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Tenshia Satsugai Hanta
Kanji 天使殺害ハンター
Rōmaji Tenshia satsugai hantā
Also Known As Demon Child
The Blue Oni
Age 2 (February 2nd, 101 Post-Second Impact)
Gender Female
Height 1'2"
Weight 23 lbs
Blood Type O+
Professional Status
Family Akuma Satsugai Hanta (Father)
Megami Satsugai Hanta (Mother)
Ma Satsugai Hanta (Twin Brother)
Okami (Pet)
Coco (Family Servant)
Status Alive
Image Gallery

 Tenshia Satsugai Hanta is the 2 year old daughter of Akuma and Megami Satsugai Hanta. She was born in Area 11, alongside her twin brother, Ma Satsugai Hanta. 


Tenshia is a very happy-go-lucky toddler who is very playful, cheerful, and energetic. She loves doing any type of physical activity and enjoys wrestling with people, animals, and monstrous beasts. Despite being so young, she can fully understand regular speech and speak it as well. She loves eating a lot, and always says grace before she eats, and gives thanks afterwards.


Tenshia is a young toddler with dark brown skin, beautiful blue hair, and sparkly blue eyes. She commonly wears comon toddler attire, adorned with the tribal crest of the Satsugai Tribe. 


Although only young, and most of her abilities are unknown and haven't been developed yet, Tenshia appears to posses superhuman strength, speed, and agility. Capable of easily climbing walls, leaping great distances, and hurling around grown men with ease. 


  • Ma and Tenshia having red and blue hair is based off of Toriko's red and blue appetite demons. Ma represents the Red Demon, which is nicer and weaker than the Blue Demon. While Tenshia represents the Blue Demon, which is meaner and stronger than the Red Demon.

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