Magic King Candidate, is one of the occupations in Req and cannot be learned through conventional means. Someone who is a Magic King Candidate displays an affinity for magic and demonstrates the ability to draw their source of magic from a specific archive. In the universe of Requiem, a person is born with this affinity.


The concept of being a Magic King Candidate is vastly similar to that of a Magic Knight where a person can be born with an affinity and draw their magic from an archive but not necessarily bare any connection with the Mages Association. Oft times, the Mages Association will pick one Candidate from each archive and dub them a "true candidate", this however does not prevent other candidates from continuing on to study their own branch of magic (a thema).

For the Mages Association, a Magic King Candidate is someone worthy of leading the Mages Association and 1 person from each generation of candidates is chosen to be the successor to the current "Magic King".


For a Magic King Candidate, magic is both an energy and an artform that they can use to achieve a desired effect. However, someone who displays an affinity to magic is restricted to one of seven archives. A person's archive is usually determined by the many thema available in the universe and is not necessarily chosen by the candidate, the archive chooses them. The 7 archives are:

  • Luxuria (Lust)
  • Superbia (Pride)
  • Acedia (Sloth)
  • Ira (Wrath)
  • Avaritia (Greed)
  • Gula (Gluttony)
  • Invidia (Envy)

The majority of candidates display personality traits that would be considered the opposite of the archive they draw their magic from, however it is not unheard of for a person's personality to match their trait to a tee.

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