The War of the Black is the a war that takes place in the five kingdoms of Hades, Hera, Hermes, Ares and Athena. The name comes from the fact that the war was prophesied in the legend of the Black Faith by the First Children and Requiem himself.


  • Leanna Dusk (Athena) and Elex (Hermes) declare war against the 3 other Kingdoms. (01/05/0185)
  • Kiryso van Cirus goes to the Court of the 5 Kingdoms on trial on behalf of Eos and is found not guilty after evidence is presented of the Zero Hour Event being a conspiracy between Empress Caitlyn, Leviathan and Dr Manhattan. Eos' name is now cleared and they gain more support as the first battles of war approach. (01/08/0185)
  • Karina Linus defeats and kills Empress Caitlyn in battle (01/09/0185)
  • Daniel Crane takes a small army to the North coast of Hades and recruits Hades' soldiers to the cause of Eos gaining more support the more land he covers on his way to the capital. (01/10/0185)
  • Kiryso van Cirus takes a small army to the South coast of Hades and recruits Hades' soldiers to the cause of Eos gaining more support the more land he covers on his way to the capital (01/10/0185)
  • Gaius defeats and kills his father Boukun after challenging him to a battle for the throne of Ares. (01/10/0185)
  • The leader of Ichor, Marek, attempts to stop the battle between Boukun and Gaius but is stopped by the Basilis siblings. (01/10/0185)
  • Jacen Basilis (Karasu) is killed in battle. (01/10/0185)
  • Gaius is officially sworn in as the new King of Ares, and immediately orders to cease all military advancement on the other Kingdoms. (01/11/0185)
  • Karina Linus declares herself the Wardneness of Hera until an appropriate leader can be found as well as announces the death of the late Empress Caitlyn by her hands. (01/15/0185)
  • Taka Basilis takes control of Ichor until an appropriate leader can be found. (01/16/0185)
  • Thousands are killed as the Count unleashes a devastating attack that will scar the Kingdom of Hades for decades to come (01/19/0185)
  • Hitoshi kills the Count, subsequently freeing Hades' from his control. (01/19/0185)
  • Hitoshi is crowned the new Count of Hades, and begins investing all of his effort into it's recovery after his and the Count's climatic battle. (01/30/0185)
  • Rebels try and attack the capital of Hera to remove Karina from power but fail, miserably and are publicly hung as a show of power. (02/03/0185)
  • Dr Manhattan rallies of force of 600,000 soldiers and promises to win the war in Caitlyn's honor, the public is unsure on him and Hera breaks out into a civil war between those who support Karina and those who support Manhattan (02/09/0185)
  • Karina's forces fight valiantly but Manhattan's overwhelming support proves to be the difference as her forces fall (03/14/0185)
  • Dr Manhattan lays siege to the Hera capital and demands Karina's surrender. (03/18/0185)
  • Karina calls for cavalry from her fellow guild members, Athena and Hermes for help. (03/18/0185)
  • Manhattan sends his forces to intercept her support at the border of Hera and across the Styx and at the Athena border (03/21/0185)
  • A gargantuan battle opens up at the border of Hermes (03/25/0185)
  • Forces led by Solomon and Ed tear through Manhattan's forces and storm towards the capital, battering any forces that oppose them. (04/03/0185)
  • Amanda and her forces are held up at the Styx as Manhattan's forces prevent them from passing (04/04/0185)
  • Amanda becomes the Queen of Hera after her triumphant victory, and leads the Kingdom into a new age. (04/21/0185)

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