Kanji おなめ
Also Known As Bonehead (by his mother)
Age 12
Gender Male
Height 5'6"
Weight 157 lbs.
Blood Type AB
Professional Status
Kingdom Tsukuyomi
Occupation Knight
Level 1
Experience 1/1000
Bounty 5,000
Family Okamo (father, deceased)

Salenma (mother)

Allies not a lot of ppl
Enemies not a lot of ppl
Status Alive
Image Gallery

Oname is a young, 12 year old human Knight originally hailing from the Shinto continent of the new world, specifically the Kingdom of Tsukuyomi. Oname was born to a Knight by the name of Okamo and his wife, Salenma, in an extremely cold area where it constantly rained and snowed, and trained by his father from the young age of 3. At the age of 7, Oname entered the academy and wishing to be like his father, he began formal training to become a Knight. He currently wishes to travel the entire world and to make new friends and allies.


Oname is best described as a very happy-go-lucky person who is very optimistic with strong moral values. Oname was brought up believing that everyone has some good inside of them, and that you should never dislike or show contempt towards someone purely for their actions in the past. Oname has mainly been shown kindness throughout his life, however he was still fairly disciplined and therefore is not completely naive and innocent.

Oname values the lives and happiness of his friends above all else, and will stop at nothing in order to please them or cheer them up when things are looking grim. This has led to him gaining the reputation of a very well-mannered and goodhearted child, which he is. However, do not mistake his kindness for weakness. If he is severely betrayed by someone he calls his friend, he will grow a deep distaste for them and will stop at nothing to pay them back on whatever they have done to wrong him.

Oname's kindness is often taken advantage of, and he is not completely oblivious to this. For those who take advantage of him frequently, he will often cut off connections with them. However, he is not above giving people second chances, and will do so if what they did is minor and not something that would majorly effect him. He is very outgoing and intelligent, taking great satisfaction in the happiness of others and apologizing for even the slightest wrongs he's committed. He will immediately come to the defense of his friends if they are in danger or have been hurt, and is very bad at picking sides between allies.

However, once Oname decides that he does not like someone, he is quite the force to be reckoned with. Although not often, he will occasionally do or take certain actions to make things more difficult for those he dislikes in any way possible. This also counts for his attitude in combat, he will attempt to hold back and restrain himself when combating an ally or someone who does not have inherent malicious intent; however he will usually not bother to restrain himself when facing an opponent who is a true enemy to him or his friends.

In general, Oname is a kind and patient young man who aims to make all of his friends happy, and he is someone who likes to live life to his fullest. Although kind, he has a large amount of integrity and he aims to defeat all those who have the ability and intent to harm him or his allies. He is very selfless, and would rather make a friend happy than have personal satisfaction about something. He is a very hopeful person, always looking at the bright side of things and not focusing on the negative part of something. He is very calm in a situation, attempting to reassure his friends that everything is alright and that they can find a way to solve the problem at hand.


Oname's appearance can best be described as simple and uncomplicated, however he can also be described as having a unique style and unique looks that set him off from other people. Oname is of a fairly muscular build despite his age, with a toned abdomen and noticeable biceps. However, despite his muscular physique, he can still be seen as rather scrawny considering he is only 13 years old. He has white, unkept, shoulder-length hair that is rather messy with multiple locks of hair sticking out in different directions. He has two large bangs that frame his face, with a large bang resting over his forehead that is swept to his right side. He has thin eyebrows which are positioned over his somewhat large, light blue eyes that are often compared to the sea. Oname has fair, medium white skin with a normal set of teeth, excluding his abnormally large canines.

For clothing, Oname's usual attire consists of a light, brownish-tan cloak-like jacket that falls to his thighs. This jacket is strange as it completely covers the back and arms, however the front is connected by a small button at the collarbone; with it splitting at the chest and leaving his stomach exposed. The right side of the jacket has a small, black patch that takes up the front of his shoulder and some of his chest, with it also taking up the right-side front of the high collar. Under this jacket, Oname wears a simple black, long-sleeved shirt that stops at his waist; which is tucked into his pants. Oname wears casual black pants of a similar design to the shirt, which stop at his ankles and is kept in place by a dark brown belt. For his feet, Oname wears simple brown boots that go up to his shins, with dark black soles.



As the son of a powerful Knight, and having been in an academy for six years, Oname is a very formidable combatant; despite his young age. As a Knight, Oname is very physically fit and has been trained extensively for 10 years of his life, and he is capable of shocking nearly anyone with his great amounts of physical prowess. Besides his above-average physical ability, Oname's main focus is his inherent Knight ability; Frostbite. Using his physical prowess, individual knight ability, and his Sacred Treasure Kirikizu, Oname is a force to be reckoned with.

Physical ProwessEdit

As a young Knight, who has been taught in the ways of combat since he was only three years old, Oname's physical ability is nothing less than amazing for his young age. Oname was initially trained in basic physical combat by his father when he was 3 years old, and this training continued for four years. During these four years, Oname endured bitter cold, scorching heat, and overall devastating amounts of physical punishment in order for him to become the best he could be. His vigorous training has led to him becoming a prodigy in terms of physical combat, and he is knowledgeable in multiple different martial arts. 

His basic martial prowess is focused on basic punches and kicks, but he also frequently uses his elbows and knees in combat. Despite having a simple combat style, this does not necessarily mean it is not effective. Oname quite commonly uses physical combat only as support and for defense, while using his Knight ability to deal out more devastating attacks. However, he does occassionally focus on pure physical combat, mixing his speed and strength to deal out more effective and intricate attacks.

  • Physical Strength - As a Knight and someone who constantly trains and pushes them self, Oname's physical strength is nothing short of astounding for someone of his age. Oname regularly works out and trains his body in order to become stronger, and it's payed off. Due to being taught by a Knight who focused mainly in physical combat, Oname's strength has risen to great heights in the hopes of one day surpassing his father; with him being able to lift up to 3 tons at maximum strength and exert 2 tons of raw force in physical attacks such as punches and kicks. His strength and prowess in combat is increased further when he uses Frostbite in conjunction with his physical attacks, commonly making ice gauntlets, ice claws, and ice boots to attack opponents.
  • Physical Speed - Oname is a very fast combatant, being able to move at speeds easily surpassing what is considered average for those in his age group. Oname's speed is often considered by many to be one of his greatest aspects, a he moves fluidly and quickly in combat. Oname often uses his speed to catch opponent's offguard, initially acting slow and unprepared; and then quickly blitzing the opponent with barrages of kicks and punches. He also tends to use his great speed to dodge attacks more easily, sometimes focusing on tiring out the attacker and then going in to attack himself as the opponent is fatigued. He also uses it to confuse opponents, occassionally running in circles around them to produce a cloud of dust, and then attacking in the confusion.
  • Durability and Stamina - Due to training constantly, Oname has developed a fairly sufficient level of stamina and endurance that makes a great difference in battle. Due to training excessively for several hours and sometimes days at a time without rest, Oname's stamina has reached heights that greatly assist him in combat. Oname regularly trains and pushes himself to new limits quite often, so he is almost constantly growing in stamina and such. For his durability, Oname can take amazing levels of punishment and pain without giving up or being knocked down. This is because as a child, he was forced through harsh cold, heat, trained past his limits, and forced through grueling punishment in his training by his father. This has led to him being able to take tremendous amounts of force, pain, and the like without tiring or giving out; something that gives him a very clear advantage.
  • Reflexes and Agility - Oname has proven on multiple occasions throughout his life that he is a very nimble and agile person. Oname has heightened his reflexes and such on a completely different level from what is considered average, giving him a sort of "sixth sense". Oname can sense impending danger, and therefore can usually respond to sneak attacks well unless the attacker is using a hidden ability. He is also, as stated before, very nimble and quick on his feet; being able to skillfully dodge attacks without much effort needed. However, if an opponent's speed matches his own, he may have to resort to normal forms of defense.

Knight AbilityEdit

Due to Oname living in an environment that falls below 0 degrees Celsius on a regular basis, he developed his inherent Knight ability; properly named Frostbite. Frostbite not only allows Oname to control ice, but normal water as well; giving him a much wider range of attacks and possibilities. Oname can control the water molecules in the air to create ice or just simply group them together to create water. With Frostbite, Oname can create walls of ice for defense, create ice weapons which he is able to control freely, make water whips, ice claws, etc. This makes his Knight ability a great asset in battle due to it's versatility and power.

  • Tsume - Using his water and ice manipulation, Oname is able to make claws of ice on his fingers. These claws are much stronger than normal ice, and he is able to cut through a great amount of materials with them. He mostly uses Tsume to give quick attacks, aiming for areas such as tendons and joints to weaken the opponent. He is also able to shoot the claws off of his fingers as projectiles at opponents.
  • Korinoyari - When utilizing Frostbite, Oname is able to create weapons of ice or water. Korinoyari involves Oname manipulating the water molecules in the air to create a decently-sized spear of ice. These spears, like the beforementioned claws, are much stronger than normal ice. This is Oname's most used ability, as he prefers to fight with weapons and prefers not to pull out his Sacred Treasure. Oname usually uses a spear for it's levels of reach and versatility. He is able to make up of three of these at a time, which he can levitate and manipulate freely; firing them at opponent's like projectiles or circling them around him for defense. However, he can also create swords, axes, shields, and other weapons as well.
  • Hahen - Using Hahen, Oname gathers water molecules in the air to create small, 3 mm long shards of ice which he can then fire at opponent's like projectiles. Due to how small they are, Oname tends to fire them at weak points specifically to help bring down an opponent's defenses.
  • Mizumuchi - This ability allows Oname to create a whip purely made out of water. Due to being able to control and make the water more dense, this whip is capable of causing large amounts of damage despite being "just water". However, Oname usually uses the whip to wrap around and restrain opponents somewhat. Oname can also add small ice spikes to the end of the whip, effectively making it more deadly and each strike more painful.
  • Kozui - Oname gathers a large amount of water from the air and from his own body, making a small flood or wave of water mostly uses to disorientate or drown opponents. He can also then freeze the water in order to keep people or animals in place. However, this is extremely draining and he does not tend to do it often.
  • Shirudo - This ability is used by Oname to create strong walls of ice to defend from projectiles or any other attack. These walls of ice are much denser and stronger than normal ice, meaning they can properly defend from attacks more easily and won't easily melt when met with fire or a source of heat.
  • Gantoretto - Gantoretto involves Oname gathering water molecules from the air and from his body to create gauntlets. These gauntlets are extremely strong and cover his hand and most of his forearm. These gauntlets are able to make Oname's already bonecrushing attacks even stronger, and they can withstand tremendous amounts of punishment before breaking. He is able to shoot these off as well, but usually only at close range as their weight would prevent them from reaching far away targets. 




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