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Hello, and welcome to Requiem Wiki. Please take your time to read this page as you start edit, to find more about this page, as well as some rules to follow in order to maintain organized and clean articles.

Policies listed here are for usage in articles. Unless stated, they must be followed across the wiki, without exceptions.

As you know, all wikis have a manual of style which they follow in order to maintain clean and neatly organized articles. Requiem Wiki has a style that it uses to keep pages looking in a similar fashion. Below are some of the guidelines that we use here for such purposes. Please take your time to read and follow the guidelines as closely as possible as you edit any and all pages.

Character GuideEdit

Characters must fit into one of the 24 Occupations provided to you by the wiki. Once you have decided you may begin to make your character. Users are permitted a number of 3 playable characters (this does not include, weapons, spirits or demons) and an unlimited number of NPCs. NPCs do not apply to the Experience system. We start by creating a page with a reasonable article name. Once that is done, we way begin to create our character.

  • Property Template: Please use the template {{Property|Username}} at the start of every page.
  • Character Infobox
{{Character Infobox
|image = Leere_1.png

|name = Josh
|kanji = ジョシュア
|romaji = Joshua
|alias = Reaper

|age = 15
|gender = Male
|height = 5'10"
|weight = 163lbs
|blood type = O-

|kingdom = {{SITENAME}}
|occupation = Admin
|level = 10,000
|xp points = OVER 9000
|bounty = {{B}}} 0

|family = None
|allies = Users
|enemies = Trolls

|status = Alive

Once with infobox has been filled in with the necessary fields we move onto the rest of the character page.

  • Quick Introduction- Introduction of character no more than 10 sentences
  • Personality- Describe your character's personality, make it as detailed as possible. References to other characters, whether they be canon or role-play are allowed.
  • Appearance- Describe your characters appearance to help build a better image of them.
  • History/Background- Write about their background and what it was like for them growing up
  • Story/Current Events- Write about the events that take place in RP, leave subheadings for quests and missions!
  • Abilities- Describe your characters battle tactics and traits
    • Create subheadings for specific types of abilities e.g. Devil Fruits, Weapons, Spells etc etc

These are the must haves how you set up the rest of the page is up to you. If you wish to create an image gallery please use the one provided at the bottom of the infobox.