Nazi Ninja
Also Known As Ninja Vampire
Age 55
Gender Male
Height 1.8 meters
Weight 80
Blood Type
Professional Status
Occupation Vampire, Ninja
Level 50
Experience  ???
Bounty Beli} 600,000
Family None
Allies None
Enemies None
Status Alive
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A personnel of the Nazis. He is a villain aiming to recapture Doctor Korosenai and bring him back to the Nazis to conduct further research.


He once worked with Doctor Korosenai until Doctor Korosenai decided to move out. Aiming to bring him back as well as prevent other Nazi secrets from possibly leaking out, he has been dispatched to eradicate Doctor Korosenai alongside his buddy, Nazi Titan.


In his aim to recapture Doctor Korosenai, Nazi Ninja is equipped with the following equipment.

  • Vampire Evangelion: Possessing an incredibly powerful AT field, the Nazi Ninja wields the Evangelion well, using its incredible agility, defence, and strength to overwhelm Doctor Korosenai's armours and mechanical defences, while shielding himself from counter-attacks from his potential allies. To increase its success, this Evangelion can also use Ninjutsu of incredible power, possessing a chakra system so large that it is unlike any other. This is used to great effect by the Nazi Ninja. Furthermore, with its vampiric powers, it possesses regeneration unlike any other. Alongside this, with its Berserk Mode, it can literally become the strongest offensive tool designed to tear down the strongest of defenses, no matter how developed it may be by Doctor Korosenai.
  • Mangekyo Sharingan: An ability he had gained over the years. Combined with his Vampiric status, nearly nothing can combat him courtesy of his nigh-unmatched speed and ability to predict attacks.
  • Macrofiliant Wires: Wires which he uses in both puppeteering and actual combat. Within the Evangelion, he also utilizes Macrofiliant Wires to trap opponents, giving them less room to actually avoid his Evangelion's powerful strikes and incredible speed.
  • Harkonnen II: The most powerful weapon of the Nazi Ninja. Restructured to fit the Evangelion itself, it possesses incredible destructive ability which can destroy entire landscapes, let alone eliminate minor pests. This weapon is designed to get rid of Doctor Korosenai's continued reliance on enormous/highly dense robots, as its incendiary and penetrating rounds give Doctor Korosenai little time to actually counteract these powerful weaponry. If not, this Harkonnen II can atleast eliminate or disable several of Doctor Korosenai's guns, especially by firing EMP rounds.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

The Nazi Ninja is a master of both puppeteering and Nintaijutsu. Mixing the 2, he has learned many abilities which have proven to be of great use.


  • All generic Ninjutsus, including Elemental Streams of all 5 elements.
  • Mastery over the uncontrolled Body Flicker (unmatched acceleration), and Tree Walking Ninjutsu to grip unto enemies
  • Mastery over the Sharingan, enabling him to predict his opponent's moves and utilize devastating Genjutsu to cause hallucinations of additional clones
  • Massive chakra reserves which come from the devouring of life force via his Vampiric abilities, adding others' chakra unto his own.
  • Evangelion Ninjutsu. Enormous AT Fields which come from the Evangelion cause all techniques to innately possess more power.
  • Shadow Clone Jutsu mastery.
  • Tsukuyomi: An illusion designed to incapacitate Doctor Korosenai
  • Amaterasu: The hottest flames made out of chakra. Designed for long-term status afflictions on enemies

Vampire AbilitiesEdit

Unfathomable StrengthEdit

His greatest attribute. His vampire ability enables him to overwhelm most foes with incredible ease, as he literally gains the strength of those he kills. Having preyed upon the beasts at Doctor Korosenai's home world, he has gained strength to shatter most materials with great ease, hardly requiring much effort for even the most insurmountable tasks.

Evangelion VampirismEdit

His Evangelion is constantly in Berserk mode as it is afflicted with a Vampiric Nature, designed to send it into Berserk mode and causing it to possess nigh-limitless power. This is used as a reserve for Ninjutsu, enabling the Evangelion to become incredibly powerful, and regeneration.

Incredible Reflexes and SpeedEdit

Being a Vampire, it possesses incredible reflexes and speed which enable it to react to point-blank shots and other seemingly unavoidable attacks, dodging them through the power of a controlled Body Flicker.

Poison ImmunityEdit

Being practically dead, the Nazi Ninja is also mostly immune to the effects of poison mentally. However, the poison can still melt his body and affect him physically.


His most notable ability is to use Chakra to regenerate in place of blood, giving him massive regenerative capacities. It is said that the Nazi Ninja possesses a thousand lives worth of regeneration and power.