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Rian Cathan
Also Known As
Age 19
Gender Male
Height 5'9"
Weight 160lbs
Blood Type B+
Professional Status
Kingdom Balor
Occupation Alchemist
Family Fintan Cathan (father)
Cait Cathan (mother)
Allies None
Enemies None
Status Alive
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 Rian Cathan is a 19 year old Alchemist and Magus from the Kingdom of Balor. He is the secondary character of Freezing-Soul, outside of Requiem's main plotline.


Rian was born into a family of Magus Alchemists who studied the making of Homunculi. His father was a skilled Alchemist, but was never able to master the creation of Homunculi, failing time after time. When Rian was fairly young, he got into some kind of accident, leaving him mortally wounded. His father, panicked, was able to "create" his first successful Homunculus by transferring Rian's consciousness into the body of one of his failed creations, essentially saving his life in the process. Since, Rian has studied his father's Alchemy, and has developed his own style, veering away from the concept of Homunculi and instead using his increased magical reserves for other purposes. 

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Homunculi BodyEdit

Rian's artificial body has both increased physical and magical parameters. Rian has absolutely innumerable amounts of Magic Circuits when compared to any ordinary Magus, and therefore has near unlimited amounts of mana, as his circuits in most cases would produce more than he could possibly be using at any given time. Magic Circuits are generally connected to the soul, but Rian's current body, even though a failure, was still by all technicality a living body. This means that his consciousness being transferred into the body, by all intents and purposes, joined his soul to the existing Magic Circuits, not in a dissimilar way that two Magi can pass circuits between each other. Rian's body is also significantly stronger than that of a normal human, allowing him to perform limited superhuman feats despite spending little time training his body.


Rian is a master of both traditional Alchemy, and the Alchemy used by Magi (Magus), combining both styles into his own unique form. Rian is able to use many kinds of Alchemy, and has bypassed the need for Alchemic Circles. Rian does this by using his own Magical Energy and numerous Magic Circuits to act as the catalyst for his Alchemy instead. Rian is also able to seemingly create things out of thin air, but Rian still adheres to Equivalent Exchange, instead of trading off matter for matter as an Alchemist traditionally would, he instead exchanges his own Magical Energy for matter, thus giving off the illusion that he has bypassed equivalent exchange to any unknowing onlookers. Rian is able to use basic Alchemy to create weapons or other items as he wishes, or alter the ground or structures around him at will, but he also knows several more advanced forms.

  • Flame Alchemy
  • Explosion Alchemy
  • Destruction Alchemy
  • Ice Alchemy
  • Flash Air
  • Thought Acceleration
  • Memory Partition