Stand User

A Stand User with his Stand

A Stand User is a person with the ability to summon and control a Stand, which is a supernatural power that generally defends and empowers their users in a variety of ways, and when revealed may be represented by figures hovering near to them. It is an Occupation here on Requiem Wiki.

General Stand Rules Edit

  • A Stand protects its user, like a guardian. The name comes from "standing by" the user, sometimes using their powers without direct orders in order to protect the user, and by extension, themselves.
  • A person can have only one Stand (though their Stand may evolve).
  • Stands can be inherited.
  • A Stand is part of its user, and damage is usually reflected between the two. Usually, if a Stand's leg is cut off, its user will lose their leg as well. Certain aspects of some Stands, such as armor, are immune to this effect. If the Stand is not exactly humanoid, they may reflect damage to their user's body relative to the area of the Stand that was damaged, or are an exception.
  • Stands may only be seen by Stand users; the exception being Stands bound to physical objects (e.g.Strength; attached once to a boat).
  • A Stand can only be directly damaged by another Stand.
  • A Stand's energy or power is inversely proportional to their operating range. The further a Stand is from its user, the weaker it becomes – Long-range Stands and/or Stands' long-range abilities are simpler in mechanism.
  • Stands are usually bound to their user's body, but exceptions abound; Wheel of Fortune being bound to a car, and The Fool being bound to sand.
  • When a Stand User dies, their Stand typically disappears with them; however, exceptions do exist, such as Anubis, who stayed in the sword he was bound to, and Stray Cat and Notorious B.I.G., who both only activated after their User's death.
  • When a Stand is defeated, their user is either knocked unconscious or killed, depending on the level of injury.

Stand StatisticsEdit

A Stand's abilities are categorized by 6 statistics: Destructive power, speed, range, durability/staying, precision, and developmental potential/learning. (Clockwise, in that order, starting from the top.)

Destructive Power: Measures the Stand's strength and ability to cause destruction (physical injury or collateral environmental damage) in a given period of time. Not only limited to brute force, but also to its abilities combined.

Speed: Measures the Stand's agility and performance speed.

Range: Measures a compromise of the Stand's range of manifestation, range of ability influence, and spatial mobility.

Durability/Staying: Measures the Stand's endurance and level of susceptibility to damage and attacks. This category may also gauge the effectiveness of their power's ability of binding toward physical objects.

Precision: Measures the Stand's accuracy and range of influence/effect of their abilities to specified targets.

Development Potential: Measures the Stand's possible functions, utilization of its abilities and powers, and capacity to improve its overall capabilities.

Each statistic is ranked from A to E; though rankings of None and Infinite are also possible. Rankings are defined as follows:

A: Excellent

B: Good 

C: Average (the same level as a normal person) 

D: Weak 

E: Very Weak

For range, rankings are defined as follows:

A: Over a hundred meters

B: Several dozen meters

C: Around ten meters

D: A couple of meters

E: Two meters and less

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