The Inquisition are a group of technically evolved peace keepers.  They have no real allignment or affiliation with any kingdom or guild.  It is unknown to all but members of the inquisition where their base of operations is, and what their exact goals are.  All inquisition weaponry and equipment is monitored and can notbe accessed by anyone not allied with the inquistion.  Any weapons or equipment left behind are either recovered by a recovery unit, or self destructed.  All inquisition soldiers watch other the world and have given soldiers special implants that allows them to see otherwise undetectable energies.

Standard EquipmentEdit

Assault UnitsEdit

Assault units are basic soldiers whose Job is to do most of the damage during a fight.  Assault units wear relatively light armor composed of Myrite.  Myrite is a special metal engineered by the inquisition that is 4 times as strong as titanium, and can self repair over time.  The armor of Assault Units has several functions.  Many are installed with A.I. units that increase reaction time and manage the more complex functions of the suit.  The suit also functions as an exoskeleton, increasing the strength and speed of assualt unit to around 3 times that would normally be considered Peak Human. They actually have reflexes so tuned that they can catch and even shoot bullets out of the air.  All sets of assault armor also come with two types of shielding, as assault units are usually the most aggressive of the group and cause the most damage.  The first is a plamsa shield, used for blocking melee attacks.  The shield is effective in it's purpose because it is so hot that it will vaporize practically anything that makes contact with it.  The second is meant for dispersing and countering magic and other ranged attacks.  When this barrier is projected, the A.I in the soldier's suit tunes it to whatever is being sent at it, allowing the shield to absorb it and release it in whatever direction the soldier wishes.  While a Singular soldier can only take so much without overloading his suit, a large group can take much more damage, but splitting the burden between them.
Assault unit

An average Assault Unit soldier.

On the subject of their weaponry, assault units carry the Type-1 Assault rifle.  Pretty basic in concept, the gun can shoot many different types of bullets that can be changed on the fly by their A.I. without the need of them reloding.  There are basic rounds, which are enhance by a technology called shadow tag, which speeds up the projectiles to the point they can hit many supersonic targets.  Shadow Tag bullets are as fast as Anti-Aircraft fire.  They also have access to Cryo rounds.  Primarily used on enemies that are too big to be hurt by normal bullets, cryo rounds cover the immediate area that was hit in a dense layer of ice; multiple rifles firing in full auto can quickly immobolize monsters as large as titans and dragons. Another use for cryo ammo is anti-fire.  They can be used to intercept and cancel out fire based attacks, as well as countering fire based defenses.  Another type of ammo used are called nanite rounds.  These special bullets, primarily used for undead and regenerating targets, release flesh eating nanomachines on impact.  These nanomachines will continually eat the victims flesh, as well as burn it off as fuel to keep themselves going, making regeneration nearly impossible after being shot without amputating the destroyed area.  Flesh eating nanomachines can be deactivated by the soldier who fired them, or destroyed if they are overloaded with energy.

Vangaurd UnitsEdit

Vanguard units are known by some of there allies as walking tanks.  They are easily the strongest and most durable of the basic forces of the Inquisition.  Their armor is actually powered by an Ion power plant.  This power armor has nearly triple the durability of Assault Units and a similar exoskeleton.  Vanguard units are typically slower but physically stronger, as they must undergo more stringent augmentation in order to wear their armor without burdening their body.   Using dealing less damage than Assault units, they have similar shielding in their armor, but a much higher capacity for attacks that can be absorbed and redirected.  The triple layered Myrite plates of their armor can allow them to take damage and continue fighting even with extreme injury.  The suits actually have a gel layer beneath the armor plating that can tighten in specific areas to prevent bleeding form toublesome wounds.  Due their enhanced bodies, Vangaurd soldiers are capable of surviving and utilizing Nanomachine injections.  Nanomachines give them a direct link to their command center.  Thorugh these, their injuries, ammunition, even their current mental state in all monitored.  Should a Vanguard unit be put in a situation where they would normally lose all will to fight, they can sue their nanomachines to forcibly release all adrenaline in the body and shut off all feeling of pain.  While this can provide a short term combat boost, the long term effects can hospitalize, or even kill some soldiers, as it allows them to use 100% of their muscles.  While using it in short bursts is fine, longer term use can lead to muscle tearing and overtaxing.

Vanguard carry weapons that are usually used to serve out their purpose of drawing the attention of the enemy, and taking damage while their allies deal most of the damage.  They carry specialized machine guns, that practically never have to reload. Due to the self replication properties of Myrite, the metal of the armor can actually be linked to the gun thus allowing virtually infinite ammunition.  Their machine guns also utilize shadow tag mechanisms to track supersonic targets, as well as enough stopping power to punch through tank armor with sustained fire.  Some members of the Vanguard unit actually use a unqiue type of grenade launcher.  Called the Type-25, it is carried and fired from the hip rather than the shoulder. It has a fast firing rate for a grenade launcher, being capable of firing four Type-25 Exotic/High Explosive Antipersonnel Grenades in about three seconds. Should they need something up close and personal, Vangaurd units carry high frequency knives.  These blades work by disturbing the molecular bonds of the target, weakening and cutting through virtually anything.  While greatly stable or hardened objects may need time and effort to cut through, basic armors and flesh will be shredded practically instantly.

Support UnitsEdit

Support units are the lightest armored of basic Inquistion soldiers and do not do much fighting.  They are the medics of the army, carrying specialized syringes that can nearly completely revitalize any ally that recieves an injury in battle.  They also have syringes that can re-animate the recently dead. (However they must inject them within a minute.)  Support units have the lightest weaponry, carrying an SMG with multiple types of ammunition.  As their job is to suppress for their allies who need to get close for healing, their ammunition types serve to block off enemies and prevent them from advancing.  The first are basic explosive rounds, a single shot can heavily dent a fortifed steel door, and on full auto these round will usually tear apart whatever target they happen to be firing upon.  They usually use these rounds in groups of 3 or 4, practically carpet bombing an area and preventing any kind of advance. The next type are used againt enemies with the natural durability to deal with the explosions of the previous rounds.  They can make use of concussive rounds that release an ear splitting sound on impact, and a small shockwave meant to forcibly send the target back.  These are especially dangerous as many of the superhuman monsters of the world possess superhuman hearing.  Their armor has a special mechanism the specifically blocks out the frequency of sound created by the bullets, allowing them to still hear and be aware of everything else.


All regular Inquisition soldiers carry the same type of grenades.  They all carry two smart grenades, two plasma grenades, and two disruptor grenades.  Smart grenades are exactly as they sound, they can change their function in whatever way the soldier throwing it wishes.  They can fuction as basic shrapnel, release flesh eating nanos, or even be placed down to act as mines or tripwires.   Plasma grenades fuction similarly to napalm, but on a much higher level.  They create blue flame like substances that burn through nearly any substance, and is virtually impossible to put out.  These grenades also stick to living tissue upon being thrown.  The final type of grenades are the disruptors.  These are more specialized for dealing with targets that rely on inner energy sources.  Disruptors work in a similar fashion to an EMP grenade.  Upon detonation, nearly any kinds of energy (chakra, mana, nen, etc.) will become extremely hard to use for even basic things, and things like chakra points and magic circuits can be damaged by the disruptions, similarly to damage caused by the gentle fist.

The Raizer SystemEdit

The Raizer System is used in all inquisition armors to provide the users with an  overall boost for a short while.  The Raizer System will overheat the unit's power source after about ten minutes.  During the cool down process, most energy based weapons can not be used to save power.   Despite the drawbacks, the raizer system is an incredibly powerful ability.  Upon activation, the Raizer System enhances the exoskeletons and cybernetic implants of the user, pushing them to the extreme.  During it's activation their physical attributes, exluding speed, are raised ten fold.  Their speed is enhanced even further, and they become capable of moving over 20 times faster than normal.  Their reflexes are enhanced to the point that they can dodge and even catch point blank shadow tag rounds, while even normal bullets provide challenges otherwise.   

Special OperationsEdit

The Hunter CorpsEdit

The Hunters are the assassins of the inquisition, and are the fastest and hardest to track to boot.  They are absolute masters in hand to hand combat, due to specialized training that involves learning the best aspects of all known fighting styles.  The have specialized cybernetic augmentation, that increases their strength, speed, reflexes, and stamina to insane levels.  A single hunter can take on almost any of the monstrous superhumans of the world in single combat.  Their suits possess a special cloaking function that generates an aura of lightbending energy creating the illusion of invisiblity.  They also have several mechnaisms in their suits that prevent things like chakra and other forms of energy from being seen or sensed.  Should they be caught they are more than capable of holding their own in a straight up fight.  Each of them is strong enough to lift and throw an Inquisition Assault Mech.  They have speed that allows them to easily match most of the fighters of the world.  Finally they have reactions honed to the point that they can deflect a shadowtag sniper round being fired at them from behind.  They can also utilize a large amount of their armor's fuel cells to overclock their brain and slow their perception anywhere from 50% to 90%, giving them plently of time to block and counter what would otherwise be a fatal blow.
Hunter corps

A member of the Hunter Corps with a close quarters loadout.

Due to their positions as assassins, members of the hunter corps are skilled in both ranged takedowns and close quarters combat.  At range they carry high caliber anti-material sniper rifles.  The Sniper Rifle uses 14.5x114mm Armour-Piercing Fin-Stabilised Discarding Sabot rounds, which are described as being "made of very hard metal." They are equipped with four symmetrical fins spaced equidistantly around the base of the projectile. These sabots are used to fill in the gap in the barrel and stabilizing its trajectory, resulting in a hit ratio of 97.3%. The sabots are forced off of the projectile by air resistance before entering the actual target.  These rounds are powerful enough to punch through tank armor or rip superhuman targets in half.  The force behind the rounds is so intense that the vacuum created prom their path can casue damage without a direct hit.  A shot fired 4 feet to the left of someone has a great chance of tearing off their arm.  The disadvantage of requiring such high powered rifles is that they are virtually impossible to supress and they leave vapor trails that can be traced back to the shooter.  This means that hunters must constantly relocate when sniping.

Long ranged combat is only half of what the hunter corps keeps in their arsenal.  When in close range they wield high frequency blades known as Murasamas.  Possesing about a 2 foot long blade.  This sword vibrates at such high frequencies that there has yet to be anything it can't cut through with prolonged
Hunter skills

The level of skilled Displayed by members of the Hunter Corps.

contact.  The swords also use a form of the shields present in the armor of other units, making them capable of deflecting, absorbing, or redirecting attacks at them with their swords.  Their blades are also fitted with flesh eating nanomachines, forcibly keeping wound's open that have been made by the blade.  They also carry speical throwing knives, which can rapidly heat or cool on contact, melting or freezing the immediate area of impact respectively.

The BravesEdit

Commander: James Info-  Birthed from the gamma program, a program meant to find a way to counter the man who nearly destroyed the inquisition single handedly, The Braves are a unit meant for emergency deployment. They are meant to enter combat zones in a short amount of time, and with there overwhelming fire power push the battle in our favor. 

Brave Armor(Standard Type) An all around upgraded Gamma Weapon armor system. It has stronger armor plates made of the new found metal "Cobalt". The armor allows the user to move up to double the speed of a Hunter unit, and has a base lifting strength over triple the vanguard units. It uses a state of the art Particle power sorce, with this in place the suit can use the "Quantum System" that has over 4x the power output of the Raizer System. For the safty of the users, the Standard Type is toned down by roughly 32%. However, even with this the Brave Armor is something to be feared.

Weapons: Plasma Gunblade - Anything this blade hits will be coated in plasma, which will constantly burn and can not be extinguished by normal means.  To account for those with resistance to heat, the plasma is also highly acidic, able to melt most materials with ease.

Beam SaberX2 - The ultimate armor penetrator. Somewhat if a successor to the high frequency blade. Rather than forcibly splitting atoms to make defenses useless, beam weapons practically erase the matter they come into contact with.

Beam Handgun - In a similar boat as the Beam Sabers, these rounds are quite small but will almost always pierce through any target without fail.

Mirco-Missle X4(In the shoulder armor)

9mm Machine Gun(Built into the head armor. Meant for smaller targets) 
Brave Unit

The Appearence of the Standard and Commander Brave units.

Brave Armor(Commander Type) While it is almost the same as the Standard type, there are some key differences. The safty of the Standard type is removed, giving the user full power over the armor.  And it uses the Duel Particle power sorce, giving it a much higher over-all rating. Weapons:Same as Standard type.

Brave Armor(Artillery Type) Unlike the Standard Type, this armor set is meant to stay in the back giving covering fire. It has much thicker armor then the Standard type and bigger Particle tanks.  While it is much slower and has low melee rating, we feel that foes will not even be able to get close.

Weapons: Plasma Mini-Gun X2(Installed on both arms)

Vector Cannon - Designed by Wes, vector cannons offer an almost unmatched amount of damage per shot.  Fucntioning as sort of a rail gun on steroids, the sheer force that a vector cannon fires projectiles will deal damage to anything within 50 feet of the actual projectile.

High-Yeld Missles X50(25 stored in both shoulders)

Beam Saber X2

Plasma Caster

Brave Armor(Long Range Type) As the name states, this is meant for long range fighting. The Armor is light, and has a stealth system in place. It has an state of the art AI to help with aim, as well as drones to help spot targets. It has smaller Particle tanks, but that should be a non-issue.

Weapons: Plasma Rifle

Beam Saber X2

Beam Handgun

9mm Machine Gun

Particle Power System:  Early AS0001 we were able to make a new power sorce. This "Particle" gives nearly endless power. By useing a Paricle Drive, we can make nearly endless amount of this.  However, the Particle must always be purged from the source, or the whole system will destroy its self. While this makes it useless for normal use, it use in weapons seems to be endless. As of now, the only gear that will have this system is the Brave units, for testing.

Particle Drive:  While we don't really know how, it makes the Particles. Due to there nature, we have to keep them in tanks made of Cobalt. This tanks give power to the Brave armor, and weapons. When the tanks are full, the armor starts to purge the Particles, giving a faint white like from the armor. We have no way to stop this, so stealth based armors are not an option save for long ranged fighters. -Side note: The Commander type brave is using a Duel Drive System. Well it works on the same idea, the two drives rises it rating by nearly 400%. This is too much for normal users, so its for James' use only.

Quantum System:  Normally, Particle flow though the Brave armor is at about 10%. Any more then this is not needed. However, thanks to a testing error, we found out how to bring flow up to 300%.  This greatly ups the power of the Brave, making the Raizer system not needed.  The increase for all physical attributes other than speed is thirty times, with speed going up to fifty times.  Their reactions are said to make them able to track and match Sworn, should he show up again. This lasts for about three minutes. After wards, the Brave goes to back up power for about five minutes, so that the Particle can refill the tanks. During this time, the Brave is at 70% fighting rating, and plasma weapons nonworking. This System should only be used to end battles quickly, or when the Brave(As unlikely as it sounds)can not beat a target. -The Commandar type does not lose any power when the timer runs out, thanks to the Duel Drive System.

Tri-Punisher:  A last resort weapon. The Brave uses all its Particles in one attack. This destorys the Brave and kills the user. But even the Titan armor can not take a hit from this weapon.  As of now, we are trying to find a less deadly way to use this. But as it stands, we give the Brave user the final say on the use of the Tri-Punisher.



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