Jessica Lockhart


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Also Known As
Age 17
Gender Female
Height 5'5
Weight 90 lbs
Blood Type AB-
Professional Status
Kingdom Chaos
Occupation Saint
Level 33
Experience 750/33,000
Bounty 288,100
Allies Astrea
Enemies The Dark
, The Lockheed
Status Alive
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Jessica Lockhart is an eighteen year old Saint born in the Kingdom of Chaos, a region once considered to be the embodiment of strife and terror that plagues all. Having a perception on life that can basically be summarized as trying one's best to survive the tough times, and if possible doing it with a smile, Jessica has a nigh-unshakeable willpower and ourage that works in complete tandem with her ability to feel the emotion of happness near perpetually. Making progress in the search for her parents, Jessica is determined to find and rescue them from the clutches of a person she knows not fully yet, travelling around the world with her friends as she does so.


Jessica is a bubbly, energetic young girl who is practically constantly smiling, gladly meeting other people and entering their conversations like she had befriended them years ago. In fact, at times, many a person forgets that they actually do not know her, only realizing that she's a total stranger mid-conversation. Quite an extroverted girl, Jessica is hardly shy, and her emotional responses to situations may seem a bit impulsive. In situations that call for intelligient discussions, or alternatively, when angered Jessica has shown the ability to put away her perhaps more seemingly childlike side and talk "normally" and fluently, though it is usually not long before she retuns to her natural state. 


Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Physical AbilitiesEdit

As a Darkness God Slayer, and a young woman who has refined her skill in the art of Cosmo to the point of attaining Miraculosity, a rare feat for most entities that call themselves Saints, Jessica is a great deal beyond that which a normal human could ever hope to possibly reach through sheer training. Attaining full harmony with the physiological changes brought about by becomiing a Slayer Type Mage, in addition to the basic training and strength levels attained by humans who have their Cosmo awakened even slightly, even without actively channeling Cosmo, Jessica possesses an immense physical strength beyond that of most mortals. As such, the full list of capabilties of the lady known as Jessica Lockhart without external manipulations or factors include (entirely biological):

  • Superhuman Strength: Capable of lifting well in excess of several tons without much active effort, Jessica's strength is great, but not the most notable of her attributes.However, Jessica's incredible physical strength can continue to skyrocket in direct proportion to the continuous increase in potency of Cosmo/quantity of Cosmo being actively infused, reaching truly incredible levels if not kept in check, Jessica's Cosmoenergy effectively allowing her to bypass the problems inherently facing most beings. 
  • Superhuman Speed: Jessica is capable of moving much faster than a normal human being, and in fact, one of the most characteristic physical attributes of a Saint is their overwhelming speed. Capable of disappearing and reappearing in what seems to be a blur that lasts for extremely short periods of time, the speed of a Saint is such that one is capable of landing a nigh-immeasurable amount of attacks on a single opponent in the time span of naught but a few seconds, utterly obliterating most forms of competition. Moving at supersonic speeds at start up, in a similar manner to her strength, her speed may also rise proportionally to her Cosmo.
  • Superhuman Stamina: Jessica, a warrior of Saint powers, is capable of fighting for as long as she possibly can assuming her Cosmoenergies do not simply run out, having an unnatural capability for these powers rivaling and sometimes outmatching even the most enduring of warriors. Capable of running vast distances without necessarily resting, Jessica has a stamina unlike most.
  • Superhuman Durability:
    • ​Thermal Resistances:
  • Superhuman Senses:
    • Absolute Night Vision:
    • Negative Emotion Sensing:
      • ​Emotion Reading


The Sixth Sense: IntuitionEdit

The most basic manifestation of the transcendent sense that is Cosmo, Intuition is the power inherent to all capable of feeling their own cosmo and the cosmo of others, with it's basic use distinguishing a Saint from any ordinary fighter. Allowing the user to both feel/sense and utilize cosmoenergy, and vastly augment the potential of one's body to levels beyond what is normal to most beings, Jessica is capable of masterfully utilizing this sense, due to both being very prodiguous in the art, and a member of the Lockhart family of Saints. Often thought to be the source of life for all living beings and the fundamental reason behind the existence of matter in the universe, Jessica is capable of creating and manipulating this power to devastating effect, unleashing the power of several worlds upon her unsuspecting opponent. Jessica hails from the Lockhart family, a dynasty of matriarchal Saints who have successfully cultivated exceptional levels of Cosmo. With the ability to wield Cosmo being deeply, deeply integrated into her very blood, Jessica has enormous potential as a Saint, having discovered and first using Cosmo at a very young age. Due to Cosmo being so intimiately linked with emotions, a serious situation may trigger an upsurge in anger and fighting spirit/determination/willpower, allowing for brief increases in power. Cosmo is the source of life for all living beings and also the reason all matter in the universe exists. 

The sixth sense allows the user to accomplish nearly incomprehensible feats for any mere mortal, such as mind reading, or speaking with the dead.

  • Nature Communication: Jessica, as a masterful Saint, is capable of merging with the World or Nature, becoming an existence that loses most, if not all traces of presence (rendering extremely, extremely difficult to detect), and vastly increases her speed and offensive power.  In addition, Jessica is also capable of psychrometically and/or intuitively collecting the Nature to extract information from the source, letting her know the exact location of targets and even maintain a near clairvoyant ability to predict future events, functioning in combat in a vein similar to the revered Sharingan's powers.
    • Sekishiki: Jessica, through extension of her powers to connect to the Nature aroound, her, is not only capable of visiting the world of spirits, buttalking to and affecting disembodied souls in a manner most are unable to, completely carrying on casual conversations with souls and fighting them if need be.In addition, Jessica can use the lingering souls of the environment around her to charge up several powerful moves, vastly enhancing the powers of what previously were mere Cosmo-energized blasts of power.
      • Underworld Energy Slicer: Jessica concentrates Cosmoenergy to her hands, a which point she condenses it and sends it out as a higly concentrated powerful beam of energy intended to pierce and penetrate defenses. (TBA).
  • Mind Reading: A Saint, being naturally enlightened to the power of Cosmo, is capable of demonstrating a vast swathe of potential sub-senses. Strong in the field of psychic Cosmo usage, Jessica is capable of reading the minds of the weak-wiled, and penetrating the mental defenses and safeguards, atleast to a limited extent, of those with even a stronger will than she does. NB: Actual Application of Ability -This enhances her ability to read and predict the opponent's next move, one of the key characteristics of a Saint's fighting style. This also allows her information gathering and reconnaissance abilities to be amplified greatly.
  • Telekinesis: Though not as developed as a Psyren's usage, Saints too, upon the achieving of the Sixth and basic sense of Cosmo, are capable of lifting and effectively maniulating objects with their mind, lifting heavy objects beyond the capability of most persons for a vast variety of reasons, and condensing their telekinetic power into psychokinetic crystals for the sake of furher, more versatile telekinetic applications.
  • Physical Attribute Augmentation: Jessica is capable of greatly strengthening all aspects of her physical abiltiies with the power of Cosmo, with the only limit to how strong she can get physically being the upper limits of her Cosmo and the amount of Cosmoenergy she can readily utilize. It is hard to explain or describe how much more powerful she can get physically considereing her normal stats, but upon increasing her power, Jessica is capable of taking her strength to levels that put many to simply stare in awe.
  • Elemental Cosmo: Cosmos can possess an elemental attribute, that can greatly strengthen the power of one's Cosmo when utilized. here are seven Elements with their respective Strengths and Weaknesses. The Elements are Water, Fire, Wind, Thunder, Earth, Light and Darkness. Working in a similar manner to the elemental balances of shinobi, with Darkness and Light being the Saint's equivalent of Yin and Yang, regardless of the advantages capable of being held by more powerful elements, if one's Cosmo is inherently superior to the opponent then the element will maintain superiority even if it would be naturally impossible. Despite Jessica's relatively upbeat, happy personality, Jessica's attribute is indeed the power of Darkness. The contrast between her personality and her Cosmo attribute is considered to be a direct representation of the Lockhart prophecy of being The Light Wielding Darkness. Wielding one of the rarest types of Elemental Cosmo, and one on par with Light, Jessica's potential with her Darkness Cosmo is surprisingly high, capable of disarming powerful opponents with it. Howe
  • Psychocrystal Manipulation:
    • ​Crystal Wall: Jessica is capable of conjuring an immensely powerful barrier constructed entirely put of psycho-power, between herself and an object, and is capable of defending and reflecting against, most if not all times of attacks. Capable of defending the user against psychic and Cosmo attacks, in addition to things like gases and poisons, rebounding the attack back to the enemy with the same strength it was launched.
    • Crystal Net: A variation of the technique Crystal Wall which creates a psycho-power made spider web. This web can refrain the movements of the targets that get in contact with it.


Darkness God Slayer MagicEdit

In a similar vein to all forms of Slayer Magic, Jessica's magic is no different. Jessica's magic is a type of Lost Magic that allows her to transform her physiology into that of a God, changing her own Magic Origin with the holy energy and divine power transforming her body to match the Gods of her element, utilizing offensive, defensive, and even supplementary styles. As a Darkness God Slayer, Jessica is rendered completely, utterly invulnerable to any form of onslaught involving shadows and darkness.

Like all other God Slayer styles, this magic revolves around the manipulation, usage, and consumption of a type of element. This magic also involves bodily transformation. In Jessica's case, the element is darkness. Jessica's unnatural darkness can be used to envelop and protect her body from attacks, especially those intended to blind her. At maximum potential, Darkness God Slayer Magic is rumoured to grant the user the ability to "sense the darkness" within the hearts of others, detecting their negative emotions with ease. While it is extremely destructive, it can also be defensive or just be used casually. Like all God Slayer magic, Darkness God slayer magic is black, though many would argue that it would have been regardless of being a God slayer magic due to the nature of the element of darkness.

Jessica's unique form of Darkness is said to have a freezing effect, having temperatures reaching below -196 degrees Celsius, or -321 degrees Fahrenheit, with even just -55 degrees Celsius proving enough to practically freeze human in skin in less than a second once exposed. The darkness continually devours all heat/sources of heat, replacing the heat with temperatures low enough to cause the instant freezing of most liquids. While the temperatures may fluctuate depending one what the user wants, and the fact that it is possible to heat up the Darkness, the temperature cannot exceed -17 degrees Celsius, or 0 degrees Fahrenheit. Those who encounter this Darkness will not experience warmth when shrouded by it.

The darkness utilized in this form of God slayer magic has been known to take on physical form, allowing the user to bludgeon or cut opponents with it. Jessica can also mold the darkness into different shapes and forms, allowing them to create weapons, armors or more dynamic creations such as animals and other beasts to attack their foes. In addition, God Slayer Magic inherently cannot collide with, clash with, cancel out, or be cancelled out by other attacks, unless said attack is of a God Slayer class, as in a similar manner to Flame God Slayer Magic easily going through the ordinary flames of Fire Dragon Slayer Magic, though, however, defenses on the other hand have a much better chance, though the immense power of God Slayer Magic may still enable them to be more easily overwhelmed. In addition, like all God Slayers, Jessica is capable of reconsuming her own element to gain back magical power and stamina even if created by her own magic, a step above regular Slayer Magic. The Darkness capable of being absorbed by a God Slayer also extends to negative emotions.

  • Darkness God's Phantasmal Scream: Jessica, as a Darkness God Slayer, is capable of employing a spell similar to the standard Bellow attack used by other God Slayers. By inhaling a certain amount of air and then completely expelling every last bit of the inhaled air from her system quickly and rapidly, her Slayer Magic enhanced lungs capable of forcing out air and intaking it on a level considered inhuman. By doing this, Jessica release a deafening shockwave of darkness.The strength of the shockwave is determined by the amount of air he intakes. Even without taking in a large amounts of air, it is capable of destroying objects with ease. Upon training her power and learning about the Chaos Art of Aetther Forge, Jessica is capable of manipulating the trajectory of the beam, splitting the shockwave/beam to hit several targets in a single usage. Each beam ossessing, or the entirety of the shockwave possessing the inherent heat absorbing ablities of Darness God Slayer Magic, Jessica is capable of freezing targets with the power of Darkness usually in a single hit, in addition to the almighty power of regular Darkness itself.  If not possible to hit the target in question, the shockwave leaves behind orbs of darkness, that wil continually hunt for their target unless it is impossible to reach them, locked on like an etremely advanced homing missile.
    • Darkness God's Condensed Shot: 
  • Darkness God's Wave: Jessica is capable of releasing a wave of darkness with a mere swing of her hand, impacting the opponent with great blunt force and  power enough to push them back. She also uses this to effectively counter fast-moving attacks or multi-directional attacks. Jessica is also capable of employing this technique through her feet, stomping on the ground and releasing an omnidirectional wave of darkness, effectively serving as both a defense and offense. When used by her feet, the spell is refered to as Darkness God's Quake.  Jessica is capable of using this power to rend the Earth, cut the skies, and even disrupt incoming enemy spells if they are being cast at the time and of a size that she can reflect. In addition, this shockwave can be used as personal protection, in a sense stopping her from having to face the total onslaught of a powerful energy beam-esque attack should the need arise.
  • Darkness God's Blessing: Jessica is capable of enveloping items and weapons in shrouds of Darkness, greatly augmenting their defensive prowess and combat efficiency. With this ability, this allows Jessica to effectively improvise with the most mundane of objects, effectively utilizing them to great skill while in the heat of battle. As for actually, fully polished, skilllfully crafted weaponry, the power of the weapon is increased immensely, effectively enabling her the opportunity to fight off more powerful swordsmen, freezing their weapons and armours upon impact, absorbing the inherent heat from everything around her.
  • Darkness God's Spears: One of Jessica's more simple spells, Jessica creates a spear made out of pure darkness, utilziing the weapon as a projectile or as a physical weapon, forming a powerful weapon in the hands of Jessica, her primary form of weapon based combat being the use of polearms. If chosen to be thrown, it produces an incredibly destructive explosion upon impact. She can also utilize these spears in rapid succession, though this increases the difficulty in controlling their trajectory. In fact, this spell was the first to foreshadow her being capable of utilizing Shade Forge, as the form of creation is exactly that.
  • Darkness God's Saint of Darkness: A spell with two attributes, Jessica is only consciously capable of using one of them. The user shifts their body into pure darkness energy, a technique that increases their mobility and erases their corporeal form, thus negating all physical attacks upon their form and limiting the amount of damage they can receive from others. By wrapping their body around the targets, they can weigh them down immensely and wear down any protective gear they have, being unable to be shaken off, as their body has no physical form, and their efforts will just ensure they waste precious energy. They can also induce the freezing effect on the opponent, freezing them right there and then. This increases her transportation speed greatly, to the point many a person actually believes that she can teleport.
  • Darkness God's Hand: Jessica is capable of gathering magical energies in the atmphsphere and compressing them on and in one of their fists before unleashing a powerful elemental magical energy projecting punch, a devastating blow that can cause even piercing, penetrating damage, ripping through lesser forms of Elemental Magic and most defenses if left unprotected, due to the sheer power of the spell. Many say that the only way to properly defend against this spell, is to evade.
  • Darkness God's Foot: Similarly to Jessica's Darkness God's Hand spell, Jessica is capable of gathering magical energies to her feet, compressing them into her feet. As one's legs are said to be 7-8 times more powerful than one's arms, this spell is often used simply for overkill and boredom.
    • Darknight Identity: Jessica is capable of utilizing a power awakened from her darkest and negative emotions to achieve a great power from using this state, and can allow it to take control over her body at times. However, Jessica has also learned to acceptit, fully enabling her to control her new found strength. Gaining shadow markings on her body, both her physical and magical performances grow sevveral times, as well as attaining higher levels of Darkness Manipulation. As the first sentence only said awakened, not utilized by, it infers that is capable of switching emotional sources later. Jessica's Darknight Identity draws from her positive emotions, and allows her to partially and fully embrace this Darkness, with her power being enhanced five times over.
      • Enhanced Magical Power: As this power is connected to her magical source/Magic Origin, their magical performance becomes enhanced due to their power being further tapped into. This increases her magic power and the power of her spells in a similar manner to Drive in Dragon Slayers.
      • Enhanced Physical Power: Jessica is capable of utilizing the power of her Darknight Identity for enhancing her physical capabilities. While being affected by the Darknight Identity state, almost all of her physical features and characteristcs rise many times, allowing her to accomplish amazing feats in their performance.
    • Shadow Stealth: Shadowsinker is a core aspect of Darkness Based Slayer Magic and one of the magic's most powerful assets; effectively, it's a more effective version of the Shadow Body spell, which is a darkness-based version of the Elemental Body ability of Elemental Magic, which allows the user to let physical and magical attacks pass harmlessly through their body when they're transformed; but Shadowsinker is a permanently available ability - Shadowsinker enables the user of Black Dragon Slayer Magic to transform their body into shadows, allowing them to sink into the ground in order to roam around freely at high speed and teleport. This shadowy from grants the caster near unparalleled speed and an immunity to harm when transformed; essentially granting them the status of semi-flight. With Shadowsinker, the user is capable of closing the distance between themselves and their enemies, and can even use it go through them, attacking and then re-materializing continually as a form of a 'speed blitz'.

Shade ForgeEdit

An existence similar to that of a Molding Magic, allowing the user to create and manipulate therie element into various shapes and sizes, Jessica Lockhart, employing this powerful spell, belonging to a group of spells known as the legendary Chaos Arts, is capable of shaping the ether manifested through th Chaos Arts into anything she wants at the time. Surging magical energy outwards briefly, and beginning to undergo a relatively complex process to shift her magical energies and other particles into the energy form known as the Sacred Aether. Jessica is capable of shaping any manifestation of her magical power into any form she would like, and due to the complexity of this creation, the power of constructs created with this power is far beyond regular Molding Magic, and the potential for creation is nigh-limitless, such as creating weaponry, and even stabilized energy columns that erupt from the ground. Albeit the immense power of this spell already, Jessica can combine this power with the power of Darkness itself, enhancing it's capabilities with the overwhelming power of Darkness God Slayer Magic. Capable of creating countless items by simply shaping her magical power and thinking about it, lacking need for the use of proper modification technique to brung her thoughts into reality, as a Darkness God Slayer and user of Shade Forge, Jessica can draw any darkness or shadow from any source  almost endlessly, and like Darkness God Slayer Magic's regular form, Jessica can utilize all the properties of her magic, increasing the power of everything she creates.

However, the cost of utilizing her own Darkness God Slayer Magic rather than transforming other Darkness into it is relatively high. However, through Jessica's mastery of the Darkness element of Cosmo, Jessica is capable of combining her own miniature big bang energies with her Magic Power to produce quite an impressive feat. While Cosmo tends to be extremely useful in changing an element to specific structures an forms, ranging from a beam to the full construct of an animal, Cosmo users tend to lack in the sheer magnitude and raw power of the Darkness that Slayers can create, limiting their potential for diversity. However, Shade Forge is capable of taking the Darkness emitted by Cosmo and combine it with the powers of Darkness God Slayer Magic to reach an unholy union that should probably have never actually been discovered.

  • Static Shade Forge: The first of the two methods of utilizing Shade Forge,  Jessica is capable of the creation of inanimate objects at will, and can form almost any weaponry at all, and in a similar manner to Molding Magic, can seemingly create anything from nothing. Jessica can jab darkness into the soil below, and can potentially cause the soil beneath her to become converted into shadow if necessary, from which she can manipulate and shape the newly formed shadows in any manner she pleases. However, if the soil in question was to be somehow empowered, bended, or mystically infused, Jessica will find it much harder to utilize Shadow Erosion on.
Cosmo AlterationsEdit
  • Shade Forge: Armor of the Dark One:
  • Shade Forge:Darkness Gauntlet: Jessica is capable of utilizing her Darkness cosmo to envelop her arms and greatly increase her striking power apart from weapons, considered her personal version of Darkness God's Blessing. This can also be applied to her lower limbs.
    • Shade Forge: Dark Chills:Jessica is capable of creating a dome of pure darkness that completely envelops the environment and completely negates the opponent's sense of sight, completely blocking it off and forcing them to utilize some other form of sensory perception, as Jessica is now able to completely unleash an onslaught of attacks on her now blinded opponent, effectively attacking them as a completely invisible entity.
    • Shade Forge:Bomb of Chaos:Jessica condenses the murky darkness into a small sphere, shrinking it in size and solidifying it, then grabbing it and throwing it at her target, which when comes in contact with something, it explodes into a large explosion of darkness. The size varies however, depending on how much darkness Jessica has stored and how much she condensed it and made unstable.
    • 'Shade Forge: Divine Avatar:Jessica is capable of utilizing her Darkness God Slayer Magic and then take advantage of the fact that Cosmo can breathe life into constructs, e.g, turning a torrent of water into the direct shape and form of a dragon head. Jessica can effectively create a clone of herself, capable of everything she can, with several drawbacks.  Firstly, the God Slayer Magic utilized by the Copy will be much weaker, with the exception of the Saint of Darkness ability, which is instead easier for the Copy. Secondly, it lacks the durability that Jessica has, though it can attempt to remedy this with Cosmo, though it's durability will still pale in comparison to her own.
      • Shade Forge: Barrier of Darkness: User uses darkness Magic to protect himself from an enemy's attack.
    • Shade Forge:God of Darkness: Tartarus: Jessica extends her shadows underneath her target, and creates arm-shaped shadows that latch onto her target, restricting their movements, though it is meant to be used to capture a target, it can also be used to tear the target apart using the shadowy arms. However, it can also be used on a larger scale during night, in which she can merge her shadow with the larger shadows of buildings or with the darkness the night reflects to create hundred to thousands of shadowy arms that can effectively take out a large group of enemies.
Original SpellsEdit
  • Shade Forge: Blade- Shade Forge: Blade is a Darkness God Slayer Magic spell of the Shade Forge sub-ability it enables Jessica to manifest a sword composed entirely of darkness for a variety of purposes, most notably for close-range combat. In any case, when manifesting Shade Forge: Blade, what emerges is a relatively simple-looking western short sword composed entirely out of darkness – of course, the wielder of Darkness God Slayer Magic is capable of altering the composition and thus the appearance of said sword thanks to the Shade Forge: Blade being a byproduct of their dominance over darkness, the caster is able to change the properties and composition of any Shade Forge: Blade through thoughts alone into alternate forms as long as it still counts as a "sword"; while normally, it appears as a light-blue sword with a crossguard that points upwards on both sides to resemble extra blades, it can be modified into a plethora of other forms as long as it still counts as a "sword", such as a katana, rapier, longsword, cutlass, zweihänder, jian, and many more. In any case, no matter the form and shape that Shade Forge: Blade takes upon, it can clash head-to-head with regular, solid blades and come off no worse for wear- the weapon is capable of slicing straight through magical barriers of and alloy forged weaponry and armour as well. Each slash released with the blade known to possess a truly incredible amount of energy -both kinetic and supernatural- behind its motion, releasing immense amounts of darkness in every wake that trails along the ground in a similar manner to that of a Sword Beam, flying towards the opponent while travelling across the ground, more often than not dealing large amounts of damage to a target while busting through anything it comes into contact with. While in its solid form, the Shade Forge: Blade can endure even the strongest of attacks, making it quite effective in blocking and deflecting incoming attacks; and it can withstand getting crushed by a pressurized forc. The caster is capable of channeling their other Darkness God Slayer Magic spells. As a side note, by pouring more energy into the weapon's composition, the caster is capable of lengthening and enlarging the dark blade to reach the size and height of skyscrapers, granting the caster the ability to cause enormous amounts of devastation with every swing. The blade is shown to become as light or as heavy as the wielder wishes it to, thanks to its composition, and the power of Shade Forge: Blade is capable of inflicting a deep cut into the opponent's body. Shade Forge: Blade can be utilized as a form of 'blades below the shoulder' in order to enhance the user's own close-combat blows, as even though they are mounted in such a manner, they lose none of their special properties- additionally, if the user already possesses a personalized sword, they are capable of overlaying the casting sequence of Shade Forge: Blade upon their ordinary weapon, causing the Magic Seal to superimpose itself upon the cold alloys of their sword before undergoing crystallization and gaining Shade Forge: Blade as a "protective casing" of sorts, more than doubling the damage their regular sword would be capable of unleashing.
    • Extension: Shard Rider- Extension: Shard Rider is Darkness God Slayer Magic spell of the Shade Forge sub-ability and, as the prefix of "extension" would indicate, a variant of the Shade Forge: Blade spell - going further from manifesting a sword of darkness, Extension: Shard Rider involves the caster leaping upon their blade and then propelling themselves forward with a burst of darkness, riding the weapon like a surfboard into the target. In any case, when performing Extension: Shard Rider, the user, while already gripping a Shade Forge: Blade within their hands, infuses this blade with their magical energy,- from here, instead of utilizing the Shade Forge: Blade for direct and close-range melee combat as it would normally be harnessed, the caster focuses the dark energies manifested through the Dark Slayer Magic upon the Shade Forge: Blade as they leap upon the blade as to treat it as a psuedo-vehicle for high-speed transportation; the moment that the caster puts both of their feet upon this blade and commands it to move through mental commands while causing it to resemble a surfboard, specks of dust begin to scatter from its very composition, as the caster begins to fuel more and more of their magical energies into the sword that serves as a solid surface underneath their feet, causing it to resemble a blade-shaped rocket as the caster then shoots forth like a bullet, moving at high speeds to the point that they become nothing but a blur - it's estimated that the velocity that a wielder moves at while Extension: Shard Rider is in motion is much swifter than unsupplemented regular transportation magic, making it a slight improvement overall, best suited for an impromptu getaway. When the caster comes into contact with the opponent, it will knock them down if they are standing, and the jagged tip of the blade they are riding on is capable of piercing all sorts of barriers; addition, it is capable of knocking the opponent back if it is utilized when the user is airborne. The first strike will freeze the opponent with the secondary property of the Darkness, and it is capable of knocking the opponent back if it is utilized when the user is airborne. Additionally, thanks to the sheer velocities that the darkness board moves at, the kinetic energy released by its movements can produce enough force to occasionally reverse an opponent, leaving the enemy unexpectedly open which the caster can immediately take advantage of. When in motion, Extension: Shard Rider is capable of trailing large amounts of darkness in its wake, which can damage the opponent.
  • Shade Forge: Shield: Shade Forge: Shield is a Darkness God Slayer Magic spell of the Shade Forge sub-ability - as the name suggests, it enables the caster to manifest a shield composed entirely of darkness. In any case, what emerges is a barrier formed entirely from darkness for the sole purpose of defense – the barrier resembles the form of geometric shapes that connect to form the overall shape of tessellating hexagons and is capable of being modified to suit almost any situation in regards to both its shape and properties. Each transformation that the Shade Forge: Shield undergoes is induced by the caster's mental commands alone, with no real need to pump any magical energies into its composition to alter its shape and sizes. The Shade Forge: Shield acts as a high-density shield that “appears” to be immovable by any outside force, and it can take the form of numerous wide spires of darkness that erupt from the ground, thus reducing the number of elements required for a complete defense. The defensive power of Shade Forge: Shield is absolutely immense; they can protect the caster from almost anything that is aimed towards their form- upon contact with an opposing attack, the strike which is aimed towards the caster's body that touches the Shade Forge: Shield is brought to a screeching halt as its kinetic energy is reduced to zero- this can works against magic, bullets, explosions, and other projectiles; effectively, for a three-hundred-and-sixty degree method of defense, the caster is capable of using Shade Forge: Shield to erect walls composed of massive pillars of darkness as if they were built by hand around their entire body. The spell can also be used for offensive purposes, launching forward to create powerful forces to strike the targets, or to deflect forces sent by enemies right back at them, and they are capable of manipulating such defensive barriers at their will, bending and twisting them to better guard themselves as well as their allies from enemy attacks; in addition, the caster can split the Shade Forge: Shield barriers into their constitutive elements, which they can freely move in midair and employ for offensive purposes. Of course, through the inherent malleability of Shade Forge that's a result of it being an imitation of Molding Magic, a wielder of Darkness God Slayer Magic is able to downscale the size of Shade Forge: Shield in order to transform it into a hand-held shield, specifically that of a buckler, which is a small shield, up to fourty-five centimeters in diameter, gripped in the fist with a central handle behind the boss for use in close-range combat. Despite being, well, a shield, Shade Forge: Shield can be harnessed for both defensive and offensive capabilities, commonly throwing the shield at their opponents, using the impressive aerodynamic properties of the shield in order to have the normally defensive weapon tear through the air while ignoring wind resistance and path deflection, smashing into anything that it comes into contact with, possessing mindbogglingly incredible flexibility, frequently rebounding from objects over and over without sacrificing any of its momentum.
  • Shade Forge: Lance- Shade Forge: Lance is a Darkness God Slayer Magic spell of the Shade Forge sub-ability - as the name suggests, it enables the caster to manifest a spear composed entirely of darkness. Typically, the Shade Forge: Lance varies greatly in terms of appearance, but it's generally twice as long as the caster themselves is tall - thanks to the Shade Forge: Lance being a byproduct of their dominance over darkness, the caster is able to change the properties and composition of any Shade Forge: Lance through thoughts alone into alternate forms in accordance with the whims of the caster, such as morphing its structure morphed into halberds, a guandao, a trident, bardiches, a pollaxe, a Ji, and many more options are at the caster's disposal. Of course, once brought into the physical world, this crystalline lance is able to be wielded for close-range combat in a similar manner to that of a completely ordinary spear, possessing enough force to cut through solid steel and even pierce through a fortified magical barrier. Because of the inherent malleability of Shade Forge that's a result of it being an imitation of Molding Magic, the caster is able to alter the tensile strength of the dark lance in order to bestow the lance with an innate fragility, as upon contact with a solid surface, the previously threatening-looking lance of darkness seemingly shatters into a dozen or so smaller lances of darkness, which the caster directs towards their target, being launched forward at amazing speeds; resulting in a punching force traveling through the air in the opponent's direction. When in motion and split into innumerable fragments, Shade Forge: Lance is capable of homing upon an opponent, but instead of dodging many an obstacle until it reaches the user's intended target, Shade Forge: Lance functions in a similar manner to that of a drill — grinding through anything that the spear comes into contact with. Upon contact with the foe, Shade Forge: Lance releases all of the darkness energy and magical particles that compose it—exploding violently in a burst of darkness.
  • Shade Forge: Tiger- Shade Forge: Tiger is a Darkness God Slayer Magic spell of the Shade Forge line which enables the caster to create a mechanical-looking lion composed purely of darkness to fulfill a variety of purposes - the tiger is symbolic of the white tiger of the four symbols. In any case, when performing Shade Forge: Tiger what emerges is a relatively large saber-toothed tiger, about as tall as an adult human being; like all other beings made manifest through Shade Forge, this tiger is known to be almost completely coin appearance, and as the kanji for its name would indicate, the Shade Forge: Tiger's textures are mainly in light colours such as whites and golds, with a metallic golden mane as well as a triad of blue-textured orbs held in "cases" of sorts, with two where its ears would be, and one attached to its forehead. The rest of its head is mainly white, with several blackened portions such as the parts around its scarlet eyes. In terms of bodily structure, the Shade Forge: Tiger has black portions taking the place of the middle of its limbs separating the upper parts and its paws, which have golden claws. Finally, while the Shade Forge: Tiger does not possess a tail, it has two partially cybernetic hands protruding from its back, extending from a pool of azurite liquid darkness on both sides. Once summoned, like all Dynamic Shade Forge creations, Shade Forge: Tiger acts in a similar manner to a Celestial Spirit or a Familiar, obeying the caster's every command. In terms of specifications, the Shade Forge: Tiger is known to be rather fast and powerful, appearing and vanishing in the blink of an eye while the opponent in unable to track the darkness-forged beast. Possessing heightened senses such as smell and hearing, the Shade Forge: Tiger is capable of reacting well before the enemy; the tiger is also able to sniff out magical auras to track the target down. Shade Forge: Tiger, in battle, often cloaks itself in crystalline energies while racing around and delivering countless claw slash and body-slamming moves; upon getting within striking distance of the foe, Shade Forge: Tiger will revert back to its natural state as formless crystalline energy, electrocuting the target as to clamp down upon them and leave them vulnerable for the caster's next strike. The wielder of Darkness God Slayer Magic has displayed that they are more than capable of simultaneously creating two or more Shade Forge: Tigers, but it has been noted that manifesting more than one diminishes the quality of the creation as they become slightly slower and weaker in power.

Celestial Spirit MagicEdit

Celestial Spirit Magic is a type of Magic in which the user summons Celestial Spirits by opening their gates through the use of Celestial Spirit Gate Keys. When a Celestial Spirit Mage receives a Key and opens its Celestial Gate for the first time, they have to set up a contract with the respective Spirit. This contract consists of asking the Spirit which days it can be summoned by its contractor.

Possessing the key of Libra, Jessica is capable of summoning the curvaceous Spirit, capable of employing Gravity Magic to get rid of her foes, whether they are a singular entitty or a multitude of them. However, she can also adopt the powers of the Spirits she summons.

  • Star Dress: A Celestial Spirit Magic Spell in which the user incorporates the power of a Celestial Spirit into their body by placing the key of the Spirit in question on their chest. The power manifests itself in the form of a wardrobe change (similar to Requip), in this case in the form of a dress centered around the Spirit in question's own wardrobe.  Also, the user, by adopting the powers and appearance of the Spirit they choose, also adopts a portion of their powers, being able to make use of their Magic. This adoption of power, however, is not limited solely to the Spirit's Magic, but also includes their Magic Power itself, which allows the user to make use of spells of their own that may require more than one person due to the tremendous amount of Magic Power required to cast it. Due to the Celestial spirits tending to have gargantuan reserves of Magic Power, by utilizing this spell, Jessica, in essence, grants herself more magical power than put into casting the spell.
    • Star Dress: Libra Form: While in the Libra form, Jessica's  attire resembles a belly dancer's, consisting of a frilled and striped bikini top along with a patterned loincloth sporting pom-poms at the waist. She wears numerous bangles on her arms and legs, and her neck is also concealed by a thick necklace. On her feet are a simple pair of sandals, and her head is dressed with a zigzagged headband.
      • Enhanced Strength: Libra, while not exactly known for her outstanding supernatural strength, still retains a strength beyond that of a normal human, once splitting a boulder larger than herself with a kick. Jessica has also adopted this power,  enhancing her physical strength.
      • Gravity Change: A Magic that allows its users to alter the gravity of a person, either themselves or someone else. Users can lower the target's gravity, enabling them to walk on walls, or raise the target's gravity, rendering them incapable of moving. The user can also change their body figure temporarily by using this. The user can also change others' body with this magic. This magic type was the major elemental magic type of Libra, and as a result, Jessica is able to utilize this power, in fact, seemingly better than Libra can herself, though that may be because of the combined knowledge of that adopted by Libra and her own magical experience. Persons usually mistake her gravity and darkness control as that of the Yami Yami No Mi.
        • Fall: A spell that quite obviously derives it's power from Gravity Change, Jessica can increase the gravity of the targeted location, disabling any foes trapped within the confinements and destabilizing weak magic. Due to being this young, Jessica's range is not that high, though the sheer effectiveness of the ability has not gone down a bit. Directly learned from Libra, Jessica can change the direcion of her gravity, allowing her to control something's/someone's trajectory in mid-air and even replicate attraction and repulsion if used wisely enough. When used in a high magnitude, Jessica has the potential to can crush bones and snap other body parts,  eventually grinding them into dust, though this is an advanced applicatin and usually fatal, so it is not smething she eploys often.
        • Suspend: Decreasing a target's gravity, Jessica can in essence leave the opponent suspended in mid-air and have them float around as if weightless. With this, Jessica can effectively "lift" weights she logically should not be able to, and replicate flight.
        • Black Hole: Jessica activates this by first using Chaos, creating a dark orb between the caster and their opponent. This orb generates its own gravitational field, thanks to the effects of Gravity Change increasing the level of gravitational force and raw attractive potential, drawing in everything around itself, and also appears to increase in strength and size after a short period of time.

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