasa was a normal human being who was trained into peak human condition by his adoptive mother, Ms. Tsubame. But after being bitten by Tsubame to save his life, be ended up becoming a Dead Apostle. He later used Devil Slayer Magic to acquire the powers of a Lycan and eventually a Dragon. By achieving this feat, he was able to unlock "racial harmony" as he calls it within his body. He came to call himself a "Trinity Blood", also known as a "Tri-Blood" for short, referring to his status as the combination of a Dragon, Lycan, and Vampire. As a Trinity Blood, he has immense superhuman prowess and magical capabilities. 

  • Curse of Restoration: As a Trinity Blood, Tsubasa possesses the pseudo-immortaility of the Vampire species. The immortality manifests itself as the Curse of Restoration, a magical curse that causes his body's time to be rewinded to it's original state whenever it sustains an injury. The degree to which the injury can be healed is depedant on the cycle of the Moon, and the closer to a full moon the more the injury can be healed. During a full Moon, even the most severe of injures can be completely healed and a Vampire is at the height of it's strength.
  • Superhuman Strength: As a Trinity Blood and trained Hunter, Tsubasa has exceptional physical strength. He is capable of tearing apart and destroying any known physical substance aside from nigh-invulberable ones with his bare hands. He can bench press the full weight of a fully grown blue whale on both arms simutaneously without exhausting any true effort: and they weight approximately 200 metric tons. The sheer force behind his blows is great enough to cleave away an entire mountain, and by just clenching his fists or bulging his muscles he can create concussive shockwaves. At his strongest, he can crack open the tectonic plates beneath the Earth's crust and cause an earthquake with a magnitude of at least 21.0. 
  • Superhuman Speed & Reflexes: As a Trinity Blood and trained Hunter, Tsubasa's physical speed and reflexes have been honed as his strongest attributes. He can move at re-entry speeds that are even greater than that of high-hypersonic: being able to take on the appearance of nothing more than a blur to the most blessed of eyes. His reflexes are top-notch, being able to react to attacks from his blindsides or from afar before he even consciously notices them. His hand-to-eye coordination and timing are extremely precise and acute, allowing him to quickly land many successful blows on his opponents while instinctively avoiding their own: sometimes before they even realize that they've been hit. 
  • Superhuman Agility, Dexterity, and Flexibility: As a Tri-Blood and trained Hunter, Tsubasa's agility, dexterity, and flexibility are phenomenal. His quickness and grace during combat is extremely effective and efficient, and his ability to simutaneously listen to and understand multiple conversations at once can be considered almost inhuman. His dexterity is shown with his skill in wielding Ben's knives, being able to move his hands with such unpredictability and blinding speed that his opponents are quickly cut down. Flexbility-wise, he is capable of bending and distorting his own body in the strangest of ways. Capable of performing complex contortions in the midst of battle. These traits of his are most exemplified by his skill in the "Acrobat" kenjutsu fighting style that he uses. 
  • Superhuman Durability, Endurance, & Regeneraton: As a Tri-Blood and trained Hunter, Tsubasa's body has become almost impervious to damage. He cannot be harmed by any form of standard weaponry, only those of high-ranking supernatural classes can have any sort of effect on him and even then many of them are minimal or have no effect at all. If they do manage to harm him, his inhuman levels of stamina and endurance combined with his regenerative factor will keep him going no matter what. Allowing him to recover from nearly all forms of damage at a rapid rate and fight endlessly: being able to outlast almost every single opponent he has ever fought. His regeneration enables him to regenerate even his brain, so decapitation wont even work on him. The only sure-way to kill is by completely vaporizing him, and that's only if he's actually hit.
  • Superhuman Senses: As a Tri-Blood and trained Hunter, Tsubasa's five basic senses have been honed to an extraordinary level. He can see across vast plains to the other side (even in the dread of night) and doesn't require any type of eye wear to enhance his sight. He can hear even the feintest of whispers within a large bustling city during it's busiest and noisest hours. He can detect specific individuals based solely on their scent alone and can locate them even in large crowds of people. His sensitivity to vibrations allows him to preemptively strike opponents before they can hit him, or avoid their attacks entirely. Finally, his sense of taste enhances the flavor of what he feasts upon.
  • Advantages: As a Tri-Blood, Tsubasa naturally has innate characteristics befitting of a Vampire, Lycan, and Dragon. He has phenomenal Magic Resistance, as his body is incredibly resistant to the effects of Magic in general. He has the power to deny Noble Phantasms made by man or made for man by the Gods. He also has the power to deny Noble Phantasms made by beasts or for beasts by the Gods. 
  • Dracolycanpyre Transformation: Tsubasa can transform into a dracolycanpyre at will. Since he is part turquoise Dragon, he has the ability to digest and manipulate any type of water on the planet.  When he transforms, all of his abilities are boosted astronomically to an entirely new level. His magical power multiples dozens of times over and all of his magic is boosted including his Zeus' Devil Slayer Magic, Boreas' God Slayer Magic, and Poseidon's Dragon Slayer Magic. 
  • Dragon's Breath: Due to being part Dragon, Tsubasa has a immeasurable lung capacity that acts as a "bridge to the spiritual world" that generates Magical Energy simply by breathing. This gives him a continous and almost neverending amount of magical reserves. When used offensively, this magical breath can be proppelled over a vast area and cause enough destruction to take down a whole country. Since he is part turquoise Dragon, he carries the element of water. This means that the breath he expels would take the form as a powerful wave of water that would flood everything and send them into a bottomless abyss that would devour their existence. 
  • Draconic Magic Core: Due to being part Dragon, Tsubasa's body carries within itself a Magic Core. A regular human's body can be likened to a machine that produces Magical Energy, his body can be likened to an entire factory that produces Magical Energy. Due to this, Tsubasa is capable of performing the highest-ranking Magecraft with ease. 


Nen is a technique that allows one to use and manipulate their own physical Life Energy, produced by the body, known as Aura. It is gradually released from special pores beneath the skin known as Aura Nodes. For those who become skilled practioners of Nen, they obtain the ability to open and close their Aura Nodes at will. In Tsubasa's case, he is a Genius, born with the innate ability to utilize Nen without ever being taught how by anyone before. He inherited this ability from his mother, who was a former dangerous and powerful Assassin Hunter who was well-feared and known throughout Hades. Tsubasa's Nen is naturally extremely powerful and bountiful, and with he can do amazing things. Though, Ren still taught him to use his Nen so that he could be an effective field servant. Though he never acually mastered it under her brief tutelage.

Due to his training with Ms. Tsubame, he had mastered the Four Major Principles of Nen (which originated within the Shingen-ryu Kung-Fu school). Capable of using Ten, Zetsu, Ren, and Hatsu efficiently and effectively. Tsubasa decided that before learning how to use his Nen type. That he should learn how to use all advanced techniques first, and because of that he learned and fully mastered them all. These advanced techniques are all enhanced versions or advanced applications of the Four Major Principles of Nen. Upon completing his training in their use, Tsubasa decided to start using and mastering his Hatsu more, which would involve learning what his Nen type was. 

So he took the water divination test and discovered that he was a Transmuter, and created his own original technique that he calls "Dust Mites" that he uses to poison his foes. Here is an in-depth list of Tsubasas Nen-based abilities. 

Four Major Principles

  • Ten (Enevelop; Shroud): Tsubasa utilizes Ten to to keep his Aura Nodes open, but instead of letting it all flow away and dissipate. He controls it and makes it to flow through and around his body, causing his body to become immune to emotional attacks from other Nen users. Since all of the energy is concentrated within the body, it allows Tsubasa to maintain youthful vigor and reduce his body's aging process. The main drawback of Ten, is that even though it protects Tsubasa from emotional Nen attacks, it cannot defend against physical Nen attacks. The quality of Ten can be improved through meditation.
  • Zetsu (Suppress; Null): Tsubasa utilizes Zetsu to close his Aura Nodes, stopping the flow of Aura within and around his body altogether. Since Hitoshi is no longer surrounded by his own Aura, he is sensitive to the Aura of others, and can easily track them down by sensing their Auras. On top of this, it also prevents other Nen users from sensing Tsubasa, it relieves fatigue since the Aura is now fully contained within, and unfortunately makes Tsubasa's body vulnerable to other Nen attacks since his own Aura is disabled.
  • Ren (Refine; Enhance): Tsubasa utilizes Ren to output a huge amount of Aura from his body and keeps it attached to his body, he then greatly increases it's intensity and size. Tsubasa's physical prowess is increased, and he is provided with a large pool of Aura to use for any techniques. Ren is a direct application of Ten, and it's offensive counterpart. 
  • Hatsu (Release; Act): Tsubasa utilizes Hatsu to release his Aura to perform a certain action. It is what is used to perform all individual Nen abilities, and reflects one's personal expression of Nen. 

Advanced TechniquesEdit

  • Shu (Enfold): Shu is an advanced application of Ten. Tsubasa utilizes Shu to extend his Aura around an object to use it as if it was an extension of his body. The object becomes both stronger and is protected by the Aura, akin to how Ren strengthens and protects his body. 
  • In (Conceal): In is an advanced application of Zetsu. Tsubasa utilizes In to completely conceal and hide his Aura. Unlike Zetsu, it doesn't require Hitoshi to completely cancel the flow of Aura throughout and around his body. Instead, it simply hides it, allowing him to perform dangerous sneak attacks and lay traps. 
  • Gyo (Focus): Gyo is an advanced application of Ren. Tsubasa utilizes Gyo to focus his Aura into one specific body part in order to greatly strengthen that body part. The downside to Gyo is that the other body parts are left vulnerable, due to the Aura being concentrated into one part. 
  • Ken (Fortify): Ken is an enhanced version of Ren. Tsubasa utilizes Ken to maintain Gyo over his entire body, allowing him to defend against attacks from any direction. Ken is useful as a defensive measure, but is tiring to maintain, and is not as strong as Gyo when used on a specific part of the body since it is dispersed across all of it. Due to this, it is mainly used when being cautious. 
  • En (Circle): En is an advanced application of both Ten and Ren. Tsubasa utilizes En to create a sensory barrier around himself made from his own Aura. He can feel the shape and movement of anything and everything that enters the barrier, and can extend it's range up to 2 miles while taking on the appearance of an amoeba. The downside to En, is that is it very tiring and quickly dissipates Tsubasa's Aura. Therefore, he cannot use it for extremely long periods of time or else he will run out of Aura.
  • Ko (Temper): Ten, Zetsu, Ren, Hatsu, and Gyo are all used together to create Ko. Tsubasa utilizes Ko to focus absolutely all of his individual Aura into a specific part of his body. Zetsu is used to stop the flow of Aura across his entire body with all of it being forced into a single spot. Tremendously empowering that specific part of his body. The massive concentration of so much Aura in one spot creates an intense high-pitched dissonance, akin to metal being ground and representing how much raw power is contained within the body part or object.  

Transmutation, Manipulation, and EmissionEdit

  • Dust Mites: As an Transmuter, Tsubasa has the ability to alter the properties of his Aura. He created his own original technique known as "Dust Mites" that is based on the microscopic insect that lives in human habitation. "Dust Mites" alters the properties of Tsubasa's Aura into that of an nigh-invisible parasitic poisonous insect that floats through the air and into his enemies' bodies: either through inhaling them or by making skin contact. Once they enter the target's body, if inhaled, they will create a wide array of lethal respiratory problems for the victim. Corroding the lining of the their trachea, bronnchial tubes, and lungs: causing severe internal bleeding and quick death. If they only touch the skin, they will invade each of the victim's cells and cause their skin to gradually peel off. This will also lead to a painful and quick death if the technique is not canceled. Transmutation is used to create the mites, Manipulation is used to control them, and Emission is used to deploy them.
  • Dust Bunny: As an Transmuter,  Tsubasa specializes in altering the properties of his Aura. Derived from his first technique, Tsubasa has the ability to create humanoid clones of hmself comprised of "dust". They lack any real offensive power, but they can be used for reconnasiance and espionage.

Vows and LimitationsEdit

Vows and Limitations are para-psychological inhibitors applied to certain skills or abilities that Hunters use with their Nen. For example, if someone says "I Vow that I will only use this skill only on Thursday" then it will become more powerful when used on that day. If a Limitation is applied to the Vow, it'll become even more powerful for example if one says "I Vow that I will use this skill only on Thursday, and if I use it any other day I will die" that would be considered a Limitation. Due to his hatred for the supernatural, Tsubasa created a vow for his ability Dust Mites stating that "this ability can only be used on the supernatural" but after becoming one and dying. He changed his Vow and it's Limitation.

  • Dust Mites: Tsubasa has created the Vow that whenever Dust Mites is used on someone with a healing factor, the mites' will break out into a feeding frenzy and alter the cells' of their opponent. Causing the healing factor to be negated and reversed, making their own bodies rapidly damage itself and fall apart on a cellular level. The Limitation is that the ability has no effect on those without a healing factor. As a result, it's strength is immensely bolstered.


As a Devil, God, and Dragon Slayer, Tsubasa is a highly capable Mage who uses three forms of Caster-Type Lost Magic. He's capable of using his First, Second, and Third Origins: although using the latter would leave him with the inability to use magic in general.  All three of these magics are incredibly powerful; each one having been designed specifically for annihilating a specific species. He uses a type of magic known as "Hybrid Theory" that revolves around installing three Ultra Concentrated Ether Light Lacrimas into his body: a Zeus' Devil Lacrima, Boreas' God Lacrima, and Poseidon's Dragon Lacrima. Each one holds within the power to destroy an entire country, and together their combined power is even greater. The Devil Lacrima is installed inside of Tsubasa's heart, the God Lacrima is split into two and installed in each lung, and the Dragon Lacrima is installed inside of Tsubasa's stomach. These three magical crystals combined together inside of Tsubasa's body allows him to potentially destroy a large portion of the entire continent if he truly desired.

Lightning Devil Slayer MagicEdit

As a Devil Slayer, also known as an Exorcist Mage. Tsubasa was given the opportunity to specialize in Lightning Devil Slayer Magic, also known as Zeus' Devil Slayer Magic. This type of magic grants Tsubasa the ability to slay demons, immunity to the element of lightning, the ability to devour lightning to replenish his strength, and the ability to instinctively grasp and understanding the weaknessess of any demon he comes across just by looking at them. By using this magic frequently, it caused an adverse effect on Tsubasa's body and allowed him to assimilate the abilities of certain demons that he slays. It was through this type of magic that he obtained the ability to transform from a Vampire into a Werepyre, and then into a Dracolycanpyre. The color of his lightning magic is a pale and "shiny" purple. 

  • Lightning Devil's Agitation: Tsubasa "activates" his body with the power of the world's electricity and generates unfathomable amounts of electrical energy from his body. He can produce a whopping number of over 200,000 amperes of electricty with a maximum potential of 200,000,000 volts. The electrical energy that he emanates increases his physical prowess to unthinkable levels. Specifically his reflexes and perception, as his neural synpases are stimulated and the world looks like it's moving in "slow motion" to him allowing him to react to nearly any attack. When he transforms into lightning he can move at 220,000,000 miles per hour which is roughly 1/3rd the speed of light: though he is left incapable of attacking at such speed. The heat that his electrical discharges produce, is approximately 2,000 degrees Fahrenheit and because of that he cannot be touched in this state without being incinerated. 
  • Lightning Devil's Claw: Tsubasa strikes his opponent with such a powerful electrical discharge and high voltage that their bodies' are usually reduced to ash.
  • Lightning Devil's Fangs: Tsubasa strikes the ground and generates multiple lightning bolts that rain down on the area with unprecedented speed. Their power is so great that the opponent is usually completely incinerated with nothing left behind.
  • Lightning Devil's Wings: Tsubasa creates bat wings out of lightning and blitz his opponent's slashing through them, frying them and disintergrating them on a cellular level. 
  • Lightning Devil's Screech: Tsubasa generates enough electrical energy to transform his own body into an electromagnet to pull all metallic objects into himself. 
  • Lightning Devil's Rage: Tsubasa absorbs all of the electrical energy within the area, and then expels it as a concentrated beam of destructive ligtning that annihilates anything it comes into contact too in an instant. 
  • Devil Slayer Secret Technique: Zeus' Stormy Thunderbolt - This is Tsubasa's most powerful Lightning Dragon Slayer spell. He charges up a gargantuan amount of electrical energy into a single point, shaping it into a javelin comprised of lightning akin to a thunderbolt. He then launches it with godspeed, it moving nearly as fast as the speed of light itself to make it nigh-unavoidable. It hits it's target (or targets) and explodes releasing an apocalyptic display that vaporizes Tsubasa's enemies. If they somehow survive, their bodies are all electrically charged and continously shocked until their healing factors "give up" and their bodies die. 

Wind God Slayer MagicEdit

As a God Slayer, also known as a Holy Mage. Tsubasa acquired the ability to use Wind God Slayer Magic, also known as Boreas' God Slayer Magic. This type of magic grants Tsubasa the ability to slay Gods, immunity to his element, the ability to consume his element to get stronger, and is generally stronger than that of the rest (aside from the pinnnacle of Dragon Slayer Magic). This magic is affiliated with the Lycan part of Tsubasa. The color of the winds he produces are always black in nature.

  • Sky God's Commandment: Tsubasa "activates" his body with the power of the world's winds and generates indescibable amounts of wind pressure and speed. Capable of easily damaging any being or object; whether they be organic, non-organic, or some combination of the two. As the psi and mph of the turbulent winds can easily generate forces capable of catastrophic destruction. He becomes "tuned" to the winds around him and is able to detect any vibrations within for offensive, defensive, or supplementary purpsoes. 
  • Sky God's Rending: Tsubasa focuses a large amount of winds into his fist and then strikes his opponent whilst releasing them to buffet them away with enough force to demolish cities.
  • Sky God's Absolution: Tsubasa inhales all of the oxygen within the area of his choosing, creating an empty vacuum and causing any biological being that requires oxygen to survive to quickly wiether away and die.
  • Sky God's Bellow: Tsubasa exhales all of the oxygen that he had inhaled with Sky God's Absolution, releasing it as a highly-pressurized bullet that completely eviscerates anything it touches with it's lateral force. 
  • God Slayer Secret Technique: Boreas' Turbulent Polearm - This is Tsubasa's most powerful Wind God Slayer spell. He gathers up a titanic amount of wind into a single point, shaping it into a polearm. He then launches it directly through his opponents, it stripping their entire bodies of all of the oxygen it contains in an instant before detonating it into a swirling tornado of destruction. 

Water Dragon Slayer MagicEdit

Since Tsubasa has the blood of a dragon, acquired the knowledge of one (and thus training) through bloodletting, and has a dragon lacrima implanted inside of his body. He is a Seventh Generattion Dragon Slayer, the final and strongest all respective generations; also known as a Phantasmal Mage.Tsubasa acquired the ability to use Water Dragon Slayer Magic, also known as Poseidon's Dragon Slayer Magic via Devil Slayer Magic. This type of magic grants Tsubasa the ability to slay dragons, immunity to his element, the ability to consume it to get stronger, and has the highest potential out of all of the Three Great Slayer Magics. This magic is affiliated with the Dragon part of Tsubasa, and it's color is simply the usual color of water. 

  • Water Dragon's Advent: Tsubasa "activates" his body with the power of the world's water and generates unbelievable amounts of water particles around himself. The psi (or MPa) of the water can at least reach 60,000 - 180,000 psi and even further than that if he decides that he wants to increase it. Allowing him to use it for many offensive, defensive, and supplementary purposes. 
  • Water Dragon's Claw: Tsubasa builds up a large amount of water pressure around his fists before striking his opponent with them aiming to deal crippling damage.
  • Water Dragon's Abyss: Tsubasa floods the area with water and then forms them into compressive domes of water that begin to crush the opponents trapped inside of them. 
  • Water Dragon's Roar: Tsubasa devours all of the water particles within the area, and then expels it as a frightening torrent of powerful water.
  • Dragon Slayer Secret Technique: Poisedon's Tempesteous Trident - This is Tsubasa's most powerful Water Dragon Slayer spell. He encompasses all of the H2O from the environment into a majestic trident in honor of the mythical Poseidon. He arches his back, pulls the spear towards his rear, and then hurls it with unbridled fury into his enemies. Anyone struck with it is sent through a spatial hurricane that sends their body into an ominous abyss of black water. The black water feasts on their existence and gradually corrodes it away until there is nothing left of them.

Trinity LimitEdit

Trinity Limit, also known as Hybrid Force, is the pinnacle of Tsubasa's magical power. He completely draws out and utilizies 100% of his stamina and all of his potential to push his demonic, lycanthropic, and draconic traits their maximum potential: causing a surge of incredible magical power to be unleashed. In this state, Tsubasa takes on the appearance of a gargantuan dracolycanpyre: that has been referred to as an Abomination, and even a Kamikaze. This is the pinnacle of Tsubasa's magical abilities, and he rarely uses this. 


Tsubasa never actually properly learned how to use any type of magecraft, but due to his status as a dracolycanpyre. He automatically has the capacity to utilize any type of magecraft. A Reality Marble, which Tsubasa calls Tenpenchii, is the only form of magecraft that he actually uses. Once ensnared in Tenpenchii, his enemies would find themselves in a world devoid of land. A world that is nothing more than a neverending ocean in the middle of a violent storm, with no escape. 


Due to his childhood and the time spent training with the N.H.O, Tsubasa has acquired many useful skills that will benefit him for the rest of his life. 

Disturbance TaijutsuEdit

Akin to a warrior's dance performance, Tsubasa is able to rapidly and relentlessly bombard his target, with precision, at various angles and locations. This style, comprised of sheer unpredictable movements, can easily catch his opponents off-guard.


When in battle, Tsubasa holds his swords in a peculiar and unique manner. More often than employing his hands, Tsubasa would wield his blades in and between various parts of his body. As strange as it seems, Tsubasa is extremely skilled with these blades and this fighting style which he began adopting since a young age. The most dangerous aspect of this style is the unpredictability of his movements, easily catching his opponents by surprise. He can spin in a manner similar to a buzz-saw, or else employing a series of unrelenting attacks switching the locations as well as the blades with which he attack, leaving no openings for even a skilled opponent. Tsubasa was also able to throw these swords from their normally awkward positions, either to hit his opponents from range, or to impale his opponent at close range and cause damage that would normally be lethal.


  • Ben's knives: Ben's knives are a collection of 288 unique and dangerous knives that belonged to the infamous serial killer Benny Delon. He created a unique type of knife for each one of his murder victims, and coated at least one of them in a poison so powerful that 0.1 mg of it could paralyze a whale. Tsubasa later acquired the poison and coated them all in it: making them extremely deadly. 


  • Tsubasa Kagome's first name means "Wing" and his surname means "a basket full of holes", "a pregnant woman", or "a caged bird". 
  • Tsubasa's appearance is based on that of Syura's from the series Akame Ga Kill.