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Kanji  ジェフ
Also Known As King of the Dragons (self proclaimed)
Age 19
Gender Male
Height 6'0"
Weight 202 lbs
Blood Type AB+
Professional Status
Kingdom Invidia
Occupation Demon Contractor
Level 2
Experience 1280/2000
Bounty Beli 5000
Family None
Allies Any who want to help
Enemies All who get in his way
Status Alive
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Jeff is a demon contractor from the kingdom Invidia. 


Jeff is extremely rash and violent. He doesn't like to talk things out and solves problems with his fists. He has a strong sense of justice and separates the world into good and evil, no gray area. Despite these shortcomings,he is actually quite intelligent, and can create a strategy if need be. He's not big on stealth, and is pretty loud.


Jeff is a fairly tall, muscular man. He has shoulder length brown hair and steely blue eyes. His demon symbol is on his hand, and looks like an eye with the pupil replaced by two intertwining spires. He is always dressed for success, and usually wears a button up shirt, vest, and a bow-tie.


Jeff grew up in the Bronx of the world. His parents both died when he was 7, and he had to protect himself and his sister for most of his life. One day his sister found herself in the wrong place at the wrong time, and was caught in the middle of a gang war. She tried to run, but was mutilated during the chaos. Jeff never forgave himself for letting her die, and considered himself weak. After this, he searched for anything to make him stronger, and eventually ran into Hakai. He made a contract with the demon, and here he is today. He defeated a dragon and made a crown out of it's bones. He is now the self proclaimed King of the Dragons. 



Jeff's demon goes by the name Hakai. He's soft spoken, and usually leaves discussion to Jeff, but he's kind deep down. He has an odd sense of justice, however, and can be hard to get along with.


Jeff prefers hand to hand contact over all anything else. Due to him being a demon conctractor he has superhuman strength and speed.

Black TechsEdit

Hakai Pisutoru: Jeff's emblem grows up his arm, he points to his target, and a condensed ball of energy fires out of his finger. This attack is about as powerful as a normal pistol, but more piercing. It can be shot rapidly.

Hakai Baku: Jeff punches his opponent, and wherever the fist lands, a copy of his emblem appears for a split second before exploding.