Tarianna Fukashima





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Also Known As Tari, Wytch General
Age (November 23rd)17
Gender Female ♀
Height 5'7"
Weight 160 lbs.
Blood Type Unknown
Professional Status
Kingdom Hermes
Occupation Knight
Level 40
Experience Capped
Bounty Beli 327,800
Family Irvine Fukishima (Father)
Vera (mother),
Haruka (Ex-Lover),
Allies Astrea
Status Alive
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Tarianna Fukishima is a Half-Wytch born to the Great Wytch Vera and World Renowned Magic Scholar, Irvine Fukishima. She is 18 years old and travels with the Astrea group across the world. She is Haruka's former lover and the mother of her and Haruka's daughter, Shina.


Tarianna is quite a puzzling case. In some instances, she'll come across as an entirely different person than she was before. She can be cunning, intellegent, observant, and aware. Yet she can also be quite stupid, reckless, and oblivious. She's extremely spontaneous, ranging from sudden bursts of child-like energy to extremely cold and unsettling bouts of monotone and robotic, quiet, stares. She finds love in vibrant reds, yellows, and oranges. She especially loves variants of Candy Reds, her favorite being a rich Cherry Red that very closely resembles blood. However, this is all empty for her. Everything is empty. Everything she does is an attempt to fill that emptiness. She holds an extremely nihilistic view on existence of herself and the rest of everything else, and is often plagued with nightmares when trying to comprehend meaning in things. All she feels is the insignificance in all things. It angers her. It irritates her. So much so that she is plagued with the impulse to destroy and kill. Absolute destruction is what she wishes. Her destiny damnation if she cannot find salvation.


Tarianna was born on November 23rd, 188, to Vera the Great Wytch and Irvine Fukishima. When she was of only three, Irvine sealed the Alpha Stigma to her soul by connecting her being to a void outside dimensions. Vera, displeased with this, tried to stop Irvine, but was subdued and sealed within Tari's left eye. This created a weak point in the seal of Tari and the Alpha Stigma, requiring her to keep her left eye closed at all times for most of her childhood. She joined the Astrea in 201, and has been traveling with them since, falling in love with Haruka Linus, and eventually having a little girl with him(But didn't reveal so until much later). Other events also transpired since she joined Astrea, such as her mother breaking the seal and being set free during the Rookie Pit Tourney. Since then Tari's condition only got worse until one day Tari was kidnapped by her father and used as a vessel to release the Alpha Stigma. Seeing the futility of fighting it, Tari sacrificed herself to banish the Divine Being back to oblivion. As a result, a mirror self was born without her memories.

Current StoryEdit

Part 1Edit

New Dawn ArcEdit

  • Event: A Beautiful Lie - Earned 4,400 XP and 3,000 B.
  • Event: No More Kid Stuff - Earned 12,000 XP and 7,000 B.
  • Event: The Legend of Rayme - Earned 6,600 XP and 3,000 B.
  • Event: The List - Earned 3,600 XP and 2,000 B.
  • Event: Blue - Earned 5,400 XP and 3,000 B.
  • Event: Training - Earned 3 Levels and 12,000 B.

Rookie Pit ArcEdit

  • Event: Into the Pit - NA
  • Event: Scarlet Flower? Check! - NA
  • Event: Stardust? Check! - NA
  • Event: Dragon Horn? How about 3! ...Sorry Derek - NA
  • Event: Don't Sleep on Olympus - NA

Twilight ArcEdit

  • Event: Enter Jessica - Earned 2,500 XP.
  • Event: Let's Shake on It
  • Event: The Extinction Machine
  • Event: Checkmate
  • Event: Anomie

Blank PeriodEdit

  • Event: Time-Skip - Earned 15 Levels and 25,000 B.

Part 2Edit

Days Gone By ArcEdit

  • Event: 046 - Earned 2,000 XP and 3,200 B.
  • Event: The First Child
  • Event: Bootstrap - Earned 1,200 XP and 6,000 B.
  • Event: The First Man - Earned 80 XP and 400 B.

Kingdom Come ArcEdit

  • Event: The Authority of Wrath - Earned 3,600 XP and 5,000 B.
  • Event: Now You See Me - Earned 8,900 XP and 11,000 B.
  • Event: The National Anthem - Earned 17,000 XP and 22,000 B.
  • Event: Decide and Rebirth - Earned 8,000 XP and 9,000 B.
  • Event: Welcome Back Astrea - Earned 800 XP and 3,600 B.
  • Event: Don't Sleep on Astrea - Earned 12,000 XP and 14,000 B.
  • Event: Lets Shake on It (II) - Earned 22,000 XP and 32,000 B.

The Requiversary Arc IIIEdit

  • Event: An Ideal to Strive Towards - Earned 32,000 XP and 45,000 B.
  • Event: My Own Worst Enemy - Earned 30,000 XP and 45,000 B.

What Lies Beneath ArcEdit

  • Event: Deamon - Earned 8,700 XP and 5,600 B.
  • Event: Here Lies the Silver Falcon - Earned 11,000 XP and 8,000 B.
  • Event: Fragment of Him - Earned 8,600 XP and 12,300 B.

The Rabbit Hole ArcEdit

  • Event: Let's Shake on it (III) - Earned 7,000 XP and 8,000 B.
  • Event: Astrea v The Rabbit Hole - Earned 13,000 XP and 8,000 B.
  • Event: A Dream of Gaia - Earned 17,000 XP and 13,000 B.

The Otherside ArcEdit

  • Event: Warden of the Otherside - Earned 5,000 XP and 4,000 B.

Home ArcEdit

  • Event: Unravel - Earned 15,000 XP and 12,000 B.
  • Event: Void Genome - Earned 13,000 XP and 15,000 B.
  • Event: The Nest - Earned 15,000 XP and 11,000 B.
  • Event: Christa - Earned 20,000 XP and 18,000 B.
  • Event: In the Bleak Midwinter - Earned 30,000 XP and 28,000 B.

Lugh ArcEdit

  • Event: Collateral - Earned 30,000 XP and 25,000 B.

Blank PeriodEdit

  • Event: Time-Skip - Earned 2 Levels and 80,000 B.

Part 3Edit

Coronation ArcEdit



  • Expert Hand to Hand Combat: During the 4 years of training with Haru, Tari had taught herself the basics of various martial arts from memory of what she had managed to read in her past. Thanks to her Quick Learning and extreme attention to detail, Tari has ingrained the basics and advanced levels of Martial Arts to muscle memory, and has only practiced further through combat and training after the 4 year separation, and now possesses instinctive ability in the user of basic, advanced, and expert martial arts, with master level arts currently being used for practice.
  • Master Swordsmanship: Upon assimilating the soul of the Crimson Shadow, Tari now possesses natural talent and mastery of the sword. With great elegance and ease, Tari strikes fluidly and swiftly with a blade, and is very well capable of holding their own against all challengers in sword based combat. This is because the use of the sword on all levels of mastery has been ingrained as muscle memory, allowing her to perform techniques and attacks with no thought at all.
  • Incredible Superhuman Strength: Tari is incredibly strong, her normal kick offs to run being able to propel her well above supersonic and hypersonic speeds before she even starts to actually run. This boost is caused by the fact that her magic capabilities are directly connected to her physical power. At the same time the ground she's standing on will crater or shatter. With this same force she is able to tear down sturdy steel walls with her punches and kicks, and is able to knock down buildings from these very same kicks and punches. Tarianna is able to roughly lift over 100 tons naturally, which she can increase further with both Focus Power, and Critical Over, to make her significantly more powerful as well as possess a grip strong enough shatter most metals and stones as well as crush most gems. This gripping strength can also bend metals such as Orichalcum to its breaking point, if not shatter them completely depending on build quality. She can also leap thousands of feet into the air to simulate flight, as well as produce enough punching force to shatter the side of a large mountain. Other applications include cutting power, cutting speed, thrusting power, and thrusting speed.
  • Mastery of Superhuman Speed and Reflexes: Tari is capable at moving at speeds well into the hypersonic range, and is capable of moving even faster if traveling withing the Mirror World, believed to be capable of lightspeed at her full potential within that world. At the same time, Tari possesses insane reflexes, able to react to attacks moving at inconceivable speeds and still manage to block or even redirect with her blade. This extreme speed also gives her acute awareness of her surroundings, able to form strategies in seconds and execute them in less than a minute. In combination with Crimson Steel, Tari can increase the relative mass of her punches to extreme levels using this speed. Tari also perfectly adept at reversals, and has been able to pull them off without any effort or thought. This allows her to consistently get behind the enemy quickly and efficiently, allowing ample time to counter a block in case the first attack doesn't go through. Tari is also capable of changing direction while maintaining speed instantly, allowing her to immediately recover from dash slashing and follow up with an attack from behind, or another dash attack.
  • Incredible Durability: Due to experimentation and her heritage, Tari possessed incredibly physical durability from birth, capable of withstanding incredible forces that could kill a normal human instantly, while she herself would come out unscathed, her skin was soft and smooth, yet very tough, requiring for when her father experimented on her to use orichalcum blades to cut into her body. This has only improved overtime, and has made her own body incredibly hard to wound, requiring the use of special abilities and techniques to puncture her skin, so much so that even the explosion of two Requiem Fragments only managed to cause internal injuries at worst.
  • Keen Intellect: Due to her father neglecting her at all times, Tari spent her life reading up on all she could and observing all that was around her. Because of this, despite her initially aloof demeanor, Tari was extremely observant and picked up on the fine details of things around her. This has only increased over the years, granting her the ability to analyze and break down spells upon first viewing, as well as be an incredibly fast learner, picking up things she needs to cover for in combat, leading to her conclusion to use her magic ability to rebuild her body and grant herself pinnacle physical ability and superhuman senses as well as top level regeneration.
  • Photographic Detail Recognition: Tari can remember anything she experiences with her senses, except her memory goes beyond just being photographic, but also down to the smallest details. This is what plays most into her unrivaled adaptability in combat.
  • Quick Learning: Tari learns things very quickly, and very readily become advanced in whatever field is taught to her. Be it Magic, Martial Arts, or Tactical Arts, Tari can learn it at record pace. This has only improved over time as she has become ever more observant and very attentive to detail to that which is presented to her, which is further enhances by her Mystic Eyes and how she has reconstructed her eyes to naturally noticed things in hyperdetail, which in combination with her Focus Power and Passive Enhancement, allows her to view all which is presented to her in such detail that her eyes have replicated the ability to see things on an electro-microscopic level, allowing her to discern the function and purpose of those subjects that which she observes. Her ability to do so quickly is also naturally extreme, processing the information and reconstructing it in her mind in seconds. Through this she has completely memorized the components of magic to an instinctive level, and ingrained sword mastery as muscle memory, granting her a natural edge in both fields.
  • Expert Tactition:Trhough her absurd ability in regards to observation and awareness, Tari possesses an acute affinity for tactical combat. However due to her nature in possessing such a natural ability, this has made her vulnerable to highly advanced observation skills, such as Observation Haki, because she is always thinking of what to do next, making her intentions extremely apparent. This can be overcome though by focusing on AoE strategies, where you have little knowledge in how the attack will affect the target, and whether or not it will ever reach them.
  • Prodigious in the Arcane: Tari is extremely talented in the practice of magic and holds vast knowledge in its functions and applications. She is fully capable of coming up with temporary spells on the fly and drawing out entirely new magic circles in seconds. Power is limited however due to the quick and rushed nature of the spells. Because of how prodigious Tari is in magic, it only takes a moment of watching someone use a spell or whatever that she hasn't seen for her to break it completely down to the basic elements and pin point every little weakness and draw back as well as put together every possible application for it, and copy the spell in its entirety. Limitations apply, especially involving spells of the master class and above, as these require too many components for those inexperienced to form exact copies, and are instead severely weakened in comparison to the mastered originals. But this still permits use, although of a weaker version. This also allows her to come up with counters to the magic quickly and efficiently, though limitations are present here as well.
  • Inconceivable Mana Reserves: As a result of her heritage and experimentation on her to prepare her as a vessel for the Alpha Stigma, Tari was born with an incredibly durable body and an inconceivable reserve of mana, exponentially greater than what anyone is born with naturally, excluding special cases like hers. As such, she almost never is exhausted in combat and can fight for extremely prolonged periods of time. However due to her extremely vast reserves, when they do run out almost immediately the mana in the surroundings is greatly reduced to a point of being practically unusable or at least ineffective in any form of combat. Despite the fact that she possesses such large reserves, Tari has combat gauntlets that vastly accelerate the rate at which she absorbs mana. This however isn't as to keep her from running out, but rather to make the magic of her opponent far less useful in combat by severely impairing their supply of energy to use the spells and attacks.


  • Passive Physical Enhancement: During the 4 years Tari and Haru were away from astrea, Tari trained her ability to magically enhance her own physical power to cover for a weakness that plagues most magic users. Because of her constant mental training, she can now passively enhancing her physical abilities subconsciously, with it usually just being active 24/7. This gives her the physical strength great enough to lift roughly over 250 tons and give her enough striking power to shatter the sides of mountains. Through this she also can passively enhace her own senses, granting her even further increased observation and awareness of her surroundings and astounding attention to detail one that which she focuses. It is possible for her to sustain this endlessly without any drawbacks due to also physically training her body, as well as possess a natural amount of mana that exponentially exceeds your typical magic user, so much so that it is practically infinite in nature, and in combination with her combat gauntlets, virtually never ending.
  • Cellular Manipulation: A self based magic, Tari has read her entire cellular structure through the use of specially coded mana pulses and has memorized her anatomy to allow heself the ability to reconstruct her body to much greater levels of physical ability. In fact, she has managed to raise her physical base to peak possible for one of her size, as this reconstruction resulted in increased density of her body. This is due to the fact that she had decided to maintain her figure and size, as her smaller stature gives her much greater maneuverability. However this rcesulted in packing her muscles and skeleton, as well as her other organs, into a much denser state. Because of this, Tari can go no futher than she is now, or it would be detrimental to her rather than beneficial due to the increasing density outweighing the benefits of the increased strength, eventually to the point where she would be too heavy to move effectively, rather being just strong enough to appear to move normally. She has also managed to reconstruct her own genetic properties to possess a natural ability to regeneate instantly from any wound aside from being entirely vaporized. This also gives her the ability to accurately copy the appearance and voice of someone as long as she has sampled their DNA. She can even accurately construct an appearance that would resemble that of a sibling.
  • True Counter: The Ultimate form of Full Counter, this version allows Tari to redirect both physical and magical attacks back at the enemy at more than double the power. However, the ability requires a cool down of at least 5 seconds between uses. The ability also cannot be used if the attack is too fast for Tari to read and time her counter properly, and she is incapable of countering attacks that she cannot see with her own eyes.
  • Critical Over: Tari can temporarily exchange some of her magic power for a drastic increase in physical power. She used to be less reasonable in this state and tends to be rather violent. However through practice Tari has managed to keep her own emotions and impulses under control, but remains noticeably more cruel in combat when using the ability. This allows her to retain her ability to be an excellent tactition and remain perfectly aware of everything around her.
  • Mystic Eyes of Perfect Detail Recognition: By activating this ability, the whole of Tari's awareness and observation is increase to the absolute peak any mortal can obtain. This means Tari can view any detail down to the smallest element as well as retain that detail in the full picture. Things that are invisible and/or abstract also become clear and visible to her now, and nothing is ever too complex to analyze. No matter what it is, Tari can understand and perceive it. To allow this, Tari's perception of time nearly grinds to a halt. This also grants Tari the ability to grab and hold all things given she has the mana necessary to do so.
    • Skip: By grabbing space like fabric using special magic only accessible through the ability to see all things as a phsyical entity, Tari can pull that fabric, allowing her to skip that space entirely, while also giving her the momentum that would be found with things like instant speed. Attacks at this speed possess ridiculous striking and piercing power, able to split continents and pierce any object regardless of their own strength. However doing this consumes a shitton of mana, and no being exist that could withstand the forces involving the said striking power and skipping into a solid mass (not dust, rather dust would be too free and loose to provide any resistance or damage.) as such actions would not only kill the user, but also the target and the entire population of the entire region. To use such a power requires extensive ability to maneuver your own body. Using Skip also puts extreme physical strain on the user's body, as pulling space requires phyical force as well.
  • Focus Power: Tari focuses magic into any part of her body and greatly increases it's durability and/or strength. She can even focus the magic into her gunblade as well as the rounds the gunblade fires. The destructive power of her attacks imbued with Focus Power increases many fold, and she often uses it in conjunction with Crimson Steel and Critical Over. Tari will also use this to vastly enhance her ability to focus and observe and now uses it as a method of heightening her senses, granting her greater awareness and observation capabilities that helps her ability to predict and strategize in combat, and recognize the small details in her opponent's actions.
  • Crimson Steel: Tari focuses magic into her arms or legs and forces them into a single molecule making them literally indestructible. This also makes her arms heavier, allowing her to pack more weight into her attacks. She can also use this spell to cover her whole body, however it only toughens her skin to an amazing degree, rather than making her indestructible like it would if it were only one arm or leg.
  • Wings of Crimson: Don't let the name deceive you as this isn't a spell of flight. Rather, it's a spell that more than triples Tari's base speed and agility. She can only used this temporarily before having to recast it, but it helps best in close quarters combat, and doesn't take much mana to use. She'll often use this in short bursts with other spells.
  • Reflection: Due to Tari's state of being a Living Reflection, she has none of her own. However, due to this fact, she can traverse between reflective surfaces easily. Be it any size, any shape, she can transfer to it, as long as it's reflective. Yes, this includes polished concrete. The transfer happens quickly, and she can emerge from the reflection as much as she wishes, at whatever speed she wishes. Tari can also refract herself into all reflective surfaces within a limited area, and can also refract these reflections into other reflections and so on and so forth, making her especially dangerous during rainy, misty, or foggy conditions.
    • Drawbacks: Despite only draining a little mana at a time, opening too many doors and taking too many things into the mirror world can severely drain her or even kill her if she's not careful. Tari also requires sufficient light to use this ability, places like caves where the only light glows dim from the creatures there won't be enough, and in total darkness she cannot use the ability at all. If in the mirror world in dim light, she can still exit, but in total darkness, she is stuck until sufficient light is available. Remember, Reflection has limited range, if there is no light within that range, she is stuck. Tari temporarily loses all defences and enhanced durability while in the process of entering and exiting the mirror world. Tari must be in contact with the reflective object at all times. While Tari can activate enhancement spells in the mirror world, they do not take effect in the real world until a few seconds have passed.
  • Short Circuit: By flooding the area with extreme amounts of mana (or in Tari terms, a microscopic bit of her own), the area become extremely conductive and links with the circuit nodes on each magic user's body, directly linking them all to each others BMP(Biological Mana Processes) and their stores of Mana. Tari thankfully has devised a way to seal off access to her own with a magic code so multilayered and complex that costs about 5% of her mana store (a ludicrous amount) to maintain, and would take even her several minutes to half an hour to decode. Thanks to this, she can link everyone's BMP and stores of Mana together. At the same time, every detail of the target(s) BMP and natural magic code is copied to her mind and fully memorized, granting her full understanding of the magic her target(s) possess. This allows her to break down their code and assemble a new one that is much more complex and attacks their BMP and stores of Mana like a trojan virus built to attack a supercomputer and destroy it in seconds. The magic reaction due to such a fast working code results in a display of what appears to be lightning electrocuting and frying the BMP and Mana Store(s) of the target(s). Damage to the BMP and Mana Stores is virtually irreversable by the affected person(s), and cannot be fully resisted even by the most powerful of magic users as it attacks their magic code directly, nullifying any resistance it might present. This spell is non-fatal, but can paralyze the target(s) indefinitely if no one with knowledge of their exact BMP and magic code exist. Those who resist the attack will be less worse for wear, but will find their magic severely limited until one with exact knowledge of their magic code can be found to help repair their BMP and Mana Store access.


Through research and prodigious understanding, Tari has become skilled in the art of alchemy. Through her understanding she can create virtually anything to fit her situation. She has even figured a way to bypass the equivalent exchange required by using her mana as trade, though this doesn't allow her to perform Human Transmutation without loss of a limb and such.

  • Destruction Alchemy: Tari has taken this basic alchemy and modified its transmutation circle to be capable of breaking down any material. She has even developed a coding method to turn the circle into a specialized computer that only breaks down what it is coded to do so. Tari likes to place the circle on her weapons, so that anything they come in contact with break down, rendering physical defenses useless against her.
  • Temperature Alchemy: By exciting or lowering the speed at which molecules behave, Tari can drastically lower and raise the temperature of anything that she touches. Through this she can flash freeze the air by near instantaneously dropping the temperature of the elements in the atmosphere down to their liquefying state, condensing them into clouds and then rain. By doing this, the extreme cold flash freezes the skin of her opponent and incapacitates them. She can then freeze them solid and shatter their body by taking a hold of them and flash freezing them from the inside out. Alternatively, she can do the same by superheating anything she touches into a plasma state, including those she manages to get a hold of. Now one would think this would require major exchanges, but the truth is that Temperature is equal to Temperature, so she exchanges Temperature for Temperature. Hot for Cold, Cold for Hot, thus meaning there is practically no cost at all.

Magic AlchemyEdit

  • Biology Destruction: Using the comprehension stage of Alchemy in combination with magic specifically coded to the DNA and Cellular Structure of her Target based on prior Anatomical Analysis through the use of highly coded and complex sensory mana pulses and alchemical analysis that scan the structure of the the body down to the sub-atomic level, thoroughly copying their entire chemical and elemental make-up to her mind like an extensive blueprint to a perfect clone. Upon attaining this data, Tari codes her mana and writes up an alchemical formula in her mind in seconds, then at the first opportunity she etches in and writes the Magic Transmutation Circle on her gauntlets using her heating alchemy to heat the metal into a softened state and cut into the side of it with her Valyrian blade. After which upon contact with the target, she will then begin to deconstruct their body and biological structures for the purpose of channeling mana to provide a temporary solution to preventing regenerative abilities. This works by breaking down the chemical structure of their body through the alchemy specifically coded to their chemical bonds in their DNA to specifically and attack those bonds and break them down. Through this she can delete the genes responsible for biological regeneration. However this fails to account for stimulation of mitosis through reconstruction of the nucleus through mana to a state that replicates when one was a fetus to promote redevelopment of biological tissue, though significantly enhanced to rapidly increase the speed of the redevelopment process. To cover for this area, Tari has worked in an extremely complex magic code specifically written to the structure of the biology that channels the mana through the target’s body to allow for casting through the use of their reserves and/or outside utilization of mana in the atmosphere. However she cannot account for the method of using potions and alchemical remedies to repair the damaged Biological Mana Processes (BMP), and she cannot prevent the use of healing spells by a secondary party, though their ability to restore the BMP may not be present as this requires an innate understanding of the person’s biology before hand. People affected by this technique are rendered unable to regen naturally through their mana and biological methods, and must seek the help of an outside party or use of a potion to remedy the wounds. Tari cannot use this unless she makes physical contact with her Target.

Equipment and Equipment related Magic AbilitiesEdit

  • Lucifer: The sword that Tari mainly uses, it can also morph into the powerful, multipurpose gun, Hades. The blade is made out of refined and hardened Orichalcum, enhanced with Mana channels as to increase durability several fold and channel mana into its attacks; which drastically increasing damage output and range. When impaled in a target's body, the blade will suck all their mana into its circuits and drastically sap their stamina. The blade's mana circuits also give it the ability to cut down any magical barrier without fail, as the circuits dissolve and absorb the barriers upon contact.  This doesn't affect the wielder because the handle, while it contains circuits, is closed off unless Tari holds a trigger present on the handle to open up the circuits. The trigger is the same trigger as that which the gun form Hades uses.
    Tumblr oo5yavsvyT1t0wfado1 500

    Refraction Blade when in use. This also displays the ease in which Tari can manipulate the blades.

    • Refraction Blade: Tari can forge copies of Lucifer from her Crimson Mana and levitate them around her body, shooting them out and attacking her target(s) from a distance, allowing her to stack even more HPM(Hits per Minute) upon them. She can even use them to launch her targets in the air, stunning them if they are incapable of flying, or dazing them depending on the significance of the hit. Upon launch Tari will then attack them with a heavy combo of magic and flying blades.She can make up to 50. In combination with its ability to turn into a gun, this also gives Tari multiple ranged weapons to lock onto her targets with. These copies also possess homing ability on Tari's enemies, locking onto anyone or anything that is deemed a threat to her safety. Tari is also capable of manipulating these with extreme precision without so much as lifting a finger, or even having to look where to aim or position them.
    • Hades: The gun mode of Lucifer, it holds the same level of durability as the sword, as well as many of it's other properties. The gun possesses unparalleled rifling, granting the bullet an rpm so great that it literally bends space when fired, allowing it to rip through any material. All bullets are made of the same Orichalcum that the gunblade is made of as well as possessing the same mana channels as Lucifer. This means no magical shield will be able to protect against the projectiles as they rip through the air at hypersonic speeds, as Tari always uses it as a railgun. It also possess ammo that when shot at a target, makes them cry for 24 hours straight, non-stop.
      • Lightning Railgun: By concentrating the mana around her hand, Tari can excite the electrons in the air to produce powerful electric currents. While not weak by any means, Tari mostly uses it in combination with Lucifer's gun mode, Hades, as to turn it into a railgun which can fire rounds at hypersoinc speeds; which is equivalent to tens of times the speed of sound. The rounds shot are made orichalcum, and due to the rotation in the air produced by the barrel's rifling, they warp space itself. This allows the bullets to tear through anything, shredding a hole several hundred times larger than the bullet itself. The speeds in the air also create a vacuum that can rip apart structures that it zips past, as well as creating an absurd wave of superheated atoms from the friction, reducing metals of lower melting points to a liquid entirely.
        • Hellstorm: By loading the gun with her mana instead of bullets, Tari can turn the gun into an effective automatic weapon, firing of hundreds of shots a second. As a bonus, she can even bestow the magical ammo with homing propeties, meaning the shots always follow the target around until they become overwhelmed.
    • Holoscopion: By positioning one of her blades as a violin and using another as the bow, she can perform numerous spells incredibly quickly and in rapid succession. These spells are all ranged, and each are very poweful, all labeled as Movements. Effects of these spells range from crippling armor/durability integrity to cloning the enemy to fight themselves.
      • Movement 4, Crumble: This spell tears apart inanimate materials at the molecular bonds, severely crippling the integrity of the material, or out right shattering it entirely. It does this by shooting out mana at the target and forcing it into the material, forcing the bonds of the molecules apart. Magic armour is unaffected by this.
  • Thompson Contender: A handgun crafted of Valyrian Steel, Tari has modified it to hold custom .50-90 Armor Piercing Sharps. These bullets are made of a light, Valyrian Steel Alloy, and are infused with Destruction Alchemy and Corrosive Mana, as to pierce any defense one can possibly concieve. And by using refraction blade, Tari can create more bullets at a whim, giving her unlimited ammo. Just like with Hades, the part of her sword that is the gun of the gunblade, she can charge the gun with electromagnetism to turn it into a railgun, and because of the sturdy nature of the material, the gun is capable of firing bullets at more than 100x the speed of sound. This comes with severe knockback, however, and may leave Tari vulnerable for a fraction of a second if she isn't careful.
  • Enkidu: Forged out of an unknown material, this anti-divine weapon's binding ability grows stronger the more divinity the target possesses. Tari came to possess the weapon during her time away from the group. She uses it as a method of defense against Divine beings, as she herself is part demonic due to the spirit that she assimilated, making her weak against Divine power. Due to the immense length of the chain, Tari placed it within its own pocket dimension for storage, and can summon any length of the chain to bind her enemies tightly. Despite being capable of breaking, no damage is ever present upon a second look.
  • Excalibur: A powerful Noble Phantasm, Tari found it among her father's things while she was away from the group and studying magic. She keeps it safe in a pocket dimension along with Enkidu. Because of its great power, Tari tends to use it as a last resort. Because of its holy properties, it is highly effective against demonic enemies.
  • Lostvayne: Another artifact Tari found in her father's stuff, the sacred treasure Lostvayne's special ability allows Tari to create up to four clones of herself. The clones only retain a fraction of the original's power, with one clone having half the power level of the original. The halved power level is divided among each additional clone. Each Physical Clone is still able to use True Counter to its full potential as the attack focuses on the enemy's attack power rather than the one using True Counter, this allows Tari to use True Counter multiple times on the same attack. Depending on the enemy and Tari's power level, it is additionally possible for her to use her clones to fight the enemy, dealing and taking damage without Tari herself getting involved in the fray.
  • Valyrian Steel Combat Gauntlets: Originally just a normal pair of combat gauntlets, Tari modified them with Alchemy as to connect directly to her mana reserves, and has etched in mana channels into the surface of the steel to vastly increase the rate at which Tari restores her mana. This is done with the intention to vastly thin out the supply of mana in the surroundings, rather than to restore her own reserves, as her reserves are far to vast to run out in a typical fight to begin with. This in turn renders most mana based magic used by her opponent(s) incredibly weak, though this doesn't account for their mana reserves. However, if she were to manage to take hold of her opponent, with connectors built into the palms of the gauntlets she can then connect directly to their reserves and drain them down completely, completely taking away their ability to perform even the most basic of magic in combination with the incredibly famished supply of mana around them. Alternatively, Tari can flood the area with extreme amounts of mana, making the atmosphere extremely conductive and condusive to detonation if not careful within it. Now the gauntlets also feature incredible insulation as to help maintain her ability to fight as she uses her Temperature Alchemy. She has also made the fingers of the gauntlets rough and sparky, allowing her to use the pinpoint accurate Fire Alchemy in combat.

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