The Mage's Association is an institution within the Shinsekai who oversee and monitor the practice of all forms of "magic". It has many laboratories and research bodies that seek to advance the progress of magic, as well as institutions that transmit their secrets to the next generation. Although the emphasis lies on the pursuit of knowledge, the Association also seeks to increase its own military strength and reserves the use of force to protect itself from entities that threaten its existence, such as the Imperial Reich.

The Mage's Association is said to be lead by the face of the institution, the Magic King (currently Bastion, but in actuality is is run by the Elder Council, a group of skilled practitioners who have been said to have been alive since the dawn of the Shinsekai.

Magic KingEdit

The tradition of Magic King has been relevant since the dawn of the MA. The Magic King is seen as an individual destined to lead the Mage's Association to greatness. The election process to assign a Magic King is simple, the Mage's Association will vet every single Magic King Candidate the world has to offer and select seven "True Candidates". Following on from this, the current Magic King will pick one of the seven to take under their wing with the hope that eventually the selected candidate will surpass the current king and be able to slay the king in battle, hence taking the mantle of the Magic King.

List of Magic KingsEdit

  1. Victor von Krieg
  2. Shinse Yori
  3. Yuno Yori
  4. ???
  5. ???
  6. Remy Dragneel
  7. ???
  8. ???
  9. Zulrich
  10. Bastion (Bastion)

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