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Roman Ashtorn
Roman adult 2
Also Known As The Avatar
Age 19
Gender Male
Height 6'2"
Weight 185 lbs.
Blood Type A+
Professional Status
Kingdom Athena
Occupation Bender
Demon Contractor
Level 50 (Capped)
Bounty 523,000
Family Aster (Father)
Leanna (Mother)
Lucida (Sister)
Allies Eos


Status Alive
Image Gallery

Roman was born and raised in Athena by his father Aster.  When Roman was very young it was discovered that he was avatar, having been born on the same day that the previous Avatar passed away.  Some time later, Roman learned that he was also the Dark Avatar, explaining some of his previous actions and mannerisms.


Due to Roman's status as both the Avatar, and Dark Avatar, his personality used to be rather sporadic to the point of nearing bipolar disorder, regularly acting in very strongly contrasting ways. Roman could act kindly in many scenarios, and act with little to no mercy in others. This contrast led many to point out that Roman did not act very consistently, to which he agreed. Roman lacks a consistent method of doing things, but typically strays away from overly violent soltuions, while not really caring enough to go out of his way for a more peaceful solution.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit


As the Avatar, Roman is capable of learning and mastering the ability to bend all four elements.  Due to the fact that he got most of his training in the village of Hermes, where many of the warriors in the palace were benders, Roman's skill as a bender is rather exceptional. Roman has spent quite a bit of time training with past Avatars and even inventors of certain bending techniques, allowing him to gain skill with the elements extremely quickly. Roman's status as a fully realized Avatar allows him full use of the Avatar State, and gave him the knowledge and skill he needed to master the power of the Dark Avatar.

  • Firebending- Firebending is somewhat unique amongst the four elements, as it is the only one that can be generated spontaneously, and does not require a source.  While fire can be generated, firebenders are capable of manipulating and enhancing already existing flames.  Firebending generally involves generating fire into various complex shapes for different types of attacks.  Circular motion has been shown to enhance the power of fire, whether it is being used offensively or defensively.  As a result, whirling kicks and punches are used very often in fire bending.  Circular motions of the arms are also quite good for the creation of defensive barriers.  Firebending can be used to create various contructs such as daggers and whips, allowing for use of phyrokinetic weaponry.
  • Lightningbending- As a master firebender, Roman is capable of generating or redirecting lightning based attacks. The ability to generate lightning is a very powerful technique that the majority of firebenders can not access. Redirection of lightning actually uses aspects of Waterbending to use the opponents own attacks against them. When attempting to redirect lightning, it is absorbed into one hand, guided through the stomach, and released through the other hand,
  • Airbending- Airbending is the most spiritual and defensive of the four elements.  While it does have offensive capabilities, it is primarily used for evasion and defense.  Airbending can be shaped in various ways for varying uses.  One of the most well known uses for airbending is shaping it into a sphere beneath the user and using it as a mode of transportation.  Airbending requires the user to be very flexible and dextrous, as many of the stances and movements for airbending are quite abstract.  Airbending is also the most spiritually attuned element, with Airbenders beng far closer to spirits and the like than most people.  Roman also has heightened reflexes due to his ability to detect vibrations in the air.
  • Waterbending- Waterbending is highly built on elegance and grace. Waterbenders are capable of manipulating existing sources of water and using them for various purposes. They are capable of simply moving water or using it as a projectile. It is also possible to use water as a form of whip or tendril, able to restrain objects or people as if the water were solid. Skilled Waterbenders are capable of converting water into ice or steam, allowing a wider range of use for the element. Some Waterbenders possess the ability to heal others or themselves by covering an injured area in water. Waterbenders are also capable of freezing water into ice, or rapidly evaporating it into steam. Waterbenders with extremely high levels of skill are capable of bending the blood within a person's body, being able to control some victims as if they were puppets.
  • Earthbending- Earthbening is possible the most diverse of the bending arts. Although Earthbenders generally possess high levels of physical strength, their styles generally vary depending on their personalities. Earthbending can be used to move and weaponize various Earthen substances. Earthbenders can manipulate substances such as rock, mud, and sand. All but the most skilled of Earthbenders are incapable of bending metal. Earthbending can be used to form constructs such as weapons or defensive barriers.  
  • Metalbending- During the time before the "No Way Out" section of the rookie pit, Roman took the time to learn metalbending from the woman who invented it. Metalbending is a sub skill of Earthbending and is very difficult for many Earthbenders to learn due to the long held belief that it is impossible for Earthbenders to bend metal. Earthbenders can manipulates many forms of metal, but not extremely pure metals such as platinum.
  • Lavabending- Another advanced variation of Eathbending.  Lavabending is a very useful form of bending that allows Earthbenders to melt earth into lava or turn lava back into solid earth. Lavabending is useful for preventing enemies form getting close to the user, as well as defending from attacks. Lavabending is also useful due to the fact that rather potent attacks can be made with relatively small amounts of earth.
  • Energybending- A unique form of bending usually unique to the Avatar, it allows the user to manipulate the spiritual energy of themselves or others. Energybending can be used to permanently remove bending from others, or grant it to those who do not possess it. Another use of Energybending allows the user to bend energies that originate from the Otherside or from Hell. This ability allows Roman to augment his bending by altering the elements he bends to take on either a Holy or Demonic effect, making them more effective against certain types of enemies.
  • Spiritbending-  A variation of the healing technique with the addition of spiritual knowledge. By encircling spirits or even projected human souls in the Spirit World with water, one is able to induce a change between the positive and negative energies, creating balance or imbalance within the target. It can be used to calm down rampant spirits, or used in a more destructive way to destroy spirits or even the souls of people.
  • Avatar State-The strongest and most powerful ability that the Avatar can invoke is the Avatar State. It allows the Avatar to channel vast cosmic energies and the knowledge of previous Avatars, granting them increased strength and the ability to perform especially powerful and extraordinary feats of bending. While active, all tattoos that follow the flow of chi within the user's body glow a bright white color. As a fully realized Avatar, one can trigger the state at will.
  • Dark Avatar State-The Dark Avatar state works in a near identical manner to the regular Avatar State. It greatly enhanced the power of the elements, and grants Roman the ability to channel things such as Hellfire while he is in this state. While in this state Roman's tattoos glow a dark shade of red.


Roman's status as the Avatar makes him the perfect individual to practice as a Shaman. As he has technically reincarnated countless times, and is capable of completely abandoning his physical body to exist as a spirit or even enter the land of the dead, Roman possesses an extremely high amount of Furyoku. Roman utilizes spirits that serve to augment his bending, their abilities enhancing him in such a way that allows him to use the elements at an even higher level than many who have spent their whole lives training in the elements. Having abandoned most of his weapons, Roman decided to utilize tattoos as mediums for his oversouls. The tattoos follow the same general paths as the tattoos that show Roman's mastery of airbending and were made of ink composed of spirit water, causing them to glow when Roman enters the Avatar State.

  • Grand Elemental Spirits- Five powerful elemental spirits known as the Godaiseirei. They are derived from the Great Spirit itself, and like it, constitute a collective of souls. They can be controlled by their respective Elemental Warrior, or a shaman of extraordinary power. The power of the Godaiseirei is unmatched by any other spirit, except for the Great Spirit itself. The Godaiseirei have the ability to consume other souls and spirits in order to further enhance their own power. Roman is currently in possession of all Five Grand Elemental Spirits.
  • Lesser Elementals- Roman is capable of calling upon a vast number of lesser elemental spirits, that vary depending on his environment. These spirits are weak on their own, but their oversouls allow them to manifest as small amounts of whatever element they are linked to. When used in high amounts, and coupled with Roman's bending, they can be used for devastating attacks. 

Demon ContractorEdit

Roman possesses contracts with two demons by the names of Kimaris and Elathan, both primarily based around light and darkness, respectively. Kimaris' seal takes the form of a very small star just under Roman's left eye, that spreads out in a white wing-like pattern to the left side of Roman's eye as Roman uses more of his power. Elathan's symbol takes the form of a black spiral just under Roman's right eye, that spreads out into the shape of numerous black tendrils as Roman utilizes more of his power. Kimaris and Elathan are twin demons, almost always working in unison due to the nature of their abilities. Both Kimaris and Elathan are rather powerful in their own right, and are even more so when working together. Due to their nature, the two of them inhabit whoever makes a contract with them, their body allowing both of their powers to be channeled through a single being. As the host of Kimaris and Elathan Roman shows the following abilities:

  • Photokinesis- The ability of Kimaris is the manipulation of light. Roman is capable of utilizing his abilities as the Avatar to manipulate light with both Holy and Demonic effects. He can utilize this ability to form blasts of light that are capable of significant levels of destruction, and inflicting minor burns on the target. Roman is also capable of shaping his photokinetic attacks into various specific shapes, forming hardlight. He is capable of forming weapons or shields out of light.
  • Umbrakinesis- The ability of Elathan is the manipulation of shadows and darkness. Roman is capable of applying Holy or Demonic effects to darkness as he can do so to other elements. Roman is capable of covering areas in darkness to obscure himself from the sight of enemies. Roman is also capable of solidifying darkness, utilizing tendrils or weapons of darkness to attack his foes.


  • Soul Perception- Soul Perception is a meister exclusive ability that allows meister's to read the souls of individuals to various degrees. At a high level of skill, a meister can see souls in great detail or even read the emotion of the soul.
  • Soul Menace- Soul Menace is a meister technique that allows meister's to weaponize their soul wavelength. These attacks possess an extremely high ammount of concussive force and typically have an electricity like effect on impact. Roman has developed a unique usage of the Soul Menace technique. By combining Soul Menace with the destabilizing effect of Spiritbending, Roman is capable of destablizing a person's soul, causing weapons to reject their meisters, or making difficult for an opponent to use any form of soul based technique.
  • Soul Resonance- Soul Resonance is typically used by the meister channeling their soul wavelength into their weapon partner, who augments and sends it back to the meister, the process repeating several times over. As he does not possess a weapon partner, Roman has developed his own use of Soul Resonance. Roman uses Soul Resonance with his various spirit allies, the avatar spirits, and his contracted demons, creating an extremly powerful Soul Wavelength as a result. The use of this Soul Resonance actually causes the Avatar State and the Dark Avatar State to overlap, greatly augmenting Roman's overall ability. Soul Resonance also multiplies the power of Roman's Oversouls and Demon Contracts, making them far more potent and increasing their overall effectiveness.

Soul ReaperEdit

By training in Otherside with the various Shinigami of the past, Roman began building skills as a Shinigami himself. Due to his preference to not use weapons, Roman's training focused entirely on use of Reiatsu and Kido. 

Reiatsu: Roman possesses an immense level of Reiatsu. Since much of Roman's prior abilities involve the regulation and control of his spiritual energy, controlling the release of his Reiatsu was almost natural. Roman's Reiatsu can be used in various ways. Roman's Reiatsu can be used to defend against and reflect attacks from those with lesser Reiatsu than himself. Reiatsu also has Psychological applications, being able to induce fear, paralyze opponents, or even cause targets to feel pain when no actual damage has been done. Reiatsu can also be used offensively to enhance attacks, or even destroy incoming projectiles. Roman has developed several of his own applications for Reiatsu.

  • Reiatsu Shatter: Roman focuses his Reiatsu, compressing it to the point where he can maneuver it into even the smallest of openings. He then violent releases his Reiatsu, causing it to force the opening apart. This technique is particularly effective at getting through the defensive techniques of others. 
  • Reiatsu Barrier: Roman can shape his Reiatsu into a powerful barrier. This barrier blocks attacks that strike it, and reflect attacks at Roman's command. Roman is capable of infusing this barrer with various elemental effects, causing it to harm those who touch it in various ways. 
  • Reiatsu Hakai: A being with Reiatsu high enough may destroy things that come into contact with them. Roman takes advantage of this by focusing his Reiatsu down to a small area, erasing all it touches if they don't have sufficient defense. 
  • Reiatsu Armor: Romanis capable of making an armor of Elemential Reiatsu around himself, causing his opponent to suffer varying types of elemental damage when they strike him.


Due to his status as the Avatar, several facets of Shinobi abilities, such as Nature Transformation and Senjutsu, came very easily to Roman.

  • Senjutsu: Roman has large Chakra Reserves, allowing him to utilize Sage Mode and Senjutsu. Requiring only a few brief moments to enter the state, Roman gains a significant physical increase as well as the ability to increase the potency of his various abilities by empowering them with Natural Energy. Upon Entering Sage Mode, Roman gains eyes similar to that of a Lion, as his Sage Mode is modeled after the Legendary Lion Turtles. Aside from the increase to his actual durability, Roman has his own means of utilizing Senjutsu defensively. Similarly to how one can extend the range of their melee attacks using the Natural Energy in the air, Roman utilizes the same energy to push attacks that near him away, allowing him to simply brush off lesser attacks.
  • Raava/Vaatu Chakra Cloak: Roman's connection to the Avatar Spirits grants him various abilities similar to a Jinchuriki. In addition to massive chakra reserves, and increased vitality, Roman is capable of utilizing Chakra cloaks very similar to that of a jinchuriki of the Nine-Tailed Fox. Cloaking himself in the chakra of the Avatar Spirits increases all of his abilities drastically, and allows for rapid regeneration of wounds. Roman is capable of using Senjutsu in conjunction with this chakra cloak, and due the Avatar Spirits' connection to nature, Roman can gathe the natural energy required virutally instantly and retain the state indefinitely.