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Shea Vinsmoke
Shae Vinsmoke
Also Known As
Age 18
Gender Male
Height 5'11"
Weight 172lbs
Blood Type AB-
Professional Status
Kingdom Balor
Occupation Psyren
Family Sirah Vinsmoke (sister)
Ray Vinsmoke (father)
Allies None
Enemies None
Status Alive
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Shea Vinsmoke is an 18 year old Psyren from the Westeregion Kingdom of Balor and serves his family by fulfilling his duty as a Vinsmoke to a greater order of secret figures. He is the secondary character of St. Lucifer outside the story's main plot.


The Vinsmokes are a prestigious family who have a seat at the Knightowl, an organisation of suspicious individuals. Having served them for two years, Shae has been instructed to do heinous crimes such as killing political figures, traffic little girls and steal precious items. Deciding enough is enough, Shae has now sworn to take down the order from the inside.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit


As a Psyren, Shea has trained his mental capacity to the point where he is able to use PSI. PSI is basically the ability to manipulate one's own thoughts to do anything they desire. It is the power of one's thoughts, released when all the cells in the brain function at full activity. PSI users are able to momentarily focus all of their five senses, or in other words their physical abilities, to incredible degrees. PSI is of different types, all depending on a person's training and natural qualities.


In summation, Burst is the ability to manipulate the world around one's own self. In essence, a person is able to channel and manipulate energy or matter in the surrounding environment. Burst has a number of forms it can take, ranging from the ability to move objects with only your mind, the power to command fire or lightning or even the ability to manifest as solid objects. Powerful Burst users are capable of unleashing absolute devastation, destroying or altering the world around them at their will. As if to counteract this, Burst puts a tremendous strain on the user, proportional to the power of their ability. In addition, breaking or even damaging the Burst, can lead to a breakdown of the mind or body or both.

  • Gun Gale: A hybrid combination of PSI (in particularly Burst and Rise), Busoshoku Haki. In order to achieve Gun Gale, Shae must go through the process of empowering his body with Busoshoku Haki thus harnessing its destructive capabilities into a single point in his body (usually the tip of his index finger). He then specifically heightens his own bodies psychical capabilities through the effects of consistent usage of Rise. The product generated becomes an immense swarm of energy at the tip of his finger which when released travels as a straight beam which follows the same flight path as a 9mm bullet. However, this beam is so destructive and powerful it has been shown to tear through the toughest of metals as well as wipe out forest line for miles at a time. Due to Gun Gale being a combination of PSI and Busoshoku Haki, it immediately negates devil fruit abilities. The sound created from Gun Gale is akin to that of a bullet.
  • Bang!: The most basic form of Gun Gale, Bang! uses the process mentioned above as a means of attack. Shea starts by channelling Gun Gale into the tip of his index finger. He then sticks out the same finger, making sure his finger nail faces either right or left (depending on which hand he is using or whether he would like an upside-down gun for what ever reason). Next, he sticks up his thumb making sure his thumb nail is facing towards him at all times. This makes his hand the shape of a gun. He can then take aim and fire. There is no required charge time and Leere can control the scale and size of the beam, he can also control its strength and concentration.


Rise is used to manipulate any of the user's senses. Rise powers can be further subdivided into three types; Sense, Strength and Healing. The Sense type increases either any one of the 5 senses or all of the 5 senses of the user (sight, hearing, taste, smell and touch) to extraordinary levels and also increases the user's reflexes.

The Strength type focuses on the user's physical body, increasing the body's physical strength, speed and endurance. It can simply be referred to as Super Human Strength.

The Healing type ties into Strength-type but focuses more towards the body's endurance. Shea can reduce the amount of damage being taken and how long it will take for his body to recover from damage such as a large cut or bruise. He can also "share his rise to another person and heal their body instead of his own".


Ito Ito no MiEdit

The user is bestowed with the power to generate and control white, wafer-thin, razor sharp strings attachable to seemingly any surface (even non-solid targets such as clouds) from seemingly any part of the own body (even the innards), though mostly seen protruding from the palms and fingertips, for many diverse purposes, such as manipulating people's movements in a way reminiscent of how puppeteers control puppets by connecting the strings to their spines, swiping the strings to slice through things like body parts and weapons similar to piano wire or monomolecular wire, attaching them to clouds for aerial transportation, and creating masses of bundled-up, compressed strings for various constructs such as ropes usable as whips, bullets, clones, a humongous cage-like force field or a massive spider web defence. Generally, it is unknown if there is a limit to the length and quantity of the strings producible. He can also shoot his strings as bullets, although it is similarly unknown if the bullets, can vary in shape, size, power, strength and whether or not they can be imbued with Haki.

At the same time, the strings' thinness makes it almost impossible to see them with the unaided eye, making it extremely difficult to avoid their path; most people who do not know of Shea's power become completely unaware of how their bodies are moving against their will.

Kenbunshoku HakiEdit

Kenbunshoku Haki is a form of Haki that allows the user to sense the presence of others, even if they are concealed from view or too far to see naturally. This allows Shae to see and recognize his targets by their "aura", which forms as a light silhouette on a dark background. This can also be used to predict an opponent's moves shortly before they make them, therefore making attacks much easier to evade. This prediction appears to the user as an image or brief premonition of what the opponents will do in Shea's "mind's eye", and the damage Shea's will take if the attack actually lands. Additionally, this Haki allows Shea to empathize with the emotions and nature of others, and also sense the strength of others compared to his own.

Busoshoku HakiEdit

Busoshoku Haki is an ability that allows Shea to create a force similar to an invisible armor around himself. Similar to Tekkai, this Haki allows Shea to defend against attacks that would otherwise cause him harm. Significant physical force can still overcome this defense, however. Still, since Shea already has superhuman durability, this makes him incredibly difficult to cause damage to. Naturally this "invisible armor" can be used as a weapon to strike others with. It can be used to augment Shea's own attacks, projected ahead of Shea as pure brute force, or imbued in weapons to increase their effectiveness. Any attack enhanced by Busoshoku Haki hits immensely harder than it would normally be without it. This brings Shea's already extraordinary levels of physical capability to the extreme, allowing him to damage and overpower incredibly strong opponents. In addition to this, attacks used with Busoshoku Haki are capable of hitting even Logia-type Devil Fruit users while they are intangible, as well as hit targets that are intangible through other means in general.