Magus is the term for a human practitioner of Magecraft, the magical science, as opposed to a Magician, who is capable of bringing forth true
miracles that are impossible to be reenacted at the current scientific stage. In ancient times, the term magus was used for both the users of Thaumaturgy and Magic, but with the advancement of science that made past miracles possible and the decline of the overall power of Magecraft, the differences between the two became clearer. 

The very first magi were merely scholars that studied the supernatural, and the present level of Thaumaturgy was attained thanks to the accumulated knowledge and bloodline history started by them. Magi are frequently, but not necessarily, descend from old magical families, as affinity to sorcery is something transmitted through blood relations.

More than just a name, the term "Magus" define a whole set of beliefs and lifestyle. A magus dedicates himself to the study and refinement of Thaumaturgy while driving himself apart of the values of common people in the process. He searches for the greater truths of the universe not to answer existential questions, but just for the sake of knowing. Ideally, a magus would render his own self transparent while still retaining his ego. In reality however, most magi, especially those of the Mage's Association, are often caught up on petty power struggles. On another hand, those who openly deviate from the way of magi, such as Kiritsugu Emiya and Shirou Emiya, are perceived as heretics that do not deserve to be called a magus.


A Magus normally has the capacity to manipulate at least one of the Elements. However, there are cases of those who can manipulate Elements that are completely different from any of the ones specified above. Cases of a magus who possesses more than one Elemental Affinity, and even affinity to Compound Elements, are also known. Usually said individuals try to master spells that make use of more than one Element at the same time (ex: “liquid manipulation” through the use of Water and Wind Elements). Those capable of manipulating all the five Elements receive the title of Average One and are very valued by the Mage’s Association. Methods to change one’s Elemental Affinity exist, but they are very painful and dangerous.

  • Fire – Spells of the Fire element are related to consumption, heat, entropy, fuels, energy transfer and thermodynamics.
  • Sub-Elements: Heat.
  • Earth  – Earth element spells relate to grounding, cultivation of energy and energy embedding.
    • Sub-Elements: Metal and Jewels.
  • Water  – Related to flows, forms, cycles, combinations and manipulations.
    • Sub-Elements: Ice.
  • Wind  – Deals with air, kinetic forces, static energy, free energy and directed movement.
    • Sub-Elements: Lightning.
  • Aether, (Ether) or Void , the Fifth Imaginary Element according to the teachings of the Mage’s Association, it combines itself with any of the other four Elements in order to actualize the mysteries of Thaumaturgy. Although amorphous and incapable of materializing by its own power, it is what allows shapeless bodies to take a material form. Before the advent of Satsuki Kurogiri’s theory on the Unified Language , it was believed that the reason why mankind was capable of performing powerful mysteries during the Age of Gods was because the positioning of the others' celestial bodies in relation to Earth made the world rich with Ether. Purest, raw form of Grain, its domains are among the lines of composition, dissolution, modification, separation, unification, spiritual bodies, conceptual weapons and others.
    • Sub-Elements: Life, Holy and Eastern Divinations.
  • Ether Clump, also known as Liquid Clay, is a failed materialization attempt of Ether through the combination with one of other Elements. Under normal circumstances Ether can only be materialized after combining itself with one of the other Elements. In some cases however, mainly when there is some sort of failure from the part of the Magus, it will take the physical shape of a clay-like substance. Other than serving as a conductor of magical energy, it is completely useless. Whatever the shape it is given by a magus, if left inactive for long enough (i.e. without magical energy running through it) it will eventually return to its original clay-like form. 


Demon HunterEdit

A Demon Hunter is a human individual that works for the Demon Hunter Organization, an organization that dedicates itself to the destruction of all things demon related, whether they be demon hybrids, hosts, demon contractors or actual demons themselves. A Demon Hunter usually an individual who is capable of using a psychic ability accompanied by a form of prana. To be a Demon Hunter, a character must be of at least level 30.


As they work for the Demon Hunter Organization, a Demon Hunter shares the same goals as any other Demon Hunter would. destroy demons or demon hybrids that have thick demon blood, as they see them as an abnormality that must be corrected. A Demon is a disruption and Demon Hunters are a gathering of those who fix the disruption within nature but they can't fix the disruption within humans. Because the Demon Hunters are an organization in the lawful spell branch, created by humans to protect the human society, as such they are not supposed to hurt humans. For that reason, they will have a difficult time against a demon hybrid as they are not a disruption. In order for a hybrid to be considered a disruption, the demon blood needs to become thicker than the human blood. These demon hybrids who can't maintain the human side anymore are seen as being out of alignment, and the Demon Hunters finally see them as their target. However, when the hybrids go out of alignment, they become the worst enemy for the Demon Hunters. Because they have a human side, binding spells won't work on them and because they have the alien power of the demons, it's impossible to stand up against them with a body of a human. In the past when weapons were undeveloped, killing them meant many casualties.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit


All Demon Hunters can utilize Prana. Prana is a magical energy that powers all magecraft, and it can be analogous to gasoline. There have been many names for it, that in the atmosphere being called Mana in approximately the same as that in Polynesian culture. Ether is not a form of prana, but instead something else entirely. It cannot exist independently or do anything by itself, so is always bound to some sort of recipient. For that reason, the magi use it mostly by imbedding it into an object or as a catalyst to initiate nature interference Magecraft. The only exceptions to the said rule are the Holy Grail of the Einzbern's and True Demons, who recreate miracles by just releasing energy.

Extrasensory PerceptionEdit

Also known as Psychic Power is a catch-all term to refer to the circuits that cause supernatural phenomena to occur. A form of nature interference that to the psychic comes as naturally as breathing. Unlike Magecraft, inherent ability is an absolute necessity. Psychic powers are the ultimate ability of humans, who have become an existence independent of nature. However, these powers are generally incomparable to the great abilities possessed by Demons or Mixed-Bloods. In the end, they are only human.

Psychic powers only appear by chance and are limited to one generation. Generally, one is born with both a 'normal' perception that can allow one to function in society, as well as an 'abnormal' perception (extra channel); those who only possess the latter are known as an Unfit Existence (存在不適合者, Sonzai Futekigōsha).

Known TypesEdit
  • Mystic Eyes-  Grants the power to interfere with the outer world. Acquisition of Mystic Eyes happens when there is some sort of mutation in the Magic Circuits located in the area around one’s eyes. Mutations like that can be done artificially through a process similar to forging a Magic Crest. Mystic Eyes usually work like Single Action spells and are activated through the use of prana.
  • Clairvoyance- the ability to perceive beyond what is physically possible.
  • Death Resistive Body- the ability to make the body able to reshape on it's own, so that he can survive even without vital organs. This also allows him to crystallize his blood, which then can be used as a extremely fine sword or thrown weapon.
  • Plunder- the ability the take the life force of all living beings within the users Cursed Field of Plundering.
  • Masochistic Pneumatic Automatism Diathesis- is a genetic conditionwhich automatically expresses on one's body the spiritual disruptions caused by Demons when close to them; detecting of the spiritual constitution floating in the surrounding area being materialized that using one's own flesh, and obviously, it will result in physical damage. This ability can't be gained from training since it's purely genetic, which is why people born with these traits are valued by the organization as demon detectors.
  • Spontaneous Combustion- the ability to make the users target spontaneously combust using pyrokinetic abilities.

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