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I've existed for an eternity and it is only now where I feel am truly living. My eyes see no evil yet have have experienced tragedy and fate. I've witnessed legends battle through dusk and perish at dawn, the faint glimmer of a dying star illuminate the world and become an ideal to strive towards. A great war in which a dark reign fueled by hate was overcome by the dying light of humanity. There's not to reason why, there's just to do and die... and die they did, the reality of their legend consumed by a millennial void, its remnants existing as a mere myth; waiting to pieced together.

I've lived through dark days, and now I'm living in darker nights. Through sense and feeling everything was related... now through trauma, nothing is related. A lie nation where the spirit of the Earth has been exploited. The citizens mining themselves into souls, sold. Until nothing is sacred. Not even themselves. Now I see fire, now I see blood, now I see anguish. My spirit exploited.... withering, fading until I can come to see my


Requiem is an online role-playing site which allows its users to decide upon an «Occupation» that reflects upon their choice of anime. The world of Requiem is very simple, the after effects caused by a mysterious catastrophe have led the universes of many shounen battle manga the merge and mix into one universe.

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We don't have to die in vain.

—Rayneria Lockhart-Dusk


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