Also Known As Sworn, Helsing, Noire, Hunter, Chosen, Azure, The Black Swordsman
Age 121
Gender Male
Height 6'6"
Weight 725 lbs.
Blood Type Unknown
Professional Status
Kingdom Unknown
Occupation Hunter, Mage, Magus, Martial Artist
Family Aster-Son





Allies Eos
Enemies Too many to count.
Status Alive
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Thane is a very strange individual. He has changed his entire peronality and identity many times throughout his life, but seems to have settled down now.


Thane is a fairly tall man, standing at 6'6".  He has fairly pale skin and short white hair.  Thane has extremely dense muscles, making his weight significantly higher than it should be for someone for his height.  His initial visage would lead some to believe that he were lacking in physical aptitude,  but they could not be further from the truth.  He could be called the pinnacle of human condition, and greatly beyond it. He has silver eyes that seem to change colors at different times.  He bears a long red cloak at most times.

The nature of his appearence seems to change depending on his persona.  Thane has often said that the trappings of physical forms mean nothing to him, due to one of his many abilities he is able to change his appearence at will.  The appearence listed above is his current regular and most recent, the persona of Thane.

Under the Persona of Hunter his appearence varies greatly.  Hunter is slightly shorter at 5'10" and weighs almost 400 pounds less.  This persona was largely based around stealth, which a large bulky figure would have hampered.  Hunter has short black hair and deep brown eyes.  He is visibly less muscular than most of his appearences in this state.  Under the persona of hunter he wears a black coat bearing symbols of crossed swords on both sleeves as well as the back.  The images of swords on his coat could actually be removed and projected to be used as twin swords, the mastered style of Hunter.

Noire bears a look remeniscent to a priest or holy man.  Wearing what some would deem holy robes on his various encounters.  As Noire he is equal in height to Hunter but posses more muscle mass in his arms, due to his constant use of powerful revolvers.  Noire has crimson red hair as well as an eyepatch over the right eye.  Noire is not actually missing an eye, and the patch is actually specially desinged to enhance his vision, as well as cause his opponents to underestimate him.  He typically wears a large hat while under this persona as well.  Noire carries two large revolvers, one holstered on each of his legs.

Helsing is one of the more extravagent and complicated appearences. Hellsing bears the same height and weight as Hunter, and is similar in build to the latter.  As Helsing he has short blond hair and light blue eyes. This persona bears an undershirt and leggings of enchanted black leather.  He also possesses armor over his ribs and stomach.  On his left hand he has a white metal guantlet with silver accent, and on his right he wears a black leather glove going past his elbow.  He has greaves on only one leg.  He wears two black boots that come up very high on his legs, as well as having armor plates over the feet.  The coat he wears is no sleeve and is white with a red trim, with a large collar at the top.  Helsing also carries a long whip which is coiled at his side when not in use.

Chosen is the persona used by Helsing when he fought a monstrous being called the Azure Beast.  Chosen maintains a tall stature, but is not as muscular as previous forms.  Chosen also has silvery spiky hair and two eye colors; one brown, the other green.  During his encouner with the beast, he wore a short red coat.  The coat was long sleeve, dropped down juest below his waist, and has several belts in unneeded places, because Chosen though they looked cool at the time.  He had very baggy pants along with red and silver boots.  Choses unlike most other persona's does not carry any weapons with him, and utilizes a more unique combat style; a style which shall be detailed below.  Azure possesses a near identical appearence to Chosen with shorter hair.

The Black Swordsman is believed to be the original persona of the man currently known as Thane.  He is theorized to be the first of many, and the user of this man's original fighting style.  The Black Swordsman has the largest build out of all the personas, being around 6'2" in height and being more than double the weight of Thane, excluding his massive armor and weapons.  On the subject of attire, The Black Swordsman wears a full black suit of armor, that is pointed in nearly every area you could imagine.  The armor actually has many shapes due to it's unique nature, but the heavy plated look is the most used.  He also carries a massive blade on his back, which is somewhat larger than he himself is.  In the rare instances where his helmet is down, he has short dark brown hair and a scar over his nose.


Currently, Thane's personality could be described in one word as "eccentric". He is very active and greatly enjoys combat.  

In combat Thane is very quick and to the point.  He hates to delay the killing blow in a fight and will not stand for those who try to torture their opponents.  He is a master tactician and strategist, with an aresnal to match.  Due to his level of skill in all known weapons and fighting styles, he is capable of adapting to and defeating nearly any kind of opponent.  He remains calm and collected in situations that would mentally of physically break most people.  Thane's indomitable will power actually grants him near immunity to anything that alters his perception of reality.  Once Thane sets his sights on a something, it will be achieved.  He is used to fighting impossible odds on a daily basis and completely impossible to scare or intimidate.  He could be against an enemy against whom he has little to no chance of actually winning and he will fight with the same attitude as always.  He knows he is mortal, a mere man, no matter how powerful he becomes.  He knows that one day he will find an enemy he can not defeat, and it is a day he looks forward to.


Part 1: ChildhoodEdit

Thane was born into a fairly rough childhood.  His father was the head of a band of mercenaries named Saven, and his mother was the camp whore.  He was seen as a mistake to his father, as far as he was concerned, Thane had no right to exist.  Saven intended to have Thane killed the minute he was born, but the mother would not allow it.  While Saven always looked down on her, and could never admit, he truly loved her.  Despite the fact that he saw his child as a waste of space, he figured if he would be around, he would make some use of himself.  By the time Thane was four years old, he showed incredbile talent for combat that some would see as impossible.  At the tender age of four Thane was already strong and fast enough to use full size broadsword, and out match veteran soldiers in one on one duels.  Saven figured he was ready and brought Thane onto his first battelfield at the age of five.

In his first battle Thane excelled, he was taught from the moment he could speak that any mercy of restraint on the battlefield would lead to his death.  He saw it time and time again, his enemies hesitating because he was a mere child, and dropping to the ground before they could make their decisions.  It was also at this young age that Thane began to develop his first skills in an occupation.  Saven was a Hunter, and taught young Thane the basics of Nen.  By the age of 6, Thane was a prodigal enhancer, and utilized these abilities to become one of the most accomplished soldiers in his troop despite his age.  Sadly despite his skills, life wasn't all murder, sunshine, and rainbows.  When he was 7 he killed his own father in self defense.  Saven had been drinking heavily and lamenting over being shown up by a mistake of a child.

After killing his crazed father, Thane was seen as a traitor and chased out by those he once considered his allies.  As he fled he was struck with an arrow to the left shoulder, was knocked off of a small cliff, and was buried underneath a few feet of snow.  He would have frozen to death were it not for his Nen.  He kept his body going as long as he could, until he eventually reached a small town and returned his body to a suitable condition.  Despite suggestions from people in the town, he set out as soon as his injuries were healed.  Killing was the only thing he knew how to do, and so he abandoned his original name and became a lone mercenary.

Part 2: The Black SwordsmanEdit

After becoming a lone mercenary, the young man abandoned his old name, and was simply called the Black Swordsman.  He got the names from the onyx colors in both his sword and armors.  Once, after collapsing in a forest after fighting off a pack of wolves with a broken sword, he found by a man named Alvor.  Alvor, as fate would have it, was a master blacksmith, and asked nothing in return for his equipment except that his location never be revealed to others.  Alvor was a master of his craft like none had seen.  As a specialist in magical forging, he made sure his newest customer wouldn't have to come back.  He fashioned him the ultimate adaptable weapon and armor.  The weapon was simply called Red Edge, and it featured a dominant black blade, with a edge of crimson.  This sword could grow as much as the user wanted, and gained abilities depending on what was killed with it.  The armor was called the symbiote, as it was a living organism.  The symbiote had a plethora of abilities, with the only downside being that the Black Swordsman developed a larger appetite.  When asked why Alvor would make such things for him without even being asked, he simply got the answer. "It's a hobby."  The last thing he was told before leaving.

With the tools at his disposal, the Black Swordsman made quite the name for himself as a damn good lone mercenary.  He refused allegiance to any ruler and fought only for his own gain.  Unlike the "honorable" knights he was hired to assist in combat, he would do anything above and beyond unless he was being paid more.  He has a saying whenever someone tried to convince to do something for glory.  "I'm a mercenary, I fight for money and food, at the end of the day you can't eat glory."  He told them every time.  For a long time, he had no need to rely on the special properties his equipment could grant him, as he made a name for himself through skill alone.  Even when payed to battle monsters like Titans, dragons, and various other monstrous beings, he overpowered them with his sheer physique alone.  As his blade soaked in the blood of his enemies, he noticed it change, and the symbiote grant him knowledge of abilities he had gained.  As he killed, he could also sense the symbiote's hunder flare, and he used a function designed to sustain himself and the symbiote, consumption.  This allowed him to completely devour his fallen enemies and quell the symbiote's hunger for some time.

By the time he was 16, the Black Swordsman had made such a name for himself that he was contaced by a group known as the Band of the Raven, led by a mysterious man named Alex.  The Ravens would be the first time in his life that the Swordsman actually experience anything resembling friendship.  Over the course of 3 years they single handedly prevented several criminal empires from spreading and wiped out entire enemy mercenary troops.  There was an instance where the Swordsmans whole squad were killed, and he was left surrounded by over 100 men.  While he barely survived, he killed each and every one of them.  Things began to turn sour with the Ravens when Alex began acting strangely.  As time progressed he grew more distant, less of a comrade and more of a commander.  The Black Swordsman assumed it was just the hardship of their lives getting to him, and let it go.  If he had only known, he could stopped things before That Day arrived.

Part 3: Chosen and AzureEdit

That Day is something that haunts Thane's dreams to this day.  Alex's behavior was not coming from a growing sense of maturity and responsibility.  He was contemplating if his next move would be worth the sacrifice.  One night he ordered the entire troop to an abandoned plane.  Where he revealed something he kept as a close personal secret to him, the fact that he was a vampire.  While Vampires are somewhat common to the world this was a shock to many.  What he revealed to them next, would mortify them all, as tendrils of Dark energy impaled all but those who were closest to Alex.  They formed a special rune into the ground with their blood, opened and transported all survivors to the realm of the Azure Beast, an extremly powerful demon that could be said to be Embodiment of Chaos.  This beast dwarfed even mountains and possessed many heads.  Alex hoped to be chosen by the beast as it's host, as the legend said. "Any man who could resist it's power, would be worthy to tame it."  This was Alex's fatal mistake.

The Azure Beast rejected Alex immediately, calling him a piece of monstrous filth will no right to command him.  He then chose the Black Swordsman as his host, and thus Chosen was born.  Chosen was immediately overtaken by a portion of the Azure's power, and was sent into an uncontrollable bloodlust that caused him to slaughter all of his survivng friends.  By the time he regained his senses it was too late.  Suddenly all he felt was rage, and it overtook him, this time focused on the Azure Beast itself.  This was the first time he had seriously used his Nen inquite some time.  This usage of it was brought upon by instinct rather than thought, and he achieved a new ability called the Berserker Rage.  He lost all sense of morality and restraint, all he could focus on was fighting and killing the monster before him.  Despite his rage his combat efficiency skyrocketed as his strength rose with his rage.

Chosen battled the Azure Beast, to decide which would maintain dominance.  If the Azure beast won, the Chosen's body would become his instrument of destruction and chaos in the world.  If his Chosen fighter could best him, the power of the Azure would be his to use as he saw fit. The fight went on for a full day, with no sign of either side faultering, until the tables turned.  The Azure beast not only disarmed Chosen of his blade, but devoured it whole.  Just as all hope seemed like, the still enraged Chosen fighter penetrated the body of the massive beast with his bare hands and began consuming it.  By the time he was removed, he had gained more than enough power to tip the scales in his favor.  He learned to manifest the Azure as a second layer of armor, and bladed gauntlets that allowed him to fight with even greater mobility and aggression than before.

The fight between the two fighters would rage for several more days.  A man with a bottomless source of rage and hatred fighting a demon which thrived off of pain and destruction.  The Azure Beast was almost at it's limit, and for the first time in it's existence, it felt fear.  His own Chosen fighter had been absorbing his essence with every strike in order to fuel himself further in the fight.  The fight raged on for two more days, having reached a full weak of two titanic freaks of nature that would shake the world of Requiem, if their fight had Taken place there.  The fight ended when the Azure Beast's Chosen fighter dove into one of the wicked beings mouth, retrieved his sword from within it's bowels, and completely consumed the Azure Beast from the inside.  With the beast slain, a new warrior was born, and for a time this warrior went by the name of Azure.  Azure's equipment had become so powerful that the symbiotes effects came to effect him as well.  He could seemingly alter his own physiology in any way he could imagine, making him the pinnacle of human evolution.

Part 4: HelsingEdit

Helsing was developed for a personal battle above all else.  Helsing shaped Red Edge into a whip and returned to Alvor after several years for some anti-undead weapons.  Helsing then went on a one man crusade hunting undead for years.  He noticed the number of feral undead being dangerously high and took it upon himself to trim down the population.  He killed unholy beings in every place they could be found, and found great enjoyment from it.  The udnead population were no threat to the world as a whole, and some could say that Helsing made very little difference.  The true intent behind Helsing's hunt of the undead was to expand his own power.  Through killing vampires, werewolves, ghouls and any other manor of undead monster or beast, his equipment evolved greatly, to such a degree that just before he had finished, killing what some people called immortals had become child's play.  As Helsing grew so did his array of skills, he gained great skill in magic and became an official Demon Hunter during his escapades.

Part 5:HunterEdit

Hunter was a persona created of necessity.  Hunter had been developed to defeat a powerful succbus whom had been wreaking havoc.  Normally such a thing would be trivial, where this succubus not a master of swift release as well as seemingly every speed based technique one could know.  Hunter would have to deal with her and her lover, a powerful saint which speed comparable to hers.  He fought them both with a dual sword style, and despite their speed, his own abilty and adaptability eventually lead to him being able to match both of them at once.  His swords, having both been created from an shapeshifted Red Edge, the swords changed as the battle raged.  One being anti-divine to deal with the saint, and one anti-demonic to deal with the succubus.  Thanks to the endeavor, his symbiote had gained the ability to amp his speed and reflexes to levels most others even with Dojutsu can not see.

There was something substansial that came from all of this, a young succubus girl, not even matured past an infant.  He decided to raise the young girl as his own daughter.  The girl was a natural prodigy, quickly picking up on the styles of her new father.  As both he and her agreed, once she felt she was old enough to fend for herself she would go, as she would be safer anywhere than with her father.

Part 6: NoireEdit

Noire was actually unique in it's development.  It had been quite some time from the escapades of the Hunter and nothing interesting seemed to be happening anymore.  So, what would a reasonable super powerful harbinger of death do when he was bored?  Naturally he became a vigilante and traveled between the lands, dealing with crime from the shadows.  Noire was also unique in his method of approach, or lack their of.  With his control over his own physiology, Noire could accurately spot crimes in progress from over 15 miles away, and due to his special revolvers, deal with them from there.  Noire is likely the only persona that never went through a major life or death battle.  While arguably the least evenful, Noire is still a personal favorite of Thane to this day.

Part 7: ThaneEdit

Thane decided to return to his original name some time after the end of Noire's escapades.  He utilized aspects of every style.  He carries the Whip of Helsing on his left, one of the Revolver's of Noire on his right, as well as the swords of hunter crossed over his back.  All of this complete with his soul bonded sword Red Edge, carried on his back as it was many years prior.  Thane actually caught the attention of a group known as The Inquisition. They essentially ordered Thane to join them because he was too big a threat to be running around freely.  He bluntly refused and was immediately considered an A+ level threat. During his time on the run from them, he had to deal with one man who was near indestructible due to subdermal body armor composed of Graphene, which didn't do him too good when he was being consumed. The Elemental Bearers, the absolute Elite of the inquition were brought in to take him down.  In the briefs moments he had to plan, his method of beating them was already planned and ready.  Agni, the fire bearer, was the first to fall.  While Agni could do the most damage, he has the weakest defence and could take a headshot from Noire's revolver.  Griffin (Wind), and Hydra (Water), immediately retaliared, being unmatched in travese speed and combat speed respectively.  Thane's experience with speedy enemies led to an almost instant vistory, as his swords cleaved through the tiniest openings in the neckguards of both armors.  Titan was last, although Thane could dodge the brute at every turn, he found he was unable to hurt him for some time.  That is until Red Edge did what it does best, and evolved to beat the brute's armor.  After killing the elemental bearers the inquisition decided it best to simply leave him be.  This is his current persona and most commonly used.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Master CombatantEdit

For all of his life, Thane has had to fight.  He has fought nearly any type of enemy imaginable.  He is capable of perfectly matching enemy moves after witnessing them only once.  Due to his sheer need to live and constant fight for survival, Thane has mastered nearly all forms of conventional and unconvential combat. Thane is arguably one of the finest combatants Requiem has ever known. He trained in various martial arts throughout his life. He has mastered 127 styles of martial arts including Muay Thai, Escrima, Krav Maga, Capoeira, Savate, Yawyan, Taekwondo, Judo,Jujitsu, Ninjitsu, Kendo, Fencing, Kenjutsu, Kali, Bojutsu, Francombat, Boxing, Kickboxing, Hapkido, Wing Chun, Parkour, Shorin Ryu, Silat, Chin Na, Kyudo, Aikido, Varma Ati, Jeet Kune Do, Shaolin, Ba Gua, Hung Gar, Tai Chi, Kung Fu, Kenpo, and Karate. His primary form of combat is an idiosyncratic admixture of Tae Kwon Do, Judo, Muay Thai, Kickboxing, Karate, Boxing, Jujitsu, and Ninjitsu.

Unique PhysiologyEdit

Self Manipulation: After so much time wearing the symbiote gifted to him, eventually Thane completely bonded with it, and all abilities it had and more were now usable through his own body.  These abilities were capable of giving Thane several helpful offensive and defensive abilities.  He is capable of making his body nigh indestructible as he is able to copy any substance that he has ever come across allowing him to harden his bones to the point that they can mimic the tensile strength, wieght, and flexibility of Graphene.  This means that his bones are capable of supporting thousands of times more weight than they could otherwise.  This however makes him a walking lightnight rod, but he can minimalize the damge from lightning attacks by making his skin an insulator (preventing lightning from damaging him altogether.)  He can also manipulate his own eyes, allowing him to see several miles clearly; this was largely used for sniping under the Noire persona.  Despite the fact that his bones are near weightless, Thane still has a monstrous weight due to his muscle density being several times higher than average, making him immensely strong. He also has the ability to multiply his brains processing power manifold.  He can keep up with and even ourmatch masters of speed based techniques such as body flicker with ease, and he can do so through sheer skill and physical prowess alone.

Processing Power: Thane is capable of increasing the speed of the reactions in his brain to nearly seven hundred times that of a peak human's.  This causes the world to move in slow motion for him, and when he truly thinks, sometimes he can see actions before they occur.  Thane's brain is so advanced that he is actually capable of predicting attacks through muscle movement, allowing him to "see" an enemy's attack before it begins, so his counter can already be prepared before they make contact.  His brain puts supercomputers to shame, and he can instantly strategize upon learning the techniques of his enemy.

Assimilated GenesEdit

Throughout his many years, Thane has consumed all manner of beasts, monsters, and genetically altered humans, this has granted him a plethora of genetic abilties normally restricted to certain races. 

Regeneration:  This has been gaiend through the consumption of Titans, Werewolves, Vampires, etc.  Thane is capable of healing grave injuries in the midst of battle.  Being able to restore lost limbs of even replace entire organs fairly quickly.  He can mimic the "extra lives" vampires gain by consuming other, but he can mimic their regenerative prowess.  He can nearly instantly heal any non fatal injury, even replacing a heart that has been ripped out before dying from it.  This makes the only realistic way to kill him to be destruction of his brain.

Magic Resistance: The Dragon's blood in Thane's veins grants him immense resistance to magical attacks. Most curses and things such as hypnosis would have little to no effect on Thane, as his resistance grants him a defense against such things. It takes very powerful spells to do any significant harm to Thane, and even then their damage is reduced from what it would be otherwise. It has been noted that even magic from the Age of the Gods would do little damage to him.

Body Modifications: Although Thane's body has not been altered as greatly as some others who possess mixed-blood, his body still possesses several Dragon attributes. Thane has developed fangs akin to a Dragon's, although they greatly resemble those of a Vampire. Additionally, Thane's lungs have been transformed into a "spirit world", giving him tremendous lung capacity and the ability to use a Dragon Breath attack.

Dragon Breath: Thane has the blood of a Black Dragon, allowing him to use it's elemental dragon breath. Each kind of Dragon has its own attribute, in his case it is his a unique form called solar magic, caused by regular flame magic being augmented by the power of the Azure, and their strongest weapon, Dragon Breath, capitalizes it by spreading it excessively over a wide area of effect as a torrent of mana.  Thane's usage of the Dragon Breath can either be channeled through his own mouth, or by summoning one of the massive heads of the Azure Beast itself.

Hydra Physiology: While hunting various monsters under the Helsing persona, Thane once consumed a Hydra.  He thus gained the ability to survive, even if his head was destroyed, about 8 times.(he could not assimilate the 9th head as it was immortal.)

Occupational SkillsEdit


Nen is a powerful technique that allows one to use their inner life energy, known as Aura. Aura is produced directly within the body, and is slowly released from special pores beneath the skin known as Aura Nodes. For those who become skilled practioners of Nen, they obtain the ability to open and close their Aura Nodes at will.  In the case of Thane, he was a natural prodigy, having only instruction from his father, who was mediocre at best, he suprassed him long before his age even broke double digits.  He is a very skilled enhancer.  He mastered the four major principles under his father's tutelage, and just as he had in nearly everything else, far surpassed the man in record time.

Ten: Thane can keep his aura nodes open, and control the flow of Nen and focus it into an aura around around himself.  The provides great protection agaisnt emotional attacks of other nen users.  It has also nearly halted his aging, as mentallly Thane is about 70 years old, Nen, along with his own consumtion of various "immortal" species, keeps his body going at 100% no matter how old he gets.  While Ten can protect against emotional and mental attacks, it provides no defense against physical attacks.

Zetsu: By closing all of their aura nodes, the user is able to stop almost all outflow of their aura like water from a valve. Since the user is no longer surrounded by their own aura, they are more sensitive to the aura of others. This can be useful when tracking another person and it will also prevent other users of Nen from noticing them. Zetsu can also be used to relieve fatigue, since it forces the body's external layer of aura to be fully contained within.  The drawback of zetsu is that his makes his body vulnerable to other Nen attacks.

Ren: Thane utilizes Ren to output a huge amount of Aura from his body and keeps it attached to his body, he then greatly increases it's intensity and size. Hitoshi's physical strength and durability are increased, and he is provided with a large pool of aura to use for any techniques. Ren is a direct application of Ten, and it's offensive counterpart.  Ren also provides a large pool of aura for any technique Thane decides to use.

Hatsu: Thane utilizes Hatsu to release his Aura to perform a certain action. It is what is used to perform all individual Nen abilities, and reflects one's personal expression of Nen.

Advanced TechniquesEdit

Gyo: Thane utilizes Gyo to focus his aura into one specific body part in order to greatly strengthen that body part. He commonly uses it with his eyes, allowing him to see things that he could normally not see by increasing his clarity, perception, and overall eyesight. It can see the aura of others and can see objects hiden with In. The downside to Gyo is that the other body parts are left vulnerable, due to the aura being concentrated into one part. Gyo is an advanced application of Ren.

In: Thane utilizes In to completely conceal and hide his aura. Unlike Zetsu, it doesn't require Hitoshi to completely cancel the flow of aura throughout and around his body. Instead, it simply hides it, allowing him to perform dangerous sneak attacks and lay traps. Both Gyo and En possess the ability to counter In. In is an advanced application of Zetsu.

En: Thane utilizes En to create a sensory barrier around himself made from his own aura. He can feel the shape and movement of anything and everything that enters the barrier, and can extend it's range up to 200 meters. The downside to En, is that is it very tiring and quickly dissipates Hitoshi's aura. Therefore, he cannot use it very often or for long periods of time. En is an advanced application of both Ren and Ten. 

Shu: Thane utilizes Shu to extend his aura around an object or weapon to use it as if was an extension of his body. The object becomes both stronger and is protected by the aura, just like Ren strengthens and protects his body. Shu is an advanced application of Ten.

Ken: Thane utilizes Ken to maintain Gyo over his entire body, allowing him to defend against attacks from any direction without the need to use Ryu. Ken is useful as a defensive measure, but is tiring to maintain, and is not as strong as Gyo when used on a specific part of the body since it is dispersed across all of it. Due to that, it is mainly used when being cautious. Ken is advanced application of Ren. 

Ko: Thane utilizes Ko to focus all of his aura into a specific part of his body. Zetsu is used to stop the flow in aura across his entire body, with it all being forced into spot that Zetsu isn't used on. Drastically empowering that specific part of the body. However, the rest of the body is unprotected and vulnerable to other nen attacks. The high concentration of power creates a high-pitched resonace, akin to metal being ground. Ko is an advanced application of Gyo.

Ryo: Thane utilizes Ryo to utilize Gyo in battle, by focusing his aura into a certain part of his body that isn't the eyes. Using to enhance certain body parts when he needs too, so that he can deal more damage, or defend better against certain attacks. 

Kesu: Thane utilizes Kesu to turn invisible and completely mask his presence. Ten is used to shroud Hitoshi In his aura, and then In is used to conceal and hide the aura surrounding his body. Effectively making him invisible. Kesu is an advanced application of Zetsu.


The Berserker Rage: This ability was first used during the battle With the Azure Beast.  This ability enhances his body to the point of matching the physique of virtually any opponent.  When first used, he became as physically strong and durable as the titanic beast itself.  Through his absorbtion of the Azure Beast's power, he can sustain this form almost indefinately.  The drawback of the Berserker Rage is that is causes Thane to lose all sense of morality and restraint.  If he is not a 100% stable mental condition, he will lost sight of friend and foe and begin attack anything and everything in sight.  While under the influence of the Berserker Rage, Thane becomes a nigh unstoppable force of nature, only ending when he burns through all the Nen in his body.  Since all abilities were augmented immensely by his absorbtion of the beast, when he uses this ability, it is likely he never stop killing unless someone can get into his head and literally bring him back to sanity.  This ability can also be triggered subconsciously if Thane enters a state of intense rage.


Solar God Slayer Magic: Solar Magic is a unique form of fire magic unqiue to Thane.  He is capable of generated flames that mimic the heat of the sun in concentrated area.  As can focus as the heat, as it spreading would cause widespread destruction with only small ammounts used.  This was used to completely incinerate being like vampires and other undead creatures.  The sheer heat of these flames can annihilate even the most powerful of physical defenses.  Even when used on those that are not undead, this type of magic can turn nearly anyone hit with it into nothing but a pile of ash.  This can be used to enhance the damage being physical strikes, and can even be charged into Noire's magnums.  This form of magic could be a called a certian-kill technique, were it not for the occasional creature with immunity to fire.

Gun Magic: Although he was capable of firing with perfect accuracy from over 10 kilometers away, having magical aim assist never hurt anyone.  This allows Thane to combine his already powerful magnums with various magical effects.  His most commonly used acted a form of assisted aiming, as Thane could "mark" enemies from a distance and set a pre-determined point that his round would reach.  This would allow the bullet to automatically avoid obstacles in it's way, making it certain to his it's target unless it it destroyed or blocked by something it could not bypass, or penetrate through.  Another ability was the Silent Shot, which allowed Noire to pick people off with no sound being heard. These two things combined make him nearly impossible to track down from a distance.

Showtime! - More of a Technique than an ability, Thane will draw his magnum, and in an instant, fire shots at all enemies in the area.


Thane's status as a magus helped in many circumstances where he lacked conventional weapons due to his skill in reinforcement magic.  With his mastery over reinforcement, Thane could shape nearly any every day object he came across into a more usable and helpful form.  He is able to change the shape of random stones and harden them into usable weapons,  He can take an already powerful weapon and enhance it even further.  His skill in reinforcement can also make his already effective equipment much more deadly.  By reinforceing the existence of Red Edge, it is able to gain abilities far faster than it would otherwise, and is more effective for causing blood letting injuries.  The fire power of his magnums is augmented.  Thane is also capable of applying a reverse effect.  Using similar concepts, he has reversed engineered reinforcement magic and has become capable of weakening or even destroying things on contact.  Due to the nature of reinforcement magic, it would be incredibly difficuly for him to use this on another person's body, but he can use it on any equipment they might be using. 

Azure BeastEdit

The power of the Azure beast augments all abilties Thane has at his disposal, it makes his Nen as well as his Mana nearly limitless, and is the cause of his fire magic being upgraded to solar magic.  This also applifies his enhancement abilities, allowing his enhancements to be of far greater potency, whule using less nen.  It also amplifies his usage of Gun Magic, his bullets can hunt down individuals nigh indefinitely, and can move intricately to dodge any obstacles in their path.  It also allows him to take his reinforcement abilities to much higher levels, being able to purify stone into metal, and enhance his own bodie's abilities greatly.

  • Azure Release: Azure Release uses the power of the azure beast to directly increase the power of the user. Due to his close connection and dominant status with the azure beast, Thane gains a boost in powerful similar to that of a jinchuriki of the ten tailed beast.
  • Eye of the Azure: Thane can utilize a unique sensory ability known as the eye of the azure. When activated, thane gaines a greatly increased visual range as well as slight precognitive abilities.


Red EdgeEdit

Red Edge began as a simple oversized sword.  Although some would say it was too big to be called a sword.  It was too big, too thick, too heavy, and too long.  It mas more like a head of metal with a handle.  Red Edge possed a unique ability, the ability to gain abilities based off of things that it killed.  The sword is still capable of gaining more abilities.  All weapons used by each persona are cut from the same cloth as Red Edge, meaning they each maintain it's unique abilities.

Shape Morphing: The oversized greatsword used by Thane is not the required form of Red Edge, it takes the shape of whatever would be most useful to the user.  However, akin the name, the weapon will always possess a red trim, a signature of the smith who forged it.

Magic Recall: One of the base abilities of Red Edge.  Once it is picked up by a person it bonds with them, and can not be sued by another without the owner's permission.  Magic Recall allows the user to return Red Edge to their hand, of place of holstering , with a simple mental command.  This allows someone to fake out an enemy, as they can act as though they are unarmed and helpless before catching the enemy by surprise.

Destroy:  Gained from contact with the Azure Beast, as Thane's command the sword can release a massive blast of Azure energy that is capable of decimating armies, or obliterating collossal enemies.  This technique is largely used as an anti-army, as it can clear an area up to a 1500 foot diameter around Thane.  This ability can be combined with Solar Magic to wipe out hordes of powerful enemies at once.

Omnislash: Gained under the persona of Hunter, the sword gained this ability by adapting to the combat speed of the succubus and the saint.  Omnislash speeds up the sword to the point that many dojutsu would be unable to track it.  To the untrained eye it would seem to be one slash, but to Thane, he is carefully aiming and executing 30 slashes in an instant.

Toxin Edge:  While fighting many of the creatures of the world with regenerative powers, the sword gaine this ability to counter them.  Toxin edge curses the enemy so that all regeneration or magical healing is negated.  his weapon is especially effective against reckless undead, whom have grown reliant on their healing powers.  This ability would normally fail to kill vampires with multiple souls were it not for...

Soul Reaver: This ability was gained battling first rate vampires, whom must be killed several times over due to their storage of stolen souls.  This abilty cuts straight into their "vault" so to speak, and can kill dozens of their lives in a single cut.  On any other person, Soul Reaver can temporarilly damage part of the body by making it inactive, as the body's soul would be weakened in that area.  This is especially effective against vampires, meisters, and any others with soul based techniques. 

Earth Splitter: This is the ability that was developed in order to defeat the previous bearer of the Earth Embodiment armor.  As the bearer was as so durable that no amount of force Thane was capable of seemed effecgtive, the sword gianed this ability to compensate.  With Earth Splitter, Thane is capable fo releasing a singular powerful strike that can focus enough force to cleave through a continent into the strike of the blade. 

Magic Release: Gained from encounters with various men who wished to claim his life, the weapon is capable of absorbing any magic, chakra, Nen, and various other forms of energy, and releasing it as a blast of sheer force equivalent to the amount of damage the fired attacks would have done.

Misc. GearEdit

Noire's magnums are powerful enough to pierce and shatter fully formed perfect susanoos with only six shots, without solar enhancement.  He is also capable of charging the force of any number of shots into one, however this is impossible to hide and will always lead to his position being discovered.

The Azure Ring can be gifted to others to act as an ehancer of their abilities.  For example someone with with even the bost basic control over the element of earth, would gain the ability to manipulate any Earthen substance.

Hunter's mask can see through all manners of illusions and provide night immunity to temptation magic, both of which proved highly important during Hunter's battle with the Succubus.  The mask also grants Thane the ability to see soul wavelengths, chakra signatures, and anything else he would need for tracking an opponent.

Helsing's amulet acts an evil ward, and will gradually burn away any manner of undead, demon, or other intense evil if they get to close.  This tends to only slow down stronger beasts, but can completely incinerate lesser undead and demons just from them crossing it's border.

Noire's Eyepatch can detect nearly all forms of energy. It can allow Thane to see things like chakra flow, soul wavelengths, and anything else he would need to track an opponent. When combined with his enhanced vision, nothing can hide from him. This patch also does not hider the sight of the eye it covers, but it can serve into fooling others that they are fighting a one eye'd man. This has lead to many people running to what they think to be blind spots, only to be found in an instant.

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