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Hitoshi Kagome

Hitoshi Kagome New Era

Hitoshi Kagome Post TS

Hitoshi Kagome

Kanji 斉カゴメ
Rōmaji Hitoshi Kagome
Also Known As The One-Eyed Ghoul
Blue-Eyed Ghoul Hunter
The Count
Age 46 (DOB: May 3rd, Year 162)
Gender Male
Height 5'11" (Current)
5'10" (Pre-TS)
Weight 169 lbs (Current)
166 lbs (Post-TS)
163 lbs (Pre-TS)
Blood Type A+
Professional Status
Kingdom Hades
Occupation Hunter
Level MAX
Experience MAX
Bounty Beli1,382,400
Family Akaio Hishiro (Grandfather)
Aima Hishiro (Grandmother)
Akajimaru Hishiro (Father)
Ren Kagome (Mother)
Karina Linus (Wife)
Haruka Linus (Son)
Jayme Linus (Son)
Shina Linus (Granddaughter)
Tsubasa Kagome (Older Half-Brother)
Hima Kagome (Older Half-Sister)
Takara Kagome (Older Half-Brother)
Hiroshi Kagome (Older Half-Brother)
Allies Eos
Enemies The Count (Deceased)
Akajimaru Hishiro
Status Alive
Image Gallery
Hitoshi's Theme2
  Hitoshi Kagome is an forty-six year old One-Eyed Ghoul Hunter from the Kingdom of Hades. He was a stern and serious individual who traveled the world alone, with his main goal being to liberate Hades from darkness and assassinate The Count: the ruler of Hades at the time. He later became apart of a team of several individuals tied together through fate, who went by the name Eos. Upon his death and revival, Hitoshi left behind Eos and met a mysterious old man named Hayasi who trained Hitoshi into becoming a Shaman, Bender, and Saiseiya. After four long years, Hitoshi had returned with his main goal in life becoming to free the world from darkness and atone for his many sins. Later on, Hitoshi became the new Count of Hades, husband of Karina Linus, and father of Haruka "Hayate" Linus and Jayme Linus. After the destruction of the Count's Castle, and fall of the Kingdom of Hades and Olympus. Hitoshi decided to leap back into action directly alongside the rest of Eos in order to help the world and combat Gaia.


  • Hitoshi's initial appearance
  • Hitoshi's appearance after the four year timeskip
  • Hitoshi's current appearance now in his 40s
Initially, Hitoshi Kagome stood at 5'10" and weighted about 163 lbs. He possesses light brown skin, blue eyes, and silvery white hair with a slight hue of blonde to it. When his kakugan is activated, his right eye obtains black sclera and his iris becomes red with red veins running through the eye and around the skin near it. In addition, his canines are also abnormally sharp. In terms of attire, he wore a blue hoodie with golden trimming and an untucked golden shirt underneath adorned with a loose-fit bronze tie. Tan baggy jeans were worn alongside his upper attire and white and blue sneakers were worn on his feet. On his right arm, he had a large red disc-like piece of equipment that kept held within his Quinque, the Ghoul Eater. On his left arm, he wore a large black triangular-like piece of equipment that held his Quinque armor, the Ghoul Knightmare within. However, it's almost always hidden by his long sleeves. Overall, Hitoshi's original appearance made him look more threatening and darker due to his deameanor of disgust and his darker colored clothing. 

After the timeskip, Hitoshi's appearance changed somewhat.. His hair has become slightly longer with the hue of blonde darkening, and he now stands at 5'11" and weights 166 lbs. Hitoshi's most noticeable change is his attire. In contrast to his previous dark colored clothing, he now wears light colors. He sports a long white jacket adorned with golden trimming on various parts of it. This is worn on top of his black shirt fitted with a gold tie. He wears tighter dark blue jeans now and black and dark gold sneakers. Most noticeable, he still possesses the large red disc on his right arm that is used to store his new weapon. However, he no longer possesses the black triangular equipment on his left arm. Overall, Hitoshi has a brighter demeanor than before and comes off as a mature, refined, and intelligent individual. 

Currently, his appearance in his forties is practically identical to when he was younger. However, he looks older, the color of the clothes he wears has changed, and he's slightly more muscular. 


Initially, due to his childhood, Hitoshi Kagome was very fearful, obedenient, loyal, cold, and pessismistic. He was taught only to view himself as nothing more than a tool who only existed for the sake of bettering and improving the life of his own mother. Therefore, he saw himself as meaningless and worthless. He did everything his mother asked without question, as if he didn't, he would be deprived of food and driven insane whilst being beaten until he bled. This being the primary cause for his fearful, shy, and timid personality that progressively worsened. His mother's treatment of him also inspired feelings of hatred and vengenance, making him want to kill his own mother for the terrible way she treated him. Making his personality even colder and darker as he had common throughts of death and violence.

Eventually when his mother had been killed by Tsubasa, these feelings remained, but he felt a strong feeling of emptiness as he no longer had anywhere to direct these aggressive feelings. However, with his older brother Tsubasa's influence, he began to direct his feelings at others. Stealing from, beating, killing, and even eating other people for pure enjoyment and amusement rather than survival as that was his outlet for all of his pent up negative emotions. His view of himself had also altered thanks to Tsubasa, with him not seeing himself as worthless anymore as he blamed his mother for wasting his life and making it meaningless when it could have been better rather than it being destined to be that way. In short, his mother's death and Tsubasa's influence led to his view of himself changing as he wanted other people to experience the same pain that he had felt due to his mother.

Once Hitoshi left Tsubasa behind and met Hashimoto, his personality changed greatly with him becoming much more optimistic about the world and life in general. As Mr. Hashimoto had showed and taught him so much about the world and life in general to the point that he no longer saw himself as meaningless or worthless. He wanted to use his power and knowledge to benefit and improve the lives of others so that no one would have to experience what he had experienced as a child. 

After Mr. Hashimoto was murdered and eaten alive in front of him, Hitoshi's personality changed once more. He became colder, darker, and disconnected from other people but his goals remained the same. He wanted to improve the lives of others, specifically those in Hades as it was his home and he saw that it was in a much worse condition than the other kingdoms. But at the same after losing Hashimoto, who was the one person in the world he cared about more than anyone else. He decided that he couldn't trust anyone else and that it was best if he did things alone and never worked with anyone in order to avoid being betrayed or lied too by someone or too have them taken away from him.

During his journeys with the others, Hitoshi's personality further experienced growth and change. He began to trust others more, he stopped being so cold, dark, and disconnected. He became more sociable, not such a loner, and he opened up to others more willing to tell them about his tragic life story and all of the events that had occurred within it. However, he still remained impatient, impulsive, and quick-tempered. With this aspect of his persona getting himself and the others in trouble multiple times and even resulting in him failing to kill The Count when he said he would which led to his temporary death and the death of several hundred thousand.

Once he came back to life and dealt with the ramifications of what his impatience and irrationality had caused, he blamed himself for the deaths of all of the people with his inner "I'm worthless and meaningless" personality returning. He gave up on his life and decided to attempt suicide once more even after being revived only moments earlier. Upon him being nursed back to health and living with a man named Hayashi, Hitoshi's views changed once again and this time his personality took a drastic turn. Hitoshi became more optimistic, rational, logical, calm, collected, and composed. He rarely has anymore fits of anger or rage, as he's learned to control his emotions, and he values the life of all willing to give most people a second chance even if they've done bad things. He decided that he would do his best to cope with his sins and improve Hades and the rest of the world in anyway that he could.

He commonly displays a calm and collected demeanor, not speaking very much unless spoken to first. When engaging in conversation, even if it upsets him, he remains level-headed and composed. Speaking with grace and an in an intellectual manner. When he is upset he hides his feelings the best he can, becoming even less talkative and distancing himself from others. There is even times when he will come off as stoic, either putting aside his own emotions or asking others to do the same so that they can succeed at their goal. This, however, does not extend towards actions that involve killing others. Ever since the Zero Hour Event, Hitoshi has been continously plagued by the souls of the dead which is why he frequently resorts to meditation to calm the "voices in his head". On top of absolutely refusing to kill someone: unless they're a terrible person who disregards the lives of others. 

Background Edit

Conception and BirthEdit

Hitoshi Kagome was conceived during August of the Year 161 by a female human named Ren Kagome and male ghoul named Akajimaru: posing as a random male ghoul at the time. Ren Kagome was a well-known prostitute throughout the Ghoul Territory of Aima within the Kingdom of Hades. She had sired several children with multiple men of various different backgrounds but she never cared much for her children and treated them poorly. Causing most of them to runaway at a young age before Hitoshi was even conceived. 

When Ren discovered she was impregnated by a ghoul, she knew that the only way for the child to survive would be for her to resort to cannibalism. As a former Assassin Hunter, Ren had already done many heinous and terrible things throughout her life. So cannibalism wasn't that much of a stretch for her and she decided to do it so that the child wouldn't die. The reason behind this was because even though Ren didn't care much for her children, she relied and depended on them to suit her every need. So when all of them bar her youngest fled, she only had one kid to do all of her work. Thus, she wanted another so that more could be done purely for her own benefit. After nine months of cannibalism, Hitoshi Kagome was born on the date May 3rd of the year 162. However, he wasn't given a name at first. Ren, his mother, had decided to simply refer to him as "It" for the time being until she bothered to come up with a name for her new child.


Over a course of seven years after his birth, Ren Kagome had treated Hitoshi terribly. But she had given him the name "Hitoshi" which means "Tolerant". As he was more tolerant towards her abuse than her other children, and hardly ever rebelled.

Ren told Hitoshi that his only purpose in life was to suit her every need and do what she wanted, that it was the only reason he existed and it was the only reason he was born. He was meant to be a slave or servant if you will, who's very being was only meant to provide for his mother in every way possible. This created an inferiority complex within Hitoshi, viewing himself lowly when compared to others and making him jealous of his older brother Tsubasa, Ren's second youngest child. 

The relationship between Hitoshi and Tsubasa was strange, with the two never conversing with each other very often. Essentially, Ren had made Hitoshi into her house servant and Tsubasa was her field servant. Ren made Hitoshi stay inside almost constantly and do whatever she asked. Ranging from doing the dishes, washing the clothes, making food, massaging her back, or fetching an item for her. Whilst Tsubasa went out and got food, stole items, and brought back many things for her.

The food Tsubasa brought back was actually people, as after Ren had spent nine months resorting to cannibalism she actually began to love the taste of human flesh and she became addicted to it. Choosing to eat other humans over eating normal human food. Hitoshi required human flesh to survive, and as one of her main servants, he needed it as well. Therefore, Tsubasa provided for both Ren and Hitoshi. Tsubasa was capable of killing people because Ren had taught him to use Nen and how to kill and assassinate due to her being a former assassin herself. 

Every now and then, Hitoshi and Tsubasa would act out prompting Ren to retaliate by beating Tsubasa until he bled and depriving Hitoshi of any food. As a ghoul, Hitoshi would go completely insane if he wasn't fed and he would flip out losing all rhyme and reason behind his actions. Desperately needing human flesh and attacking his own mother. But due to the fact that he was still just a child and his superhuman capabilities are lowered when he hasn't eaten, his mother was capable of defeating him if he ever tried to harm her. This taught Hitoshi to never act out or disobey his mother because as long as he did what she said he would never have to starve and go into that state of being again. 

In short, Hitoshi's childhood with his mother and brother was incredibly dark and rough. Ren never once told Hitoshi that she loved him or cared about him. He never got a single hug from his mother for his entire short life and everyday was spent with him being in fear of being deprived of food if he ever did anything wrong, not fast enough, or got upset with his mother. This made Hitoshi into an incredibly fearful, obedient, envious, cold, and pessimistic person even from a young age. Subsequently, Hitoshi had also developed strong feelings of hatred against Ren, making him have thoughts of murder and thinking of ways he could possibly kill his mother as he wasn't sure how much longer he could take living like this.

Luckily, Ren had begun to get sick and catch mysterious sicknesses and illnesses due to all of the human flesh she had consumed. This made Ren rely on Hitoshi and Tsubasa even more, angering the two boys and mysteriously one night Ren was found murdered in her room by Hitoshi. Tsubasa admitted that he had done it himself and that it was for the best as she was a terrible person to begin with. From that point on, Tsubasa took Hitoshi and ran away from their house with him. The two boys fled into the streets and with no mother or guardian to look after them, they lived alone in poverty on the streets with no actual place to call home. 

Living on the StreetsEdit

For the next three years, Hitoshi and Tsubasa would live together in poverty on the streets doing whatever they could to get by. Tsubasa taught his brother Hitoshi how to use Nen to hunt and kill so that he could survive, and together they became a duo of sorts. Working together to live and spending almost all of their time running, trying to find a warmer place to stay, and trying not to starve. 

They became frequent murderers, even more so than before as not only did they do it so that Hitoshi could survive but they began to enjoy it. They were able to redirect all of their pent up anger, hatred, and vengeance onto other people by slaughtering them. This darkened Hitoshi's personality even further and he became cruel, cold, and merciless. Not seeing the value in anyone's life aside from his own and Tsubasa's, all because Tsubasa told him that the reason their lives was this way was because of their mother. 

Despite being raised in the same conditions, Tsubasa came to view things differently and instead of viewing himself as worthless Tsubasa instead insinuated that his mother was worthless and that he and Hitoshi were born with potential. But it was wasted by living with their shitty mother who did nothing but make their lives misreable and ruin them. Which is why after Tsubasa killed his mother, he decided to start doing whatever he could to reverse Hitoshi's outlook on the world. Telling his little brother that they weren't worthless and meaninless but that their mother was and they could do whatever they wanted now that she was gone.

But Tsubasa's views were not entirely positive, as even though he blamed his terrible life on his mother and convinced himself and Hitoshi that their lives had meaning aside from being slaves. He wanted them to use their freedom away from their mother to go out and kill others, using their lives as a way to vent their anger and frustration. Hitoshi adopted this view, and this was one of the reasons Hitoshi held no qualms about killing others aside from doing it for the purpose of survival. In conclusion, Hitoshi's current situation and his Tsubasa's teachings had made Hitoshi into a brutal and merciless killer who killed for pleasure over survival. 

During their violent exploits, at the age of 10, Hitoshi had decided to run off by himself and kill an old man he had encountered. He attacked the old man, aiming to kill and eat him but the man quickly turned around and knocked Hitoshi out. When he awoke, Hitoshi found himself inside of an old house in a strange neighborhood with the old man sitting right next to him offerring him a cup of coffee. 

Hello Mr. Hashimoto, Goodbye TsubasaEdit

When Hitoshi awoke inside of a house he was left confused, bewildered, and upset. He questioned why the man would offer him some food even after he just tried to kill him. The man responded by telling Hitoshi it was because all life was precious, and that no matter what everyone has good in them and that they can be redeemed. He said that his name was Hashimoto, and that he was a former Ghoul Hunter, a person who hunted ghouls for a living. This made Hitoshi even more curious, and Hashimoto's actions questionable. As Hitoshi did not understand why a man who was a former Ghoul Hunter would be telling him that all life was precious if he must have slaughtered countless lives over the years.

Hashimoto told Hitoshi that it was because his views had changed, and he was no longer a childish and ignorant young Hunter who ran around constantly hunting down and killing anyone just because they were a ghoul. As he came to understand that just because you're ghoul, it doesn't mean that you're a monster and that your life is meaningless. He said that he saw Hitoshi as a young and confused boy who had been led astray and down the wrong path of life. He had much potential to become a good and great person, but it was hard for him to realize it becaue of his life and the circumstances he had been through. He promised Hitoshi that he could show him a brand new and better life both within and outside of Hades, that there was more to life than just stealing, killing, eating, and surviving. 

Hitoshi felt strangely reluctant, as although he was taught something completely different by Ren and Tsubasa, he felt a strange familiarity with Hashimoto. Becoming unsure if he could trust Hashimoto or not and wondering where Tsubasa was. He took Hashimoto's offering of coffee and decided he would go find his brother and that he may come back depending on what Tsubasa says. After leaving and reuniting with Tsubasa, Tsubasa beat up and patronized Hitoshi for his actions. Telling him that the only person he can trust is Tsubasa, and the only person Tsubasa can trust is Hitoshi. Telling him that to think otherwise would be childish and foolish, it was them against the world and that everyone was their enemy: as he had told him for the longest. 

Disagreeing and overcome with emotion, Hitoshi attacked Tsubasa and beat him up until he couldn't move. With Tsubasa announcing that he had always secretly hated Hitoshi and wished he was never born, that he was nothing more than a monster in his eyes and he would be better off just dying and never existing. Saying that the only reason he bothered to keep Hitoshi alive was so that he could help himself stay alive. Hitoshi was devastated by this, feeling like the main person in the world that he could trust had never actually loved or cared about him. Making Hitoshi realize that all this time his brother had been giving him this advice and telling him that his life was meaningful: simply led down the wrong path by their mother. Whilst in actuality, he hated Hitoshi and never saw value in his life at all. Upon this revelation, Hito ran away overcome with the many emotions of betrayal, resentment, guilt, confusion, hatred, and depression.

He no longer valued his own life or the life of anyone else, forgetting all about what Hashimoto had told him and trying to forget everything his brother told him viewing it all as a lie to manipulate and use him. Hitoshi began attacking anyone and anything in sight, killing multiple people, tearing them to shreds, and devouring them out of anger. During his fit of rage, he came across Hashimoto once more who quickly defeated Hitoshi, knocked him out again, and ended his rampage. 

Afterwards, Hashimoto took Hitoshi back to his house and laid him in his bed. Awaiting his awakening and seeing what he could do to help him. Once Hitoshi awoke and found himself in the same place as before, he immediately tried to get up but he discovered that he was chained up. Hashimoto and Hitoshi began talking again, with Hitoshi telling Hashimoto that he didn't care what he thought or saw in him. He just wanted to die and have his meaningless life end. But Hashimoto refused, insinuating that he would prove to him that his life is meaningful and that it does have potential. That there is a world out there that he doesn't know much about that holds much promise and many great things. Hitoshi disagreed, begging Hashimoto to simply put an end to him and end him of his suffering and misery. But once again, Hashimoto refused telling him that once he calmed down he would show him that a better world existed. 

The Beginning of a New WorldEdit

A day had passed since Hitoshi's rampage, and he had calmed down some since. But he was still left upset and not willing to trust anyone. In order to prove Hitoshi wrong and show him that his life is meaningful, Hashimoto went and got many pictures and videos. Showing Hitoshi different parts of the world and all of the different things that exist out there. This sparked Hitoshi's curiosity, giving him a new incentive to live as he saw so many things that intrigued him. Realizing this, Hashimoto told Hitoshi that he would be willing to take him on an adventure around the world as long as he behaved and didn't attack anyone. Although hesistant, Hitoshi agreed and decided to go on a journey with Hashimoto as he didn't have anything else to do. 

From that point on, Hashimoto left Hades with Hitoshi and they traveled to each and every one of the Kingdoms in Olympus together exploring and seeing what each one held. Hitoshi's outlook on life completely changed, he no longer desired to die and all he wanted to do was see more and explore. While venturing, Hashimoto decided to educate Hitoshi about Hunters: who they were, what they did, and more about what Nen was. As Tsubasa had taught him, but even Tsubasa didn't know very much as Ren never told him much. Once Hitoshi learned more about Hunters and Nen, his interests increased even more and he decided that he wanted to become an actual Hunter.

With that declaration, Hashimoto began training and educating Hitoshi on any and everything related about Hunter's and related to them. Not even just that, but on all basic things in general as Hitoshi never had any formal schooling before and wasn't very educated on anything. Hashimoto taught Hitoshi quite a lot, becoming his teacher, trainer, and even the father figure he never had. He gave Hitoshi a reason to live and he made him want to benefit the lives of others. 

During their travels, Hashimoto had taken Hitoshi to a secret organization in Hades known as the Night Hunter Organization or N.H.O for short. The organziation was founded in Year 100, and the leader of it is known as The Director. They're an organization dedicated to fighting and combating all of the supernatural forces in Hades in order to maintain balance and make sure that the human population is not overwhelemed or completely devoured.

This orgnanization inspired Hitoshi, making him realize that he had the ability to make a difference and influence the lives of others. It was within it, that he made his first true friend who was a boy named Hayate. Hitoshi and Hashimoto had spent a good amount of time with Hayate and his mentor, though due to Hayate's complete idiocy, Hitoshi never liked him very much. With the newfound knowledge and power that he obtained by training and learning within the N.H.O, he decided to use it to improve the lives of others and change things so that no one would have to go through the terrible sufferring that he had. But he also realized during his journey that many people in Hades were suffering like he had been, and he began to question whether everything wrong with his life was really because of his mother or whether living in Hades played a major part in it. Overall, all of this had made Hitoshi look towards someone else to blame for his, Tsubasa's, and the problems of others who lived in Hades. 

The Count, was the King of Hades, they were the person in charge who held the highest position of political and influential power in the whole country. So why would they let their own country rot and be in this state of chaos and darkness? The more Hitoshi traveled with Hashimoto and the more he witnessed, the more he became attached to his home and began to believe that both himself, Tsubasa, and his mother were all victims of the shithole known as Hades. 

Mr. Hashimoto's Death, Quest for The CountEdit

One day, after five years had passed and he was 15, when Hitoshi and Mr. Hashimoto had returned home. Another rare one-eyed ghoul named Kenichi infiltrated and attacked Hashimoto's home with a gang of ghouls. Hashimoto told Hitoshi to mask his presence and hide himself in order to avoid getting involved. Hashimoto confronted the ghouls himself and they brutally beat him, tortured, and ate him stating that this was revenge for Hashimoto killing Kenichi's father dozens of years ago. 

Filled with rage, Hitoshi took Hashimoto's old quinque and tracked down Kenichi and his gang. Using his new skills to quickly defeat and slaughter them, with Kenichi being the only one to be a true challenge and Hitoshi barely managing to defeat him himself. As a result of watching Hashimoto being slain in front of him and finally enacting revenge. Hitoshi's mental state changed, he once again became darker, colder, and more pessimistic. His goal in life had become clear. He wanted to rid Hades of all of the evil supernatural species that plagued it in order to better the lives of the innocent and good, and he wanted The Count, the man who he viewed was responsible for all of this by failing to properly run and govern his own chaotic country to pay.

From that day on, Hitoshi spent the next three years tracking down any well-known or notorious villains across Hades and slaying them, whilst training and preparing for the day he could meet The Count and destroy him. During his self-proclaimed quest, Hitoshi had learned of a festival that was being held in Hera and he knew that large festivals of people always draw the supernatural. Knowing this, he set out to the festival to make sure that it is not ruined and that no one is killed by any possible incoming supernatural threats. There, he met KirysoKarasuHideki, and Aiden: which officially began his true journey to find and destroy The Count. 


List of EventsEdit

Introductory ArcEdit

  • Event: Outbreak of Infection - Earned 1,200 XP and 500 B. 
  • Event: Battle in Hera - Earned 2,500 XP and 900 B. 
  • Event: Mikao Mayhem - Earned 5,200 XP and 2,400 B. 
  • Event: Human Trafficking - Earned 5,900 XP and 2,300 B.
  • Event: Kill The Count - Earned 700 XP and 400 B.
  • Event: Enter Kajin - Earned 2,300 XP and 900 B. 
  • Event: Sparring with Aiden - Earned 400 XP.

Rookie 8 ArcEdit

  • Event: Hermes' Tournament - Earned 11,000 XP and 9,000 B. 

Liberation ArcEdit

  • Event: Liberation of Hades - Earned 32,000 XP and 23,000 B.

Dread Doctors ArcEdit

  • Event: Enter Impel Down - Earned 12,000 XP and 15,000 B.
  • Event: Demonic Fairy Forest - Earned 9,000 XP and 12,000 B. 
  • Event: A Twist of Events - Earned  21,300 XP and 18,000 B.
  • Event: Battle at the Hawk - Earned - 22,000 XP and 17,000 B.
  • Event: Hunting for Hounds - Earned 14,000 XP and 120,000 B.
  • Event: 531,871 - 1 - Earned 6 Levels and 30,000 B. 

Four-Year TimeskipEdit


After Hitoshi stabbed himself at the shore of one of Hera's beaches, his body fell into the water and dissapeared. Later, Hitoshi awoke inside of a spiritual oasis surrounded by mystical healing water. Next to him, was an old man who appeared to be healing him. Stunned and confused, Hitoshi questioned the man asking him why did he bother reviving him. The man responded, telling him that a young battle wolf male named Roukan had found Hitoshi's body on the shore of the island and it brought his body to him.

Hitoshi attempted to move, realizing that he was paralyzed and his body was still in poor condition. He asked the man what his name was, and the man told him to just call him "Hayashi". Hitoshi declared that he didn't want to be revived, stating that he wanted to die. Hayashi questioned this, asking Hitoshi to explain his reasons for attempting suicide. Hito complied, and he explained his entire life to Hayashi. Hito had spent several years of his life hellbent on killing The Count and liberating Hades, and he sacrificed everything to do it. But in the end it wasn't enough, he had lost his powers, lost the most important treasures Mr. Hashimoto had left for him, and his actions caused the death of several hundred thousand people. It was because of this that he deducted that his life was worthless, meaningless, and that he had failed so there was no more purpose in living any longer. 

Hito also explained that he realized how childish, foolish, and reckless he had been. He had gone on many killing sprees in his life killing anyone and anything that he deemed "bad" without even a second thought. Brutally slaying and murdering so many people with many of them not even being that bad or even bad at all. He finally realized his mistakes: and the guilt was too much for him to bare. Hito explained that even while he was in the oasis he could hear and feel the voices of all the people he had killed who's souls still cling on to the living world unable to pass on. He was convinced that his failed attempts, reckless actions, and worthlessness removed any value of his life and he was better off just being dead. 

Hayashi replied explaining that even though Hito had done many heinous things in his life, it doesn't mean that his life is over. He can always find a way to cope and atone for his sins and improve his life, and that even though he failed to make his dreams a reality last time there is always more chances in the future to make it a reality. Hito asked how, wondering how he could possibly atone for anything that he had done and how he could continue to live on and do anything with the loss of his powers, equipment, and motives. 

Hayashi told him that he could help him learn to use Nen again, as well as teach him to deal with all of the voices by becoming a Shaman, and teach him some other things. Hito was shocked and interested, but he still felt overwhelming guilt for all that he had done. Realizing this, Hayashi told Hito that perhaps he could make vows if he desired, becoming the embodiment of all of the pain, suffering, and death he had caused in order to gradually make up for it over time and seek forgiveness. 

As they continued their conversation, Roukan, the young battle wolf mentioned before had returned to the oasis and it greeted Hitoshi by licking him happily. Hito was speechless, and by just looking at Roukan he could tell it was injured. He asked Hayashi what happened to Roukan, and he told Hito that Roukan was a young lone wolf who had been kicked out of his own pack by the viscious alpha male. The alpha male was Roukan's older brother, Ookami, and it had killed their father replacing him and taking over the pack. When Roukan challenged Ookami, he was brutally defeated and beaten nearly to death before being exiled by him. Hayashi said that he had found Roukan on the verge of death, and he had nursed him back to health and he was able to understand the animal. Allowing him to quickly form a strong bond and friendship with Roukan.

Hayashi told Hito that even though Roukan had been through a lot himself, he is still willing to try and he desperately seeks to find a way to defeat his brother Ookami and save his pack. So Hayashi asked Hito what he wanted to do from this point on. Did he really just want to die and wither away unfulfilled and broken, or did he want to actually take initiative and work towards achieving something, deciding what he wanted to do with his life now, and becoming someone remarkable. After much thought, Hito decided to get back on his feet and attempt to better himself. Although Hito was curious, asking Hayashi exactly what island they were on and where it was located. Hayashi told them they were on a "Lost Island" that has no name and most of it's history was forgotten. But it has a large population of much flora, fauna, and many spiritual oasis located on it.


From that point on, Hitoshi began training intensely with Hayashi, he had learned a new martial arts style known as the "Eijuuken" which means "Gun-Edge Fist": a very passive fighting style that taught one how to redirect and deflect their opponent's attacks away or back at themselves without actually having to block their blows. Hitoshi also learned the technique known as "Knocking" which he has incorporated into his Eijuuken, creating an incredibly lethal fighting style. Both the Eijuuken and Knocking require much precision, accuracy, well-timed movements, and innovation. By focusing on these aspects and honing them, Hito has become calmer, more logical, patient, and intuitive. In addition, in order to fully utilize these fighting styles, Hitoshi has done a significant amount of strength, speed, dexterity, agility, endurance, and stamina training. Relying on his innate regeneration abilities and constant growth and adaption as a one-eyed ghoul to allow him to push his body above and beyond his regular limits, receiving tremendous amount of bodily harm and critical damage over the years so that his body would regenerate much more powerful and stronger than ever. Resulting in all of Hitoshi's physical parameters, capabilities, and statistics increasing by gargantuan amounts: leading to him becoming incredibly powerful with raw physical and combat prowess alone.

Aside from the martial arts training, Hito began relearning all of the basics of the Shigen-Ryu school's Four Major Principles of Nen or "Nen of the Flame" re-obtaining and empowering his Nen more than ever before re-earning his status as a full-fledged Hunter. He learned how to use his own Furyoku, harnessing it's power as a new Shaman and learning how to further enhance his natural connection to the spirits as a person from Hades. He became a Saiseiya too, a Gourmet Reviver, who protects ingredients, defends them from going extinct, and revives those who have gone extinct. Most interestingly, he learned how to Energybend, Earthbend, and Metalbend: able to use his bending to manipulate his own or another's internal life and spiritual energies for various effects and causes, manipulate the earth around himself, and with the seismic sense derived from earthbending he discovered that he could bend metal as well. Through the use of his bending and the knowledge he obtained based around it, Hitoshi has decided to use neutral jing: the key to earthbending that works best with seismic sense, revolving around Hitoshi "waiting and listening" for the best moment to counterattack and strike his opponents down. Hitoshi's Eijuuken and Knocking work phenomenally with this type of jing, and together they're all quite formidable. Hito trained alongside Roukan as well, resulting in the two of them becoming great friends and relying on each other under Hayashi's tutelage over the years. Hitoshi crafted a new weapon, one made from Roukan's right fang and through the use of Earthbending and Metalbending. A brand new weapon made in the image of the Ghoul Eater that he had lost that he decided to name the "Dawn Breaker". 

Eventually, once he felt that he was strong enough Roukan decided to go off on his own without speaking to Hito or Hayashi first to confront his elder brother. Once they found out, Hitoshi quickly hurried after Roukan, as he knew that Roukan was still no match for his older brother yet after hearing about his strength from Hayashi during the years. Once Hito got to Roukan, it was too late as he had been defeated and killed by his own brother Ookami. Hito was devastated by this, having lost one of the few friends he has ever had and the only pet he's ever had. But Roukan's soul was still around, and it contacted Hitoshi "telling" him that he still had the will to move on and fight. He wasn't ready to move on to the afterlife not yet, that he promised that he would help Hito achieve his goals and he meant that. So, Hito pursued Ookami and once he encountered him, he used his new powers as a Shaman to perform "Over Soul" the ability to physically manifest a spirit in the real world through the use of a physical object associated with the spirit.

With this power, Hitoshi combined his own newfound abilities with Roukan's and together after a long and intense battle they managed to defeat and destroy Roukan's older brother, Ookami. In the aftermath, the other battle wolves were left without an alpha and the one that did step up and become the new alpha was Roukan's younger brother, the third and youngest of Roukan and his brothers. In the end, the pack had a new good alpha and Roukan bid farewell to his kin as he decided to officially become Hitoshi's spirit ally and sacred soul.

Afterwards, Hitoshi returned to Hayashi and informed him of what happened. He said that he felt that his training was finally complete and that it was time for him to begin his new journey in life. After all these years, Hito said that his outlook and goals have changed. He came to the conclusion that everyone's lives matter and that everyone deserves a second chance. Killing should be a last resort only done if someone is truly a terrible person who cannot be saved, but in any other situation redemption and forgiveness should always be sought. He still wished to liberate Hades, but now he wanted to not only liberate Hades but the entire world in general. As for his feelings towards The Count, he still felt confused, he came to realize that The Count wasn't nearly as bad as he had thought and that many things weren't his fault. But The Count still wasn't someone he would declare "good" and that he had done many questionable and terrible things. Overall, Hitoshi wishes to meet The Count again and learn more about him, what his identity is, and what his goals truly are to determine what type or person he is and what he considers him to be. But in the meantime, Hito wants to do whatever he can to start benefiting Hades more and atoning for his actions mainly the explosion he caused back in Hera.

Departure and DestructionEdit

Once he had made up his mind and had his goals set in stone, Hito left the island and said goodbye to Hayashi before going to Hades. Once Hito got to Hades he quickly confronted the Night Hunter Organization, he was attacked by many of them in retaliation for what he had done to Rio, Director Hamasaki's daughter. Hito apologized, but knowing it wasn't enough, he was forced to fight back against his attackers. During the attack, Hito mentioned that the Night Hunters had lost their way. The Night Hunters were originally founded to keep balance and regulate the populations, doing their best to make sure that the human population in Hades isn't driven to extinction and overwhelemed by all of the other creatures. So Night Hunters would go out and hunt for many supernatural beings and slay them to keep their numbers down here and there. But even then, this wasn't good and it was biased against the supernatural while favoring only humans. Although many are, not all supernatural are evil and slaying them just to "keep their population down" is wrong. 

Nowadays, the Night Hunters had either been doing, encouraging, or simply watching mass killing sprees happen against the supernatural for the dumbest or most minor of reasons. Making things much worse and it had to be stopped. Agreeing with him, many members had joined Hito's side in the attack against the others and the Director. Causing a small civil war to break out within the organization itself and tear it apart. During the battle, Hito confronted Director Hamasaki and told him that he was no longer fit to be the Director and that this all had to end. In his rage for Hito talking down to him and for killing his daughter Rio, Hamasaki revealed his true strength. Utilizing a powerful kakuja quinque against Hito and a powerful Archangel spirit, causing Hito to retaliate full force and eventually defeat Hamasaki with the assistance of Roukan via Over Soul.

Hamasaki told Hito to just finish him off and kill him like the monster he was, but Hito refused, saying he's giving him a second chance. So he turned his back to him and walked away, but while he was walking away Hamasaki attacked Hito with a quinque aiming to kill him. But Hayate, Hito's old friend from the organization jumped in the way leading to his impalement. Hito was enraged, and in his anger he nearly beat Hamasaki to death but he managed to control himself and stop. He quickly ran over to Hayate and attempted to stop the bleeding, but he couldn't do it and Hayate told Hito that it was dumb of him to jump in the way like that. But as an idiot, it's only a natural thing for him to do. Hito immediately responded telling Hayate that he's sorry and apologizes for all of the times he has insulted Hayate's intelligence and personality. But Hayate said that it wasn't important and that above all else, he wanted Hito to find his parents and tell him about his death. Hitoshi promised that no matter what, he would do it and he would let them know. 

New GoalEdit

Once the battle was over, Hitoshi told everyone that due to the destruction that they had all caused and the lost of the director. The Night Hunters were better off simply disbanding because their views were flawed to begin with and now they have degenerated into something heinous. However, he said that the organization could be reborn anew as something else that worked directly under The Count with more positive goals in mind. Perhaps as some type of law enforcement unit dedicated to creating peace within Hades among all of it's populations and ending this constant violence. But before this could be done, Hitoshi wanted to find his old friends and gain their help in case The Count does anything unexpected. So he informed everyone that he would be back soon, and he left to go find and reunite with Eos. Due the over four years of training, Hitoshi earned 15 Levels and 350,000 B.

List of EventsEdit

Reunion Arc Edit

  • Event: To You - Earned 14,000 XP and 20,000 B. 
  • Event: His Requiem - Earned 4 Levels and 300,000 B.
  • Event: The Azure Trials - Earned 1 Level and 50,000 B. 

Mastermind Arc Part 1Edit

  • Event: The Dead Doctors - Earned 13,000 XP and 8,000 B. 

Fatal ErrorEdit

  • Event: Error 404 Not Found - Earned 40,000 XP and 20,000 B.

The War of the Black Edit

  • Event: The Count's Conclusion - Earned 4 Levels and 400,000 B. 


As a natural One-Eyed Ghoul, Single Star Hunter, highly-skilled Shaman, proficient Bender, and capable Saiseiya. Hitoshi Kagome is an incredibly powerful individual who has built up an reputation in Hades. He has become known as the "Blue-Eyed Ghoul Hunter", due to his habits of going on killing sprees against other ghouls. Although he has killed many other creatures. Thus, earning him a 1st Star Hunter Licsense and becoming a Single Hunter: one of the highest rankings for a Hunter. Later, Hitoshi became a Shaman, Bender, and a Saiseiya; amplifying his already great skills even further and obtaining many new ones with incredible synergy. In conclusion, Hitoshi has become one of the most powerful people in the New World of Requiem. 

One-Eyed Ghoul PhysiologyEdit

As a natural one-eyed ghoul, Hitoshi is half-ghoul and half-human, who's most distinctive trait is his single kakugan in his right eye. He is naturally superhuman in all physical aspects of the word: possessing superhuman physical prowess, senses, and regeneration. These abilities are primarily based around what is known as "Rc cells" which stands for "Red Child" Cells: special cells that exist in the body of all biological beings. Rc cells flow like blood but have the ability to become as solid as bone, and can be referred to as "liquid muscles". Due to being a one-eyed ghoul, his body has a special organ known as a kakuhou that stores and concentrates all of these cells together. His kagune is the created form of these cells when they all merge together and emerge from his body's kakuhou. 

Due to having Rc cells, he has what is known as an "Rc Factor": which is a measurement for the amount of Rc cells that an individual has in their body. Ghouls have an amount that is usually ten times that of a regular human being, though this can differ depending on the individual. While most humans have an Rc factor of 200 to 500, and ghouls have an Rc actor of 1,000 to 8,000, Hitoshi has a factor of 8,000 which is at the highest end of average. The Rc cells within his body flow through what is known as "Rc Vessels": they act as pathways throughout the body for the cells that originate from within the kakuhou and permit the kagune to sprout from the body.  Hitoshi's bodily capabilities increase depending on how many vessels he has within his body, and the number of vessels increases depending on how many times his body is wounded and regenerates. It's through this process, that one-eyed ghouls become stronger the more they're harmed during battle. This expands beyond simply receiving serious wounds, but involves regular physical fitness training. As the regenerative factor combined with the growth rate of the Rc vessells will allow for Hitoshi to become much stronger at astonishing rate during the process at which his muscles break down and build themselves back up. 

Unfortunately, Hitoshi was born with the ghoul's natural hunger for human flesh and thirst for human blood. His tongue has the structure that regular ghouls do, so human food taste revolting and disgusting to him. His body has a particular enzyme, that prevents Hitoshi from being able to digest regular food. If he does force himself to eat regular food, he will not only be struck with a powerful urge to vomit, but his physical condition will be degraded. However, he is capable of drinking coffee and plain water. He also doesn't need to eat short term like regular humans do, he only needs to consume one body once every two months in order to survive perfectly fine. Due to his morality, he only eats the bodies of deceased humans. Hitoshi was also born with Gourmet Cells, which further enhances his physical prowess and regenerative capabilities. However, since he doesn't eat a lot, these cells aren't very developed and thus aren't very strong at all. 

Kakuhou, Kagune, and KakuganEdit

A kakuhou is a sack-like organ that exists inside of those who have ghoul heritage. The stronger Hitoshi becomes, the more kakuhou his body will develop. He currently has one, and it is located near his tailbone, due to his Rc type being bikaku. The kakuhou stores Rc cells, so that the nutrition inside of them can be absorbed by the body. When released they take on the form of what is known as a "Kagune": a ghoul's main predatory organ.

A kagune is as red as blood, and is flexible like the flow of water yet also firm and sturdy. When it is released, the physical capabilities of Hitoshi's body is raised considerably and he obtains a boost of energy. It can be described a voluntary muscle that can be controlled however Hitoshi sees fit and can be softened and hardened according to his will. It's size is dependant on the quality and quantity of the Rc cells that his body contains, whilst it's shape is dependant on his intellect and creativity, as well as his Rc type.

The kagune's appearance and place of emergence is based on what is known as an "Rc type": one of the four classifications of a ghoul's kagune. Hitoshi is a bikaku-type, and thus his kagune is released above his tailbone. Bikaku-types are well-suited for mid-range combat and has moderate offense, defense, and speed. Thus, his kagune has no notable strengths or weaknesses like the other types making it the perfect "trump card". Bikaku-types have better speed and durability against the brute-force, breakable rinkaku-types, allowing a bikaku-type type to cut it off. Though a bikaku-type would be overwhelmed and lose against a faster and long-ranged ukaku-type. Overall, a bikaku-type is well-balanced. 

Finally, there is the kakugan. The kakugan is the appearance that Hitoshi's right eye will take either at will, when he is extremely enraged, or when the kagune is activated. His right eye's iris becomes red, obtains black scelera, and red veins that run throughout and around the eye. 

  • Superhuman Physical Strength: Hitoshi's physical strength is incredible. As he is naturally, at bare minimum, at least a dozen times stronger than the strongest fully grown and physically fit human males in the world. Whilst being several times stronger than the average male ghoul, capable of easily defeating dozens of them using only his bare hands alone. He has also displayed the ability to take on various creatures of different sizes, length, and height. He can take down very large and monstrous beast without having to use his signature weapon, the Dawn Breaker. Showing that he can both move as fast as them, lift up to 70 tons, and strike them down using only his own natural combat prowess alone. With his Nen, he can lift up to 85 tons, but he can lift even more due to his his healing factor which will be begin healing his muscles once they begin breaking down under immense weight. 
  • Superhuman Physical Reflexes, Perception, & Speed: Hitoshi's physical speed is also incredible. His reflexes and perception appear to be instaneous to most, capable of reacting too and dodging various attacks from all angles quickly without hesitation. Almost as if he was able to see the attacks in slow motion, or predict his enemy's trajectory of attack. Whilst being able to move significantly faster than sound and blitz most opponents without an issue, showing that he can quickly move around without being heard and completely vanishing to those with ordinary human eyes. Even to those with special eyes, he is still difficult to keep track of and has shown the ability to completely vanish into thin air with only his raw speed. 
  • Superhuman Physical Agility & Flexibility: Hitoshi's physical agility is incredibly high, as he is capable of easily running alongside the walls of buildings and scaling them without a problem. Having run alongside the thin wires between rooftops, flag poles, and the very edge of buildings without falling or even losing his balance at all. He can swing around on flag poles, run ontop of people's heads to quickly get through large crowds, and even freefall from high distances and land safely on his feet. 
  • Superhuman Physical Durability, Endurance, & Healing Factor: Hitoshi's physical durability and endurance are incredibly high too, and he possess an innate healing factor. Ordinary household objects or weapons have no effect on him whatsoever, as a butcher knife would shatter into a pile of pieces if used to stab him, and bullets do not harm him. Although depending on which type, they only go about an inch or two within his skin, depending on the range at which they're fired. Despite that, he is still capable of fighting without showing any signs of fatigue for extended periods of time and possess a powerful healing factor. This healing factor allows him to recover from minor injuries in seconds, major injuries in minutes, and critical injuries in less than an hour. If he eats something while he is injured, his body will recover at an even faster rate, and with the use of his Nen ability "Rebirth" his healing factor is bolstered to phenomenal levels allowing him to regenerate as long as at least one some part of his brain remains. 
  • Superhuman Senses: Hitoshi's senses are all naturally very high in comparison to that of both the average human and average ghoul's, despite a ghoul's senses naturally being much higher than that of a human's. Due to his training with Hayashi over a course of four years, he has learned how to completely control and amplify the power of his senses to incredible lengths.
    • Superhuman Sight: Hitoshi's sense of sight grants him the ability to see over vast distances and horizons. With much greater clarity and perception than that of a normal human being. He possesses telescopic vision, the ability to zoom in over vast distances onto specific objects or people. As well as night vision being able to see clearly in near-total darkness without a problem.
    • Superhuman Hearing: Hitoshi's sense of hearing enables him to detect an acoustic pressure change of one decibel at a pressure level of seven decibels (whereas the lowest threshold for average human hearing is twenty decibels.) He can hear a person's heartbeat at a distance of over a few thousand feet or people whispering on the other side of an advanced soundproofed wall. Through practice, Hitoshi's able to control his hearing acuity, mentally blocking out specific sounds like his own breathing and heartbeat, all ambient sounds to a normal human level of perception, or all sounds but a particular sound he is concentrating upon.
    • Superhuman Smell: Hitoshi's sense of smell is so acute that he can distinguish between identical twins at twenty feet by minute differences in smell. He can detect odors of an atmospheric concentration of thirty parts per million. Further, his ability to remember smells enables him to identify any person he has spent at least two minutes with by smell alone, no matter how he or she might try to camouflage his or her natural odor. His powers of concentration are such that he can focus upon a single person's smell and follow it through a massive crowd of people up to even several miles away. He can even detect if someone is lying by the small chemical reactions and changes in their body that occur when someone lies.
    • Superhuman Taste: Hitoshi's sense of taste enables him to detect the number of grains of salt on a pretzel. His ability to remember tastes enables him to determine every ingredient of a food or drink he tastes, as long as there are at least ten milligrams of that substance present.
    • Superhuman Touch: Hitoshi's sense of touch is so acute that his finger can feel the faint impressions of ink on a printed page allowing him to read by touch and thus able to read the ink impressions at a much faster pace than a normal person would be able to read normally. The rest of his skin is equally sensitive, enabling him by concentration to feel minute temperature and pressure changes in the atmosphere around him. Even with his senses of smell and hearing blocked, he can feel the presence of a person standing several dozen feet away from him simply by his or her body heat and disturbance of air. A side effect of his sense of touch is Hitoshi's ability to manipulate his muscles and internal organs. The sense of touch is not just external, but internal too (central nervous system), thereby giving him the ability to have total body control, to increase his strength and reflexes, increase his agility, and even giving him the ability to numb himself to pain. However, still feeling guilty for what he has done in life, Hitoshi prefers to amplify his sense of pain subsequently growing stronger due to his nature as a one-eyed ghoul.
  • Kakugan: Hitoshi possesses the unique eye technique known as the kakugan, which activates whenever he is either extremely hungry, angry, or utilizing his kagune. However, due to training, Hitoshi has obtained complete control over his kakugan and it only ever manifest when he is incredibly angry nowadays. Unique to him, Hitoshi's kakugan possess the ability to see in infrared. Capable of seeing the thermal heat signatures produced by all living things.
  • Kagune: Hitoshi's kagune is a Bikaku-type, which means that he produces a tail-like liquid muscle from right above his tailbone that is a blood red in color. It is good for medium-range attacks, has good offense, defense, and speed. Due to Hitoshi being a Bikaku-type, his kagune is a good counter to Rinkaku-type Kagune Ghouls, but it is weak to Ukaku-type Kagune Ghouls. However, Hitoshi rarely uses his kagune anyway, and due to his hybrid vigor, he is still capable of easily taking on and killing any ghoul regardless of their kagune type. 


Nen is a technique that allows one to use and manipulate their own physical Life Energy, produced by the body, known as Aura. It is gradually released from special pores beneath the skin known as Aura Nodes. For those who become skilled practitioners of Nen, they obtain the ability to open and close their Aura Nodes at will. In Hitoshi's case, he is a Genius, born with the innate ability to utilize Nen without ever being taught how by anyone before. He inherited this ability from his mother, who was a former dangerous and powerful Assassin Hunter who was well-feared and known throughout Hades. Though he was later taught some of the basics of Nen by Tsubasa. Hitoshi's Nen is naturally powerful, and after losing his Nen and obtaining it again through much intense training, Hitoshi's Nen has become much more powerful than ever before reaching monstrous levels. Initially, Hitoshi was only capable of using Zetsu and Ren, and he used it during his life while living out on the streets. Using Zetsu to mask his presence and hide from others, so that he could sneak up on them and mug them, beat them, and/or kill them. While using Ren to augment his abilities whenever engaging in serious fights against anyone. 

After training with Mr. Hashimoto for several years, Hitoshi had learned even more and mastered the Four Major Principles of Nen (which originated within the Shingen-ryu Kung-Fu school). Capable of using Ten, Zetsu, Ren, and Hatsu efficiently and effectively. Hitoshi decided that before learning how to use his Nen type. That he should learn how to use all advanced techniques first, and because of that he learned and fully mastered them all. These advanced techniques are all enhanced versions or advanced applications of the Four Major Principles of Nen. Upon completing his training in their use, Hitoshi decided to start using and mastering his Hatsu more, which would involve learning what his Nen type was. 

After completing the water divination test. Hitoshi found out that he was an Emitter. Shortly afterwards, Mr. Hashimoto died due to the One-Eyed Ghoul Invasion incident. Causing Hitoshi to take up Mr. Hashimoto's old Quinque, the "No Name" and use it to kill the Ghouls that killed Mr. Hashimoto. Once it was all over, Hitoshi renamed it the "Ghoul Eater" and both modified and improved it via the kakuhous he took from the dead Ghouls' bodies. He combined the Ghoul Eater with his Emission, Manipulation, and Transmutation skills that he had learned, and was able to change the Ghoul Eater's form into that of a giant gun-like weapon. With it, he is able to fire powerful and high-speed Nen blasts that are invisible to those who cannot use Nen. This uses a combination of both Emission, some Manipulation, and a little bit of Transmutation added to it, allowing him to slightly change the direction of the blasts and their properties after they're fired. Later, Hitoshi began using a new weapon that he calls the "Dawn Breaker" that acts as a replacement for the Ghoul Eater due to it's destruction. It posseses the same capabilities of the Ghoul Eater, and is now Hitoshi's main weapon that he uses his Nen with. Here is an in-depth list of Hitoshi's Nen-based abilities. 

Four Major PrinciplesEdit

  • Ten (Enevelop; Shroud): Hitoshi utilizes Ten to to keep his Aura Nodes open, but instead of letting it all flow away and dissipate. He controls it and makes it to flow through and around his body, causing his body to become immune to emotional attacks from other Nen users. Since all of the energy is concentrated within the body, it allows Hitoshi to maintain youthful vigor and reduce his body's aging process. The main drawback of Ten, is that even though it protects Hitoshi from emotional Nen attacks, it cannot defend against physical Nen attacks. The quality of Ten can be improved through meditation.
  • Zetsu (Suppress; Null): Hitoshi utilizes Zetsu to close his Aura Nodes, stopping the flow of Aura within and around his body altogether. Since Hitoshi is no longer surrounded by his own Aura, he is sensitive to the Aura of others, and can easily track them down by sensing their Auras. On top of this, it also prevents other Nen users from sensing Hitoshi, it relieves fatigue since the Aura is now fully contained within, and unfortunately makes Hitoshi's body vulnerable to other Nen attacks since his own Aura is disabled.
  • Ren (Refine; Enhance): Hitoshi utilizes Ren to output a huge amount of Aura from his body and keeps it attached to his body, he then greatly increases it's intensity and size. Hitoshi's physical strength and durability are increased, and he is provided with a large pool of Aura to use for any techniques. Ren is a direct application of Ten, and it's offensive counterpart. 
  • Hatsu (Release; Act): Hitoshi utilizes Hatsu to release his Aura to perform a certain action. It is what is used to perform all individual Nen abilities, and reflects one's personal expression of Nen. 

Advanced TechniquesEdit

  • Shu (Enfold): Shu is an advanced application of Ten. Hitoshi utilizes Shu to extend his Aura around an object to use it as if it was an extension of his body. The object becomes both stronger and is protected by the Aura, akin to how Ren strengthens and protects his body. 
  • Neru (Sleep): Neru is an enhanced version of Ten. Hitoshi utilizes Neru to enter a deep sleep or "healing stasis", causing his body to enter a comatose state and heal itself from even the most grave injuries over time and recover any lost Aura while not aging during the slumber.
  • In (Conceal): In is an advanced application of Zetsu. Hitoshi utilizes In to completely conceal and hide his Aura. Unlike Zetsu, it doesn't require Hitoshi to completely cancel the flow of Aura throughout and around his body. Instead, it simply hides it, allowing him to perform dangerous sneak attacks and lay traps. 
  • Kesu (Extinguish): Kesu is an enhanced version of Zetsu. Hitoshi utilizes Kesu to completely mask his presence and turn invisible, preventing him from being sensed by any means aside from some form of physical interaction. 
  • Gyo (Focus): Gyo is an advanced application of Ren. Hitoshi utilizes Gyo to focus his Aura into one specific body part in order to greatly strengthen that body part. The downside to Gyo is that the other body parts are left vulnerable, due to the Aura being concentrated into one part. 
  • Ken (Fortify): Ken is an enhanced version of Ren. Hitoshi utilizes Ken to maintain Gyo over his entire body, allowing him to defend against attacks from any direction. Ken is useful as a defensive measure, but is tiring to maintain, and is not as strong as Gyo when used on a specific part of the body since it is dispersed across all of it. Due to this, it is mainly used when being cautious. 
  • En (Circle): En is an advanced application of both Ten and Ren. Hitoshi utilizes En to create a sensory barrier around himself made from his own Aura. He can feel the shape and movement of anything and everything that enters the barrier, and can extend it's range up to 240 meters. The downside to En, is that is it very tiring and quickly dissipates Hitoshi's Aura. Therefore, he cannot use it for extremely long periods of time or else he will run out of Aura.
  • Ko (Temper): Ten, Zetsu, Ren, Hatsu, and Gyo are all used together to create Ko. Hitoshi utilizes Ko to focus absolutely all of his individual Aura into a specific part of his body. Zetsu is used to stop the flow of Aura across his entire body with all of it being forced into a single spot. Tremendously empowering that specific part of his body. The massive concentration of so much Aura in one spot creates an intense high-pitched dissonance, akin to metal being ground and representing how much raw power is contained within the body part or object.  

Emission, Manipulation, Transmutation, and EnhancementEdit

  • Form Change: By channeling his Aura into his Dawn Breaker and then using Manipulation, Hitoshi can activate the chimera mechanism in his Dawn Breaker and transform it from it's Cleaver Form, Gun Form, or Beast Form.  Each form possesses different traits, different ranges, and deal different types of damage: making the Dawn Breaker extremely versatile.
    • Cleaver Form: The Cleaver Form is simply the default form of Hitoshi's Dawn Breaker. It is an extremely large sword, larger than Hitoshi himself, that can even be used as a shield.
      • Ghost Splitter: With his Dawn Breaker, Hitoshi channels a tremendous amount of Aura through his cleaver and slashes downwards at his enemy. The result is an enormous vertical pillar of Nen that slices through anything it comes into contact with.
    • Gun Form: The Gun Form is the second form that Hitoshi's Dawn Breaker takes. It is a giant shotgun-like weapon that can be used to fire any type of shells, rounds, or beams. Hitoshi has a tendency to use this form the most.
      • Ghost Shells: With his Dawn Breaker, Hitoshi creates "Ghost Shells": completely undetectable spheres of Aura that he can launch at his opponents at will that can only be detected by special means. In is used alongside the shells, making them invisible to even other Nen users. By using Manipulation alongside his Emission, he can manipulate the direction of the Ghost Shells he deploys to make sure they hit their target. With Transmutation, Hitoshi is able to change the properties of the Ghost Shells, able to give them elastic, penetrative, explosive, and various other qualities. By using these shells via his Dawn Breaker Hitoshi can focus and channel his Aura better before firing it with much greater power and accuracy. 
      • Deadlock Ghost Shell: With his Dawn Breaker, Hitoshi uses his most powerful variant of the Ghost Shell that he calls the "Deadlock Ghost Shell". He employs Ko during his use of this technique, tremendously increasing it's power in comparison to the other Ghost Shells. Depending on how much Aura is used, it can wipe out anything from a small town to a mountain range.
      • Ghost Beams: With his Dawn Breaker, Hitoshi creates and fires very powerful and invisible Nen beams at his opponents. 
      • Shotlock Ghost Beam: With his Dawn Breaker, Hitoshi focuses and gathers up a massive amount of Aura. He uses Gyo to enhance his kakugan, locks onto his target, and fires out his most poweful Ghost Beam that can cross hundreds of miles.
      • Ghost Volley: With his Dawn Breaker, Hitoshi uses his skills as an Emitter to fire out a high-speed chain of Aura Blasts at incredible speed with phenomenal ferocity and power akin to a machine gun. Each blast or "bullet" moves at high-hypersonic speeds capable of completely shredding through and decimating anything in their way with relentless fury.
    • Beast Form: The Beast Form is the third and final form that Hitoshi's Dawn Breaker takes. It is its most powerful and animalistic form. 
      • Ghost Eater: By utilizing it's mouth, the Beast Form of the Dawn Breaker feasts on the Aura of other living things.
  • Miscellaneous Techniques: Hitoshi uses several techniques, many of which are not used with the Dawn Breaker. These various techniques can be used for offensive, defensive, and supplementary roles.
    • Ghost Threads: Hitoshi creates invisible Nen threads that he uses to restrain, bind, or cut his enemies.
    • Rebirth: Through Enhancement, Hitoshi has the ability to increase his already very high innate healing factor to absurd levels. Allowing him to heal and recover from any wound he takes nigh-instantly. With his Vow and Limitation applied, Hitoshi is capable of completely regenerating as long as at least some part of his brain and upper body remains.

Vows and LimitationsEdit

Vows and Limitations are paranormal psychological inhibitors applied to certain skills or abilities that Hunters use with their Nen. For example, if someone says "I Vow that I will only use this skill only on Thursday" then it will become more powerful when used on that day. If a Limitation is applied to the Vow, it'll become even more powerful for example if one says "I Vow that I will use this skill only on Thursday, and if I use it any other day I will die" that would be considered a Limitation. Originally, Hitoshi didn't use any of these on any of his techniques. But after his revival, Hito wanted to at least find some way to cope with his many sins and all of the deaths had he caused in his life. Due to this, Hito applied a long list of Vows and Limitations to his many techniques. After he was sent into a near-death state and coma by Vixen, Hito's Vows and Limitations were "reset" and now he has the potential to create new ones. 


Furyoku is the measure of one's spiritual energy produced directly by the soul. It is also a product of willpower, and is directly influenced by the heart. It is essential to even the most basic use of Shaman techniques or magic. Everyone is born with a set amount of Furyoku which cannot be improved through physical training, but can only be improved through spiritual training or a near-death experience. Allowing the user to become more in-tuned with their soul and thus increasing it's power. 

Hitoshi was naturally born with a powerful soul and a great amount of Furyoku, and upon his first and second deaths, as well as two near-death experiences: his Furyoku has increased tremendously. Upon his training with Hayashi, Hitoshi learned how to use his own Furyoku and he became a Shaman. He is a regular Shaman, possessing all of the general abilities and their uses. Which includes the ability to communicate with spirits, control them, and help them pass on to the afterlife amongst others. His spirit ally is a powerful Battle Wolf named Roukan with gargantuan Reiyoku, who he had formed a strong friendship with before his passing. Roukan's soul is stored in a small wolf totem kept in Hitoshi's right pocket. Here is an in-depth list of Hitoshi's Furyoku abilities.


  • Hyoi Gattai: Also known as "Spirit Unity", is a technique that allows Hitoshi to integrate spirits into his body, their souls "unifying" or "fusing" into one within the same body. Hitoshi obtains the knowledge, widsom, and battle skill of the integrated spirit and the spirit can interact with the physical world through Hitoshi.
    • Over Soul: Also simply called "O.S" is by far the ultimate form of Furyoku manipulation for a Shaman and their most powerful technique. An Over Soul is a metaphysical construct of a spirit via a Shaman's Furyoku and a Medium to obtain corporeal properties. They're entirely created from Furyoku, thus, they can only be harmed by other Over Souls (or things of spiritual and magical nature) as there is no actual matter to harm for conventional weaponry. The attributes and abilities of the Over Soul is directly affected by the memories, knowledge, and visualization of both the Shaman and their spirit ally. The shape, form, and even power of the Over Soul can be directly adjusted mentally by the Shaman's will, as they're directly influenced by willpower and emotions. Since Hitoshi utilizes the Dawn Breaker, a cleaver created by Roukan's fang, Roukan and Hitoshi both have a strong connection to the weapon and it works best with them. Due to Hitoshi's tremendous quantity of Furyoku, and Roukan's gargantuan quantity of Reiyoku and status as a Sacred Soul, their Over Soul is incredibly formidable.
      • O.S Feraru Kiba (Feral Fang): A Spirit-type Over Soul and the lowest form of Over Soul, an manifestation of Roukan's head is created around the Dawn Breaker greatly enhancing it's power, range, and capabilities. 
      • O.S Tsume Basuta (Claw Buster):  A Weapon-type Over Soul in it's purest form, an manifestation in the form of a supernatural armanent that fits Hitoshi's personal fighting style. It takes on the appearance of a large wolfen buster cannon on Hitoshi's right arm and a massive arm and claw on his left. It possesses incredible power and ability.
      • O.S Kemono Mezame (Beast Awakened): A Armor-type Over Soul that represents that pinnacle of conventional Over Soul magic. An incredibly formidable and powerful armor-like Furyoku construct that takes on the appearance of an enormous armored wolf-like armanent that completely surrounds the body enhancing Hitoshi's abilities by unfathomable amounts. It possesses enough power to decimate entire cities, valleys, plains, mountain ranges, and even a small nation when it's fully harnessed. 
      • Over Soul Merge - Ha To Tsume De Akai (Red in Tooth and Claw): A unique usage of Over Soul, allowing Hitoshi to either manifest and condense Roukan's soul around his body through a Medium, granting him a tremendous boost in his abilities. This can also be used to fully replicate Roukan's form outside of the body allowing Roukan to interact with the physical world. 
  • Cho Senji Ryakettsu - Fumon Tonko (Ultra Senji Ryakettsu - Shamanic Oracle): This technique enables Hitoshi to read the Furyoku of those around him, allowing him to anticipate, predict, and even disspiate other spiritual-based attacks.
  • Cho Senji Ryakettsu - Fumon Goryoue (Ultra Senji Ryakettsu - Shamanic Soul Purification): An incredibly poweful exorcist magic that allows Hitoshi to create a powerful Over Soul in the form of a magical katana that has the ability to cut through even the most powerful spirits and rend their souls. 
  • Cho Senji Ryakettsu - Mikazuki no Harae (Ultra Senji Ryakettsu - Crescent Moon Purification): A powerful exorcist magic used to purge and destroy demons. 


Within his body, Hitoshi has a third type of energy known as Chi which allows him to use the ability known as "Bending". Bending is the ability to bend and manipulate one of the four classical elements of the world, and Hitoshi has discovered that he is an Earthbender with the ability to manipulate the earth. However, there is a fifth element that allows one to bend the physical and spiritual energy within their own and another person's body known as "Energybending". Hitoshi has discovered that he has a natural knack for Energybending as well as Earthbending thanks to his training with Hayashi on the Lost Island. 


Energybending is the ability that allows one to bend the energy within their own body and others. It can impart knowledge, expeirence, and power to others or take it away. It also grants the ability to manipulate and influence spiritual forces and spirits themselves and connect with the great overwhelming cosmic energy of the Universe itself. Hitoshi has learned how to use these amazing powers both offensively and defensively under Hayashi's tutelage.

Hitoshi can bend his own spirit and that of others, allowing him to empower his own soul or the souls that he is using in battle. He can even destroy the souls of others, preventing them from ever being revived by any means. However, Hitoshi would never utilize such a dangerous and lethal power unless it was absolutely necessary. Interestingly, Hitoshi also possesses the ability to connect his consciousness with the "roots" of the world around him through trees. Allowing him to quickly locate and detect someone's location. Additionally, Hitoshi is capable of granting someone bending or removing it from their use entirely. Most impressively, if in a sacred area with an ginormous amount of spirituality present. Hitoshi may be able to bend his own soul and merge it with the cosmic energy of the Universe, creating a gigantic astral projection of himself and using it to combat opponents. 


Earthbending is the geokinetic ability to bend and manipulate the earth and minerals in all of their forms. The key to earthbending is to use neutral jing to wait and listen for the right moment to counterattack and strike. It is the element of substance and endurance, and it represents diversity, strength, and enduring. Although Hitoshi doesn't actually fight using his earthbending, he uses other aspects of it such as it's seismic sense to enhance his ability to perceive the world around him at all times. 

Seismic SenseEdit

Seismic sense is the unique sub-skill ability of Earthbending that allows one to see detect vibrations in the earth to perceive the world around them and everything within it. Hitoshi can use this ability with great skill and he is able to detect any type of subterranean cavitiy or cave undergrund. When using this skill, Hitoshi obtains greater awareness of the environment and even if his other senses are obstructed this sense still works allowing him to continue to fight without a problem. This sense also allows Hitoshi to detect the small fragments of earth within metal as well as detect if someone is lying by the slight physiological changes within one's body when they lie. Making this an overall incredibly useful and versatile skill. 

Plant ManipulationEdit

Due to his Gourmet Cells, Hitoshi has the ability to create and manipulate all forms of plant-life: specifically plant seeds. This is a very diverse ability that can be used for many offensive, defensive, and supplementary purposes. His trees can be used for protection, it's leaves' fluid can be used for cardiac revival, and some of it's seeds can be used for overall healing. They even have unique usages, such as insulting sound, pulling the earth back together if an earthquake occurs, and sucking the nutrients out of anything the seeds are implanted in: leading to it's demise. As well as wooden spears, acid sap, and thorns. He commonly uses this in conjunction with his Shamanism, that allows for better combinations and attacks. 


Born in the Kingdom of Hades, Hitoshi was born with the ability to communicate and manipulate the dead. He has created his own collection of undead puppets of worthy opponents he has faced during his lifetime. The ones he has so far are: Kenichi, a One-Eyed Ghoul, Yuzuki, a Lycan, Shun, a Vampire, Kazuko, a Dark Mage, and Rio, a Hunter. With The Count destined to become his sixth and final puppet. However, after failing to kill The Count in their last battle all of Hitoshi's puppets were destroyed and with his life goals changing he no longer has any desire to add The Count to his collection. 


On is the opposite of Nen, whilst Nen is Life Energy, On is Death Energy, and it is significantly more powerful. It is primarily fueled by intense negative emotions and can be awakened within multiple individuals under many different circumstances. Hitoshi originally awakened On during his childhood out of his anger and hatred for everyone, he later fully utilized it and mastered it's power during his last confrontation with The Count in Hera. He made a Vow to destroy The Count by any means necessary, with the Limitation being that he will die if he fails to do so. Due to failing to defeat such a powerful adversary, Hitoshi's Contract or Vow was broken, leading to his untimely death and self-destruction. Afterwards, Hitoshi lost the ability to use both Nen or On. Eventally, he regained the ability to use Nen but he Vowed to never use On again. 


Masterful Hand-To-Hand CombatEdit

As a Hunter, Shaman, Bender, and Saiseiya; Hitoshi is well-trained in the art of many martial arts. He has been trained in the Shigen-Ryu's School of Kung-Fu, Gun-Edge Fist, and Knocking. The initial fighting style, taught him how to hone his body to superb physical condition and basic hand-to-hand combat. The second, taught him how to passively deal with stronger opponents by deflecting and redirecting their blows away from himself without actually blocking them. The third and final one, is actually more of an advanced technique than a fighting style. But since one can be built around it, it itself has developed more into it's own martial art than anything else.  Knocking, is the act of landing precise blows on specific parts of an enemies' body to render then incapable of fighting any longer. When combined with Gun-Edge Fist, it creates a very resourceful and peaceful fighting style that can be used to quickly defeat opponents without actually significantly harming them. This is main reason that Hitoshi learned Gun-Edge Fist and Knocking, as the principles behind their use would help him not only grow as an individual, but also as a fighter. 

Instinctive Learning and UnderstandingEdit

As a One-Eyed Ghoul and martial artist, Hitoshi's superhuman perception, reflexes, and senses combined with his powerful training has endowed him with the ability to quickly grasp and understand the mechanical workings behind his opponent's abilities. This enables him to quickly come up with countermeasures against his opponent's on the fly, so that he can end his battles even quicker than usual. However, this doesn't always work on those with far more complex abilities that even a genius would have a hard time deciphering. 

Combat Knowledge Edit

Due to his training so many martial art fighting styles, Hitoshi is well-versed in the field of hand-to-hand combat and martial arts. He can recognize many fighting styles when he comes face to face with them, and knows how to counter them based on his acquired knowledge. He is knowledgeable about fighting styles such as Gentle Fist, Strong Fist, Arhat Fist, Acrobrat, Gun-Edge Fist, Knocking, and a few others. 



Roukan, Hitoshi's spirit ally.

As a Shaman, Hitoshi has a spirit ally that is always by his side through any situation. This ally of his, is a mature battle wolf named Roukan. He used to have the Spirit of Earth, one of the Five Grand Elemental Spirits, but he gave it to Roman so that he could reach his full potential.


Roukan is Hitoshi's primary spirit ally and one of his closest friends, they met on a mysterious island during the four-year interval in which Hitoshi died and left behind his friends. Roukan found Hitoshi and brought him to Hayashi, so that he could be revived, and could live to redeem himself and liberate Hades from The Count. Hitoshi owes Roukan his life, and avenged Roukan's life and helped him liberate his pack from his evil older brother Ookami who killed Roukan in cold blood: by using Roukan's spirit as an Over Soul and combining their abilities to defeat his brother. Ever since then, Roukan has been used as Hitoshi's primary spirit ally and they have fought dozens of battles together. 


  • Dawn Breaker - The Dawn Breaker is the succesor of the Ghoul Eater. Due to it being completely destoyed by The Count back in Hera, Hitoshi was forced to acquire a new signature weapon during his life-changing training with Mr. Hayashi. With Earthbending's sub-element; Metalbending, Hitoshi was able to create a new lighter colored weapon completely out of the material Orichalum: one of the strongest metals on Earth. Due to this, it is even more powerful than the Ghoul Eater and possessess all of it's abilities. 
  • Battle Wolf - Hitoshi had a pet battle wolf named Roukan who died and became his spirit ally. 10,000 B was deducated from his overall Bounty due to having one.
  • Cho-Senjiryakketsu - The Cho-Senjiryakketsu is a scared book originally belonging to the Asakura Family. Through unknown means Mr. Hayashi came into possession of the book and gave it to Hitoshi so that he could learn from it. It is filled with many ancient and powerful Shaman magics and spells. it cost 30,000 B.
  • Ghoul Eater (Former) - The Ghoul Eater is a large cleaver Chimera Quinque forged from Quinque Steel, one of the most powerful metals in the world. The core and basis of the weapon is Hitoshi's original kakuhou, which keeps it together and structured. The weapon has the ability to be ehanced by transforming into a head and devouring the kakuhous of other ghouls. Subsequently bolstering it's abilities even further and making itself nigh-indestructible. The only individuals who have been capable of destroying the Ghoul Eater are Titan and The Count. It belonged to Mr. Hashimoto before Hitoshi claimed ownership of it, with it having a different appearance and form prior to Hitoshi's alterations. It was destroyed in Hitoshi's last battle with The Count in Hera.
  • Ghoul Knightmare (Former) - The Ghoul Knightmare is a pitch black Kakuja Quinque forged from Quinque Steel, one of the most powerful metals in the world. The armor significantly enhances the wearer's abilities in exchange for devouring their life force over time, leaving them drained and exhausted as a side-effect afterwards. In it's dormant form, it takes on the appearance of a small triangular bracelet worn around the arm and when pressed on it expands into it's normal knight-like armor appearance. It is Hitoshi's own and very first made Quinque and it was destroyed during Hitoshi's last confrontation with The Count in Hera. 


  • Hitoshi Kagome's appearance is based off of that of Soma Schiskal's from the God Eater anime and video game series.