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Troy Reyes
Also Known As Troy Reyes
Age 15
Gender Male
Height 6,2
Weight 96kg
Blood Type A
Professional Status
Occupation Martial Artist
Level 1
Experience 0/1000
Bounty 5,000
Family Unknown
Allies Water-Flowing Rock-Smashing Dojo
Enemies Unknown
Status Alive
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Troy Reyes is a young specialist of martial arts and close quarters combat. As a fighter who is both talented and experienced, troys primary occupation is the martial artist class, a markedly superhuman combatant who focuses and unleashes the explosive internal force known as ki to perform a plethora of feats which greatly exceed that of the natural human measure. He is the main RP character of user cardinal vision. An orphan whose parents and family were taken from him at a young age by the ravages of warfare, troy was adopted by a rare and exclusive martial arts training school by the name of the water-flowing rock-smashing dojo, where he was raised and taught the rare martial arts style known as the water-flowing rock-smashing fist, a style he mastered rather quickly.


General AppearanceEdit

Troy grew up in a highly xenophobic society for his appearance, and was often made to be an easy target of bullying and racism. His home country is one which is prone to discrimination against those who are not of the same nationality and ethnicity as their own, and the foreign genes are made obvious in troy's appearance. He is much taller than most other people of his kingdom, and has a naturally athletic build which is perfect for performing highly demanding physical tasks and rapid muscular development. Because of his height and build he was often made out to be some kind of unnatural, freakish creature who was to be reviled and feared by all those around him, because children as tall as him are abnormal in his home country. He is also of a much darker skin tone when compared to the naturally pale, porcelain-like skin of the people that he grew up around.


General BehaviorEdit

Troy is a brooding and standoffish individual. He can be skeptical of the good in people, aside from those who have taken the liberty of caring for him and raising him directly, personality characteristics which were born out of the harsh discrimination he faced while growing up in the public eye. He does not like to be made the center of any kind of attention, preferring to blend into a crowd and never be noticed, but this has seldom been the case throughout his life due to the unnaturally large build he has in contrast to other people of his kingdom. He is not incapable of emotions such as affection, or opening himself up to legitimate contact and interaction with others, but it is rather rare for him to ever actually place a palpable trust in another person.





Early LifeEdit


Powers & AbilitiesEdit

Troy is a highly skilled fighter, and an accomplished user of the martial artist occupation. He is considered to be a natural in the art of close quarters combat, his talents in using martial arts being such that he was able to attain eminence as a skilled master in fighting at an exceptionally young age. He was raised on martial arts, and lived a highly athletic, physically demanding lifestyle from his earliest memory by those who raised him at the water stream rock smashing fist dojo. Aside from strict mastery in close quarters combat, troy has also attained the ability to project his ki in explosive forms, possessing a variety of advanced attacks and techniques which permit him to deal rather great damage to his foes on a large scale.

General AbilitiesEdit

Enhanced Strength: As a result of going through the heavy training routines and conditioning procedures which are taught to practitioners of his particular martial arts style, troys muscle fibers and physical constitution have been built up to a point where they overshadow that of average human faculties. Troy possesses a great measure of superhuman strength, and is capable of breaking and shattering substances such as concrete with the force of his blows, as well as lifting and overpowering opponents or objects which are many times larger than he is, such a tanks, various armed suits of mechanized robotic equipment, and other, larger specialists in martial arts. His strength can be further amplified by raising his ki to greater power outputs.

Enhanced Speed: Similarly, troys agility and combat speed has been enhanced to a level which eclipses that of the greatest humans on earth. He moves at speeds so great that he can't even be perceived in an average human beings field of vision, performing attacks and complex movements with velocity that renders many of his movements utterly unseen. He is capable of executing combinations of attacks and countermeasures of defense at stupendous speeds, thanks to the drastic sharpening of his sensory faculties, intense training routines using weighted clothing and heavy objects, and other highly effective training methods. As he is now, troy can easily react to and dodge the incoming momentum which is carried by rounds fired from most firearms and ballistic weapons, being invulnerable to them by way of his massive speed.

Enhanced Durability: Numerous factors have resuletd in troy having been made into an invulnerable tank by the standards of normal human beings. He has been trained in ways which specifically focus on upgrading ones resistence to numerous different forms of attack, and has also been taught to focus his ki to improve his durability and reduce all vulnerabilities of his body as much as possible. Thanks to this, most conventional weaponry is completely useless against troy, weapons such as blades and knives being made to break and shatter like glass the moment that they make contact with him. Conventional bullet rounds also do nothing but irritate the skin of the area where they have made contact with troy.

Martial Arts SkillsEdit

Water Stream Rock Smashing Fist: is the name of troys signature fighting style. This style of martial arts is considered a great, rare treasure of the martial arts world, and troy is considered extremely lucky to have actually been exposed to its teachings. The boys innate gift in fighting has resulted in him quickly ascending to the rank of an official black belt, being the youngest person in history to ever actual seize a black belt in the water stream rock smashing fist style, accomplishing mastery at the age of 7 years old. He is able to create an area where his fists will destroy anything that enters, protecting those inside, and skilled enough to redirect powerful and fatal attacks that might come his way as well as applying devastating impacts with his martial arts skills, overpowering opponents which are much larger than he is.

Ki Energy AttacksEdit

Big Bang Attack: A rather powerful energy sphere blast attack. When performing the big bang attack, troy extends his arm in the direction of his target and focuses a great deal of his ki into his hand, which is directed at his foe in an open palm formation. This causes an intense sphere of his ki to gather in front of his palm, which is a little larger than the size of a basket ball. After he has prepared the sphere, troy shouts "big bang attack!" and throws the sphere of energy at his opponent. Once it makes contact with any surface, the sphere detonates with a tremendous amount of explosive force, such that it can nuke a great deal of landmass and reduce large portions of troys surroundings to smouldering piles of rubble and debris.

Final Flash: An energy wave blast attack which varies in size, intensity, and power depending on how much of his ki troy puts into fueling the attack. When performing final flash, troy lets his ki roar forth from his body and surround his entire body, pushing him off the ground and causing him to levitate. He extends his arms out to either side of his body for the duration that he gathers ki required to perform the attack. He then thrusts his palms together, and compresses the gathered energy within them in front of his body to create a sparking, extremely dense, messy sphere of ki. When the energy is gathered, troy shouts "final flash!" and unleashes a rather massive beam of energy towards his opponents, often eradicating everything caught in its path for hundreds of meters. It is said that this technique is power enough to grow to the point that it can be seen from space when fired off by a user, though only exceptionally powerful users can achieve this.

Ki Energy TechniquesEdit

Kaio-Ken: A technique which allows the user to suddenly raise their ki, multiplying it for a set period of time. The amount of times that troys ki is multiplied by depends on how many times he commands it to, "times two, times five" etc, however, extended or reckless usage of the kaio-ken technique will result in severe damage to the human body, wounds so bad that it can potentially kill troy if hi attempts to harness power that is to great to be contained with his body. As of right now, troy can only raise his ki by a total factor of about 10 times before he experiences pain which renders him completely incapable of fighting properly, while going higher than this will actually inflict such terrible damage to his body that every second that passes brings him closer to dying. Troy continues to train to try and master the kaio-ken technique and attain greater power.