Ichor is an island off the coast of Ares, that was completely unaffiliated with any of the Kingdoms, before being brought into Olympus following the War of the Black. Most inhabitants of the world did not even know of Ichor's existence, and the governments of the Kingdoms tended to ignore it completely, but after the War of the Black, it was integrated into the continent as its own Kingdom. The island has an area of about 500,000 km², and an estimated population of around 15 million. The current leaders are the twins Suzume and Hiwa Basilis. 


The founding of Ichor is shrouded completely in mystery, as basically no one knows the origin of it's civilization. The people who lived there were always poor, with the entire island being covered in slums. There were no laws and no leaders for a very long time, and the entire island was enveloped in constant chaos, and ignored completely by the rest of the world, if they even knew of Ichor's existence. However, several years ago, a man named Marek began to gain control over the island. He put almost a complete halt on the chaos around the island, taking control of the country entirely within only a few months. It is unknown exactly how he managed to do this, but he quickly made himself into the leader of Ichor, and the people, tired of the constant violence, welcomed him with open arms. After taking control of the country, Marek created a group, along with several other inhabitants of Ichor, by the name of Midknight. Later, Marek was killed during The War of the Black, and temporarily replaced by Taka Basilis, before he moved on and passed the leadership of the Kingdom onto his two children, Suzume and Hiwa.


Ichor's demographic is likely more diverse than any of the main Kingdoms, with a massively varrying ethnic background amongst it's inhabitants, including both humans and non-humans, with no clear majority.

Geography and ClimateEdit

Despite the relatively small size of Ichor, it has several different regions throughout, all with vastly different geography and climate, ranging from barren deserts to rain forests. 

Previously surrounding Ichor, were thousands of ridiculously powerful whirlpools that almost entirely prevent getting to Ichor by sea, or leaving it by sea. In addition to that, the air currents around Ichor are incredibly intense as well, reaching hurricane force winds at a minimum, increasing the difficulty of getting to or leaving Ichor even more, explaining its seclusion from the rest of the world. Later, after Taka took control of the Kingdom, it was realized that these intese storms were in fact not natural, and they stopped once Marek was killed.

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