Nemesis, the Kingdom of Vengeance is the joint third largest Kingdom of Olympus, with Athena, with an Area of 7.692 million km². It is an island off the main land (where the other four kingdoms) are and is directly opposite to the Kingdom of Hera. The current ruler of Nemesis is the young king Xander Reiss. Its capital is Rhamnous.


After being cast aside and hidden away from the rest of man by Eli Dusk and the first child Lilith. Nemesis became a nation full of reavers, rapers, raiders and thieves. As they were hidden in a bounded field and supplies were limited they became men of the sea, their naval supremacy grew large. They are considered independent, fierce and sometimes cruel. And live in a harsh land and they hold no love for the peoples of the mainland and their soft green ways. On Nemesis, a person's worth is judged on what they can take and this has always been the custom.



Kingdom AbilityEdit

Those born on Nemesis or any of the associated islands such as the Quiet Isle inherit the ability to bend light around them and objects of their choice to render themselves invisible. Because of this, warriors on Nemesis possess extraordinary prowess in stealth and guerrilla warfare. They call it Masking.

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