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Also Known As
Age 18
Gender Male
Height 6 ft
Weight 175 lbs
Blood Type O
Professional Status
Kingdom Balor
Occupation Demon Contractor
Family Marquis Phenex (surrogate father)
Status Alive
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Nathaniel is an eighteen year old resident of Balor, taking up the occupations of both a Demon Contractor and Mage, that often times finds himself shunned by people after they find out what his occupations are. Having a friend more demon than human and a complimentary body due to his unique form of magic, Nathaniel's goal in life is just to find people he can truly hang out with, people that he can truly cherish.


Nathaniel, the son of a Demon Contractor himself and the newest to inherit said lineage, witnessed the death of his father at a young age, leaving him with no-one else to take care of him. Taught to utilize the power of demon spells from a young age, Nathaniel would meet the Demon who was contracted with him, who would be uncharacteristically compassionate towards him and offer to help him out. The reverse of the relationship between most young to adult pairings with Demon Contractor and Demon, Nathaniel was taught the ways and magic of a demon so he could effectively fight without his surrogate father's power. Inspired by the demon's relative sense of compassion despite being an infernal entity without any real obligation to him except merely keeping him alive, Nathaniel decided from the day that he learned to summon his "dad" to this point that he would try to find others like him. Learning about the implications of losing the connection to the demon he made a contract with, Nathaniel's "father" created a seal, sealing himself within his own "son". His "father" being a demon deluded in the fact that he could possibly return to Heaven, was a more gentle, calm demon than most, the true reason for taking Nathaniel in. (Plot Twist: His father is the demon that he contracted and his death was a fake).

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Demon ContractorEdit

A contractor is a human which made blood contract with a demon. By doing that the human gains enhanced physical powers and is able to use a bit of the power of the demon. The demon on the other hand can use his full power in human world, which is normally not possible. A contractor seems to be always in range of this demon to use his power. If the contract was a success, is showing when by the human a seal with the symbol of the demon appears. Nathaniel is a Demon Contractor with an extremely close bond to his particular demon, with many going so far as to say that Nathaniel is the son of a Demon. And in saying so, they would not be entirely incorrect. Making a contract with Marquis Phenex, a demon who's nature is such that it is often mistaken for a mythological phoenix, even taking on it's appearance, Nathaniel is capable of using his father's power to a somewhat impressive extent. He is also able to manipulate and control his father's lesser known element, wind, naturally, allowing him great verstatility in combat. 

  • Spell Master: Nathaniel is capable of utilizing the Phenex Spell with great efficiency, harnessing this power to defeat foes he could not defeat with raw physical powers. Capable of amping his power with the demonic magical energy or even releasing it in devastating bursts, Nathaniel's raw demonic power as a human is not to be taken lightly. Developing the relationship of father and son, Nathaniel's demonic power is only further augmented when considering that fact, his spell potency being great enough to overwhelm those who may simply be only superior to him in skill with the magical equivalent of brute force. In fact, due to being a Devil Slayer, Nathaniel is capable of being a Spell Master even if his link to Phenex is severed, the only reprecussion being the loss of his aerokinetic abilities.
    • Wind Manipulation: Through his contract with Phenex, Nathaniel is capable of controlling the very winds with a supernatual skill almost as naturally as breathing, having been shown how to do this from a young age. Gaining the ability to fly and attack/defend in various ways with the wind, and even reinforce his physical combat/martial prowess, Nathaniel has shown unexpected skill. This wind can also have slight healing properties, helping keep allies in the fight, though not nearly as potent as say, medical ninjutsu or healing magic.
    • Phenex Emblem: Gathering the demonic magical power of his surrogate father, Nathaniel creates a circumscribed sigil of a phoenix that pulsates with an orange glow. Nathaniel then releases it, forcefully expelling a powerful blast of pent up demonic energy, the damage capable of being done dependent on the size of the emblem and the amount of energy channeled towards it. Nathaniel conjures this Emblem from the palm of his hand that then shoots out a wide blast of Demonic power in the form of a high powered orange energy blast. He is also capable of extending it elsewhere and away from his body, allowing him to trap his opponents.
    • King's Crest:  A technique where if a human places complete loyalty to a Demon Contractor or Spell Master, they would receive a magic brand somewhere on their bodies in the shape of the demon's symbol and lineage much like the contract symbol for the demon contractor or spell master that greatly enhances their power. However, should Nathaniel need an extra power boost, he could absorb the granted power and to a much more limited extent, the regular power of the participants. He can even simply place it there just for the absorption, in which case the efficiency is slightly increased.
    • Very, Abnormally Limited Telepathy: Nathaniel can telepathically connect with his father, allowing him to use Dark Armed Struggle, fusing the two bodies into a stronger form and basically allowing him to tap into the full power of Phenex. His magical power takes a great leap forwards. However, in general, he can just speak to Phenex for advice.


Infernal Devil Slayer MagicEdit

The true skill of the demonic entity that is Phenex, Nathaniel is capable of utilizing Devil Slayer Magic, a form of magic that changes the user's physiology to match that of a Devil. As a result, the user can transform their body with features of their respective element, utilizing both offensive and defensive styles. A Devil Slayer is immune to the effects of their own element, and can consume external sources of their element to replenish their strength. However, a Devil Slayer cannot consume the element that they produce themselves, and elements must be consumed through the mouth. 

Infernal Devil Slayer Magic is a type of magic that grants Nathaniel the characteristics of Phenex, a demon who's element of choice is fire, capable of incinerating vast landscapes. Nathaniel's body becomes for all intents and purposes a continual furnace, continuosly churning out insane amounts of flame and lungs that can breath fire, wings that can be retracted at will and can be set ablaze. Nathaniel is totally invulnerable to the element of fire, even his own, he simply cannot consume his own flames. Capable of being used to create constructs like a user of Fire-Make Magic, the power of this magic is in the raw power, being the Flame counterpart to Ice Devil Slayer Magic, which was capable of freezing over an entire town. Nathaniel is capable of somewhat controlling the fire of others. Flames produced by this type of Magic provide much more heat than standard flames. The user’s body temperature is capable of melting iron, burning off poison and stigmatas.  Comparable to Purgatory Fire Dragon Slayer Magic, Nathaniel's fire is inherently even above regular Fire Devil Slayer Magic, capable of scorching even that and burning near indefinitely, producing a golden-black flame.

In addition, Nathaniel is granted access to Phenex's naturally supernatural physiology, gaining enhanced physical strengths and senses, almost transforming him into a mini-me of his "father".

  • Infernal Devil's Roar: Nathaniel releases an impressively large blast/extremely powerful wave of fire, capable of scorching/razing large portions of a battlefield.
  • Spiral of the Infernal Phoenix:
  • Infernal Devil's Forearm:
  • Body of the Infernal: