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Kali Atzirah
Also Known As The Terminator
Age 34 (Chronological)
27 (Physical)
Gender Female
Height 5,8
Weight 158lbs
Blood Type B (Previous)
N/A (Current)
Professional Status
Kingdom Gula
Occupation Shinobi
Martial Artist
Stand User
Level 46
Experience 21,000/46,000
Family Deceased
Allies None
Enemies Gula Military
Status Alive
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Kali Atzirah is a mighty individual who hails from the kingdom of gula. Her primary occupation is that of the shinobi classification, but she is also a masterly martial artist, hero, stand user, and trainer. She is but another product of the discrimination which reigns in the society of gula, used continuously as an object of weapons development and the progression of gulan technology at the hands of her home kingdoms military, experiences which eventually resulted in her emerging as a powerful living weapon which not even her own creators could control. She is an important character which will be used by Cardinal Vision on occasion, but is not the main RP character of said user.


Pre Battle GearEdit

Prior to being made into a battle gear, kali was a normal female human being with simple fair skin, short, snow white hair and aquatic blue eyes. She was of a slender and curvaceous build, and a highly athletic muscular constitution which she tempered over time by going through rigorous military training as a child and bodybuilding routines in order to strengthen and develop her body and muscular definition to reach the edge of peak human perfection. Even before she was a decade old, she was observed to have a build and a level of physical health that allowed her to perform feats olympic gold medalists could only dream of.

Post Battle GearEdit

Coming out of the battle gear procedure resulted in kali becoming a creature that was more machine than a human. Many parts of her body had been removed, weak, unnecessary organs were harvested and thrown away, and were replaced with highly powerful magitech limbs and synthetic organs. Obserably, her arms and legs were cut off at their shoulder and hip joints, replaced with new limbs. The lower jaw portion of her skull was also removed and replaced with a synthetic jaw which is capable of performing numerous practical combat functions. To the naked eye, it isn't exactly possible to tell just how many parts of her body were replaced after the battle gear procedure, but kali herself admits that she is more machine than human in her current state.


General BehaviorEdit

The TerminatorEdit






Early LifeEdit

Military TrainingEdit

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The Gulan MilitaryEdit

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Powers & AbilitiesEdit

Kali is an extremely fearsome and powerful being. She was used as a child soldier by the gulan military from ages as early as 6 years old, engaging in assassination and espionage missions, and was subjected to ruthless treatment on behalf of her superiors and her enemies alike. She became highly intimate with the cruel reality of warfare at an exceptionally young age, experiences which tempered her into a brilliant soldier and forced her latent talents in the art of killing to emerge in full bloom. Her skills quickly became something infamous, and she was considered the perfect candidate to undergo the controversial battle gear procedure, which destroyed her humanity and rendered her the ultimate killing machine, nicknamed "The Terminator" by the gulan military.

General AbilitiesEdit

Kali was trained mercilessly, molded and shaped into the perfect child soldier by the military of her home kingdom. She was forced to experience terrifying, highly painful and emotionally scarring events which tempered her into one of the most dangerous soldiers which the battlefield had ever seen, long before she had ever even undergone any magitech modifications. Kali's presence on the battlefield was something to be feared. She was a cruel, merciless killer who showed her targets no mercy, and was prone to slaughtering them like animals, leaving behind nothing but a devastated wake of gore and death wherever she walked.

Immense Strength: Kali's already highly superhuman strength was made insurmountably larger by the advanced magitech limbs and modifications to her body. On her own, her extensive weight training, combat experience, and martial arts skills allowed her to easily break the through the toughest of materials and shatter enemy armor with the force of her blows. Following her cybernetic modifications, her body became capable of accepting more energy than what is possible for a normal human being, and the new, improved artificial muscle structures of her replaced limbs gave way to herculean strength. Kali is now capable of easily lifting, tossing, and overpowering suits of enemy magitech weapons and armor that are much larger, denser, and more massive than she is, ripping them apart with the greatest of ease thanks to her battle gear physiology.

Immense Speed: Kali's senses, reactions, and agility were continuously pushed beyond their human boundaries in the cruel and extremely dangerous experiences which she was put into on a daily basis, both in training routines and live combat situations. She learned to easily avoid the discharge of various projectile weaponry such as laser and ballistic weapons, performing sudden bursts of immense speed which allowed her to dart across the battlefield as though she was blinking from place to place. After the battle gear procedure, the capacity of her new parts allowed her to reach speeds in movement and combat that few other human beings are capable of attaining. She can easily avoid omnidirectional gunfire and catch entire magazines of bullets in her hand before letting them drop to the ground harmlessly. A common feat that kali is infamous for is her ability to deflect or slice enemy attacks clean out of the air with her extreme resonation blade.

Immense Durability: Kali's training included brutal, highly painful, exhausting and severe body conditioning, essentially an even more grueling and intense tempering style inspired by the training methods used to increase the powers of the body which are used by various martial arts monks throughout the world. This caused most weaponry, such as bullets, explosives, knives, and other ordinance to be rendered completely ineffective against her, having attained a body that was invulnerable to many weapons and forces. After her modifications, kali attained durability so great that she is considered an unstoppable juggernaut on the battlefield. Highly explosive bombs and tank shells are no longer capable of bringing harm to her new and improved magitech body. It is rather rare that kali encounters somebody that is capable of actually doing any real harm to her, aside from other highly trained people who have acquired numerous occupations and powers within them.

Martial Arts SkillsEdit

Kali is an extremely dangerous master of martial arts. By the time she was 9 years old, she was already an accomplished, masterful assassin who had achieved complete and total mastery over a number of military martial arts styles that were ingrained into her very being through intense training and exposure to live combat situations on the battlefield. She is also known for putting her own unique, highly unpredictable and stylish spin on fighting, making her an immensely unpredictable and dangerous fighter, who was capable of fighting and killing dozens of highly trained, fully grown adult male soldiers with naught but her bare hands. After undergoing the battle gear procedure, kali's hands literally became tools of meticulous destruction and brutality.

Assassination Arts: Kali is a well-learned master of the unique style of assassination techniques which are taught in her home kingdom. Her assassin skills cause her to target the weak spots on an enemies body, such as vital points and organs, focusing on dealing as much damage as possible to them in the shortest amount of time. Kali's assassination arts are essentially an extremely dirty and unmerciful style of fighting techniques, focusing on breaking the bones, disabling, blinding, injuring, and outright killing her foes as quickly as possible. It is a style focused heavily on attacking the opponent, ambushing them suddenly from an advantageous position, one which works greatly with espionage and stealth combat tactics. She is quick, clean, precise, lethal and merciless, doing everything she can to trap and disable the movements of her opponents, inflict devastating damage to their vital points and organs, and take their life as fast as she can.

Swordsmanship SkillsEdit

The greatest characteristic of kali's general combat abilities lays within her ability to use a blade. Through her extended exposure to the brutal, cold, and horrific world of warfare, kali has developed her own sense of self and battle philosophy based on the sword. She believes the blade to be an extremely powerful weapon. One which does not expire, one which never runs out of ammo, one which never jams, one which never needs to be assembled or prepared before use, and one which can kill an opponent as effectively as any heavy ordinance cannon or explosive, if not more effectively. It is unknown when kali started using a blade, but her superiors witnessed her begin using a sword she found abandoned on the battlefield, which she used with terrifying proficiency despite having no formal training. She became something of a phantasmal ripper, spilling the blood, guts, and ripping off the limbs of those unfortunate to become the focus of her blade.

Freestyle Kenjutsu: Kali is completely self-taught in the art of wielding a blade. Her fighting style is based completely on instinct and tempered out of practical real-time battle experience. Hers is a highly unconventional, unpredictable, and unnatural style of swordsmanship, primal in nature, and yet, it is one which represents the grace and beauty of its owner. Kali's kenjutsu is inclusive of confusing, acrobatic movements, switching her blade to different positions and holding styles in her hands on the fly, and even using her highly dextrous toes to wield her blade with her feet in combinations of attacks which resemble breakdancing and artistic gymnastics more than anything else. This style makes her an extremely difficult opponent to face, even for highly experienced master swordsmen. After being made into a battle gear, kali's swordsmanship developed even further, and she was able to perfect her improvised kenjutsu.

Magitechnology PartsEdit

In her current form, kali herself acknowledges that she is more of a machine than a human being. At some point she was subjected to a horrible, highly secret human modification procedure, under the authority of various scientists who worked for the military company which she was employed by. She had no say in the matter at all, a procedure which severely dehumanized all those selected to take part, transforming kali and all others into extremely advanced, mindless amalgamations of cyber-synthetic technology and biological material, breaking down kali's humanity and transforming her into what is known as a battle gear, an immortal super soldier based on the designs of numerous different androids/artifical humans and cyborgs. This new magitech body has enhanced kali's already brilliant fighting skills, and made her into one of the most dangerous weapons that were ever successfully produced by her home kingdom, overshadowing most other battle gear units.

Magitech Lenses: During the battle gear procedure, kali's organic human eyes were removed and disposed of, and replaced with a pair of magitech lenses, which are essentially a pair of extremely advanced camera's and battle computers which allow her to perceive and the view the world in ways which absurdly outstrip that of normal human eyesight. Upon being hooked up to her brain, the magitech lenses grant kali the ability to view the world in various different light spectrums, sharpen the detail and definition of everything she views to a profound extent, scan and immediately acquire all data on every entity or object that she is viewing, and even have her peceive the world as though everything is moving in slowed down motion, just to name a few functions. She can also zoom in to the point that she can see into space from the surface of the earth, perform x-ray sight, and even make use of a built-in scouter to detect the exact power of her opponents.

Magitech Body Parts: The most notable change in her physiology following the battle gear procedure is the new set of limbs which kali has gained as a result. Kali's original flesh and blood limbs, namely her arms and legs were all severed and disposed at her shoulder and hip joints, leaving only her torso and head the remaining biological parts of her original body. Once removed, new magitech limbs which were modeled and shaped perfectly to the dimensions of her weaker human limbs were fitted in their place, equipped with artificial nerve endings which were connected to her flesh and blood nerve network. These new body parts literally flow blood through them and kali can even feel them up to 83.47% capacity of her original limbs, as a testament to how advanced these magitech limbs are, however, they are much, much stronger and more powerful than human body parts, having artificial, compound muscle fibers which exist above 3000% greater quantity than a normal humans muscle fibers, allowing kali to harness and perform feats of immense superhuman strength and speed.

Magitech Organs: Following the external modifications, many of kali's human organs were replaced with more powerful, effective magitech ones or just flat out removed completely. Her lungs, heart, and parts of her stomach were thrown away and replaced with magitech components which do not require the same food and water in order to function properly, essentially sustaining the user based on their ability to absorb ki as well as take in numerous other unnatural sources, which are used as a replacement for food, essentially allowing kali to survive without the need of feeding herself in the same way as a normal human being anymore. Her spine was also removed and replaced with an improved magitech spinal column which can sustain much greater force and allow kali's body to move in ways that are impossible for the greatest contortionists in the world.

Magitech Nanomachines: What remained of kali's biological body was subject to many modifications to enhance it and have it be able to interface with her new magitech parts. One of these modifications where magitech nanomachines which can perform numerous extremely useful abilities. To begin with, they can alter the properties of her flesh and magitech body, hardening and buffing her durability on certain zones of her body by flooding to an area that is perceived to be in imminent danger or about to be injured via data gathered from ocular and sensory detection. They can also replicate themselves and repair organs, tissue, and essentially reconstruct any portion of kali's body that might be damaged, allowing her to regenerate from even the most intense injuries in the span of a few seconds. These nanomachines also eat and destroy any foreign materials such as toxic, poisonous substances which may enter kali's body, essentially being tiny supercomputers.

Internal Energy Machine: A component which has been labeled a "gero-style" internal energy generator, which quite literally makes the concept of infinite energy possible for kali. This is a rare and highly valuable object which is used in various combat androids all across the world, allowing those implanted with it to harness perpetual, fresh energy which is almost exactly identical to that of ki, allowing kali to focus and unleash unlimited amounts of raw, explosive power and focus them into her limbs or project them in the form of various highly effective combat techniques, all the while raising her own strength, speed, durability, and the sharpness of her senses by using the energy which her reactor gives perpetual birth to as a means of buffing her own body, behaving in much the same way as ki used by martial arts users and fighters.

Other TechnologyEdit

Demon Cyborg Tech: Integrated into kali's specific design were many aspects of "demon cyborg" technology. According to legend, the "demon cyborg" was a legendary cybernetic hero capable of mass destruction. It is the same technology used in the design of the demon cyborg that was assiliated into kali's own magitech body. Thanks to the demon cyborg design components, kali's limbs themselves can also be transformed to become highly destructive tools of heavy assault, launching missiles, ballistic gunfire, deploying laser weaponry and more. Aside from the fact that her limbs possess a vast multitude of additional weapons and gadgets hidden within them, her demon cyborg technology allows her to make use of a new energy core which exists alongside her heart, granting her the ability to unleash tremendous surges of fire from her hands. By blasting her foes with this flame, kali can blow away and incinerate entire mountains in a hellish, raging inferno.

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