Tarianna Fukashima


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Also Known As Tari
Age (November 23rd)17
Gender Female ♀
Height 5'3"
Weight 125 lbs.
Blood Type Unknown
Professional Status
Kingdom Hermes
Occupation Knight
Level 34
Experience 17770/34000
Bounty Beli229,800
Family Irvine Fukishima (Father)
Vera (mother),
Haruka (Lover),
Allies Astrea
Status Alive
Image Gallery

Tarianna Fukishima is a half Wytch born to the Great Wytch Vera and Magic Scholar, Irvine Fukishima. She is 17 years old and travels with the Astrea group across the world. She is Haruka's lover and the mother of her and Haruka's daughter, Shina.


Tari is a woman of average height with snow white hair and crimson red, cat-like eyes. She wears a military green high cut jacket and white tanktop, short denim shorts, black thigh high stockings, and heavy black boots. She carries with her a gunblade made of a strong and heavy Orichalcum alloy.


Tarianna is a caring woman who cares deeply for those close to her, though she holds no real feelings for those who aren't. She's quick on her temper, yet quiet and reserved. She often doesn't know what to say during a given situation, and will typically remain quiet. As a result, she suffers from a lack of direction and is constantly shadowing Haru. In combat however, Tari is very cold and observant. She rarely speaks a word, and specifically aims at overwhelming her opponent before they can counter.


Tarianna was born on November 23rd, 188, to Vera the Great Wytch and Irvine Fukishima. When she was of only three, Irvine sealed the Alpha Stigma to her soul by connecting her being to a void outside dimensions. Vera, displeased with this, tried to stop Irvine, but was subdued and sealed within Tari's left eye. This created a weak point in the seal of Tari and the Alpha Stigma, requiring her to keep her left eye closed at all times for most of her childhood. She joined the Astrea in 201, and has been traveling with them since, falling in love with Haruka Linus, and eventually having a little girl with him(But didn't reveal so until much later). Other events also transpired since she joined Astrea, such as her mother breaking the seal and being set free during the Rookie Pit Tourney. Since then Tari's condition only got worse until one day Tari was kidnapped by her father and used as a vessel to release the Alpha Stigma. Seeing the futility of fighting it, Tari sacrificed herself to banish the Divine Being back to oblivion. As a result, a mirror self was born without her memories.

Alpha Stigma(Pre-Rebirth)Edit

Alpha Stigma

The Alpha Stigma is a Godly being born from the creation of Requiem. The underlying reason for this being the once something is created, that which can destroy it is also born. However, upon birth, the Alpha Stigma was cast outside of "being". Drifting forever in a void of non-existence, the Alpha Stigma gain sentience, power, and metaphysical form. However, due to the nature of its location, the Alpha Stigma could not gain total physicality, a proper vessel that would allow for greater use of its power. As such, the Alpha Stigma made contact with the nearest universe. The nearest realm of "being", that happening to be the very one that created it. Irvine Fukishima, who happened to be studying theory on Beyond the Boundary,  manages to make contact with Alpha Stigma, proving that there indeed is something outside the realm. Astounded, he began to ask the anomaly many questions, learning of the absolute void beyond. Irvine continued his research with the Alpha Stigma for decades, as well as teaching the Alpha Stigma everything he knew. As a result of this newfound knowledge and already godly intellect, the Alpha Stigma proposed to Irvine that it could possibly grant Irvine godhood if Irvine were to grant it physicality, describing that if he, an already talented manipulator of mana, were to have a child with another of exceptional ability and DNA, the resulting child would be strong enough to maintain a constant hole in spacetime by bonding their soul to the Alpha Stigma across dimensions. The Alpha Stigma also stated that through this it could gather energy to assist with the process, and when it was ready Irvine could use this energy to tear a hole in space time and allow the Alpha Stigma to pass through. For a summary of the events that followed, please read the History section above. Unlike truly divine beings such as angels, the Alpha Stigma's appearance is purely a result of its abilities, leading those who have observed it to believe that its power is so beyond that of normal conventions that it results in a more symbolic form, perhaps a progenitor in this aspect. This has lead Irvine to believe that the Alpha Stigma is a True Angel rather than those whose appearances tend to be purely cosmetic.


This section will detail all the abilities that the Alpha Stigma is capable of upon awakening. The Alpha Stigma also lacks abilities to such an extent that would seem laughable, but these abilities are on such an absurd level that literally only one of them proves necessary. Please note that due to the separated nature of the Alpha Stigma in regards to Requiem that some of these will not make sense in the World as the Alpha Stigma is beyond such limitations.

  • Impossible Composition: The Alpha Stigma is made up of an Exotic Matter that renders it utterly and completely invulnerable to all conventional weapons and attacks. Special materials will not assist in damaging it either, rather the disruption of it's composition via mana waves and circuits are the only proven method of damage. As such, this also means it is entirely immune to physical attacks regardless of the raw strength and power behind them.
  • Gravity Manipulation: The Alpha Stigma can manipulate Gravity freely and
    Interstellar-top 0

    An example of the Halo present above the Alpha Stigma's head.

    keeps a constant gravitational field active that bends most attacks around its body with ease. There is always a present black hole halo above the Alpha Stigma's head, but due to it's subconscious capability of keeping the forces perfectly in check it does not effect it's surroundings. The Alpha Stigma uses this black hole for flight and general movement.
  • Particle Energy Manipulation: The Alpha Stigma is a master at Particle Energy Manipulation, capable of filtering out the electrons in any given space, resulting in explosions that can Crack Space-Time Itself. It can also create any material through deconstructing and reconstructing atoms, with its own body built out of an element so dense and heavy that it literally glows white. At the same time, the Alpha Stigma can casually form Neutronium Walls as shields to defend from attacks without having to lift a finger, and can casually disperse them without causing any harm to its surroundings. The Alpha Stigma can also condense rays of Particle Energy that can punch clean through a planetary(Earth Scale) body and evaporate all the material around the beam up to half the planet's diameter, which would result in an instantaneous catastrophic explosion of at least 500 Zettatons of Explosive Force.  But the Alpha Stigma can go even further, taking it to a level which can Collapse Space Time. The Alpha Stigma is an incomprehensible being, one who's presence was so difficult to perceive that others confused its actions and seemed to be committing impossibilities.
    Hermes Explosion

    The Explosion when the Alpha Stigma "Erased" Hermes' Captial

    • Cross Light: Caused by the Alpha Stigma filtering out all electrons in a small space. The blasts are at an estimated 5 Ninajoules or 1.2 Petatons of Exlposive Force. Secondly, the attack is extremely focused and contained(doesn't look like it, but it is), meaning that the damage is further exacerbated to trenching several miles into the earth and atomizing whatever was on the surface instantly. Despite the power of this attack, the Alpha Stigma had used it effortlessly, without a thought. This indicated to Astrea that the Alpha Stigma is capable of far more, thus necessitating the need to defeat it.

Belialin the Crimson Shadow(Post-Rebirth)Edit

The current Tari is actually a Mirror Tari, a mirrored husk created when Tari traveled between the Mirror World and the Real World. With no soul and no Will, Belialin, a sentient shadow of a distant power, possessed the husk. Despite being surprisingly compatible, upon exiting the mirror world, Tari's soul from her dying immediately rushed into the body, knocking Belialin unconscious. Due to the compatibility of souls, instead of being forced out, Belialin and Tari's souls bonded to one another. Ever since, Tari's had nightmares of another world, some of which have left her in mental distress. Only Haru knows about this, however, and Tari doesn't intend to tell anyone else. She feels she's bothered everyone enough with her problems, and doesn't want to be a burden anymore.

Current StoryEdit

Part 1Edit

New Dawn ArcEdit

  • Event: A Beautiful Lie - Earned 4,400 XP and 3,000 B.
  • Event: No More Kid Stuff - Earned 12,000 XP and 7,000 B.
  • Event: The Legend of Rayme - Earned 6,600 XP and 3,000 B.
  • Event: The List - Earned 3,600 XP and 2,000 B.
  • Event: Blue - Earned 5,400 XP and 3,000 B.
  • Event: Training - Earned 3 Levels and 12,000 B.

Rookie Pit ArcEdit

  • Event: Into the Pit - NA
  • Event: Scarlet Flower? Check! - NA
  • Event: Stardust? Check! - NA
  • Event: Dragon Horn? How about 3! ...Sorry Derek - NA
  • Event: Don't Sleep on Olympus - NA

Twilight ArcEdit

  • Event: Enter Jessica - Earned 2,500 XP.
  • Event: Let's Shake on It
  • Event: The Extinction Machine
  • Event: Checkmate
  • Event: Anomie

Blank PeriodEdit

  • Event: Time-Skip - Earned 15 Levels and 25,000 B.

Part 2Edit

Days Gone By ArcEdit

  • Event: 046 - Earned 2,000 XP and 3,200 B.
  • Event: The First Child
  • Event: Bootstrap - Earned 1,200 XP and 6,000 B.
  • Event: The First Man - Earned 80 XP and 400 B.

Kingdom Come ArcEdit

  • Event: The Authority of Wrath - Earned 3,600 XP and 5,000 B.
  • Event: Now You See Me - Earned 8,900 XP and 11,000 B.
  • Event: The National Anthem - Earned 17,000 XP and 22,000 B.
  • Event: Decide and Rebirth - Earned 8,000 XP and 9,000 B.
  • Event: Welcome Back Astrea - Earned 800 XP and 3,600 B.
  • Event: Don't Sleep on Astrea - Earned 12,000 XP and 14,000 B.
  • Event: Lets Shake on It (II) - Earned 22,000 XP and 32,000 B.

The Requiversary Arc IIIEdit

  • Event: An Ideal to Strive Towards - Earned 32,000 XP and 45,000 B.
  • Event: My Own Worst Enemy - Earned 30,000 XP and 45,000 B.

Home ArcEdit

  • Event: Bait and Switch - Earned 11,000 XP and 8,000 B.
  • Event: Ticket Please - Earned 14,000 XP and 13,000 B.
  • Event: Arrival Part 1 - Earned 8,000 XP and 6,000 B.
  • Event: Arrival Part 2 - Earned 8,000 XP and 6,000 B.

What Lies Beneath ArcEdit

  • Event: Deamon - Earned 8,700 XP and 5,600 B.



  • Expert Hand to Hand Combat: Upon attaining her new body, Tari found herself far more agile and coordinated with her attacks, as well as possessing expert level knowledge of hand-to-hand combat, probably a result of being possessed by Belialin the Crimson Shadow. She has yet to use this in combat due to her preferred use of a sword, but she's confident she could probably hold her own as long as she keeps Crimson Steel active.
  • Incredible Strength: Tari is incredibly strong, her normal kick offs to run being able to propel her well above supersonic and hypersonic speeds before she even starts to actually run. This boost is caused by the fact that her magic capabilities were directly converted into physical power.  At the same time the ground she's standing on will crater or shatter. With this same force she is able to tear down sturdy steel walls with her punches and kicks, and is able to knock down buildings from these very same kicks and punches. She can lift dozens of tons as well as possess a grip strong enough shatter most metals and stones as well as crush most gems. This gripping strength can also bend metals such as Orichalcum to its breaking point, if not shatter them completely depending on build quality. She can also leap thousands of feet into the air to simulate flight, as well as produce enough punching force to shatter the side of a mountain at least 5k feet high. Other applications include cutting power, cutting speed, thrusting power, and thusting speed.
  • Incredible Speed and Reflexes: Tari is capable at moving at speeds well into the hypersonic range, and is capable of moving even faster if traveling withing the Mirror World, believed to be capable of lightspeed at her full potential within that world. At the same time, Tari possesses insane reflexes, able to react to attacks moving at inconcievable speeds and still manage to block or even redirect with her blade. This extreme speed also gives her acute awareness of her surroundings, able to form strategies in seconds and execute them in less than a minute. In combination with Crimson Steel, Tari can increase the relative mass of her punches to extreme levels using this speed. Tari also seems oddly adept at reversals, and has been able to pull them off without any prior knowledge. This allows her to consistently get behind the enemy quickly and effeciently, allowing ample time to counter a block in case the first attack doesn't go through. Tari is also capable of changing direction while maintaining speed very quickly, allowing her to immediately recover from dash slashing and follow up with an attack from behind, or another dash attack.
  • Incredible Durability: Due to the insane physical forces Tari exerts on herself, she is able withstand extreme forces such as hypersonic air compression from movement, low level nuclear blasts, and having several hundred tons being dropped on her. This can be further enhanced by Critical Over and Demon's Steel.
  • Keen Intellect: Despite her spacey and idiotic attitude as well as her habit of making bad decisions, Tari is quite analytical and deductive, especially in battle. She's always observing and thinking, remaining alert of her surroundings. Tari can also determine the pattern of her opponent's battle methods and form a proper counter-strategy to defeat her opponent's attacks.
  • Acute Spiritual Awareness: Now that Belialin, a demon, possesses Tari's body, she is now keenly aware of spirits and other living things. It is so acute that she can tell everything that person is doing from miles away. It also allows her to some extent control her presence. This is because Belialin is an exceptionally powerful demon.
  • Overwhelming Demonic Presence: Because Belialin is such a strong demon, he gives off an enormous spiritual presence at all times despite being bonded to Tari's soul. While she remains unaffected, the potency of his presence invokes despair and madness on low level persons, and if let loose enough can alarm strong persons as well.


  • Critical Over: Tari can temporarily exchange most of her magic power for an drastic increase in physical power. She's less reasonable in this state and tends to be rather violent. She first used this when trying to calm down Haru, who's own insanity was able to still keep him conscious after the blow.
  • Crash: Crash is a very advanced Magic which gives the user the ability to smash everything they come into contact with. If the user is unfocused, they may destroy objects such as houses unintentionally.Crash has various offensive and defensive properties. Using its inherent nature of being able to crush anything it comes into contact with, the user is able to nullify the effects of certain Magics by smashing them to pieces,occasionally exemplified by the crushed substance, be it Magic or otherwise, becoming separated into numerous cubes. However, should Crash be directly cast on another living being, the target splits apart and becomes reduced to numerous, doll-like versions of themselves. This effect is not permanent, and the affected will, with time, return to their original shape. However, should the user wish, they can reassemble the divided person with a simple motion. By imbuing their fist with Crash, the user is able to send an enemy flying numerous meters with incredible force. It is also capable of being fired as a burst of energy at the opponent.This Magic can also be utilized effectively as a defensive means. For example, by crushing the ground underneath them, the user is able to create a cushion of sorts against enemy attack. It is also possible for Crash to be used as a deflective barrier, sending an assailant flying backwards when they come into contact with it.
  • Focus Power: Tari focuses magic into any part of her body and greatly increases it's durability and/or strength. She can even focus the magic into her gunblade as well as the rounds the gunblade fires. The destructive power of her attacks imbued with Focus Power increases many fold, and she often uses it in conjunction with Crimson Steel.
  • Crimson Steel: Tari focuses magic into her arms or legs and forces them into a single molecule as long as they remain clenched, making them literally indestructible. This also makes her arms heavier, allowing her to pack more weight into her attacks. She can also use this spell to cover her whole body, however it only toughens her skin to an amazing degree, rather than making her indestructible like it would if it were only one arm or leg.
  • Wings of Crimson: Don't let the name deceive you as this isn't a spell of flight. Rather, it's a spell that more than triples Tari's base speed and agility. She can only used this temporarily before having to recast it, but it helps best in close quarters combat, and doesn't take much mana to use. She'll often use this in short bursts with other spells.
  • Devil's Guillotine:  Tari forms a mass of mana around her blade and spins in a circle at an incredible speed. The result is a powerful slash capable of cleaving entire mountains in half. She can also choose not to spin and cut straight down, creating a wall of intense Crimson Mana that stretches for miles into the sky and miles towards the horizon. It's narrow, however, and easy to dodge, with the only advantage it being much faster than the circle slash.
  • Sanctuary of Despair: Tari's Crimson Shadow extends its reach across the entire battlefield. From these crimson shadows, spikes enchanted with Demon Steel shoot out and attack all within the area. The spikes are automatically attracted to life signatures, so hiding won't be an option. Those killed by the spikes will have their souls devoured. Upon consuming the souls, Tari will gain a temporary mana supply based on the strength of that soul plus the other souls. At the same time she'll become more aware of what's around her. Consumed souls are destroyed and do not return to the afterlife to be reincarnated. This is an extention of her ability as a Wytch to consume souls. However, after the mana supply of the souls wear off, Tari will become greatly fatigued, and will require some time to recover. This is due to an incompatibility as a result of only being half Wytch.
  • Reflection: Due to Tari's state of being a Living Reflection, she has none of her own. However, due this fact, she can traverse between reflective surfaces easily. Be it any size, any shape, she can transfer to it, as long as it's reflective. Yes, this includes polished concrete. The transfer happens quickly, and she can emerge from the reflection as much as she wishes, at whatever speed she wishes. Tari can also refract herself into all reflective surfaces within a limited area, and can also refract these reflections into other reflections and so on and so forth, making her especially dangerous during rainy, misty, or foggy conditions.
    • Drawbacks: Despite only draining a little mana at a time, opening too many doors and taking too many things into the mirror world can severely drain her or even kill her if she's not careful. Tari also requires sufficient light to use this ability, places like caves where the only light glows dim from the creatures there won't be enough, and in total darkness she cannot use the ability at all. If in the mirror world in dim light, she can still exit, but in total darkness, she is stuck until sufficient light is available. Remember, Reflection has limited range, if there is no light within that range, she is stuck. Tari temporarily loses all defences and enhanced durability while in the process of entering and exiting the mirror world. Tari must be in contact with the reflective object at all times. While Tari can activate enhancement spells in the mirror world, they do not take effect in the real world until about 10 seconds have passed.
  • Lightning Railgun: By concentrating the mana around her hand, Tari can excite the electrons in the air to produce powerful electric currents. While not weak by any means, Tari mostly uses it in combination with Lucifer's gun mode, Hades, as to turn it into a railgun which can fire rounds at hypersoinc speeds which are tens of times faster than sound. The rounds shot are made orichalcum, and due to the rotation in the air they warp space itself. This allows the bullets to tear through anything, shredding a hole several hundred times larger than the bullet itself. The speeds in the air also create a vacuum that which rips apart structures that it zips past, as well as creating an absurd wave of superheated atoms from the friction, reducing metals of lower melting points to a liquid entirely.
  • Lucifer: The sword that Tari mainly uses, it can also morph into the powerful, multipurpose gun, Hades. The blade is made out of refined and hardened Orichalcum, enhanced with Mana circuits as to increase durability several fold, and channel it into it's attacks, drastically increasing damage output and range. When impaled in a target's body, the blade will suck all their mana into it's circuits and drastically sap their stamina. The blade's mana circuits also give it the ability to cut down any magical barrier without fail, as the circuits dissolve and absorb the barriers upon contact. This also helps with blocking magical attacks, and any enchantment that comes in contact with the blade is immediately nullified. This doesn't affect the wielder because the handle, while it contains circuits, is closed off unless Tari holds a trigger present on the handle to open up the circuits. The trigger is the same trigger as that which the gun form Hades uses. Belialin also tells that the blade is currently in a sealed state, and that unlocking this sealed state will amplify the wielder's abilities several fold.
    • Crimson Refraction: Tari can forge copies of Lucifer from her Crimson Mana and levitate them around her body, shooting them out and attacking her target(s) from a distance, allowing her to stack even more HPM(Hits per Minute) upon them. She can even use them to to launch her targets in the air, stunning them if they are incapable of flying, or dazing them depending on the significance of the hit. Upon launch Tari will then attack them with a heavy combo of magic and flying blades.She can only make up to 10 blades and they disperse after one slashing attack. In combination with its ability to turn into a gun, this also gives Tari multiple ranged weapons to lock onto her targets with. These copies also possess homing ability on Tari's enemies, locking onto anyone or anything that is deemed a threat to her safety.
    • Hades: The gun mode of Lucifer, it holds the same level of durability as the sword, as well as many of it's other properties. The gun possesses unparalleled rifling, granting the bullet an rpm so great that it literally bends space when fired, allowing it to rip through any material. All bullets are made of the same Orichalcum that the gunblade is made of as well as possessing the same magic circuits as Lucifer. This means no magical shield will be able to protect against the projectiles as they rip through the air at hypersonic speeds, as Tari always uses it as a railgun. It also possess ammo that when shot at a target, makes them cry for 24 hours straight, non-stop.
      • Crimson Hellstorm: By loading the gun with her mana instead of bullets, Tari can turn the gun into an effective automatic weapon, firing of hundreds of shots a second. As a bonus, she can even bestow the magical ammo with homing propeties, meaning the shots always follow the target around until they become overwhelmed.

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