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Megami Satsugai Hanta
Megami Hanta
Kanji 女神ハンター
Rōmaji Megami hantā
Also Known As
Age 22
Gender Female
Height 5'8"
Weight 163 lbs
Blood Type O-
Professional Status
Kingdom Gula
Occupation Chef
Family Akuma Satsugai Hanta (Husband)
Ma Satsugai Hanta (Son)
Tenshia Satsugai Hanta (Daughter)
Okami (Pet)
Coco (Servant) (Family Servant)
Allies Sanguinem
Taikei Senju
Nicholai Lestat
Enemies World Government
World Noble
Status Alive
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 Megami Satsugai Hanta is an 22 year old Chef from the kingdom of Gula. She later moved to Camelot and now lives in Area 11. She is not only Akuma's wife but his Combo as well. 


Megami is a very kind, nice, caring, and forgiving person. Easily forgiving most people for even the worst or strangest of actions unless they crush her arms or cut her hand off of course. She is quite selfless, compassionate, and incredibly well-mannered most of the time. As a Chef, Megami has an amazing fascination for food and has based her entire career around it. She greatly respects food and it in turn respects her as well, as she is capable of hearing the voice of the ingredients. 

Before eating, she always says "I give thanks to all of the ingredients in this world, Itadakimasu!" which means "Let's dig in!". Once she finishes eating, she says "Gochisoumama Deshita" which means "It was a great feast!" to signify the end of the meal. 


Megami is an average height woman with a lean build who possess dark skin, a unique golden/slight green tinted eyes, and teal hair. She tends to wear light-colored clothing and a hat and she also carries a purse around most of the time too. 


Megami is from the kingdom of Gula, she use to run an old restaurant there with her parents. It became the most popular restaurant in Gula and due to her amazing chef skill and abilities, she helped gather various ingredients and was able to cook them to perfection. This helped their restaurant to continue to increase in business and brought in a vast amount of money for Megami and her parents. One day, she met Akuma and the others at the beach and after falling in love with Akuma she decided to move to Camelot. After Requiem's Will was discovered she moved to Area 11 after the world was changed by Requiem. She currently lives there in a nice house where she lives with her husband, their two children, their pet, and their servant Coco. 

List of EquipmentEdit

  • Cinderella - Megami possess the legendary knife known as "Cinderella". That once belonged to the "God of all Chefs" Froese. It is considered a truly holy and majestic knife that possess phenomenal power. With it, Megami is capable of decimating entire cities, cutting through a sea with a single stroke, heal and revitalize others, and even brainwash people to do her bidding although she never uses it for that dark ability. Her husband Akuma gave her this knife so that she could use it to prepare his Full Course Menu so that they could all eat it together, she's kept it ever since and has used it as her signature weapon. 


Although Megami is usually not seen fighting, she too possess Gourmet Cells like other members of her family do and if the time requires it she is capable of easily fighting against and defending herself against most threats. 

Chef SkillsEdit

As a Chef, Megami is highly skilled in preparing and cooking various high-level ingredients with ease. Her skill is great enough to cook specially prepared ingredients and even super specially prepared ingredients. She is the Combo partner of the famous Bishokya, Akuma. With her skills as a Chef rivaling his skills as a Bishokuya. 

Hearing the "Voice" of the IngredientsEdit

Megami is able to hear the "Voice" of Ingredients, which not many Chefs are able to do. As all ingredients somehow possess a "will" of their own. The ingredients are capable of somehow reaching out and calling others and guiding them into finding the ingredient as well as telling them how to properly prepare the ingredient too. The ingredients even have preferences sometimes for those who eat it and the ingredients actually choose the chef, the chef does not choose them. 

Food LuckEdit

Megami possess incredible Food Luck, something that most people do not possess at all. It is the belief that one has good fortune with ingredients in their everyday lives and greatly increases their chances of finding rare ingredients, surviving against nature, and luck for any food related event or challenge. Megami's Food Luck is so great that she is capable of detecting incredibly rare ingredients that not even Akuma's intuition and superhuman  sense of smell can detect. It's almost as if reality itself is manipulated to allow Megami to find the desired ingredient of her choice, survive in the wild, and capable of avoiding various dangers. 

Other SkillsEdit

Gourmet CellsEdit

At some unknown point in time, Megami was injected with Gourmet Cells and luckily they adapted and merged with her body. Granting her superhuman abilities and the ability to utilize the legendary knife Cinderella. Her cells instinctively awakened once she came into possession of the knife and was able to use it to properly cook and prepare Aku's Full Course Menu. After eating alongside everyone, her Gourmet Cells evolved greatly and she started wielding Cinderella as her signature weapon. 


With Cinderella, Megami is capable of using various techniques and special moves both in and outside of battle. 

  • 10 Million Filet Slice: Megami is capable of swinging Cinderella and launching a powerful blast of Appetite Energy and pressurized air at incredible speed that is capable of ripping through a city and the sea with ease slicing anything in it's path apart and continue going for various miles out of sight. 
  • Freshness UP Revitalizing Cut: Megami rams Cinderella into the ground creating a large series of shockwave slashes that disperse across the area. Any living being that the slashes comes into contact with will not only completely heal and revitalize them but greatly increase their physical abilities as well. 


Due to hailing from Gula, The Kingdom of Shadows, Megami possess the ability to sink and phase into the ground beneath her and then emerge and reappear anywhere else she desires within a a maximum of four miles.


  • Megami Hanta's appearance is based on Viletta Nu's appearance from Code Geass.