Also Known As
Age 14
Gender Male
Height 5'3
Weight 110 lbs
Blood Type B-
Professional Status
Kingdom Camelot
Occupation Mage


Level 19
Experience 16,900/19,000
Bounty 0
Family None known
Status Deceased
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Shin Kira is a mage who resides in Camelot. He is only 14 years old, but he is still very powerful. He is also an ANBU member. He was killed in the second impact.


Shin is a short person, even for his young age. Most of his features were totally unknown for awhile because he used to wear a mask all the time. His cloak is black colored, and the inside of it's hood is

Shin in his ANBU attire.

grayish purpleish. Shin has black hair that is fairly long, and black eyes as well. Under his usualy black cloak he wears black and white robes of sorts, but he rarely takes his cloak off. More recently he began taking his mask off unless on ANBU missions, but still wears cloak.


Shin is normally a very quiet person. When he does talk though, he is normally very vulgar. He says insulting and angry things, but in a very calm tone, making him somewhat confusing. Shin acts much less intelligent than he actually is. He's a genius, but he doesn't show it at all. His vulgar speech is mostly just an act to trick people into underestimating him. 


Shin's background is entirely unknown. He has no memory of his family, or even of the kingdom he comes from originally. He has no idea where he learned his very rare form of magic, but definitely remembers how to use it. 


Devil Slayer MagicEdit

Shin uses the very rare and very powerful Fire Devil Slayer Magic. It is completely unknown how he knows how to use this, and who taught it to him. Shin's flames are black, and much more powerful than normal fire magic, and even overpowers Dragon and God Slayer Magic fairly easily. It also allows him to eat any and all kinds of fire, magical, natural or other.

Flame Control MagicEdit

As an alternative to eating fire, Shin can also control any type of fire. Even if it's other people's fire magic, or a fire jutsu, Shin can control it and use it right back on the user. This along with the fact that he can eat any flames and get stronger from it makes any type of fire completely and utterly useless against Shin. He can even control the flames of incredibly powerful jutsu like the Amaterasu.

Celestial Spirit MagicEdit



Shin has the spirit key for Libra. Libra is a powerful celestial spirit that can


manipulate gravity. She can both make it stronger, or erase it completely. She can also focus the change so that it only happens in a certain place, or on a certain person or thing. She can increase gravity to a level that it makes even the strongest of warriors stumble, and force most people to the


ground with ease. She can also reverse gravity, and make people fly up into the air. He also has the key of Virgo. Virgo, despite her looks, has extreme physical strength and durability. She can also use Earth Magic to swim through the earth like water, fire large boulders at opponents, and create extremely deep holes to trap people in. Shin has the key of Aquarius as well. She is arguably his most powerful spirit. She can use insanely strong water magic, and create huge torrents and waves that can flood entire cities. 


Shin wields a magical katana that he himself created. It is made of a very durable metal, and had its durability further enhanced with magic. It's sharpness and cutting power were also enhanced to the point where it can cut through diamond fairly easily if enough force is put into it. Shin also uses a small but durable Chef's knife. The knife is insanely sharp, and can take hits despite it's small size. Shin has been shown to be able to beat the much older and more experienced Greyson Queen in a sword-fight, despite the fact that Grey is shown to be a master of nearly any weapon imaginable (this may be due to the fact that Shin caught him off guard, but still.)

Shinobi AbilitiesEdit

Shin was taught ninjutsu and other shinobi stuff during his 3 month training. He commonly uses shadow clones. He doesn't use any elemental ninjutsu though. Despite not being born a shinobi, he has very high chakra reservers as well. His jutsu include, shadow clone jutsu, summoning jutsu, shuriken shadow clone jutsu, chakra infusion, chakra threads, body flicker, substitution jutsu, explosive substitution, paper bomb clones, sensing, space-time barrier, and flying thunder god jutsu. He is capable of using very high level jutsu despite not even being born a shinobi, which is quite impressive.

Physical AbilityEdit

Shin is pretty small physically, but despite this he is incredibly strong. Despite being both shorter and lighter than his sword he wields it effortlessly with just one hand. Shin has also been shown to be able to break through solid steel with his bare hands, without even using any sort of energy to boost his strength. He is also very fast, being able to keep up with the blindingly quick Greyson Queen. Just with his physical ability alone he is quick enough that experienced Sharingan users have trouble tracking his movements. His durability and strength are quite high, as shown when he dropped from several hundred feet in the air, and landed perfectly fine on his feet with no harm at all.