Also Known As Star of the Morning
True Saint
Age 46
Gender Male
Height 6'5"
Weight 220lbs
Blood Type AB-
Professional Status
Kingdom Hyperion
Occupation Saint
Family None
Allies Easteregion
Cleo (Imperial Reich)
Enemies Akashi (Westeregion)
Status Deceased
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Kreed, Star of the Morning, is one of the four Great Conquerors of the new age and controls the majority of the Eastern World as well as the largest Kingdom, Hyperion. His empire, Saints of the Morning Star, is the largest known empire along with Akashi's Demon Head. It is said that Kreed has a total of 70,000,000 Saints under his command which are divided up into 7 divisions.

Quick List of AbilitiesEdit


  • Cosmo: Burning one's Cosmo produces the energy needed to enable a being to perform extraordinary feats including pulverizing rocks with their bare hands, striking faster than the speed of sound, throwing hundreds (or even thousands to millions) of blows in a second.
    • Scarlet Needle: This technique rests on his index finger having a nail-shaped sting like a scorpion. It consists of 15 contact points (which draw exactly the pattern of the stars of the constellation of this sign) which inflict great pain to the opponent slowly removing their five senses. It can be launched separately causing a slow torture or thrown together to turn the opponent's life.
  • Intuition: Intuition, the sixth sense, is what differs cosmo-awakened fighters from regular ones, as things like feeling and using cosmoenergy, moving at superhuman speeds and predicting movements without the use of other senses is impossible without it. Additionally, the sixth sense can replace the loss of the previous 5 during a fight.
    • Atomic Destruction
    • Telekinesis
    • Teleportation
    • Praesepe - the ability that allows Kreed to see and interact with disembodied souls in ways that are impossible to most humans.
  • Miraculosity: Miraculosity, the seventh sense, gives its user access to the essence of their cosmo. In short, it can be described as the "true" cosmoenergy, and its use brings about what could be considered impossible. Creating miracles in essence. The term "miracle" is used to refer to the acts that go against nature, such as moving one's body at the speed of light. Miraculosity puts Kreed on equal playing fields with Gods.
    • Space-Time Manipulation: Kreed can open apertures in space as well as create distortions in a person's sense of time. He can bend space-time around his enemies to ensure an absolute attack, make himself intangible and create holes in space which he can use to travel anywhere.
  • Partial-Divinity: Divinity, the ninth sense, the sense that separates a god from lower beings. To awaken such sense, a mortal must reach true enlightenment. The miracles generated by the cosmoenergy of a god are capable of not only breaking laws of physics, but also completely ignore them.


  • Transmutation: The proper application of this craft requires not only a full understanding of chemistry and ancient alchemical theory, but also a sort of natural talent towards recognizing and manipulating the physical objects with energy, which require uncommon levels of intelligence and aptitude. When combined with the seventh sense Miraculosiy, Kreed's transmutation is unparalleled being able to transmute objects instantly and to a perfect degree. He is one of the few humans shown to be able to replicate True Valyrian as well as destroy it.