Also Known As The Epsilon Weapon
Age 2
Gender Male
Height 6'2"
Weight 220 lbs
Blood Type  ???
Professional Status
Kingdom Inquisition
Family Thane (He is cloned from him.)

Wes (Cloned from him as well.)

Allies The Inquisiton
Enemies Zero
Status Alive
Image Gallery

 Lyle is a synthetic human created by the Inquisition.  Created with a single goal, he spends most of his time working on improving his pride and joy, the PD-Unit.


The Inquisition were experimenting with a unique and deadly disease they isolated called Crystalline.  Crystalline rarely sprung up, and any sightings of it were quickly cleared by the inquisition to avoid panic among people.  All those infected by the disease die quickly but are reanimated in a zombified state.  Purple crystals cover the bodies over time, and simply contacting them causes the part of the body crystallize and the infection to spread.  After isolating a strain of crystalline with hopes of curing it, a terrible accident occured.  The disease violently mutated and changed itself, as if it were sentient and aware of it's situation.  This led to the sample of the disease growing rapidly before violently exploding, releasing spores into the Inquisition base.  Most personell were able to avoid infection, but those in the prisoner bay were not so lucky.  Most of them simply died and reanimated as normal, but one was different.  A igh priority prisoner, with biology very different from nearly any living creature, was infected.  However unlike others which become mindless zombies, the new specimen showed clear signs of intelligence.  When Inquisition personell attempted to put it down, it quickly apadted to their weapons and killed them all.  Those killed by Zero were turned into similar forms, showing signs of intelligence and becoming montrously stronger than they were before.

After this incident, the Inquisiton knew they would need to create something new to deal with Zero.  Due to the creature's strength and adaptation, they knew there was not much they could do.  They were ready to make their best attempt anyway.  Taking genes from a man known as Thane, a previous successful creation known as Serif, and the leader of the Inquisition, Alex, what they called the perfect human was born.  Given the name Lyle and the title of The Epsilon Weapon, this creation worked far better than intended.  Having basically been programmed with his mission in mind, Lyle began work on something knew immediately.  With the intelligence of Serif, alongside the creativity of Thane, Lyle single handidly developed a new source of power for the organization, as well as a suit he would wear that was powered by it.  Once he and his suit, designated the PD-Unit, were fully tested he was sent to meet the members of the group known as Eos, to let them know of the imminent threat zero posed to the world.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Biological AbilitiesEdit

Self Manipulation: Coming from Thane's DNA, Lyle is capable of enhancing his own biology in almost any conceivable way.  These abilities were capable of giving Lyle several helpful offensive and defensive abilities.  He is capable of making his body nigh indestructible as he is able to copy any substance that he has ever come across allowing him to harden his bones to the point that they can mimic the tensile strength, weight, and flexibility of Graphene.  This means that his bones are capable of supporting thousands of times more weight than they could otherwise.  This however makes him a walking lightning rod, but he can minimalize the damage from lightning attacks by making his skin an insulator (preventing lightning from damaging him altogether.)  He can also manipulate his own eyes, allowing him to see several miles clearly; this is widely used to greatly enhance the accuracy of his long range weaponry.  With the combination of his nigh indestructible bones and super dense muscles, Lyle can casually lift 48 tons without using his PD-Unit or any other augmentations available to him.  He also has the ability to multiply his brains processing power manifold.  He can keep up with and even outmatch masters of speed based techniques such as body flicker with ease, and he can do so through sheer skill and physical prowess alone.

Processing Power: Lyle is capable of increasing the speed of the reactions in his brain to nearly seven hundred times that of a peak human's.  This causes the world to move in slow motion for him, and when he truly thinks, sometimes he can see actions before they occur.  Lyle's brain is so advanced that he is actually capable of predicting attacks through muscle movement, allowing him to "see" an enemy's attack before it begins, so his counter can already be prepared before they make contact.  His brain puts supercomputers to shame, and he can instantly strategize upon learning the techniques of his enemy.


Unlike many fighters of the world, Lyle does not possess any magical abilities and relies solely on his equipment for almost all of his combat needs. He believes the PD-Unit more than makes up for his magical shortcomings, and considers it his pride and joy.

Particle DriveEdit

The energy source Lyle designed, it serves as the heart and soul of his mech.  Particles replicate quickly, allowing their energy to be constantly replenished.  The energy provided by particles is not infinite, as constant use of heavy weapons and taxing modes will cause them to be exhausted, though they will return shortly, as the suit is designed with a safety mechanism that will ensure enough particles always remain for them to regerate.  Particles are also weaponizeable, and are extremely effective at what they do.  Considered one step above laser weaponry, particle weapons quite literally erase the matter of whatever they hit.  Particle weapons also cause a unique form of radiation damage, which prevents all non magical regeneration and causes an immense amount of pain to the area that was hit.  If all particles are exhausted, the PD-Unit will switch to electricity as a back up, losing access to all particle weapons and causing a general loss in all around performance.


The PD-Unit, named after it's unique power source, provides practically of Lyle's combat capability. 

Heads Up Display: Seen as a necessity, Lyle's heads up display allows him to see many of the things he needs to see in a world filled with otherwise invisible energies.  It can track the heartbeats, heat signatures, and is capable of tracking frequencies of all known energies.


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