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Lilah Prince

Lilah pt 2


Also Known As Lily
Age 20 (April 5th)
Gender Female
Height 5'6"
Weight 82lbs
Blood Type AB-
Professional Status
Kingdom Maeve
Occupation Psyren
Family Ashton Prince (father)
Anna Prince (mother)
Douglas Prince (brother)
Allies Red Empire
Enemies Imperial Reich
Status Alive
Image Gallery
I'll use their sins against them.

Lilah is a 18 year old girl from Maeve and born into the Prince family of the 12 Celestials of the Imperial Reich, making her "nobility". She has since run away from home back to Maeve where she lives out her life as a waitress. Lilah is a Huntsmen as well as one of the main re-occurring characters in the main story.


Every coin has two sides.



Powers and AbilitiesEdit



Teleporter: Lilah's unique PSI capabilities allows her to transfer matter from one point to another, seemingly instantaneously, without the matter in question actually traversing the intervening space in material form. The ability itself is extremely versatile with there apparently being no distinguishable restriction or limit to either the composition and dimensions of the substances involved in the transference or the exact distance traversed, with the technique also demonstrating little to no consequence to the time taken to arrive at the ultimate destination, even if multiple particular values are increased significantly. However, although the relocation of the specified matter is immediate, Lilah requires an extremely brief period in order to define the intended final location, leaving a small opportunity in which he is vulnerable to adversaries, particularly if they possess high-speed attacks.

In contrast, Lilah utilizes various ways of determining the initial destination, ranging from a circular area emanating outwards from her feet to numerous interlocking hexagonal platforms, suitably restricting not only the area but also the objects which she desires to teleport in mere moments.


Silver LiningEdit

Silver Lining is a form of magic developed by Lilah which allows her to manipulate fairy-like Valyrian Steel wafer-thin, razor sharp strings attachable to seemingly any surface from seemingly any part of her body body (even the innards). They are mostly seen protruding from the palms and fingertips, for many diverse purposes, such as manipulating people's movements in a way reminiscent of how puppeteers control puppets by connecting the strings to their spines, swiping the strings to slice through things like body parts and weapons similar to piano wire or monomolecular wire, using them as tight ropes to walk around the skyline, and creating masses of bundled-up, compressed strings for various constructs such as ropes usable as whips, bullets, clones, a humongous cage-like force field or a massive spider web defense. Generally, it is unknown if there is a limit to the length and quantity of the strings producible. He can also shoot his strings as bullets. As the wires mimic the properties of Valyrian Steel, they are thought to possess extreme cutting power and be very durable.

Lilah can also detach the strings from her body and create solid constructs made from the compressed strings such as shields, bladed weapons.

Elemental SightEdit

Elemental Sight is a sensory ability that allows Lilah to connect to the "Information Dimension" and identify the landscape down to every detail.

Demon RightEdit

Demon Right is a very rare magic spell learned by Lilah during her time in Maeve, the spell can can destroy areas, objects, or even break down the subconscious process of performing a magic spell. If used on a person, the parts that form the human body, including skin, flesh, nerves, body fluids, bones, and cellular structures could be decomposed at a molecular level at a slow rate, leaving what appears to be dust and gas.

  • Gram Demolition: Gram Demolition is a strong counter magic utilized by Lilah. It uses compressed mana to disrupt the subconscious activation sequence of a spell. It is simply a cannonball of mana that has neither structure nor a Magic Ritual to modify an event so it is not affected by magic interference.

Authority of Pride (Dormant)Edit

  • Pride: The user can rewrite phenomenon in their favor as many times as they want. Using this, they can negate their death, bury people into the ground instantly, teleport people without leaving any trace of their actions behind, and change people's memories. Although the user can't control energy with their power, they are able to direct it to wherever they want.
  • Kneel: Being the Archbishop of Pride grants the user the user an ever increasing willpower, essentially, the users willpower can never be overcome. With this, they can use the ability kneel to impose their willpower on both living and non-living things. The user can instruct a person to "disappear" and reality will alter in a way to make that person disappear, they can command a building to crumble and reality will change in a way to make that building crumble.