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Jack DuFresne
Also Known As Jack the Ripper
Age 24
Gender Male
Height 6'2"
Weight 155 lbs.
Blood Type O-
Professional Status
Occupation Ninja


Status Alive
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Jack DuFresne is a 24 year old ninja and huntsman from the kingdom of Balor. He is the secondary character of Leogian 4511.


As a young child, Jack was born and taught how to wield a sword from his father.  During his childhood he also practiced medical ninjutsu under the tutelage of his mother.  Eventually his family was targeted by a gang after Jack's father unknowingly thwarted an robbery attempt by one of their members.  After both of his parents were killed, Jack snapped. He developed several personalities as his mind completely shattered. One that refuses to partake in violence in any form and wishes only to help others, and another that enjoys nothing more than the feeling the of slicing through flesh.  These personalities are highly vocal and regularly communicate with each other as though they were completely separate entities.  His sadistic side is simply known as "The Ripper".  A personality that was nothing but anger, always wishing to crush things with his bare hands was called Mad Jack. Another that was highly calm and wise with a knack for martial arts was called Jackie. Control shifts depending on situation and Jack's emotional state.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Medical NinjutsuEdit

Almost all of Jack's training has a ninja has involed improving his prowess in medical ninjutsu. He is capable of using basic techniques such as the mystical palm in order to heal others.  As a way of improving his healing, Jack has actually developed the ability to project and launch blasts of medical chakra the way one normally would fire.  This allows him to heal allies from a significantly greater distance than normal.  The Ripper, however, has learned to use Jack's medical prowess for more nefarious purposes.  He has developed the ability to cause the opposite of the natural use of medical chakra.  When the Ripper is in control, any technique that would normally be used to heal wounds, instead causes rapid and violent necrosis, killing the cells in the body and causing them to decompose while still living.  Both Jack and the Ripper are capable of using Chakra Enhanced Strength, Speed, and Durability due to their skill in chakra control.


Mostly used by Mad Jack and Jackie, while these personalites are dominant Jack possesses different degrees of Taijutsu prowess. Mad Jack is highly proficient in Strong Fist due to his preference for beating his opponents into submission. Mad Jack does not have the skill to use the Chakra Enhancement techniques, but is capable of opening seven of the eight gates.  Jackie is far more reserved, and using his semblance is actually capable of moving at speeds rivaling a skilled swift release user, and utilize Gentle Fist techniques. Jackie is capable of using the Chakra Enhancement techniques mainly used by Jack and the Ripper, making him arguably the strongest of the split personalities.


Jack's skill as a hunstman is rather superb, as his skill in controlling Aura is on the level of his chakra control. He is capable of using Aura not only to defend against attacks, but also to augment his physical capabilities immensely in short bursts.  Jack channels his aura through a unique weapon he simply calls the Scarlet Equanimity.  Whenever Jack is dominant and is forced into a fight, he fights by striking his opponents with the sheathed blade, preventing him from killing them.  This style is aided by a mechanism in the sheath that releases a high voltage shock on contact with human skin, allowing the weapon to also serve as a makeshift defilbarator if need be.  When the Ripper takes over, the blade is used in a far more lethal way.  When unsheathed, the blade of the sword is lined with the necrotic chakra used by the Ripper, causing any of his attacks to cause necrosis to rapidly spread from the point of impact.

Jack DuFresne: The semblance of Jack pushes his abilities as a healer to their abolsulte limits.  His aura glows a forest green as patterns similar to butterfly wings appear next to both of his eyes. While his semblance is active Jack's wounds heal at a rate that makes all sorts of minor wounds completely trivial.  His healing is also passed on to anyone in his nearby vacinity that he considers an ally. While in this state his Aura's natural defensive capabilities are also enhanced greaty.

Jack the Ripper: The semblance of the Ripper serves to greatly enhance his ability to slice through his foes.  The Ripper's Aura becomes a dark purple in color.  While this semblance is active, the Ripper's reaction speed and cutting capabilites increase immensely as his aura covers his eyes as well as his blade.  This state also naturally produces a highly potent killing intent, as the Rippers bloodlust is displayed.

Mad Jack: The semblance of Mad Jack makes his overall physical capability far superior than before.  The more Mad Jack takes damage, he stronger he becomes. While using this semblance, Mad Jack's aura becomes fiery as his eyes turn red.  This semblance works well in conjunction with the gates, as the continuous damage to his body actually serves to continue strengthing him.

Jackie: Jackie's semblance allows him to see chakra and other normally hidden forms of energy, allowing him to use Gentle Fist despite lacking a Byakugan.  This semblance also greatly increases his overall speed, using his aura's enhancement capabilities to it's fullest potentials in that area.