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Ren Kagome
Ren Kagome2
Kanji 蓮恋カゴメ
Also Known As Nymphaea
Age 39 (Physically)
78 (Chronologically)
(DOB: May 5th, Year 130)
Gender Female
Height 5'7"
Weight 129 lbs
Blood Type AB-
Professional Status
Kingdom Hades
Occupation Hunter
Family Hiroshi Kagome (Son)
Takara Kagome (Son)
Hima Kagome (Daughter)
Tsubasa Kagome (Son)
Hitoshi Kagome (Son)
Karina Linus (Daughter-in-law)
Haruka Linus (Grandson)
Jayme Linus (Grandson)
Status Alive
Image Gallery
Ren's Theme2

Ren Kagome, born Lluana Zoldyck, was a famous human Bounty Hunter from Hades who was known for seducing and assassinating several figures within Hades' government. She was one of the most demented, twisted, and cunning individuals within even Hades who had sired several children: that she physically and mentally abused on a daily basis. This resulted in them either running away, cursing her existence, or eventually killing her in her sleep. Recently, she has been resurrected as a succubus who has unknown intentions as of the moment.


Ren Kagome is a cold, cruel, calculating, and cunning individual with no remorse or mercy. She is selfish, pessimistic, manipulative, and enjoys causing harm to others. She likes the color, smell, and taste of blood and even like to bathe in it ocassionally. As an Assassin Hunter, she does not see the value in anyone's lives: as she takes them without a second thought. She believes that everyone, and everything, is meaningless trash that only strives to survive due to pure instinct. Yet, despite this, she values her own life and will do everything in her power in order to remain alive and well.

Medea ComplexEdit

Despite her seemingly calm and careless attitude, Ren has psychological problems and what is known as the "Medea Complex". It is the hatred, whether it be physical, moral, or verbal towards her own offspring: and by extension the men who gave her such children, the fathers. This is why Ren has killed the fathers of all of her children, bar Hiroshi's (because she needed him alive), after conceiving her children with them.






Ren Kagome was a deadly and talented assassin during her time as a human, she was infamous for being one of the most lethal assassins in the world. Upon her resurrection as a daemon, she has quickly become one of the strongest inviduals in Shinsekai.


Nen is a technique that allows one to use and manipulate their own physical Life Energy, produced by the body, known as Aura. It is gradually released from special pores beneath the skin known as Aura Nodes. For those who become skilled practitioners of Nen, they obtain the ability to open and close their Aura Nodes at will. In Ren's case, she is a Genius, born with the innate ability to utilize Nen without ever being taught how by anyone before. Nonetheless, Ren learned how to use the Four Major Principles of Ren, over the years, as a famous Assassin Hunter. Ren's Aura is monstrous in quantity, and she is a Specialist. 

Four Major PrinciplesEdit

  • Ten (Enevelop; Shroud): Ren utilizes Ten to to keep her Aura Nodes open, but instead of letting it all flow away and dissipate. She controls it and makes it to flow through and around her body, causing her body to become immune to emotional attacks from other Nen users. Since all of the energy is concentrated within the body, it allows Ren to maintain youthful vigor and reduce her body's aging process. The main drawback of Ten, is that even though it protects Ren from emotional Nen attacks, it cannot defend against physical Nen attacks. The quality of Ten can be improved through meditation.
  • Zetsu (Suppress; Null): Ren utilizes Zetsu to close her Aura Nodes, stopping the flow of Aura within and around her body altogether. Since Ren is no longer surrounded by her own Aura, she is sensitive to the Aura of others, and can easily track them down by sensing their Auras. On top of this, it also prevents other Nen users from sensing Ren, it relieves fatigue since the Aura is now fully contained within, and unfortunately makes Ren's body vulnerable to other Nen attacks since her own Aura is disabled.
  • Ren (Refine; Enhance): Ren utilizes Ren to output a huge amount of Aura from her body and keeps it attached to her body, she then greatly increases it's intensity and size. Ren's physical strength and durability are increased, and she is provided with a large pool of Aura to use for any techniques. Ren is a direct application of Ten, and it's offensive counterpart. 
  • Hatsu (Release; Act): Ren utilizes Hatsu to release her Aura to perform a certain action. It is what is used to perform all individual Nen abilities, and reflects one's personal expression of Nen. 

Advanced TechniquesEdit

  • Petal to the Metal - Ren's signature Nen ability is "Petal to the Metal", she changes her hair and eye color, which in turn changes her abilities. She has the ability to flawlessly transition between all of her "petals" during combat, making it easy for her to use her various abilities to her advantage.
    • Red Lotus - Ren produces countless red lotus petals from her Nen that take over the "heart" of all that they come into contact with: turning them into Ren's mindless slaves. 
    • Purple Lotus - The spectre of a gigantic purple lotus manifests behind Ren, and then unleashes an endless barrage of reality-severing slashes in the form of humongous petals. 
    • Yellow Lotus - Ren creates perfect clones of herself, that are capable of using all of her abilities bar the pink lotus.
    • Blue Lotus - When using this lotus, Ren's physical paramters spike immensely and she obtains the ability to be reborn from nothing as long as she has Nen left. 
    • White Lotus - Ren transforms herself into a spirit, and is granted the ability to fly, teleport, and possess people. 
    • Pink Lotus - Ren's ultimate technique, Ren creates a gargantuan pink lotus plant that rapidly absorbs the Aura of all living beings across a vast distance. The absorbed Nen is channeled back into Ren, and she becomes stronger the longer it exists. 


As a Magus, and a daemon, Ren can actualize mysteries in the form of Magecraft. Her Reality Marble is known as Nymphomania of the Succubus, and with it she can generate her own realm via her mind. Inside of it, her enemies are assaulted by the naked souls of all of the men she has slept with and killed: both during her life and unlife in Hell. She also possesses the Mystic Eyes of Seduction, which causes any individual that are attracted to women to develop an insatiable sexual desire for Ren. 

Flame Magecraft Edit

Ren's Elemental Affinity is fire, so she specializes in the usage of Magecraft that involves it. 

  • Sea of Flames - Is a spell that instantly generates a tremendous burst of flames that burns at three thousand degrees Fahrenheit. 
  • Spontaneous Combustion - Is a spell that instantly causes an enemy to self-combust.
  • Melty Blood - Is a spell that instantly causes the target's blood to ignite and burn like gasoline once in contact with the air. 

Demon ManifestationEdit

As a true daemon, Ren can produce demons from her body that act as servants that will carry out her bidding. The type of demons she uses are the Oni Kind: demons that represent heat and scorching infernos.They're completely loyal to Ren, and as long as she is alive she can continously produce them if they're destroyed. The Oni are significantly stronger than that of a normal human, possessing bodies that can with cause metallic objects to break on contact with their skin. The Oni can also use Mana Burst, which they combine with their Elemental Affinity to create a Flaming Mana Burst.


Master Hand-to-Hand CombatantEdit

Due to her background as an Assassin Hunter, Ren has acquired a plethora of skills in the art of hand-to-hand combat. She has mastered several martial art styles, and she can use them all back-to-back and seamlessl transition between them. This makes her fighting style rather unpredictable and chaotic, making her movements difficult to track and granting her the element of surprise. 


  • Ren means "lotus" and "love", whilst Kagome can mean "a basket full of holes", "a pregnant woman", or even "a caged bird". 
  • Ren's surname, Kagome is also a reference to "Kagome Kagome" a Japanese children's game that is known for having multiple theories about the deeper and more sinister meanings of it's lyrics. That range from forced prostituion, a pregnant woman forced down the stairs leading to a miscarriage, a convinct who's disemebodied head gazes at his own body, or even the Illuminati.