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Also Known As Robb
Age 17 (December 1st)
Gender Male
Height 6'0"
Weight 187lbs
Blood Type B-
Professional Status
Kingdom Nemesis (Formerly)
Athena (Formerly)
Occupation Shaman (Formerly)
Level 36
Experience 18,880/36,000
Bounty 174,100
Family Koroshi (Adopted Family)
Brandon (Adopted Older Brother)
Chiron (Adopted Father)
Allies Astrea
Enemies IR
Edward Krane
Image Gallery

Robyn is an 17 year old human man, that was born in Nemesis, the Kingdom of Vengeance. He currently lives in the Kingdom of Lugh, and his occupations are Magus, Caster, and Psyren. Robyn is the main Role-Play Character of Freezing-Soul. Robb was raised by the spirit Chiron, and the mercenary group Koroshi, after being abandoned by his biological parents as an infant.


Robyn is generally a very light-hearted, optimistic individual who always tries to look on the brighter side of situations. Robyn is a fun loving person and often tries to find humor in all circumstances, even bleak ones. Occasionally he can make crude of even offensive jokes but he always means well and doesn't try to hurt anybody. 

Due to his history, when Robyn manages to get close to someone he cares for them extremely deeply, and will do practically anything for someone that he considers to be family. Robyn is a firm believer that you can choose who your family is, and often ends up referring to his close friends as brothers even. However, it will often take Robb a fairly long time to develop such bonds with people, and is often apprehensive of new people trying to join his group of friends, despite his generally friendly behavior.

Initially, Robyn relied almost entirely on his spirit Chiron, basing his entire fighting style around him. After losing him, Robb has regretted this reliance greatly, thinking that if he could have fought for himself he could have prevented Chiron from being taken. Robyn has taken this to heart, and has focused on developing himself so that in the future he can protect the things that he cares about, instead of being protected by them. This new mindset has also allowed Robb to take great pride in his newfound powers, almost to the point of arrogance. This, combined with his vow to protect, means Robb has become very prone to recklessness in battle, almost to the point of becoming self destructive.

As a child, despite his usual light-hearted demeanor, Robyn isn't as "innocent" as children his age tended to be, primarily due to the fairly harsh circumstances of his upbringing. Robyn understood how the world works to a higher extent than most other children, and knows that not everything is happy and good, but that is the main reason why he thinks that he has to be. That's of course not to say that his smile is fake, but it is certainly motivated by his knowledge of the darker side of the world. Robyn maintains this outlook on the world to this day, it only being reinforced by the additional horrific events he has seen.



Robyn was born in the Kingdom of Nemesis, to two unremarkable parents who didn't really care about their son. On top of that, he was born blind in one eye, so he was thought of as not worth raising. Robyn was abandoned at a young age, too young to even remember his parents. He was surely left to die, but fortunately for him, a spirit by the name of Chiron saw Robyn, taking pity on the child, and decided to protect him. The mythological Chiron, having been taught by the god Apollo, had a penchant for prophecy and a youth-nurturing nature, and he saw potential in the young boy, if nothing else. Robyn was for all intents and purposes raised by this spirit, taught and protected by him in his early years. Chiron guided Robyn, and seemingly by happenstance the boy was found by a group of travelling mercenaries, they were called Koroshi. Their leader was reluctant to take the boy in, but was eventually convinced by the other members, and their leader's son Brandon, who was only a year older than Robb. The group raised Robyn and Brandon together, none of them acting as parents to them alone, raising them as a group as they traveled the world for work. Chiron stayed with Robyn, officially becoming his spirit ally and continuing to teach him as they traveled. Robyn for the first time had a family, and he lived this life for several years.

One day, when Robyn was 10, the leader of Koroshi sat the boys down and informed them that he and the rest of the group had to go somewhere that was too dangerous to bring Robyn and Brandon, and that they would have to leave them in Athena. When they left, Robyn took it well, glad that he had a break from travelling and assuming that Koroshi would be back fairly soon. Brandon though, felt as if he had been abandoned. Several months later, Brandon had grown tired of waiting, and ran off to search for their adopted parents. Robyn tried to convince him to stay, but was unable to. Robb stayed, convinced by Chiron that it was the wiser course of action, but over the next couple months he began to feel as if he should search for his adopted family as well, growing worried of how long he'd been left alone.

Current StoryEdit

Part 1Edit

New Dawn ArcEdit

  • Event: A Beautiful Lie - Earned 4,400 XP and 3,000 B.
  • Event: No More Kid Stuff - Earned 12,000 XP and 7,000 B.
  • Event: The Legend of Rayme - Earned 6,600 XP and 3,000 B.
  • Event: The List - Earned 3,600 XP and 2,000 B.
  • Event: Blue - Earned 5,400 XP and 3,000 B.
  • Event: Training - Earned 3 Levels and 12,000 B.

Rookie Pit ArcEdit

  • Event: Into the Pit - Earned 9,500 XP and 7,000 B.
  • Event: Scarlet Flower? Check! - Earned 1,000 XP and 1,000 B.
  • Event: Stardust? Check! - Earned 3,000 XP and 3,000 B.
  • Event: Dragon Horn? How about 3! ...Sorry Derek - Earned 5,000 XP and 5,000 B.
  • Event: Don't Sleep on Olympus - Earned 2 Levels and 10,000 B.

Twilight ArcEdit

  • Event: Enter Jessica - Earned 2,500 XP.
  • Event: Let's Shake on It
  • Event: The Extinction Machine
  • Event: Checkmate
  • Event: Anomie

Blank PeriodEdit

  • Event: Time-Skip - Earned 15 Levels and 25,000 B.

Part 2Edit

Days Gone By ArcEdit

  • Event: 046 - Earned 2,000 XP and 3,200 B.
  • Event: The First Child
  • Event: Bootstrap - Earned 1,200 XP and 6,000 B.
  • Event: The First Man - Earned 80 XP and 400 B.

Kingdom Come ArcEdit

  • Event: The Authority of Wrath - Earned 3,600 XP and 5,000 B.
  • Event: Now You See Me - Earned 8,900 XP and 11,000 B.
  • Event: The National Anthem - Earned 17,000 XP and 22,000 B.
  • Event: Decide and Rebirth - Earned 8,000 XP and 9,000 B.

No More Kid Stuff ArcEdit

  • Event: Welcome Back Astrea - Earned 800 XP and 3,600 B.
  • Event: Don't Sleep on Astrea - Earned 12,000 XP and 14,000 B.
  • Event: Lets Shake on It (II) - Earned 22,000 XP and 32,000 B.

The Requiversary Arc IIIEdit

  • Event: An Ideal to Strive Towards - Earned 32,000 XP and 45,000 B.
  • Event: My Own Worst Enemy - Earned 30,000 XP and 45,000 B.

What Lies Beneath ArcEdit

  • Event: Deamon - Earned 8,700 XP and 5,600 B.
  • Event: Here Lies the Silver Falcon - Earned 11,000 XP and 8,000 B.
  • Event: Fragment of Him - Earned 8,600 XP and 12,300 B.

The Rabbit Hole ArcEdit

  • Event: Let's Shake on it (III) - Earned 7,000 XP and 8,000 B.

Home ArcEdit

  • Event: Bait and Switch - Earned 11,000 XP and 8,000 B.
  • Event: Ticket Please - Earned 14,000 XP and 13,000 B.
  • Event: Arrival Part 1 - Earned 8,000 XP and 6,000 B.
  • Event: Arrival Part 2 - Earned 8,000 XP and 6,000 B.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit



Because Robb was born in the kingdom of Nemesis, he is able to use the ability that they refer to as masking. This ability essentially lets Robb bend the light around himself, or other things of his choice, allowing him to turn himself or other people or objects completely invisible. Robyn is able to bend all forms of light on the spectrum, meaning that even those with eye abilities would likely still be unable to see what he hides with masking.

Robyn's skill with this fairly simple ability has progressed passed the basic usage, and he is able to "bend" light in several different ways, such as creating a bright flash of light to blind or distract his enemies. Robyn is able to even "bend" light based attacks and abilities, allowing him to easily change their trajectory away from him, or possibly direct the attacks back at the user or other enemies. 

Magecraft and MagicEdit

As both a Magus and a Caster, Robyn is able to use his mana to do various things. Robyn's innate magical potential is relatively low, only being average at best, but through the use of his Divine Runes which absorb mana from the environment, Robyn is able to significantly boost his magical power to extreme levels. Robyn has learned and developed several different uses for his Mana, including some natural abilities, and several different weapons that he can use to great effect along with his abilities and techniques. 

Pure EyeEdit

Robyn's right eye, covered by his eye patch, is what Magus would refer to as a "Pure Eye." This eye, before Robyn gained the ability to use his Magic Circuits, was simply blind, but is now able to "See what cannot be seen." The eye is still unable to see conventually, but it is able to see all different kinds of energies and abilities, and things that should be hidden or cloaked. For example, Robyn would be able to see a Ninja's chakra inside of their body, something normally only done with a Dojutsu. He is also able to see Nen even when a Hunter is using In to conceal it. This eye also gives Robyn a limited for of Clairvoyance, therefore enhancing his already superhuman reflexes to much higher levels, letting him easily predict his opponent's attacks or movements. 


Robyn is able to use Runes, which are basically written marks that are able to produce a certain magical effect. Robyn uses these Runes mostly to support his other abilities and skills.

  • Storage Runes - Robyn is able to create Runes that are able to store several objects inside of them, allowing him to carry all of his weapons without hassle.
  • Divine Runes - These are runes invented by Robyn that are based on Divine Words. Robyn learned of Divine Words from Chiron, but as he is a modern human he is unable to pronounce them. Robyn found a loophole however, and developed Divine Runes as a written form of Divine Words. These Runes are able to passively absorb Magical Energy from the surrounding environment, which allows Robyn to entirely bypass his completely average magical reserves, and perform powerful and destructive feats of magecraft because of his creation.

Magus-Style Alchemy Edit

Robyn has studied heavily in the Magus' particular form of Alchemy, a school that aims at the study and manipulation of the flow of matter. This focuses mainly on the creation and use of matter, and can potentially be used for many different purposes.

  • Transmutation - The field in which Robyn specializes in, to do things like manipulating the configuration of metals or other materials. Robyn uses this for combat purposes, passing Magical Energy through his Mystic Code, Onyx Requiem, to shape and harden the semi-liquid Valyrian Steel at will according to his mental images. The precision of the shapes and fluidity with which he can change between them serves as a statement of Robyn's exceptional skill in this field. 

Onyx RequiemEdit

A Mystic Code is a weapon that a magus carries as a magical artifact. Robyn's is a specialized Mystic Code, a type that is activated with the magus's magical energy and can perform a given ability as long as it is supplied with energy. Robyn has created this Mystic Code himself, named Onyx Requiem, and it takes the form of a pitch black semi-liquid, that he is able to control, reform, and resize at will. This liquid is heavily magically modified Valyrian Steel, making it incredibly useful as both an offense and defense. Robyn created Onyx Requiem by taking a fairly sizeable amount of Valyrian Steel, and continually using his magical affinities of Water and Earth, along with transmutation, for an extended period of time. After several months, Robyn was able to successfully create Onyx Requiem due to this process.

Robyn primarily uses this Mystic Code with transmutation to reform Onyx Requiem into whatever kind of weapon or shape he currently feels like using, shaping it accordingly to his mental images with startling precision and fluidity. This lets Robyn to quickly change fighting styles to fit the situation, and seemlessly transition between attack and defense. It can be used to transform into whatever melee weapon he chooses, or can be used as a projectile and split apart at will, or simply as a large shield of defense.

Robyn also very often uses this Mystic Code as a bow, to fire off his various other weapons. Due to both Robyn and the Valyrian Steel's ridiculous levels of strength, Robyn is able to make the draw weight of his bow insanely heavy, making the arrows he fires (also generally made with Onyx Requiem,) much faster, more accurate, and gives them a massive increase in range as well. This makes it so even while casually firing off his weakest arrows, they're travelling at high hypersonic speeds, gaining enough power to easily pierce through most defenses.  

Additionally, Robyn often covers one or both arms to create a skin tight Valyrian steel armor around them, to improve both his offensive and defensive capabilities whilst in close combat, and letting him fire off strikes without worry of injuring himself in the process.

Robyn is able to condense or expand Onyx Requiem at will as well, thus making him capable of easily concealing it, or using it to protect a larger space. Onyx Requiem doesn't need to be in contact with Robb for him to control it either, as he can still control it just as accurately and skillfully from a distance, allowing him to potentially fire arrows without even holding his bow, or attack with weapons from afar. 

Noble PhantasmsEdit

Noble Phantasms are "crystallized mysteries", powerful armaments made using the imagination of humans at their core. They can take the form of practically anything, from weapons, to everyday items, to specific abilities. Robyn has collected several of these, and is only capable of using their power because of the massive amount of Mana supplied to him through his Divine Runes.

  • Antares Snipe - A Noble Phantasm that Robyn gained directly from Chiron, this is manifested as a sniping Noble Phantasm that "shoots a shining star", based on Chiron being said to have attained the ultimate shot an Archer can reach  by piercing a star. It is a conceptual materialization of the Sagittarius constellation, but is not limited to only being fired when the constellation is visible. The shot is not fired directly from Robyn's bow, but is instead a star that shoots a "comet shot", possessing a tracking ability to hit Robb's target. This ability is able to be fired instantly, not requiring anything more than for Robyn to decide his target. Compared to his other Noble Phantasm's, Antares Snipe has a fairly low attack power, but is easily the most precise. 
  • Caladbolg II - A modified version of the original Caladbolg, so that Robyn may effectively use it as an arrow. The blade of the sword coils into a spiral that can penetrate any target by creating a twisting distortion in space when fired. Robyn often uses this arrow as a path clearer of sorts, firing it along with other arrows to break through his enemies defenses so that Robyn's other attacks can demolish them from the inside without wasting their power getting through themselves. Even if it didn't possess the ability to distort space, the attack itself is still easily powerful enough to smash most defenses. The explosion produced when Caladbolg impacts is powerful enough to destroy a fairly large area and completely engulf it in flames created from the highly pressurized spiral of the arrow.
  • Hrunting - Hrunting, similar to the previous, is a modified version of the original, so that it is better suited as an arrow. Once fired, Hrunting turns into a magical bullet enveloped in a red light that fires off on the most direct path to its target, continuing to pursue the target even if parried, repulsed, or avoided. When fired from a normal bow, Hrunting would generally reach the hypersonic speed of Mach 10, but when used by Robyn's immensely pressurized bow, Hrunting is able to reach speeds comparable to that of lightning.
  • Brahmastra - This Noble Phantasm will manifest in different projectiles depending on whichever weapon Robyn is currently using, such as a spear, arrow, bullet, or any other type of ranged weapon or projectile, though they are all essentially the same in concept. This technique will pursue the enemy and strikes with a ridiculously wide effective range, boasting incredible destructive capabilities, and has even been compared to a high-end nuclear explosion, leaving complete devastation in its wake.
  • Phoebus Catastrophe - Rather than a bow or arrow acting as a Noble Phantasm, the Noble Phantasm is instead the technique itself of Robyn nocking and shooting arrows with his bow. Nocking two arrows, Robyn aims them at the sky as they begin to shine, before releasing them at great enough speed that they pierce through the clouds whilst leaving behind a glittering trail. Then, shortly after, there comes a faint light filling the sky and a sound similar to falling rain, but instead arrows of light begin to rain from the sky. Robyn is able to control the range of this downpour of arrows, letting it spread over an entire battlefield, or concentrating it entirely onto a single enemy.
  • Nine Lives - More of a technique than a weapon when used by Robyn, it originally had the form of the bow and arrows used to exterminate the one hundred heads of the Hydra, but Heracles. Robyn is able to emulate this technique with whichever weapons he chooses, creating Nine simultaneous attacks from whatever he chooses to use it with, each boasting incredible amounts of power. In essence, it is a "high speed attack consisting of nine consecutive strikes, as swift as if the attacks are overlapping."
  • Caladbolg II
  • Caladbolg after being fired
  • Hrunting
  • Hrunting after being fired
  • Brahmastra as a spear
  • Phoebus Catastrophe
  • Nine Lives used as a projectile
  • Nine Lives used with a melee weapon

Kaus AustralisEdit

Kaus Australis is a Reality Marble utilized by Robyn, which he is able to use thanks to the large amount of magical energy given to him by his Divine Runes. A Reality Marble, is essentially having one's inner world materialized and projected onto reality. This could be considered a type of world creation, as a Reality Marble allows for the creation of a set world that defines the practitioner, albeit on a relatively small scale in this case.

Kaus Australis transports Robyn and his target(s) onto a seemingly endless open field, above which looms a night sky with only the stars of the Sagittarius constellation. Any onlooker would simply see Robyn and his target(s) completely vanishing from sight, until Robyn releases the Reality Marble, though someone skilled in magic could likely sense its presence. It cannont be directly affected from the outside, but a large enough burst of mana may be able to disrupt it. Inside, from the stars above where Robyn and his targets are standing, Robyn is able to rapidly fire down a limitless amount of light-arrows at his opponents. These arrows all individually possess immense power and speed, downpouring from the sky at hypersonic speeds to each crash into the ground with enough force to leave a massive smoldering crater, and Robyn is able to fire thousands upon thousands of them at a time and control them at will to assault his target. Robyn is only able to sustain Kaus Australis for a relatively short amount of time, but due to its devastating potential this drawback is rarely relevant.

Art of TimeEdit

A magic artform created by Robyn that allows him a limited ability of time manipulation.

When Robyn casts this magic, it turns back the time of the object or being that it is cast on by several seconds. This allows Robyn to very easily repair items that have been recently damaged or even completely destroyed. Robyn is even able to use this magic on large things such as even entire buildings, but turning back the time of smaller objects is inherently much easier, and he can turn them back much farther. Robyn is able to use this technique even of items of magical or otherworldly nature, but is generally unable to use it on living things. Alternatively, Robyn can use this to return something back to the location it was several seconds ago, which could be useful for altering the position of an enemy attack, or even returning one of Robyn's own weapons to him.


PSI is essentially the ability to manipulate one's own thoughts to achieve certain effects. Robyn is incredibly skilled with his PSI, and it is likely the only occupation where he could be considered prodigious. The three basic types of PSI are Burst, Trance, and Rise. Due to Robyn's exceptional mastery of all three types of PSI, he could be referred to as an "Almighty". Robyn has also mastered ways in which to make his PSI abilities much more effective, such as the use of programs.

  • Programming - By preparing a set of instructions in his mind before releasing his PSI, Robyn is able to create programs that allow him to lessen the effects of using PSI on his mind and gain a degree of control which would otherwise be unobtainable. This is generally used for Burst, but Robyn has applied it to his Rise, effectively making his enhancements a passive ability through the use of programming.


Burst is generally the ability to manipulate the world around one's self, in essence a person is able to channel and manipulate energy or matter in the surrounding environment, and there is many forms it can take depending on the user. 

  • Cure - Robyn's burst is referred to as Cure, which is a highly specialized hybrid variant of PSI, created by the consecutive use and combination of both Burst, primarily, and Rise. This technique is utilized by employing a Rise which specifically heightens the body's own natural healing properties, but instead of just using it on himself, Robyn projects the regenerative capabilities outwards through the use of Burst. Due to the immense level of complexity this technique entails, Robyn is unable to use it on himself, and is only capable of healing others, allowing them to almost instantly recover from the most grievous of injuries. 


Rise is the ability to enhance your own physical ability and senses through the use of PSI. Robb's level of skill in Rise, could be considered monster level. Robyn is able to increase his own physical parameters to massively superhuman levels, giving him superhuman strength, speed, durability, stamina, and senses. Due to his use of programming, Robyn's Rise has essentially become passive, as he has no need to consciously apply it whilst fighting or otherwise, meaning that the increases made in this enhanced state have for all intents and purposes become Robyn's baseline physical attributes.

  • Medical-Style Rise - This style of Rise isn't meant for combat, but instead was developed to help Cure users, such as Robb. Essentially, this ability specifically enhances his senses in a way that allows Robb to sense the life waves of the people he's healing, sensing things like their breathing and pulse. This could also potentially be used in combat or other situations to allow him to easily read his opponent's next move, or to even act as a crude lie-detector of sorts. 
  • Superhuman Strength - Robyn is able to lift several dozens of tons and strike with an equivalent levels of force to do massive damage to enemies.
  • Superhuman Speed, Agility, and Reflexes - His speed is enhanced to extremely high levels as well, allowing him to attack quickly and avoid most enemy attacks whilst moving at hypersonic speeds. Robyn is able to control this speed masterfully, moving with high levels of precision and fluidity whilst performing incredible acrobatic maneuvers. His already amazing reflexes are enhanced as well, allowing him to easily react to foes or attacks who are even faster than he himself.
  • Superhuman Durability, Stamina, and Healing - Robyn's durability whilst using Rise is high enough to tank most attacks, to the point where many blades weapons may even have trouble piercing him, and even large explosions will do minimal damage. His stamina is raised to the point where he is able to fight for extended periods of time, such as days or even weeks, without much trouble, and his rate of healing is also significantly increased, essentially giving him the ability to regenerate from many wounds, though not at too high a level.
  • Superhuman Senses - His senses are also boosted to extreme levels, enhancing his already incredible sight, allowing him to hear at superhuman levels, and increasing his sense of smell to the point where he can track enemies from miles away.


Trance, in its most basic form, is the ability to manipulate the minds of others to some extent, in various different ways depending on the specific ability.

  • Telepathy - Robyn is able to use Trance to communicate telepathically with others. Robb's skill with this ability is high, and he can communicate from large distances if he so wishes.
  • Jedi Mind Trick - He is also able to influence those with weak minds, by audibly suggesting things to them whilst effecting their minds with Trance, though this is fairly limited.
  • Presence - Robb is able to completely knock out those with weak wills with this ability, invading their minds with ease and causing them to go unconscious by releasing Trance waves into the area around him.
  • Animal Empathy - Robyn is capable of influencing animals as well, and can control and befriend them with relative ease, giving him easy access to allies when near them.
  • Menace Visions - Menace Visions are a specialized ability utilized by Robyn, that combines Trance, primarily, and Rise. This technique is initiated by employing a Rise which specifically heightens his body's own natural Sense properties, whilst fusing it with Trance to use thought waves to broadcast "precognition". Robyn's precognition takes the form of visions which show the "threat of death" through the form of a white aura, which once seen allows him to quickly avoid whatever is threatening him. Robyn is especially proficient with this ability, as it is enhanced even further by his Pure Eye, and natural superhuman reflexes. Robyn personally considers this ability to in some ways be a form of prophecy. 

Notable SkillsEdit

Master ArcherEdit

Robyn is a ridiculously skilled archer, due to his enhanced reflexes and from being trained by Chiron himself. Robyn is able to accurately fire arrows at extremely fast moving targets, and fire a multitude of arrows at once with pin-point accuracy. Robyn maintains his nigh-perfect levels of precision even at extremely long ranges, which can also be partially attributed to his bow being spiritual in nature, but is still exceedingly impressive. His speed is also top notch, being able to seemingly fire arrows instantly to most onlookers. Robyn is capable of firing a remarkable amount of arrows even in just a single second. Robyn is quite easily one of the best marksman in the world, being both incredibly swift and tremendously precise. 

Master Armed CombatantEdit

Due to Chiron's training, and Koroshi's training, as well as witnessing and participating in countless battles, Robb is able to effectively use practically any kind of weapon at an extremely high level. Robyn's affinity for learning has obviously developed this skill, and in combination with his abilities and equipment it makes him incredibly dangerous in battle, as he can quickly change his weapon of choice at will, using whichever is optimal for his current situation, and be extremely dangerous with all of them.

Skilled Hand-to-Hand CombatantEdit

Though not his preferred method of fighting, Robyn is more than capable at close quarters combat. At a young age, Robyn was initially taught Pankration by Chiron, an ancient Greek mixed-martial art, and out of necessity grew quite skilled at it. Chiron of course, was the teacher of countless ancient Greek heroes, and thus taught Robyn well. Robyn learned many other miscellaneous skills during his time with Koroshi, being taught an amalgam of different things by many of the members. Robyn is able to blend all these seemingly random techniques into his own fighting style, which is thus fairly unpredictable. This is enhanced by Robyn's superhuman reflexes, allowing him to fight, at least defensively, against opponents on much higher physical levels than himself.

Medical ExpertEdit

Due to his time spent with Chiron and being mentored by him extensively, Robb has a vast knowledge of medical procedure and the human body in general. This allows Robyn to effectively use his healing abilities, and even if he is unable to use such abilities for any reason he could still competently treat somebody. His knowledge also means that he is aware of many weak spots on the human body, so Robyn is able to easily apply his teachings to combat, either as a way to quickly incapacitate his enemies non-lethally with little trouble, or if needed to know exactly where to aim if he does have to kill someone. 

Intuitive LearnerEdit

Robyn is able to apply most things he sees directly into his own actions, allowing him to learn things at a remarkable pace. In addition to using this to learn new techniques or fighting styles, Robyn can also apply this skill in different ways, such as quickly figuring out his opponent's fighting style and discovering ways to counter and predict them.

Former AbilitiesEdit


Once Chiron was taken, Robb was unable to use any of his Oversouls, obviously. After vowing to stop constantly relying on other people to protect him, Robyn had the gene that allowed him to use his Shamic powers deactivated. 


Robyn is a Shaman, granting him several abilities and skills. He is able to both see and communicate with spirits, control spirits, or help them pass on to the afterlife, among other things. He is additionally able to use Furyoku, which is a measure of one's spiritual energy, and produced directly by the soul. One's level of Furyoku is set at birth, but can be increased by death or a near-death experiences, Robyn himself was born with average levels, far from extraordinary, but they have been increased over time due to various experiences. Robyn's Spirit Partner is the incredibly powerful Chiron, a centaur known from ancient Greek mythology. Chiron is a near God-Level spirit, with massive levels of Reiyoku (the term used to explain a Spirit's power), but due to Robyn's relatively low level as a Shaman, he is yet unable to bring forth Chiron's full potential. Due to having an incredibly close bond with Chiron, having been raised by him for many of his younger years, Robyn is able to use his own body to store Chiron's soul, bypassing the need for a medium and letting Robyn summon him instantly.

Robyn is able to form an Oversoul, using his Furyoku to give Chiron corporeal form. Oversouls are composed entirely of Furyoku, meaning there is no actual matter, and as such they can't be hurt by any form of conventional weaponry. They can be effected by another Oversoul, or any other magical or spiritual type of attack. The user of an Oversoul is able to manifest their spirit in any form that they wish, but usually as something related to their spirit. 

  • O.S. Bow and Arrow - A weapon type Oversoul that Robyn most commonly uses. He forms an etheral-looking bow, and generates arrows as he needs them. He is able to make several different kinds of arrows, such as boxing glove arrows that are able to be non-lethal and cause significant blunt damage. Due to Furyoku only being used up if an O.S. is destroyed, Robb is able to fire as many arrows as he wishes without taking up any of his energy. The power of Robb's arrows is entirely dependent on how much Furyoku he decides to condense into them. Alternatively, Robb is able to overload his arrows with his energy, making them violently explode, but unlike his other arrows this does force Robb to use use up his Furyoku.
  • O.S. Staff - A weapon type Oversoul that Robyn uses when he has to compete in close combat. Robyn is able to concentrate large amounts of his Furyoku into this staff to allow it to hit incredibly hard, but this comes with the risk of an enemy destroying it and Robb losing his energy.
  • O.S. Healing Lyre - A weapon type Oversoul that Robyn is able to play to heal himself and his allies. Robb is able to heal pretty significant injuries with this ability, including injuries that could be potentially fatal if untreated. It is not powerful enough to regenerate entire limbs, but most large injuries can be recovered from. 
  • O.S. Pegasus - A spirit type Oversoul that Robyn is able to use to easily and quickly transport himself. Originally just a horse, Robyn has updated this Oversoul to allow him to fly and move at much greater speeds. This Oversoul is also quite durable and strong, and can be used for battle as a shield and to ram into things if need be.
  • O.S. Chiron - A spirit type Oversoul that takes the form of a massive projection of Chiron's upper body that surrounds Robyn, allowing him to defend himself against powerful attacks and cause significantly more damage than previously. Robyn doesn't have the Furyoku necessary to manifest Chiron's entire body in the same scale as this O.S..

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