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Kanji イザヤ書
Rōmaji Isaia
Also Known As X7-13000
Sora Hikaru
Age 16 (March 3rd, 87 Post-First Impact)
Gender Male
Height 5'9"
Weight 163 lbs
Blood Type O-
Professional Status
Kingdom Luxuria (Formerly) Camelot (Formerly) Area 11 (Currently)
Occupation Knightmage
Level 43
Experience 0/43,000
Bounty Beli 738,000
Family Royal Family
Allies Akuma
Grey (Former)
Katu (Former)
Taikei Senju
Nicholai Lestat
Michael Kyosuke
Enemies World Government
World Noble
Master Tenebraus
Takeshi Yotora
Status Alive
Image Gallery

 Born as Sora Hikaru, but prefers to go by Isaiah, and is also known as X7-13000 by the H.W.P. Is a young boy from the kingdom of Luxuria. He is the son of the King Taiyo Hikaru, he was kidnapped as an infant and taken away from his family by a small faction within the World Government that enrolled him into the H.W.P. After escaping them, he fled to Camelot and befriended the "Dusk" team. Eventually, after Requiem's Will was discovered he vanished for 2 years and returned as a psychotic antagonist to the Dusk team.  However, after his manipulative master was destroyed, his influence over Isaiah was lifted and he also informed Isaiah of who he really is. So now he has returned back to being a protagonist alongside the other heroes. 


Originally a pessimistic, laid-back, and unnerving person. Isaiah had a tendency to make very dark or strange comments about numerous things and enjoyed freaking people out. He was also very stoic in his own strange way and could get aggitated very easily when people brought up his past. Isaiah could be cold, cruel and completely mentally unstable at times. He was also extremely dirty-minded and perverted, and made sex jokes about girls all the time. 

However, after having been cleansed of the evil inside of him once Master Tenebraus was destroyed. Isaiah had returned back to being a regular person, and due to being more mature now, he decided to turn over a new leaf and become a better person. His outlook on the world has changed and he is more of an optimist now. He is usually relaxed, calm, collected, and kind. However, he isn't afraid to insult someone when they're in the wrong or call them out on it. He dislikes seeing others being treated badly and will step up to defend them in a second. 

Aside from all of that, Isaiah is quite intelligent and likes to formulate many different plans and strategies just for fun. He is a skilled tactician and uses his brain in conjuction with his special powers in order to get things done as soon as possible. 


Isaiah is a small young boy with a slim body structure, black eyes, and black hair. He is also famous for the special "tatoo" marking on the right sie of his face. It is currently unknown where he got his tatoo from or why he has it at all, but there is apparently something very omnious about it that has yet to be revealed. Aside from that, he usually wears typical casual clothing and that's pretty much it. 


Isaiah was taken away from his family as an infant, and enrolled into the H.W.P. Which stands for Human Weaponization Program. The program is performed by a team which is apart of a small faction that is a branch of the World Government. Their primary goal is to capture as many human magus as possible and transform them into the perfect weapons to be used in warfare. Isaiah was one of the many that they capture, he was stripped of his name, heritage, and was never informed about who he truly was. 

As time went on, Isaiah grew up being treated like a slave. He was forced to due extremely dangerous and strenous training excercises in order to make him stronger, and they didn't even care if he died in the process, because they had thousands of other child magus to use in his place. He was referred to as "X7-13000" and even had the codename burned into his skin to brand him like an animal. For most of his life he was not treated like a regular human being, and was beaten to death until he bled if he ever talked back or disrespected the ones in charge. He was never fed proper food and was given dirty water to drink, overall, he never got proper nutrition. All of this, made Isaiah into the very mentally unstable, pessimistic, and cold person that he is today. 

One day, during one of the many experiments that was performed on Isaiah, the scientist decided that it was time for Isaiah's magical power to be pushed to it's utmost limit and beyond. So they gave him several drugs that would enhance his magical power at the cost of serious strain on his body. They also attached him to a machine and forcibly pushed vast amounts of ethernano into his body to strengthen him, these experiments nearly killed Isaiah and left him physically, emotionally, and mentally damaged. Isaiah had finally had enough, and with all of his strength, he used his Arc of Time magic and telekinesis to break free and destroy the machine and the room around him. He opened a hole in the wall and escaped and fled from the labatory. Of course, he was pursued, but they never managed to find him and he escaped. It was once he escaped, he eventually met up with Akashi, and at the time, his allies who worked under him. Akuma, Sanguinem, Grey, and Katu. 

List of FightsEdit

List of MissionsEdit

  • Quest: Rains of Catermere Earned 7 Levels & 50,000 B (Gave 46,000 B to Akuma)
  • Mission: Knightmare Training Earned 2,000 XP & 5,000 B
  • Mission: For Yourselves Earned 4,000 XP & 4,000 B
  • Quest: The War of Area 11 and Katu's Final Fight Earned 3 Levels & 200,000 B 

List of ArcsEdit

  • Isaiah's Truth Arc Part 1 - 10,000 XP & 20,000 XP
  • Isaiah's Truth Arc Part 2 - 15,000 XP & 25,000 XP

List of Weapons & ItemsEdit

  • Malleable Orb - Isaiah owns a special unbreakable orb made of an unknown material that is extremely malleable and flexible and can be used in combat as his main weapon. It can be shaped into basic structures such as a shield, disc, or simply it's main ball form. 
  • Balor's Power Eye - Isaiah had his right eye replaced with the eyeball of Balor's Power Eye, that is renamed after One-Eyed God, Balor, that could see through his enemies. This eye allows him to see Power Levels. A person's raw fighting prowess is represented through numerical values and a person's total power level is determined by three different values. Which are magic, strength, and spirit. Which is one's magical power, physical ability, and their composure, determination, and perseverance. The Power Levels are nothing more than rough estimates of one's overall capabilities and should only be used for reference. As one's power level can change based on their mental, physical, and emotional condition, as well as the situation at hand. 


Isaiah is an S-Class Mage who is skilled in various forms of offensive, defensive, and supportive magical powers. He has also recently become a Knight and has learned how to use special magical powers and enchantments exclusive to Knights only. He has learned how to use his Mage and Knight abilities together in perfect unison, referring to himself as a "Knightmage". 

Physical ProwessEdit

Originally, Isaiah was very weak physically and didn't have any skill in hand-to-hand combat at all. However, for the past 3 years he has learned and fully mastered dozens of various martial arts. Drastically increasing all of his physical abilities and hand-to-hand combat skills to incredible superhuman levels. He is now capable of fighting toe-to-toe against his fellow Dusk members as well as other powerful individuals using only his natural physical ability. He was able to learn and master all of these styles so quickly due to his inhuman memory capacity, allowing him to remember every single form he was taught instantly allowing him to advance through the ranks in no time. Overall, Isaiah's physical capabilities will continue to grow as he gets older and trains more. 


Due to originating from the Kingdom of Luxuria, Isaiah possess the ability to produce incredibly bright flashes of light from his eyes that can temporarily blind, stun, and paralyze those who see it. This ability is useful in performing sneak attacks on enemies, distracting them, or simply fleeing from battle in a flash. 

Mage AbilitiesEdit

As an S-Class Mage, Isaiah is an incredibly powerful individual who is skilled in various forms of magic of all types. He possess Sky Dragon Slayer Magic, Light Magic, Teleportation Magic, Arc of Time Magic, and Memory-Make Magic. All of these magics grant him various offensive, defensive, and supportive abilities. He can heal and strengthen others, fire powerful magical attacks, teleport all over the place rapidly to avoid being harmed, manipulate the time of objects, replicate and mimic his enemies' magical attacks, and with his Ultra Concentrated Light Lacrima, he could destroy most of a country. 


Isaiah was born with very powerful telekinetic abilities. Capable of easily affecting the physical world using only his mind. He can use it on both living and non-living things which also includes inanimate objects and he can use it on various types of energy as well. His telekinesis becomes unstable and much more powerful whenever he is angry. Causing him to loose control and destroy everything in sight relentlessly. He usually just uses his telekinesis to control and manipulate his orb. 

Teleportation MagicEdit

Isaiah's tertiary magic is Teleportation Magic, this magic allows Isaiah to seamlessly teleport to anywhere he wants in the blink of an eye. It is an extremely fast and effective means of transportation, how much magic power that is required to use this magic is in direct relation to the distance that he wants to teleport to. 

Arc of Time MagicEdit

Isaiah's quaternary magic is Arc of Time Magic, this magic allows Isaiah to control the time of various different objects and non-sentient life-forms seemingly without limit. This allows him to rewind, fast foward, or even freeze the time of these objects. Granting him complete control over them in every way possible. For example, he could speed up the age of a building he is in causing it to "get old" and weaken and crumble apart in only seconds. Or rewind the damage he has done and repair the building. Or simply freeze it in time allowing various things to happen to it. Here is a list of spells he can perform with this magic:

  • Restore - A spell that allows Isaiah to rewind the time of objects restoring them back to their original state.
  • Flash Forward - A spell that allows Isaiah to fast forward the time of objects causing them to rot and decompose and fall apart. 
  • Second Origin Release - A spell that allows Isaiah to release the second origin of others or even himself.
  • Last Ages - A powerful spell that allows Isaiah to rewind time in exchange for a large portion of his own lifespan.

Memory Make MagicEdit

Isaiah's quinary magic is Memory-Make Magic which grants him a massive inhuman memory capacity allowing to memorize things ranging from his opponent's heart beat to footsteps and of course to their magic. This magic basically allows him to recreate the magic of any form of magic he has memorized regardless of it's type.

He can even combine the magic of two magics that he has memorized in order to create a very powerful brand new one. Or he can make his opponent "forget" a single magic spell of his choice that they remember so they cannot use it anymore temporarily. But what makes this magic truly formidable, is the fact that if he reads books that contain very powerful and legendary spells. He can "memorize" what the spell is and how it works and what it can do and use it in battle against his opponents. Even if he hasn't seen it been done before. Making this a very deadly form of magic, and very useful in battle. Here is a list of spells he can use with this magic:

  • Memory-Make: A Night of Falling Stars - This spell creates numerous meteor-like magical stars that rain down on Isaiah's targets and destroys them.
  • Memory-Make: Afterimage - This spell creates numerous afterimages of Isaiah to confuse and distract his opponents. 
  • Memory-Make: Karma of the Burning Land - This spell creates a massive pool of lava from the ground beneath them that incinerates all of Isaiah's opponents.
  • Memory-Make: Sword of Frozen Black Lightning - This spell creates numerous bolts of black lightning that strike Isaiah's opponents severely electrocuting them and then freezing them in ice. 
  • Memory-Make: Shrine of Turbulent Fangs - This spell creates numerous tornadoes that attack Isaiah's opponents and sucks them in and knocks them far away.
  • Memory-Make: Forget - This spell makes Isaiah's opponents forget one spell of his choosing preventing them from using it as long as they're within a certain proximity of him.
  • Memory-Make: Line of Ancient Master Swordsmen - This spell allows Isaiah to summon a line of dozens of swordsmen made out of magical ice that he can use as a small army of sorts to attack his opponents.
  • Memory-Make: Blade of Flashing Lightning - This spell allows Isaiah to summon a giant beast that strikes his opponents with a powerful explosive attack of lightning. 
  • Memory-Make: Colorful Slashing Attack of Searing Flames - This spell allows Isaiah to launch a powerful current of searing hot electrified flames at his opponents to turn them to ash.
  • Memory-Make: Showering Ancient Wisdom - This spell allows Isaiah to attack his opponents with a giant magical seal that creates a blinding light that stuns and blinds them and also effects gravity causing it to crush them. 
  • Memory-Make: Fury - This spell allows Isaiah to summon a powerful beam of dark energy from the heavens to strike down his opponents without mercy resulting in a large explosion that can wipe out a village. 

Celestial Spirit MagicEdit

Isaiah is also skilled in celestial spirit magic, allowing him to summon powerful celestial spirits from the celestial spirit world to come to his aid in battle. Here is a list of how many celestial spirits' keys that he owns and has formed a contract with: 

  • Gate of the Twins Key - With this golden key, Isaiah can summon the celestial spirits known as Gemini which are a pair of two twins whose names are Gemi and Mini and combined they're Gemini. Gemini has the ability to copy and mimic anyone they come into contact with and even their memories, powers, and abilities. However, they can only transform into people who have the same level of magic power as their owner or else the transformation will fail. They can even transform into an exact copy of their owner and combine their magical power with their owner to double it and perform powerful spells. They can only maintain a transformation for about 5 minutes. 
  • Gate of the Snake Charmer - With this special key, Isaiah is capable of summoning the powerful celestial spirit known as "Ophiuchus" which is a giant snake-like creature that is half organic and half mechanical. Ophiuchus' abilities include poisonous fangs, poisonous spit, poisonous fog, eye lasers, electrified body, and the ability to regrow severed body parts. Ophiuchus also possess limited control and manipulation over the force of "luck" since 13 is usually considered an unlucky number and Ophiuchus is the 13th Celestial Spirit. This allows him to make himself lucky or his opponents unlucky for a short amount of time. Allowing his attacks to hit and his opponents attacks to somehow randomly completely miss. 

Knight AbilitiesEdit

As a Knight, Isaiah is capable of using various powers. He possess various offensive, defensive, and supplementary powers with unique effects. He can use Invasion, Wall, and Enchantments for various purposes. He can attack his opponents mentally, protect himself and allies, or simply strengthen himself or his allies. 


Invasion is a powerful long-range type power that affects one's mind and spirit. Invasion allows Isaiah to enter his opponent's minds and is capable of imprisoning them in their own memories. He can trap his opponents in an illusion and once they're trapped they're incapable of movement and they're rendered defenseless to incoming attacks. He can even read people's minds and see if they're lying or not due to this unique ability as well. Here is a list of techniques he can use with this power:

  • Search Light: Isaiah fires a small light arrow from his fingertip into his opponent's minds which allows him to invade the thoughts and memories of anyone it hits and can even access their subconscious. 
  • Rewrite Light: Isaiah manifest and then fires multiple light arrows at his targets bypassing their natural defenses and is capable of easily rewriting their memories. However, once the individual realizes inconsistencies in their memories the effect will fade and any new memories created will be erased afterwards. 
  • Nightmare Teller: Isaiah can induce terrifying and traumatic visions within his opponent and they may never awaken from the nightmare. They're left completing immobile and defenseless while this is in effect and they ever do manage to escape they will be left mentally and physically exhausted. 
  • Broadcast: Isaiah fires multiple small arrows throughout the minds of others to easily display information and thoughts to his allies. 


Wall is a powerful defensive power that allows Isaiah to physically manifest powerful magical barriers to protect himself and his allies. It is omnidirectional being able of protecting him from attacks from any direction and he is capable of expanding or contracting the barrier anytime he wants in order to push and repel enemies away. Here is a list of techniques he can use with this power:

  • Perfect Shell: A powerful barrier that can be formed around a single individual. Isaiah can move the barrier and make it hover mentally, and is so strong that even a meteor would be incapable of even harming it. 


Enchanments are special powers that enchant an individual with a certain ability. Isaiah primarily uses defensive enchanments to help protect himself and his allies from harm. He is skilled in several of them and can use them in the blink of an eye. Here is a list of techniques he can use with this power: 

  • Enchantment: Hard Protection - An enchanment that protects Isaiah from physical attacks by greatly reducing their damage.
  • Enchantment: Resist Fire - An enchanment that greatly reduces the damage from fire-based attacks. 
  • Enchantment: Resist Wind - An enchanment that greatly reduces the damage from wind-based attacks. 
  • Enchantment: Resist Lightning - An enchantment that greatly reduces the damage from lightning-based attacks.
  • Enchantment: Resist Earth - An enchantment that greatly reduces the damage from earth-based attacks.
  • Enchantment: Resist Water - An enchantment that greatly reduces the damage from water-based attacks. 

Other TechniquesEdit

  • Location: Isaiah can find a desired item or person by being able to sense them across large distances in large areas
  • Bend Room: Isaiah simply moves his hand through the air in a circular manner and is able to change the trajectory of an incoming attack.
  • Power Amplify: Isaiah is capable of amplifying all of the abilities of his allies to make them much stronger in battle

Former AbilitiesEdit

Originally, Isaiah had Dragon Slayer and Light Magic. But due to the overuse of his Dragon Slayer Magic, which led to a series of events, and him using the forbidden Fairy Trinity spell on his allies. He permanently lost the ability to use Sky Dragon Slayer Magic and Light Magic. 

Sky Dragon Slayer MagicEdit

Isaiah is a Second Generation Dragon Slayer. He was implanted with a Dragon Lacrima by Master Tenebraus. Which granted him the ability to use Sky Dragon Slayer Magic, which is mostly supportive magic. This magic grants Isaiah various healing and supportive abilities that can strengthen his allies and himself. This is the most defensive and supportive magic out of all of the Dragon Slayer Magics. However, this magic still possess great offensive abilities and can be used for great destruction as well. 

As a Dragon Slayer, Isaiah possess the ability to eat his own element in order to strengthen himself and restore his magical power. Since air is everywhere, he basically has a limitless source of energy that he can access to fight for incredibly long periods of time. 

  • Healing Spell - A spell that heals the target and is capable of nullifying the effects of powerful poisons and even reviving those from near-death states. 
  • Troia - A spell that cures motion sickness. 
  • Vernier - A spell that increases the speed of the target, and the caster, for a short period of time. 
  • Lie Vernier - A much more powerful version of vernier, it is twice as strong and last twice as long. 
  • Arms - A spell that increases the damage output of the target, and the caster, for a short period fo time. 
  • Lie Arms - A much more powerful version of arms, it is twice as strong and last twice as long. 
  • Armor - A spell that increases the defensive power of the target, and the caster, for a short period of time. 
  • Lie Armor - A much more powerful version of arms, it is twice as strong and last twice as long. 
  • Armor x Armor x Vernier - A spell that combines all three support spells together at once.
  • Raise - A spell that negates any negative magical effects casted on Isaiah or his allies.
  • Re-Raise - A spell that prevents any negative magical effects from being casted on Isaiah or his allies.
  • Deus Corona - A spell that significantly increases Isaiah's defensive capabilities and elemental resistances. 
  • Deus Eques - A spell that significantly increases Isaiah's physical abilities to a great extent. 
  • Sky Dragon's Roar - A signature Sky Dragon Slayer Magic spell that launches a powerful hurricane-like burst of magical wind at the opponent that creates a large eplosion and deals great damage. 
  • Shattering Light: Sky Drill - Isaiah gathers up a titanic amount of wind and creates a wind barrier to incase his opponent, Afterwards, he launches a devastating hurricane-like attack at his opponent as the barrier spins counter-clockwise so that they will collide crushing the opponent inside and exploding with great force. 
  • Milky Way -  Isaiah is able to materialize the souls of deceased Dragons and converse with them. However, this can only work on souls who have not ascended to the afterlife.
Dragon ForceEdit

Dragon Force is the final and most powerful state that a Dragon Slayer can achieve, granting them power comparable to that fo a real Dragon, the power to completely destroy everything in their way. Isaiah is capable of entering Dragon Force if he consumes a large amount of ethernano whether it be by eating an object that contains a lot of it or by eating rich ethernano-infused air. After drinking the Blood of A Thousand Dragons, Isaiah's dragon force evolved even further becoming much stronger than before. Now, once he enters Dragon Force Isaiah's body becomes completely covered in durable white reptilian scales around his entire body. His pupils become blue and form into slits, he grows sharp fangs, gains elongated claws, and pointy ears. His hair also turns pure white and his body emanates an incredible magical aura in the form of a white Sky Dragon. Overall, all of Isaiah's abilities are tremendously increased while in this state.

Light MagicEdit

Isaiah's secondary magic is Light Magic, this magic allows him to control and manipulate the usage of the element known as light. Isaiah can fire powerful light beams, blast, and waves. Light can also be used to blind and stun the opponent and give off a great amount of heat in order to burn the opponent as well. 

  • Giant Wrath - Isaiah's body emits a continuous pulse of destructive light to destroy anything around him and in his path. 
  • Rain of Light - Isaiah fires a large light blast that splits into multiple smaller blast that rain down on the opponent.
  • Light Beam - Isaiah fires a large powerful beam of light at his opponent that pierces straight through them and then detonates them. Once the beam reaches it's final target, it will explode releasing a large light explosion. 
Three Legendary Fairy MagicsEdit
  • Fairy Law - This spell inflicts a massive amount of light-based damage on anyone Isaiah sees as an enemy. it deals even more damage if the enemy is evil and/or uses darkness-based or evil-based magic.
  • Fairy Glitter - This spell inflicts a gargantuan amount of light-based damage a single target that Isaiah sees as an enemy. It deals even more damage if the enemy is evil and/or uses darkness-based or evil-based magic.
  • Fairy Sphere - This spell converts the powerful emotions and feelings of friendship and faith of Isaiah into an absolute defense magic barriert that will protect Isaiah and his allies from any evil that they encounter. 
  • Fairy Trinity - This spell combines the principles from the previous three spells in order to create the ultimate light spell, one that will vanquish any enemy in a second regardless of their distance from the caster and protect the caster from all evil. It utilizes the power of bonds, friendship, and the light that it has gathered from the sun, moon, and stars in order to create a miracle.