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Takara Kagome
Takara Kagome
Kanji 宝カゴメ
Rōmaji Takara Kagome
Also Known As
Age 51 (DOB:February 19th, Year 154)
Gender Male
Height 5'10"
Weight 151 lbs
Blood Type AB-
Professional Status
Kingdom Hades
Occupation Hunter


Family Ren Kagome (Mother)

Hiroshi Kagome (Older Half-Brother)
Hima Kagome (Twin Sister)
Tsubasa Kagome (Younger Half-Brother)
Hitoshi Kagome (Younger Half-Brother)
Karina Linus (Sister-in-law)
Haruka Linus (Nephew)
Jayme Linus (Nephew)

Allies Hima Kagome

Tsubasa Kagome

Enemies Hiroshi Kagome

Ren Kagome

Status Alive
Image Gallery
Takara's Theme
 Takara Kagome is an 51 year old human Hunter and Shinobi from the Kingdom of Hades. He is the second eldest child of Ren Kagome. He grew up in the slums of Hades alongside his siblings under their abusive mother until they decided to run away and live on the streets. He later became a member of the gang known as the "Kagome Koterie" that was created by him, Hima, and Hiroshi when they were children. As of late, he has become a well-known criminal within the Southeregion who is wanted by the King of Ptah.


Takara is a logical and intuitive person who advances at his own pace. He is argumentative and has a strong desire to keep his loved ones safe at all costs: even if he comes off as an asshole because of it. As he will do things that will upset his little sister Hima if it's for her safety. This has caused countless arguments between the two of them that he almost always wins on a daily basis. These traits Takara has always had, however, like that of his siblings, Takara was a rather fearful and obedient young child due to the abuse by his mother.

He listened to everything she told him to do, fetched whatever she desired, and strongly resented her. It wasn't until after Ren had kicked him and Hima out of the house that he had finally begun to change: as he had the guidance of his own brother in an environment free from Ren's abuse and neglect. Under Hiroshi's leadership, Takara learned to defend himself, to be brave, independent, and determined. These traits were necessary in order to survive as orphans within the Ghoul Territory of Aima. Eventually, these developed traits had made Takara into a stronger person and he had grown both physically and mentally.

Nonetheless, Takara's childhood had made him incredibly envious, jealous, and greedy due his own lack of prized possessions. This was a trait he and all of his siblings had shared, and this, combined with needing basic essentials in general, caused Takara and his siblings to become a gang. He commonly beat, stole, and robbed from other people making him into a cold, cruel, and corrupted individual. Fortunately, he felt bad for what he did and he never killed anyone as Hiroshi had always opted to do that.

Later on, after Takara and Hima had left behind Hiroshi. Hiroshi became a bit more optimistic, stopped beating and robbing people, and simply decided to live the life of an actual Treasure Hunter. He continued to argue with Hima on a daily basis too, and when he wasn't arguing with her he liked being alone, relaxing, and listening to music. He also took a liking to swimming and learning more about the spiritual world. He even developed a strong sense of compassion, and became artistic and wise due to his age.


Life at HomeEdit

Takara was born two minutes earlier than his twin sister Hima on February 19th, Year 154 in the Ghoul Territory of Aima. He was raised by his mother Ren Kagome within the slums of Hades and lived in an unsanitary house and in poverty. Ren had abused and neglected Takara and the rest of his siblings, so he had a low quality of life. He was taught to be obedient and to listen to his mother's harsh demands. This made Takara into an extremely fearful, emotionally damaged, and submissive child. Takara was given the task of taking care of the house, alongside his sister Hima, and it was their duty to keep their mother comfortable.

Takara cared deeply for his younger sister Hima, and would go out of his way to try to reason with his mother to allow him to do all of her work instead. Sometimes this worked, but most of the time it didn't, and other times Takara couldn't bring himself to do it or else he could be beaten for it. His older brother Hiroshi noticed this, and this furthered his resentment towards their mother.

When Tsubasa was born, Takara further went out of his way to do more work so that Hima wouldn't have to do it. Ren was abusive and neglectful, but she still did what she could to keep her children alive so that they could serve her. Due to this, someone had to be given the task to take care of Tsubasa, and that was left up to either Takara or Hima. The role ultimately fell to Takara as he opted to do it, and he became Tsubasa's personal caretaker. However, Hima still wanted to help her little brother so she pitched in as well.

All of this had led to creattion of a perculiar dynamic among all of the Kagome siblings. Hiroshi went out and fetched what Ren desired from outside of the house. Whilst Takara and Hima took care of the house, did chores, and raised Tsubasa. It was almost as if the whole family was more like a workplace rather than an actual home due to Ren being an abysmal person.

Life on the StreetsEdit

One day, when Takara and Hima were doing their usual chores around the Kagome house; Hiroshi started an argument with Ren: over her cruel treatment towards her children. The argument spiralled out of control; which resulted in Hiroshi running away from her afterwards. Takara begged for his mother to bring Hiroshi back; to no avail, which prompted Ren to kick Takara and Hima out of the house. Takara didn't understand why his mother had done what she did, and couldn't accept what she had proposed. He did his best to fight against her, but without being taught Nen, Takara was little more than a ordinary seven year old.

In no time, Takara had found himself and Hima officially out of the house and with nowhere to go. He hated Ren for this, and decided to take Hima and go find Hiroshi. Luckily, the twins were able to reunite with their brother shortly after they had left: but Takara had sensed a change within his brother. Hiroshi informed Takara and Hima that they didn't need Ren, that they were better off without her being involved any further within their lives. However, Tsubasa needed to be rescued; so they needed to become stronger, or else they could never save their little brother.

Due to this, Hiroshi had decided to teach Takara and Hima how to utilize and hone their Nen. As the children of a formerly proficient Hunter; they had all inherited her talent, which they used, in order to survive the ghouls that roamed the Territory of Aima. With time, they had all discovered their Nen types: Takara was a Manipulator, Hima was a Transmuter, and they had already known Hiroshi was a Specialist.

Hiroshi harbored two tremendously powerful Hatsu, and between his mastery over them; coupled with Takara and Hima's own skills and Hatsu: the siblings were able to make a living for themselves in the slums of Hades. Nonetheless, Hiroshi didn't believe this was enough so he took Takara and Hima to an abandoned N.H.O base. The purpose of going to the base was to gather information on how to learn and use the abilities of other occupations. It didn't take long before they found it, and once they did, they had all made their decisions. Takara and Hima decided to become Shinobi, whilst Hiroshi would become a Shaman. This would make them all much stronger; increasing their chance of survival within the slums: at the ages of seven and eleven.

In the end, Hiroshi had single-handedly educated and raised Takara and Hima; strengthening their relationship over time. The three of them had even formed a gang called the "Kagome Koterie", and they earned a bit of a meaningless reputation among the children gangs of Aima. They stole, beat up, and even killed people who threatened them when necessary: although only Hiroshi did the latter. This dangerous lifestyle had lasted for three years, and before they knew it, Hiroshi had decided it was time to go home: something they all capitulated to.


After three years had passed, now ages ten and fourteen, the Kagome siblings headed back to their house to liberate Tsubasa from their wicked mother. Unfortunately, by the time they arrived, they had learned that Ren had moved away and left behind their old house. For unknown reasons, Hiroshi flipped out and destroyed the house, it's new residents, and wounded Takara and Hima: leaving them emotionally scarred. Hiroshi apologized for what he had done to his younger siblings, and they had forgave him for it.

Five years had passed since then, and Takara and Hima were fiifth teen whilst Hiroshi was nineteen. They had been searching for their mother's new home all this time, and they had finally found it. Strangely enough, it seems that her house had become an investigation site in a crime scene. Ren had been killed, supposedly by one of her sons, and they had vanished. This set Hiroshi off, and he generated a devastating inferno that wiped out the entire block and nearly killed the whole populace. Takara and Hima were the only ones around to save some of the people, and they were both wounded in the process. They had always known something was wrong with their brother, and that he was dangerous, but they didn't know he'd ever do something like this.

Hiroshi approached them after he had calmed down, but Takara threatened him. He had decided that Hiroshi was too dangerous to be around for any longer. He needed to protect his little sister, and Hiroshi was a threat to them both. This enraged Hiroshi, and he lashed out at both of them in anger. He had nearly killed them, but he stopped himself at the last second, and ran off in terror at what he had done to his little brother and sister.

Nonetheless, knowing that Tsubasa and their other younger brother were out there all alone made them want to find them and give them somewhere safe to live. Unfortunately, even though they tried, they were never able to find them and eventually gave up hoping that the two of them found some safe home to live in now that they were freed from their mother. From that point on, Takara and Hima stayed together and hadn't seen Hiroshi in years and lived out their lives.

Meeting, Greeting, & FleeingEdit

Takara and Hima traveled all across the continent of Olympus after separating from Hiroshi. The two of them pursued a career as Treasure Hunters: tracking down rare and valuabe items. They decided to specialize in this field due to Hiroshi no longer influencing them; allowing them to become better people. They increased their wealth significantly this way and ended up becoming upper-class.

However, since they traveled around a lot they never lived in one place for too long. It wasn't long before the two of them became known as proficient and well-known one star Hunters. Their lives continued down this path for the longest, and eleven years later something remarkable happened. Now at the age of twenty six, while they were traveling throughout Olympus, Takara and Hima happened to see a young man named Hitoshi Kagome on TV one day. Some awful event had transpired in Hera, and many were killed during an Aragami attack. Footage was captured by some bystanders, and was aired later on. Takara didn't know the boy, but based on his last name, his abilities, and his appearance he suspected that he may have been their mother's youngest son who they never met before. Hima agreed with Takara, and thought that they should go visit him. However, Takara declined and told her that it's best that they just leave him alone and not form any attachments: due to everything they had done and to not cause any drama. Takara explained that he had clearly found some friends, and was able to take care of himself, and had somewhere to live. There was no need for them to come into his life and stir up the emotional family drama of the past.

Hima disagreed, but listened to her older brother for the moment. Later on, whilst they were still traveling through Olympus and partaking in their career. They stopped at Ares and decided to stay there for a little bit, and Takara decided to pick up some more Treasure Hunter work. Unbeknownst to Takara, Hima had been tracking Hitoshi for some time after with her newly acquired Nen ability. So while he was busy looking for more work, Hima pursued Hitoshi herself who was in Ares as well. Shortly after, Takara caught on that Hima had left and went after her and she told him what she had done: this made him displeased by her actions, but he got over it and told her not to do it again. Eventually, after five years had passed, and the rest of Shinsekai was revealed. Takara and Hima decided to explore it due to their adventerous nature. They explored other regions in search of loot, valuables, and all types of rare treasures. They were thirty one years old, so they had amassed a plethora of experience in their Occupation. Their journey throughout the other nations had led to them reaching the Southeregion. They took a liking to it more than the other ones, and decided to stay there for most of their lives.

Before they knew it, fifteen years had passed since they moved to the Southeregion and made the Kingdom of Isis their home. Now at forty six years old, Takara and Hima have become Two Star Hunters due to their achievements and due to both of them picking up a pupil over the years. On top of being recognized as two of the best Hunters in the Kingdom. Aside from that, not much has happened throughout their lives ever since they moved to the Southeregion: specifically to Osiris. However, they had recently learned that their brother Hiroshi had somehow recently became the newly crowned King of Ptah.

Upon learning of this revelation, they had to know if it was true as they coudn't imagine how else Hiroshi could've become a king unless it was via his Nen. Knowing this, they decided to head to the Kingdom of Ptah to learn more about what their brother had been doing these past thirty years and how he obtained his new position. Once they arrive, they soon learn of mysterious disappearances that are happening inside and outside of the Kingdom. They don't know what's causing it, but they suspect it may have something to do with Hiroshi. So they manage to infiltrate his castle, confront him, and now after three decades they have been reunited: under unfortunate circumstances.

Hiroshi quickly informs his siblings that he is indeed behind the disappearances, and that he is killing people and harvesting their souls to make his newly acquired Spirit of Fire significantly stronger to oppose the Mage's Association and obtain information on the Holy Grail. Next, he briefly fights Takara and Hima and they both manage to escape before he kills them. Then, he sends his Royal Guard after them and hires Hunters to pursue them all across the Southeregion: in order to capture and bring them back to him alive.

Eventually, while they are fleeing the South, as if by some stroke of fate, the twins encounter their younger brother Tsubasa: who is critically wounded. They stay with their brother and help nurse him back to health and to regain some of his lost memories. After he begins to recover, they catch up on all the years that have passed and they inform Tsubasa of what has happened. Tsubasa agrees to help them, but he says he needs to regain all of his strength first, and thus he starts by feasting on criminals to build up his strength again until they're strong enough to confront Hiroshi directly. Whilst Takara and Hima would simply continue to do whatever they could to keep down the deaths that Hiroshi is creating.


The Melancholic Beau ArcEdit


Takara is an experienced Two-Star Treasure Hunter and proficient Shinobi who is adept at various martial arts. He is well-trained, naturally talented, and employs a perculiar long-range fighting style. Overall, he is a powerful combatant and useful ally.

Superhuman PhysiologyEdit

As a child of Ren Kagome, Takara was naturally born with incredible talent and superhuman battle prowess: a trait all of his siblings share. He is a prodigious Hunter who has been trained by his older brother Hiroshi in the art of the Shingen-ryu school of Kung-Fu since the age of seven, and had mastered everything he taught him by the time they had returned home. His physical prowess and senses are all superhuman, making him well-suited for battle.

  • Superhuman Physical Strength: Takara's physical strength is anything short of incredible. He can easily lift up creatures’ dozens of times his own size, shatter concrete, reinforced steel, and launch his opponents over a kilometer away from his own location with his strength alone. He can cleave enormous structures in half, create craters in the ground by stomping on it, and kill physically weaker foes with a single blow.
  • Superhuman Physical Speed: Takara's physical speed and reflexes are incredible. He can vanish from the naked eye in a flash, react to surprise attacks at point-blank range, and dodge hundreds of individual bullets. He can run fast enough to run alongside walls, the ceiling, or other structures by quickly building up enough momentum.
  • Superhuman Agility: Takara's physical agility is impressive, he can vault and leap across large distances with ease. He is capable of running along thin ropes, the sides of buildings, and any extremely thin or unstable obstacles while simultaneously fighting or evading an opponent.
  • Superhuman Healing Factor: Takara has a slight superhuman healing factor, which allows him to recover from wounds faster than others.


Nen is a technique that allows one to use and manipulate their own physical Life Energy, produced by the body, known as Aura. It is gradually released from special pores beneath the skin known as Aura Nodes. For those who become skilled practitioners of Nen, they obtain the ability to open and close their Aura Nodes at will. Takara was born a Genius, meaning he had the innate ability to use Nen without ever being taught. On top of being born with an monstrous Aura due to being Ren Kagome's child. Takara was later taught how to properly use and fully master his Nen by his brother Hiroshi: in order to protect himself at seven years old.

Takara mastered the Shingen-ryu school of Kung-Fu's "Nen of the Flame" and learned how to use his signature Hatsu known as "Serpentine Conclave". Serpentine Conclave enabled Takara to manipulate any type of snake across gargantuan distances; as long as he had some type of snake-based medium. As he was a Manipulator, and thus specialized in Manipulation. Overall, Takara is a proficient Hunter.

Four Major PrinciplesEdit

  • Ten (Enevelop; Shroud): Takara uses Ten to keep his Aura Nodes open, but instead of letting it all flow away and dissipate. He controlls it and makes it flow through and around his body, causing his body to become immune to emotional attacks from other Nen users. Since all of the energy is concentrated within the body, it allows Takara to maintain youthful vigor and reduce his body's aging process. The main drawback of Ten, is that even though it protects Takara from emotional Nen attacks, it can not defend against physical Nen attacks. The quality of Ten is improved through meditation.
  • Zetsu (Suppress; Null): Takara utilizes Zetsu to close his Aura Nodes, stopping the flow of Aura within and around his body altogether. Since Takarais no longer surrounded by his own Aura, he is sensitive to the Aura of others, and can easily track them down by sensing their Auras. On top of this, it also prevents other Nen users from sensing Takara, it relieves fatigue since the Aura was now fully contained within, and unfortunately makes Takara's body vulnerable to other Nen attacks since his own Aura was disabled.
  • Ren (Refine; Enhance): Takara uses Ren to output a huge amount of Aura from his body and keep it attached to his body, he then greatly increases it's intensity and size. Takara's physical strength and durability are increased, and he is provided with a large pool of Aura to use for any techniques. Ren is a direct application of Ten, and it's offensive counterpart.
  • Hatsu (Release; Act): Takara utilizes Hatsu to release his Aura to perform a certain action. It is what is used to perform all individual Nen abilities, and reflects one's personal expression of Nen.

Advanced TechniquesEdit

  • Shu (Enfold): Takara utilizes Shu to extend his Aura around an object to use it as if it was an extension of his body. The object became both stronger and was protected by the Aura, akin to how Ren strengthens and protects his body.
  • In (Conceal): In is an advanced application of Zetsu. Takara utilizes In to completely conceal and hide his Aura. Unlike Zetsu, it didn't require Takara to completely cancel the flow of Aura throughout and around his body. Instead, it simply hid it, which allowed him to perform dangerous sneak attacks and lay traps.
  • Gyo (Focus): Gyo is an advanced application of Ren. Takara uses Gyo to focus his Aura into one specific body part in order to greatly strengthen that body part. The downside to Gyo is that the other body parts were left vulnerable, due to the Aura being concentrated into one part.
  • Ken (Fortify):Ken is an enhanced version of Ren. Takara utilizes Ken to maintain Gyo over his entire body, which allows him to defend against attacks from any direction. Ken is useful as a defensive measure, but is tiring to maintain, and is not as strong as Gyo when used on a specific part of the body since it is dispersed across all of it. Due to this, it is mainly used when being cautious.
  • En (Circle): En is an advanced application of both Ten and Ren. Takara uses En to create a sensory barrier around himself made from his own Aura. He can feel the shape and movement of anything and everything that enters the barrier, and can extend its range up to 100 meters. The downside to En, is that it is very tiring and quickly dissipates Hiroshi's Aura. Therefore, he can not use it for extremely long periods of time or else he will run out of Aura.
  • Ko (Temper): Ten, Zetsu, Ren, Hatsu, and Gyo are all used together to create Ko. Takara utilizes Ko to focus all of his individual Aura into a specific part of his body. Zetsu is used to stop the flow of Aura across his entire body with all of it being forced into a single spot: tremendously empowering that specific part of his body. The massive concentration of so much Aura in one spot creates an intense high-pitched dissonance, akin to metal being ground and representing how much raw power is contained within the body part or object.


  • Serpentine Conclave - Serpentine Conclave is Takara's signature Hatsu and primary ability. It enables him to manipulate any type of snake across gargantuan distances so long that he uses a snake-based medium. Takara carries around a sword made from the scales of a black mamba, which acts as his medium, for him to channel his Nen through to manipulate snakes within the area. He uses this ability in conjunction with the snakes he summons to use them in combat.
List of SnakesEdit
  1. Apep - Apep is Takara's signature summon, oldest companion, and best friend. Takara found Apep when he was a baby and raised him to become his partner in battle. It was from one of Apep's scales that Takara created his black sword. Apep is a gigantic black mamba and Takara's fastest summon of them all, as well as one of the fastest snakes in the world. He possesses lethal poison that can kill ten thousand people in a single bite, and can bite multiple times during a single attack.
  2. Gargan - Gargan is Takara's second summon, she is a gigantic cobra who spits her venom at her opponents from afar: making her a long-ranged combatant. Gargan's venom can be fired across as much as twenty kilometers, and can kill a thousand people on contact. Interestingly, Gargan can spit some of her blood on people and use it to heal them of their wounds. It can even bring people back from the brink of death itself, and in exchange for her own life, revive them.
  3. Jormun - Jormun is Takara's third summon, and he is a deadly and giant sea serpent who possesses the most lethal poison of them all. Jormun's venom is strong enough to kill millions of people with only a few miligrams of it, making him the most venomous of them all. Jormun is also the fastest in water, and can swim at extraordinary speed: making him well-suited for underwater combat.
  4. Quertz - Quertz is Takara's fourth summon, and he is a giant winged serpent with the ability to fly through the sky. Quertz is a proficient flyer, and can fly at tremendous speed to cover enormous distances in a short period of time.
  5. Orochi - Orochi is Takara's fifth, final, and strongest summon. Orochi is a gargantuan white eight-headed and eight-tailed draconic serpent with the ability to regenerate from any affliction: that's body is comprised of countless smaller snakes. Takara found Orochi during one of his quests into an ancient temple, while looking for treasure, and bested him in combat before making him one of his summons.

Vows & LimitationsEdit

Vows and Limitations are para-psychological inhibitors applied to certain skills or abilities that Hunters use with their Nen. For example, if someone says "I Vow that I will only use this skill only on Thursday" then it will become more powerful when used on that day. If a Limitation is applied to the Vow, it'll become even more powerful for example if one says "I Vow that I will use this skill only on Thursday, and if I use it any other day I will die" that would be considered a Limitation.

  • Serpentine Conclave - Takara can only manipulate snakes if he uses a snake-based medium, otherwise, he cannot manipulate them at all. If he tries to manipulate them any other way at all, he will lose the ability to manipulate them forever.


Takara is a shinobi, so he can use chakra: a supernatural energy that enables him to perform various techniques known collectively as "Jutsu". His chakra is colored green, like that of his eyes, and it flows counter-clockwise throughout his Chakra Pathway System. His chakra control is good, which allows him to proficiently wield his chakra without wasting it.


  • Summoning Technique - The summoning technique is a space-time ninjutsu that allows Takara to transport animals or people across long distances instantly that uses blood as a sacrifice. He also uses this for various snake-based techniques.


Master Hand-to-Hand CombatantEdit

Takara's hand-to-hand combat skills are masterful due to him being trained the art since an extremely young age combined with his natural talent. He has learned and mastered several martial arts and fighting styles in order to improve his survivability in combat. He is proficient in the art in general and is capable of utilizing many non-lethal and lethal fighting styles in order to fit the exact situation. He can challenge and defeat the likes of wise grandmasters who have achieved the pinnacle of their arts evolution: due to his superior skill. In short, his hand-to-hand combat skills grant him incredible adaptability and make him a formidable fighter.

Intuitive Learning Edit

As a child of Ren Kagome, Takara was naturally born with incredible intuitive skills and talent. He is capable of mimicing and mastering anything combat-related if it has been properly demonstrated at least once by someone. This makes him well-suited for combat in general and a proficient fighter.


Takara is an extraordinary swordsman who has mastered dozens of fighting styles based around the usage of a sword or blade. He can seamlessly transistion and combine the mechanics of the various styles together for increased lethality in battle. Or even simply for defensive or supplementary purposes in order to protect himself and his allies. When employed, he takes on a peculiar appearance as he commonly shifts between the many styles in order to confuse and overwhelm his opponent in combat with his unpredictable nature.


  • Apep's Fang - Takara's signature sword is created from Apep's scales: granting it supreme sturdiness and hardness.


  • Takara Kagome's first name means "treasure" or "jewel" whilst his surname means "a basket full of holes", "a pregnant woman" and "a caged bird". Interestingly, the meaning of Takara's first name matches that of his primary interest: ancient treasures.
  • Takara's appearance is based on that of Sharrkan Amun-Ra from the Magi series.