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Melody La Morte Notte
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FemaleIcon Female




Jan. 6

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155 lbs

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Neutral Good

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Unnamed Father (Deceased)
Unnamed Mother (Deceased)
Reiss Orphanage (Apdotive Family/Deceased sorta)
Rovente L'Morte Notte (Adoptive Father/Deceased)
Sera L'Morte Notte (Adoptive Mother/Deceased)

Melody La Morte Notte is the adopted daughter of the Notte family and its last surviving member. She was born on January 6th, !@#$%^ and is 19 years old. She is also a Joker, a species of Human capable of extraordinary feats. Melody, however, does not use her Joker abilities, opting for more conventional methods of combat instead. She was originally an orphan at the Reiss Orphanage where she developed her first sense of what real family is, and as such highly covets the ideal of Family more dearly than her own life. She is currently the owner of the largest known mine of Orichalcum, as was passed down to her when her father passed away. She loves to tinker with electronics and machinery and take long rides on her chopper.


Melody is a tall woman with thick arms and legs, a large chest, black eyes, and White/Black hair. She wears a pair of welding goggles on her forehead like a headband, a white, baggy, light jacket; short denim shorts, heavy hiking boots, and thin black leggings under her shorts. She weilds a massive scythe and numerous handguns, namely revolvers. She tends to appear a very relaxed individual, with slightly slouched body language.


Melody on the outside comes off rather bubbly and cheerful while also coming across as relaxed and laid back due to a subtle tomboyish nature. She sometimes can show off a quick wit and isn't afraid to make light of a dark situation. In combat, melody shows a fiery passion to protect those around her and becomes extremely hot headed, quick to rage when things don't go her way. However this is mostly a front to keep her orphanage family from seeing how damaged she is by all the emotional trauma she had to go through as a child and into adulthood. She is chronically depressed and has frequent mental break downs, and in secret she can be found drinking rather heavily, and isn't unfamiliar to the violent outburst or two; often attacking those who make slight levity of her feelings and history. The supposed loss of her orphanage family, the murder of her adoptive parents, and the physical and mental abuse inflicted by her biological parents has left her rather jumpy and quick to bursts of intense anger. The slightest reminder of her childhood can find her reacting violently in a reflexive manner, and because of the depth of the trauma, it's likely full recovery is impossible.


Melody was born to a poor family in a rather run down town in the kingdom of Avaratia. Here she was subject to all sorts of horrendous physical and mental abuse, where her parents would stick her with hot iron, beat her with kitchen utensils, throw her around the house, and straight up beat her senseless, all for being a Joker. Born as a Joker with Mage potential, the extreme levels of abuse started to deeply alter Melody's magic power, eventually being twisted into a gruesome curse. On her eighth birthday, hoping to finally reconcile with her parents, she made them a small contraption. However instead of being happy like she hoped, they grew more furious, beating her for giving them piece of junk for all they've "done" for her. Fed up, Melody's curse was triggered by their violence, and overnight, the entire town's population vanished without a trace. Unsure of what happened, Melody began to wander the the countryside until she was eventually picked up by the Reiss Orphanage.

Reiss OrphanageEdit


Post MassacreEdit

Following the events of the Massacre, Melody found herself on the run, scarred by the emotional trauma of losing her first ever family. Frequent bursts of anger often resulted in loss of life in surrounding areas, as her curse would trigger itself as the memories of the night tormented her in her nightmares. This would go on for a few months until she was found stealing food from the Notte household by the wife of Lord Notte. Feeling sorry for Melody, Mrs. Notte took Melody in with the help of Lord Notte. It had turned out that Mrs. Notte was incapable of bearing children, so finding Melody was a blessing for them. They treated her kindly, raising her well and being there to direct her on the right path while working towards mental and physical rehabilitation. After losing the first family she had ever known, Melody was now a part of a real family again. From her mother she learned to be caring and loving, motherly to those who need nurtured. From her father, she attained a slight level of arrogance and a fascination with machinery, often joining her father in activities revolving around the subject. This wasn't to last, however, as when Melody was 14, the estate of Notte was raided by Avartian bandits for the Orichalcum stores from the mine. Leading this ground was a man with two bionic arms and a relaxed posture. He had messy, black hair, a rough shave, and both hands in his pockets. He came across as lazy, yet intimidating. It was with her two eyes that Melody witnessed this man murder her parents, and such, Melody's mind was broken forever. Lashing out, Melody lost her right arm as it was shot off by the man, whom sustained injury as Melody attacked him with her curse. Strangely it appeared to not erase him like the others, and he ended up escaping as Melody passed out from blood loss. Over the next five years since then, Melody went about training and working in the mines as to prepare herself when she meets the man again. Horrified by what her curse did when she lost it fighting him, Melody vowed to never use her Joker power regardless the situation, training in the ways of martial arts and machine to prepare herself for combat. It was then around when she turned 19 that she got the call.



  • Peak Human Strength: Due to her working in the mine and training day in and day out for 3 years straight, Melody has become incredibly physically strong, greatly attributing to why she is so tall with thick arms and thighs as well a solid abdominal area. She can easily lift a little over a half a ton overhead and can stop slow moving cars with her bare hands with a forward leaning stance. This strength is greatly aided by her bionic arm that possesses great Superhuman strength, especially in its grip. This gives her great ability in holding down targets and breaking limbs to prevent escape. The density of the arm also helps in knocking out most enemies.
  • Peak Human Speed and Agility: Thanks to her immense strength from working in the mines via pushing extremely heavy crates and carts as well as speed training has granted Melody an astonishing running speed of 31.34 mph, and a sprinting speed of 35.02 mph. This is much faster than even the world record holder(excluding Jokers with enhanced abilities), and thanks to her increadible leg strength, she can stop on a dime at any given moment. She also has incredibly accelleration, capable of reaching those speeds in only a few seconds, and combined with her incredible stamina, can maintain these speeds for long distances before needing rest.
  • Peak Human Reflexes: Through her training in martial combat, Melody has attained the fastest reflexes a human can possess, granting her the ability to react to any human movement less than and as good as hers effeciently and effectively, allowing her to gain the upperhand quickly on any opponent. Only those with Superhuman abilities are faster. Though with special sensors in her right arm, she can in fact react well enough to superhuman speed and reflexes. Well enough being enough to at least hold her own.
  • Peak Human Endurance: Thanks to living in the mountains, Melody had plenty of opportunities to train her endurance, and she didn't waste a single one. During her 3 years of training, she climbed the mountains around her town 4 times, and survived the winter months in her general outfit to develop a natural resistance to the cold. Because of her training, she can now survive an entire month without food and a week without water, as well as survive sub-zero temperatures for several days and withstand even the most intense of daytime heat. However she is not superhuman, which prevents her from being able to survive anything extreme for prolonged periods of time. Granted she can last a few hours in an active volcano's caldera and a couple of hours in freezing waters. Melody also possesses great stamina due to her rigorous training, granting her the ability to endure the most physical punishment and dish out the most punishment for long periods of time.
  • Incredible Observation and Awareness: Melody possesses an acute attention to detail thanks to her incredible genuis when it comes to robotics and machinery. As such she is quick to identify opponent strategies and weaknesses and can quickly counter as well attack their weaknesses with deadly precision.
  • Expert Martial Artist: Melody trained for 3 years in several Martial Arts, granting her the reflexes and Agility needed to keep up with those who possess Joker abilities due to her refusal to use her own. This also gives her an exceptional edge in melee combat as her primary weapon is a collapseable scythe that she keeps in a satchel that hangs off her hips. She is extremely adept in its use, and thanks to her amazing strength, is extremely light for her where as it'd be heavy for most others.
  • Talented Marksman: Melody's secondary weapons are her two .500 S&W Magnum Revolvers and her Double Barrel Sawed-off shot gun. She keeps the Magnums in holsters strapped to her thighs and the shotgun in a holster strapped to her left boot. Thanks to her incredibly strength, relaxed combat style, and acute attention to detail, Melody is an incredibly good shot with her revolvers and shotgun(for which she uses deer slugs). Thanks to her incredible marksmanship, she is well known in her hometown for being able to shoot a target bullseye from a 113 yards away with a quick draw.
  • Genius in Robotics and Engineering: Thanks to influence from her adoptive father, Melody has come to learn and find herself extremely adept in the field of robotics and engineering. Her right arm is her best proof of this, being capable of building a robotic arm out of Orichalcum that thoroughly replicates the human arm in aesthetic and touch. She was even able to work in a heating and cooling system to replicate the human body's warm. Under stress the arm releases steam, which replicates what one would refer to as sweat. Thanks to her genius intellect in the field, Melody can quickly identify in seconds the weakness to any given machine, and thanks to her physical capabilities, is more than capable to take down any mechanized hardware.


  • Senza fine Dispera: The curse born of Melody's suffering and emotional trauma, it manifests itself via the colour of her eyes and hair. Normally white like diamonds, as the curse matures, Melody's hair gradually becomes more black; streaks emerging here and there. Her eyes also become darker and more sinister, and once both are total Black, the curse triggers. Main effects will be listed below, but here are some minor ones: Strong Sense of Despair, Depression, Suicidal Thoughts, Homicidal Thoughts, extreme heaviness, etc.
    • Sole Nero: By far the most immediately noticeable effect, upon activation, the sun becomes eclipsed in absolute blackness, only the glow of the Corona faintly illuminates the world. This effect is visible from all corners of the world, and as the Sun is enveloped in black, despair and a heavy atmosphere falls upon the world. While black, the Sun appears to bleed as crimson fluid trickles from the rim of the Sun to the world, directly falling wherever Melody is located.