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Mercy Waters

Mercy Rivers

Mercy pt2

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Also Known As Succubus
The Red Princess
Age 22 (September 29th)
Gender Female
Height 5'7"
Weight 132bs
Blood Type AB+
Professional Status
Kingdom Dis Pater
Occupation Shinobi
Family Celty (sister)
Akashi (adoptive father)
Allies Astrea
Enemies Southeregion
Status Alive
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Mercy Waters is the younger sister of Celty Waters and a 19 year old Shinobi from the Western Kingdom of Dis Pater. She is a protege of the adopted daughter of the Red Demon Akashi and is a Mixed-Blood between a human and demon.


Mercy is a strange individual who takes pleasure in making the people around her uncomfortable as possible, because of this she struggles to make friends which is why she gets so attached to anyone who shows her attention. She feeds of the attention those she grows infatuated with show her and because of this can get extremely jealous when their attention is diverted elsewhere, especially if another girl is involves.

On a deeper level, Mercy is extremely insecure and can often be quite sweet and endearing when not being mischievous. She has an incredible sense of humour which can be eerily dark at some points and loves to play practical jokes on the people around her.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Archdemon PhysiologyEdit

As a princess of Hell and the daughter of its warden, she is deemed an Archdemon, the highest form of demon in hell below its Lords. Despite the fact she was born human, Mercy displays a great deal of skill with her newfound abilities as an Archdemon. As an Archdemon, Mercy demonstrates the following:

  • Superhuman Strength: Mercy's strength varies widely depending on her level of rage. She can lift a minimum of 100 tonnes and has displayed several feats of incredible strength such as ripping people in two, creates large fissures with a single punch, holding up falling buildings and hurling battle ships across the ocean.
  • Superhuman Speed: Mercy possesses the ability to think, move, and react at superhuman speeds. She has been observed catching bullets and has also been seen moving far in excess of hypersonic speeds.
  • Superhuman Stamina: The mystical energy that empowers Mercy prevents her muscles from producing fatigue toxins during physical activities, granting her limitless superhuman stamina.
  • Superhuman Durability: She is capable of withstanding great impact forces, temperature and pressure extremes, powerful energy blasts, and falls from great heights without sustaining injury. As his bodily tissues have been transformed, most projectiles such as bullets simply bounce off her.
  • Invulnerability to Heat and Fire: Mercy cannot be burned and is not effected by extreme temperatures.
  • Dimensional Power Tap: Mercy is able to tap into the energies of hell and bend them to her will, with this she is able to generate large concussive blasts capable of destroying small islands.
  • Regenerative Healing Factor: The magical energies imbuing her allows Mercy to slowly regenerate any damage done to her at a faster rate than the majority of people even to the point of fully regenerating lost limbs in a few hours.


Mercy is extremely proficient with Ninjutsu. She has demonstrated the ability to summon hellhounds, using them to track targets as well as aid her in combat. Mercy is one of the few in the world to completely master their nature transformations (hers being fire and wind).

  • Bukijutsu: As an Uchiha, Mercy is naturally gifted with a variety of different ninja tools. Her area of expertise is in shurikenjutsu, allowing her to throw shuriken and kunai with precision; for complicated or moving targets, Mercy can guide shuriken to their mark using either wire strings or deflecting them off each other. She uses Lightning Flash Blade Creation: by sealing shuriken and kunai into her arm bracelets, Mercy can always have a large supply ready, allowing her to barrage targets in an instant.
  • Fire Release: Fire Release is one of the basic elemental nature transformations. It is performed by moulding superheated chakra inside the stomach before releasing it via the lungs and mouth. There are also variants to this in the form of some mediums such as the use of gun powder, ash, explosive tags and chakra flow into a weapon. Commonly affiliated with the Tiger hand seal, Fire Release consists of mid to long-ranged offensive techniques that cause combustive and explosive damage. The art of having the flames obey the user's will is considered outrageously difficult.
  • Wind Release: Wind Release is one of the five basic elemental nature transformations. Most offensive Wind Release techniques are performed by making chakra as sharp and thin as possible, however, wind can also be generated as a large, concussive force to overwhelm a target. Wind-base techniques are mainly short to mid-ranged offensive techniques that combine brute force and keen precision to deal cutting and slashing damage. A rarity among the five chakra natures, wind techniques are usually performed by generating air circulation and can be enhanced through this method as well. Wind-natured chakra can also be channelled into blades to increase their cutting power and overall range.
  • Yin Release Chakra Mode: Mercy can coat her entire body in a coating of yin chakra that can be manipulated by the user. The chakra cloak, dispite the appearance, is very resilient. Instead of meeting force with force, like how the yang release does, the yin release cloak displaces the force of blunt and bladed blows throughout the cloak, and sacrifices some of the chakra. The cloak can also be manipulated, extending like tendrals from the arms or shaping pointed spikes anywhere on it. Provided enough of the cloak remains, the chakra on her body becomes fluid like, able to fade into the shadows and attack from them, or move around unnoticed. It can also attack a person's shadow and damage them.



Mercy can see the flow of chakra, accurately reproduce any movement she sees, track fast-moving objects, and predict opponents' movement. She can also use Genjutsu: Sharingan for broad purposes such as distraction, interrogation, knocking targets out, or placing them under her control. Mercy can use her Sharingan to relay information to others or enter their subconscious.

Mangekyou SharinganEdit

Mercy MS
With her left Mangekyou, Mercy can use Amaterasu, igniting whatever she looks at with black flames that can burn anything. With her right Mangekyou, he can use Kagutsuchi to shape the flames into a variety of forms for offensive or defensive purposes. Having awakened the Mangekyou in both his eyes, Mercy can use Susanoo, a spectral warrior that protects her and acts on her behalf. Initially, Mercy could only create Susanoo's skeletal features, such as ribs for defence or arms to interact with his surroundings. She has steadily been able to layer musculature and skin over the bones, and later armour to increase its defences. A unique characteristic of Mercy's susanoo is that it bares 3 heads, 3 pairs of arms and reversible legs. It possesses two blades, one blade made entirely from yin chakra and the other from yang.


Senjutsu is a specialised field of techniques that allows the user to sense and then gather natural energy, what makes Mercy's senjutsu so unique is that instead of the natural energy from the world of the living, she gathers the natural energy in hell (Nether) through her cursed mark. Senjutsu practitioners learn to draw the energy of nature inside of them, blending it with their own chakra. This adds a new dimension of power to the practitioner's chakra, resulting in the creation of "senjutsu chakra".

  • Sage Mode: Sage Mode is an empowered state that can be entered by blending natural energy with one's chakra, creating senjutsu chakra. Sage Mode allows users to tap into the natural force of the world, opening up new techniques to them and allowing them to power up existing ones with the new senjutsu chakra. As a result of sage mode her physical strength, speed, stamina, reflexes, perception, and durability are enhanced. Her ninjutsu, genjutsu, and taijutsu become more powerful. Mercy has shown the ability to turn the natural energy around her into an extension of her body to increase the reach of her attacks. She can also sense chakra around them and can sense attacks without the need to see them

List of JutsuEdit

List of Jutsu
Jutsu Nature Description
Transformation Jutsu - It is typically used to change into people other than oneself, but one also has the ability to change into animals, plants, and even inanimate objects like weapons.
Shadow Clone Jutsu - Similar to the basic Clone Technique, this technique creates copies of the user. However, these clones are corporeal instead of illusions. The user's chakra is evenly distributed among every clone, giving each clone an equal fraction of the user's overall power. The clones are capable of performing techniques, including the Shadow Clone Technique itself, on their own and can even bleed, but will usually disperse after hit by a strong enough force.
Substitution Jutsu - With this technique, users replace their own body with some other object, generally with a block of wood, the moment an attack lands. This creates an optical illusion, making the enemy think the attack was successful.
Body Flicker - By using the Body Flicker Technique, a ninja can move short to long distances at an almost untraceable speed. To an observer, it appears as if the user has teleported. It is accomplished by using chakra to temporarily vitalise the body and move at extreme speeds. The amount of chakra required depends on the overall distance and elevation between the user and the intended destination.
(Great) Spiralling Ring Wind Mercy creates a dark purple Rasengan-like orb of chakra surrounded by a series of white rings of chakra that orbit the main sphere. These rings then align into one disc-like shape around the orb, causing the rings to resemble planetary rings.
Wind Release: Vacuum Bullets Wind The user takes a deep breath and then exhales several small blasts of wind chakra in such a manner that they are dispersed over an expansive range, enough to make it difficult to avoid them entirely without taking any damage. Due to the properties of this technique, the expelled blasts are capable of piercing into and potentially through an opponent's flesh when they collide with it.
Wind Release: Vacuum Wave Wind The user takes a deep breath and spins while exhaling, compressing the released air into a solitary blade of wind that covers a substantial area around the user, due to their circular motion. The resulting sharpened blast is large enough to slice through multiple targets located at a significant distance from the user, causing grievous injuries to those hit.
Wind Release: Vacuum Blade Wind The user exhales wind-infused chakra onto a weapon in order to increase its sharpness, range and lethality. For example, the user can infuse a kunai to resemble a makeshift scimitar or infuse shuriken to increase their range and cutting power. In the case of the kunai, wind-natured chakra, which envelopes the weapon, has a distinctive light green colouring.
Fire Release: Great Fireball Fire A technique where chakra kneaded inside the body is converted into fire and expelled from the mouth either as a massive orb of roaring flame or as a continuous flame-thrower. The scope of the attack is altered by controlling the volume of chakra that is mustered.
Fire Release: Great Fire Annihilation Fire The pinnacle of Uchiha Fire Release techniques, chakra kneaded inside the body is converted into fire, and then expelled from the mouth and shaped into a massive fireball, which covers a wide range as well.
Fire Style: Phoenix Flower Jutsu Fire This technique creates a volley of small fireballs, which are sent flying in an unpredictable manner assaulting the enemy. In addition, the flames are controlled individually with chakra, so avoiding them all is extremely difficult. Shuriken can also be concealed within the flames, creating an unexpected secondary surprise attack.
Fire Release: Great Dragon Fire Fire The user compresses a large amount of chakra built up inside their body and changes it into a dragon head-shaped fireball. The user then skillfully manipulates that great fire, and attacks their opponent. Even outside of the attack range, its power and reliability are stressed.
Fire Release: Demon Lantern Fire This technique releases many floating fireballs around the user, which take the shape of ghosts at the final stage of the technique. After performing the required hand seal, they attack the opponent in swarms. Each fireball creates a huge flame at the moment of impact. Mercy's Demon Lanters contain trapped souls in Hell.