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It's funny how we can be so different yet, at the same time, so alike. Like two sides of the same coin, separated by chance and brought together by Destiny. For over 200 years we've been ignorant to the existence of one another and now here we are; face to face for the first time. The Others? Gone. This is my land to conquer and I don't need you...anyone else in my way. The North, South, East and the West; it all belongs to me. Now rest with God... because this is my

Requiem is an online role-playing site which allows its users to decide upon an «Occupation» that reflects upon their choice of anime. The world of Requiem is very simple, the after effects caused by a mysterious catastrophe have led the universes of many shounen battle manga the merge and mix into one universe.

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Main Story Recap

Viserys, Tarianna, Robyn, Roman, Haruka, Kazuo, Alexander and Virgo have docked from Athena to head off on their journey after mysterious visions of the God of Requiem A'llye being slaughtered.

Side Story Recap


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Shit You should Know
  • RP is currently on a break whilst we clean up shit on the Wiki as well as finish up other RP involving other Wikis.
  • Cleanup is going on in order to ensure articles of importance are prioritised and all the older stuff is in the background locked away

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