Melody La Morte Notte
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FemaleIcon Female




Jan. 6

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155 lbs

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Neutral Good

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Unnamed Father (Deceased)
Unnamed Mother (Deceased)
Reiss Orphanage (Apdotive Family/Deceased sorta)
Rovente L'Morte Notte (Adoptive Father/Deceased)
Sera L'Morte Notte (Adoptive Mother/Deceased)

"Blech -perfectly mimics the sound of a door closing.-" - Melody

Melodia La Morte Notte is the last surviving member of the Notte family, and Noble Mistress of Città della Notte and its rich Orichalcum mines deep in the mountains of Luxuria. She is a survivor of the Reiss Orphanage Massacre, and is currently 19 years old. She is also one of the relatively few to possess the OGene, but having witnessed the power she has gained from it, she is terrified to ever use it on a single soul and instead has focused on using other combat methods.


Melody has very thick and curly white and black hair with pure black eyes with white highlights on the edge of the irises. She's rather tall for a woman at 5'8" and has a buff build for someone of her gender, having visibly thicker arms and legs than other women of her same stature, and a rather toned abdomen with faintly visble abdomenal muscles. She wears a pair of goggles on her head and wears a tanktop with a middrift, really short denim shorts, a light jacket minimally zipped up with the jacket hanging down and the sleeves rolled up on her elbows. She wears heavy military boots with a double barrel shotgun in a holster in the left boot as well as two leather biker gloves one each hand. On each thigh is a holster strapped around her leg, and hanging from her hips is a sling and satchel that carries her collapseable scythe. Unknown to people who meet her, Melody's right arm is entirely bionic from the shoulder down. This is due to a meticulous construction that very nearly replicates muscular structure. It even replicates the feel of holding ones arm and giving it a squeeze, as the particular construction is one designed by Melody. To complete the look, a faux skin is stretched over the arm and melded with her own flesh. The seam is practically invisible to those not looking for it.


Melody is very energetic and brash on the outset, often appearing excited to an almost sexual degree to combat others as if to prove her worth without use of her power granted by the OGene. She is particularly sexually agressive when around Beckham, often getting real up close and making sure private areas of hers are in contact with him when she holds him, often burying his face in her chest and occasionally grinding on his leg. However this is more or less an act as when confronted about such things she becomes very closed off and shy, clearly showing her inexperience in such things and how much of a virgin she is. This however is all in its entirety a mask for the depressed and lonely little girl she is, longing for the love and attention neglected to her when she was real young and lost to her when her adoptive parents were slaughtered when she was 14. She can sometimes be found drinking to numb the pain, only becoming violently agressive and having harmed those unfortunate enough to be around her in such a state. She can often be found crying herself to sleep at night, and taking long strolls in the night alone with her thoughts. She has more than once contemplated suicide, Beckham being her only light at the end of a pitch black, neverending tunnel.


Melody was born in the town of Obscura within the Kingdom of Superbia to the name of Regina Estine. Melody's bioligcal parents were some workers who initially loved Melody at first, but came to resent her when they discovered she was a Joker, otherwise known as a possessor of the OGene. Out of fear, they had neglected her and abused her, as well as lock her away from the outside world. Melody tried to remain happy and loving towards them, but they would never give her a chance, and on her eighth birthday, when she tried to get them to celebrate with her, they attacked her and tried to lock her in a closet. In her fit of rage, Melody's magic power was unleashed and painted the walls red. Scared and alone, Melody ran away and wandered about until she was found by the Reiss Orphanage.

Reiss OrphanageEdit


Post MassacreEdit

Upon surviving the Reiss Orphanage masscre, she had ran away and went into hiding. Stealing from merchants left and right and having to fight off people of the sex trade, Melody eventually found her way to Città della Notte, a wealthy mining town in the mountains of Luxuria. While attempting to steal from the Nobles who owned the town, she was caught by Sera L'Morte Notte, the wife of the town's Noble. Upon seeing Melody's scarred and famished state, and how young Regina was, Sera went to her husband and talked to him about adopting her. They had no children of their own, and Sera was infertile, so this chance to finally have an heir was something Rovente L'Morte Notte had been waiting for. What sealed the deal even further for him was when he discovered that Regina was Joker. This brought back memories of his Grandfather, the founder of the town, and a Joker himself. He was reminded of his Grandfather's strength in leading the town and keeping the place safe. So, after a few weeks of nurturing and caring for Melody, Sera and Rovente told her that they'd be adopting her, and renamining her to carry on the family name. Melody was elated. They had been treating her with such kindness and love that she immediately accepted, on the condition that she also change her given name to completely cut off any ties to her biological family.  Thus, on her thirteenth birthday, she was officially adopted as Sera and Rovente's daughter, rechristened as Melodia L'Morte Notte. Melody quickly became part of the family. She often joined her new father in his studies partaining to the applications of Orichalcum, growing ever so fascinated by the material, drawing up sketches of things that it could possibly used as. She grew very attached to her father, taking after his mannerisms, especially his arrogance and pride. Despite this, he was a kind, loving father, and treated Melody with all that she could ever wish for. He never spoiled her though, and made sure that she would grow to be a proper lady who was kind and giving to others. Melody also took after the way his hands moved about as he spoke. Rovente was always a man who could never stay still. His hands were always all over the place as he spoke, and he got bored of meetings and the like very quickly, tapping his feet or bouncing his leg as he would grow more and more irritaded with the monotony. Melody became the very same, and was often made the subject of lighthearted jokes for how much she had become a clone of her father. Melody also found fun and love with her mother, Sera, as well. She taught her how to cook and fashion clothes. Though, Melody's sense of fashion was a bit strange to Sera, she still supported Melody in her ambitions and hobbies. While she loved to read books with her mother, they never shared much with each other, so there was always a slight distance between them.

On March 5th during a snowy day, when Melody was 14, a Gang suddenly stormed the town and killed many of the townsfolk. During the raid, her father and Mother had her hide in a secret crawl space. Upon hiding in there, Melody heard a loud bang as the door to her father's study was broken down. Due to her curiosity, Melody opened the crawl space open a little to see what was happening. That's when a tall man with long hair and heavy clothing with two bionic arms stepped in, tossing Sera's limp body on the ground, marching over towards his men that stormed the place, and then shouting at them before turing to Melody's father. Melody gasped but covered her mouth as tears began to well up in her eyes. The man and her father were fighting about something, but she couldn't hear it over the sounds outside. Then suddenly, the man grabbed Rovente by the neck and crushed it to the point where both Rovente's body and head fell separately on the ground. Flesh, blood, and the crushed section of spine remained in the cold metal skeleton of the man's bionic hand.

The shock of what she witnessed made shine in Melody's eyes vanish completely as she fell into despair. Immediately she bolted out of the crawl space enraged, black spikes shooting out from the shadows of the men in the room and impaling them. Out of reflex the man with the bionic arms and long hair bolted around to face her and shot off her right arm with a built in gun in his right arm. Melody, to angry to feel pain, bolted at him with a knife she grabbed off her father's desk and drove it into the man's thigh. Her small size made it hard to keep up with her. Realizing the situation, the man made an evasive retreat as the disorganization had left him wounded and vulnerable. Melody chased him, the magic power she holds within her spilling out of her right arm's severed stub to form an arm of shadows, as she crushes and mutilates the man's henchmen left and right without mercy. The afternoon sky now black as night all over the kingdom. Tears continue to spill out of her eyes as she continues to slaughter the gang members left and right, and upon a burning foundation, her shadows blitz through the fires, tearing apart all her enemies, blood raining upon the snow covered fields in front of her home. The man with the bionic arms is long gone, she knows this, but continues to hunt for those who attacked her town. Her search doesn't last long, however, as blood loss from her severed arm makes her pass out in the snow. Because of the events of this night, Melody would forever come to be known as the "Seconda venuta di Oscura Notte Rossore" or in English, The Second Coming of the Dark Scorching Night(rearranged to flow better). The first being her great grandfather who drove away the bandits that inhabited these lands with fires of crimson.

She's quickly found by the remaining townsfolk and brought to the mansion, the town doctor wrapping up her severed arm's stump before they all retreat for the night. The next several days are spent cleaning up the remains of the gang members who attacked the village, and the next week, a funeral is held for Melody's parents and the dead townsfolk. She only knew them for 10 months. For the next year she spent in her room, crying at night for her parents, for the one she first loved. She cried for a year wishing for everything to return to the way it was before. It wasn't until she was 15 that she realized that there was nothing she could do to bring them back, but the least she could do was honor their name and resume mining operations. Immediately after collecting herself Melody went to work by reopening the mind and hiring new miners with promise of housing and high pay. She also had contractors build new houses upon the empty lots, making them big to house families, something she believed that she would never have. During this time, Melody decided that in order to work effectively, she would need a new right arm. The thought of this brought back memories of that night, but she decided against using such a power. It scared her. The day she saw the aftermath of what her power did to stop the raiders gave her nightmares for months. The sight of the black sky and the rain of blood plagued her dreams, day and night. If there was anything she was going to avoid using, it would be her power. So immediately she began draw up blue prints for a new arm. Her first design looked cool enough, but the exposed gearing and wiring left it extreme vulnerable, regardless of the strength of the materials used. For the next month she designed arms until she finally came up with a design that almost perfectly replicated the human arm. It's construction was extremely complex and took her nearly a year to complete, but once it was done she immediately got to work and worked in the mines for three years straight while also training those nights in martial arts. All this made her grow big and strong for a young woman. She became an idol among the girls in the town as an example of what a girl can do. She also became a symbol of never letting anything slow you down and keep you down. Life was as good as it had ever been. Yet she was still plagued with nightmares and the pain of the past, and had soon turned to drinking to forget the pain. But it didn't work. She became violent in this state, and one day she broke the arm of her butler when he disturbed her while drunk. Word never got out, but this really got to Melody psychologically. Her butler told her that she probably needed to go out and sight see. Telling her that maybe getting out of town for a while might calm her nerves. So, on March 2nd, almost two months after she turned 19, Melody climbed upon her bike with her things, waved bye to the town, and drove off to anywhere to clear her mind.



  • Peak Human Strength: Due to her working in the mine and training day in and day out for 3 years straight, Melody has become incredibly physically strong, greatly attributing to why she is so tall with thick arms and thighs as well a solid abdominal area. She can easily lift a little over a half a ton overhead and can stop slow moving cars with her bare hands with a forward leaning stance. This strength is greatly aided by her bionic arm that possesses great Superhuman strength, especially in its grip. This gives her great ability in holding down targets and breaking limbs to prevent escape. The density of the arm also helps in knocking out most enemies.
  • Peak Human Speed and Agility: Thanks to her immense strength from working in the mines via pushing extremely heavy crates and carts as well as speed training has granted Melody an astonishing running speed of 31.34 mph, and a sprinting speed of 35.02 mph. This is much faster than even the world record holder(excluding Jokers with enhanced abilities), and thanks to her increadible leg strength, she can stop on a dime at any given moment. She also has incredibly accelleration, capable of reaching those speeds in only a few seconds, and combined with her incredible stamina, can maintain these speeds for long distances before needing rest.
  • Peak Human Reflexes: Through her training in martial combat, Melody has attained the fastest reflexes a human can possess, granting her the ability to react to any human movement less than and as good as hers effeciently and effectively, allowing her to gain the upperhand quickly on any opponent. Only those with Superhuman abilities are faster. Though with special sensors in her right arm, she can in fact react well enough to superhuman speed and reflexes. Well enough being enough to at least hold her own.
  • Peak Human Endurance: Thanks to living in the mountains, Melody had plenty of opportunities to train her endurance, and she didn't waste a single one. During her 3 years of training, she climbed the mountains around her town 4 times, and survived the winter months in her general outfit to develop a natural resistance to the cold. Because of her training, she can now survive an entire month without food and a week without water, as well as survive sub-zero temperatures for several days and withstand even the most intense of daytime heat. However she is not superhuman, which prevents her from being able to survive anything extreme for prolonged periods of time. Granted she can last a few hours in an active volcano's caldera and a couple of hours in freezing waters. Melody also possesses great stamina due to her rigorous training, granting her the ability to endure the most physical punishment and dish out the most punishment for long periods of time.
  • Incredible Observation and Awareness: Melody possesses an acute attention to detail thanks to her incredible genuis when it comes to robotics and machinery. As such she is quick to identify opponent strategies and weaknesses and can quickly counter as well attack their weaknesses with deadly precision.
  • Expert Martial Artist: Melody trained for 3 years in several Martial Arts, granting her the reflexes and Agility needed to keep up with those who possess Joker abilities due to her refusal to use her own. This also gives her an exceptional edge in melee combat as her primary weapon is a collapseable scythe that she keeps in a satchel that hangs off her hips. She is extremely adept in its use, and thanks to her amazing strength, is extremely light for her where as it'd be heavy for most others.
  • Talented Marksman: Melody's secondary weapons are her two .500 S&W Magnum Revolvers and her Double Barrel Sawed-off shot gun. She keeps the Magnums in holsters strapped to her thighs and the shotgun in a holster strapped to her left boot. Thanks to her incredibly strength, relaxed combat style, and acute attention to detail, Melody is an incredibly good shot with her revolvers and shotgun(for which she uses deer slugs). Thanks to her incredible marksmanship, she is well known in her hometown for being able to shoot a target bullseye from a 113 yards away with a quick draw.
  • Genius in Robotics and Engineering: Thanks to influence from her adoptive father, Rovente, Melody has come to learn and find herself extremely adept in the field of robotics and engineering. Her right arm is her best proof of this, being capable of building a robotic arm out of Orichalcum that throughly replicates the human arm in aesthetic and touch. She was even able to work in a heating and cooling system to replicate the human body's warm. Under stress the arm releases steam, which replicates what one would refer to as sweat. Thanks to her genius intellect in the field, Melody can quickly identify in seconds the weakness to any given machine, and thanks to her physical cpabilities, is more than capable to take down any mechanized hardware.


  • Senza fine Dispera: The curse which Melody bares, a curse of Endless Despair, and an absolute force of nature. This curse developed over time in Melody since she was born. During her time at the orphanage, her hair was more white with black streaks here and there. Upon meeting back up with the group however, it is found that her hair has grown to be mostly black. This is an indication of the Curse's level of maturity. When her hair was white was when the curse began to manifest, and upon becoming entirely black, Curse takes effect, and ends the world, plunging it into an endless void of eternal madness and darkness.
    • Guardian of Oblivion: That which rules over the realm of Melody's curse. Cloaked in an absolutely black veil and robes, this figure carriers a perfectly black scythe. Extremely fast, the Infinite Darkness of the realm is part of the Guardian's cloak, and Eternal Madness infused in its Scythe. Its deathly presence is one so heavy as to force those with weak will to suicide due to crushing their will to live. It guards the Clock of Life and Cross of Passion to ensure that, despite being virtually impossible, no one is able to save Melody from her resigned fate. Thanks to the fact that the realm is made of the Guardian's cloak, it possess omnipresence within the realm of the curse.
      • Infinite Darkness: Forcefully turns day into night and blots out the light. This darkness cannot be purged by even the most holy of weapons, or the brightest of light. Those caught in the Darkness is trapped for eternity and can never escape. Those who attempt to do so are pierced by solid Darkness, their body and soul entirely destroyed. Those who fail to fight back are driven into madness and consumed by the Darkness, their soul giving it strength. The spikes formed by this darkness are more or less indestructible, but can be blocked and avoided. Non-fatal injuries can still be healed.
      • Eternal Madness: An effect of the scythe which the Guardian carries. This effect is when the Guardian cuts the mind of the target, robbing them of all their senses for eternity, completely irreversible. One of strong will may be able to resist the effects, and only be robbed of their senses for a time, but without a way to know the passage of time, they will inevitably fall into madness before recovery takes place.
      • Crushing Death: The presence of the Guardian is one of Death himself, the very image of him driving those without strong will to immediately commit seppuku with wakizashis forged of darkness. Entirely inescapable.
      • Cross of Passion: A symbol of the suffering and passion of Melody, who is bound to the cross with razor wire. This cross will kill Melody over time, the razor wire slowly, gradually cutting deeper into her body. If anyone dare approach the cross, Melody will be killed instantly, sliced into hundreds of pieces where her suffering is then finally released in its entirely, dooming the world to extinction. Use of Joker Venom is ineffective in trying to stop the curse as the curse is of its own existence, Melody is merely the catalyst.
      • Clock of Life: The clock in which Melody is bound to the Pendulum. This clock represents the time in which Melody has left to live. If the clock is stopped, she dies, and the world ends.

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