Nazi Titan
Also Known As Vampire Titan
Age 25
Gender Male
Height 2.5 meters
Weight 80
Blood Type
Professional Status
Occupation Vampire, Titan
Level 50
Experience  ???
Bounty Beli} 600,000
Family None
Allies None
Enemies None
Status Alive
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A creation of the Nazis, aiming at replicating the legend of Hercules through an experimental DNA sample of a Servant. By incorporating Hercules DNA and mixing it with that of a Vampire's, the result is an abomination of a monster containing absurd, ever growing strength. Injecting it further with a Titan Shifter Serum, it is capable of creating a far more powerful physical body to inhabit, with even greater regeneration, aiding it in using its incredible strength against gigantic mechas and foes.


Created in the lab, it is a leashed monster with little intelligence. Currently it is directed to follow the Nazi Ninja in his journey to recapture Doctor Korosenai.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Titan PowersEdit


He is able to shapeshift into a massively larger armoured titan variant of his own body which is 30 meters tall. The armour on this titan is far greater, as well as its strength. This gives the Nazi Titan more strength to deal with gigantic beasts.

Incredible EnduranceEdit

Because of the Vampiric Nature of the Nazi Titan, it is highly endurant with its Titan lasting far longer than other shapeshifters, as well as being more complete. It possesses incredible strength and speed outclassing its regular state, at the cost of greater mental instability.

Nigh-Impenetrable ArmourEdit

The incredible armour it has in this state, alongside its normal regeneration, makes it hard to fight through means other than wearing it out - which is much harder than it sounds. This Armour is used by the Nazi Titan to buy time and waste Doctor Korosenai's conventional ammunition against its thick skin.

Defeating the Titan Form will not cost the Nazi Titan a life.

Incredible RegenerationEdit

Expending more of its original body's strength, it can regenerate at exponentially higher rates, giving it the ability to deal massive, devastating blows to its opponents without fear of backlash.

Vampire PowersEdit

Assimilative AdaptationEdit

The power of the Nazi Titan is its ability to adapt, which is its primary power. Adapting to strikes of all kinds, when it assimilates life-forms/creatures it gains a larger genome biodiversity, which is what enables it to create and unleash incredible forces while receiving little to no damage from even the most powerful of strikes, such as the equivalent of meteor impacts.

This also means that the same attack which killed him will be almost unable to penetrate his revamped armour.

Extreme RegenerationEdit

The focus of its Vampire's Ability is not merely adaptation, but also Life. The beings it eats throughout its lifetime increases its regenerative capacity severalfold, often recovering from severe wounds instantly. This is what makes it incredibly hard to take down even one life of the Nazi Titan, let alone all of it.

Many LivesEdit

The Nazi Titan possesses a grand total of 12 lives, accumulated from creatures ranging from Dragons and Titans to Ghouls and Beasts. These are what give it its vast selection of genomes to adapt its body with.

Hercules PowersEdit

Created from Hercules' DNA, that of a Servant, its body is highly durable with ever-growing strength. However, without the Noble Phantasm, the Nazi Titan does not possess the lives granted by the Labours of Hercules. This is circumvented by the advanced regeneration, lives and adaptability granted by his Vampire powers.

Ever-Growing StrengthEdit

The Nazi Titan is one of the rare few possessing this trait. It is able to unleash powerful slashes and punches with seemingly little effort, and is capable of overpowering the Nazi Ninja in strength.

Adaptive InvulnerabilityEdit

The highly resilient body of Hercules and the adaptive, regenerative powers of the Vampire are what allow it to remaining almost completely resilient to most forms of attack, be it ranged or not. This makes it incredibly hard to kill.


Valyrian BladeEdit

The Nazi Titan was given an invulnerable blade made of commercial Valyrian Steel. This prevents many people from even damaging his weapon, as it cannot be broken by the forces most people can exert.

Combined with its absolute strength, almost all defenses instantly get sliced apart by this blade itself. It is said that this blade is so sharp that the blade of it is only several atoms thick.