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Also Known As Shinobi
Age 25
Gender Male
Height 1.7 meters
Weight  ???
Blood Type
Professional Status
Occupation Shinobi
Level 30
Experience 0 / 31,000
Bounty Beli} 90,000
Family None
Allies Eos
Enemies None
Status Alive
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Hissatsu is a 25-year old Shinobi. A Sealing Master, he has trained his entire life to master this art. He is friends with Doctor Korosenai, until he was sent out to kill Doctor Korosenai, whom chose to terminate his contract with them. After battling his good friend, finding no way to win, he decided to join him, as he had also found the Nazis practices unforgivable like Doctor Korosenai, and believed that with Doctor Korosenai, he would be safe.


"So, I'm supposed to kill old Doctor Korosenai huh? Well that's a chore." Hissatsu muttered to himself. He had received his instructions, but he wasn't certain of the extent to which he could succeed. After all, this Doctor Korosenai had avoided capture for so long already.

"These are orders, Hissatsu. It'd be best to follow them to the letter." Spoke the Nazi Ninja, one of the Nazi leaders.

"Yes, Nazi Ninja, I understand. I'll head out now." Hissatsu muttered. He had grown disdainful of this so-called Ninja. It did not help that he has no name by which he could call him, which made him all the more distant.

Anyway, he had to complete this mission, or face annihilation at the hands of the Nazis. Truly, that was one of the main reasons why he was still working for them, although he was, in truth, a Mercenary.

Heading out, he spent some time searching for Doctor Korosenai, until he eventually found him in the forest, seemingly heading out somewhere.

Sneaking around him, without making a sound, he suddenly drew his Blade of Sealing. In a few rapid moments, he combined a massive amount of chakra together with the Body Flicker Technique, unleashing an incredibly vast and powerful chakra shockwave designed to assassinate Doctor Korosenai.

That was, atleast until he saw with his Geass that Doctor Korosenai would dodge it before his attack struck.

'What? Can he actually see me? That's Impossible! I've made sure to hide my presence..." Hissatsu wondered to himself. For the first time, his assassination skill had failed, when it could best even powerful Byakugan users.

But it was no matter to him. His Geass, in truth, was what sealed the deal in his assassination, for he could see in reality his opponent's subsequent moves before they made them, and in turn unleash more sword slashes which would end his foe.

And so, he unleashed a flurry of sword slashes, with speed blinding to all but the fastest of beings, from the sheer might of Body Flicker alone. Sound itself crackled as the blade travelled so fast, Air could not displace itself in time, creating ever-larger shockwaves which would deafen people in the area. The more he saw Doctor Korosenai dodge, the more he unleashed these shockwaves, until the 3rd time, where Doctor Korosenai was visibly struck.

Capitalizing on this, Hissatsu prepared to seal the deal. Activating an even stronger Body Flicker, he would attempt to end Doctor Korosenai through unleashing a Lariat through his blade, aiming to cleave Doctor Korosenai in two from one strike alone.

Korosenai, however, was shocked. He had not detected Hissatsu's presence until he prepared to unleash his attack, from which he instinctively dodged. Courtesy of the incredible speed possessed by the subsequent strikes, he was in no real position to counterattack, forcing him to attempt to avoid the remaining attacks, until he was hit from the sheer superior speed possessed by one of the blade strikes.

Lucky for him, his Absolute Defense System/Blaze Luminous System activated in time, shileding him from the shockwave while blowing him backward. However, its strength was incredible. Never before had Doctor Korosenai seen such a shockwave, concentrated enough to rapidly drain his energy shield's defences. It was only a matter of time before it pierced through.

But he had more important matters to attend to. In the next moment, Doctor Korosenai saw a blade flashing in the distance, and in an instant appeared in front of his chest, aiming to strike the area the Chakra Shockwave was already impacting. Lucky for him, he saw that this enemy, whoever he was, possessed human form, and this enabled him to unleash the full arsenal of his artillery, such as electric flamethrowers, Machineguns and Shotguns with Sakuradite Ammunition and Rifles, aiming to blast this enemy away and deal significant damage.

To Hissatsu, this was completely unexpected. When his vision suddenly told him that an unreasonable amount of firepower was about to be unleashed, he channelled large amounts of Chakra into his own body to prepare himself to endure this onslaught, whilst unleashing a Stasis Seal which would slow down the enemy's ammunition and explosions slightly, such that he would not expend too much energy in surviving. As he did so, his blade made contact, and shattered the Absolute Defense Blaze Luminous System (weakest), breaking through to strike Doctor Korosenai's chest armour, blasting Doctor Korosenai back.

"Tsk... It wasn't enough." Spoke Hissatsu. This was one of those times where his assassination plans had failed, and he was forced to engage his opponent. Courtesy of his ability to see the future, the damage he received was reduced to a few scratches here and there from the bullets and other powerful weapons, with his Chakra protecting him.

"So, it seems you've finally been sent to kill me... Hissatsu." Doctor Korosenai spoke, recognizing his voice and his face. "It seems that you have improved much over the years. Your strength seems to be unprecedented and unfamiliar to me now." Doctor Korosenai remarked.

"Yeah, and I shall take you down with that." Hissatsu spoke, as he suddenly formed several Shadow Clones, upon perceiving Doctor Korosenai's intended change in size, transforming into a literal Titan, before miraculously shrinking? The sight was confusing to Hissatsu, but he proceeded to have his Shadow Clones prepare different attacks, aiming to strike Doctor Korosenai from different angles, each unleashing chakra shockwaves of their own while using the Body Flicker to strike him with a flurry of attacks rapidly.

To Korosenai, this was half expected. He knew that with their superior speed, they would attempt to surround him and strike at him. Thus, he had assumed his Titan Form in order to increase his physical might, defence and power. Equipping the Claws of his Radiant Wave Surger, he rapidly countered and deflected the shockwaves sent his way, creating Radiation Blades to counter Hissatsu's own incredible onslaught, whilst unleashing the full might of his A.I unto Hissatsu, firing bullets haphazardly toward their locations and limiting their capacity to go on the offensive. Using the little time that was freed up, Korosenai then deployed his incredibly powerful turrets, designed to fire VARIS Rifle ammunition (of incredible power), aiming to preoccupy the clones with striking and avoiding, while he charged toward Hissatsu's main body himself to bring him down, firing at him with his own brand of more powerful machineguns (designed for the Titan form).

Hissatsu, greatly surprised, attempted to defend himself from the onslaught, but it was futile. His clones were incapable of deflecting a monstrosity which fired several million bullets per minute, if not more, especially considering the power of the bullets themselves. Deciding to defend themselves, the clones each threw a Kunai with the aid of a Body Flicker, then used the Enlargement Technique to increase its size to incredible levels, aiming to overpower the onslaught of bullets.

That is, if those bullets were anything regular in the first place. Some of those bullets weighed several tons, courtesy of the Turret actually being shrunk down. Thus, some of the massive Kunai were instantly deflected, leaving the shadow clones no choice but to use his Seal of Transfer to teleport these bullets into another dimension, shielding them from the onslaught while contemplating his next move. From his deductions thus far, Hissatsu realized that Doctor Korosenai's true strength came not from himself, but from sheer overwhelming power.

Some of his clones thus decided to go up into the sky instead, opting to leave the ground work to Hissatsu's main body.

Clashing with Doctor Korosenai's Titan Form, Hissatsu utilized his Body Flicker technique to unleash punches of incredible might, pre-occupying Doctor Korosenai as he unleashed his jutsu - Wind Release: Eradication Body. Ripping apart the bullets like knife through butter, this chakra taxing technique served to defend Hissatsu as he clashed with Doctor Korosenai head on, with the wind rapidly clashing and attempting to best Doctor Korosenai's now more powerful Radiant Wave Surger shields.

However, while his shields, with their power, could handle Hissatsu's strikes, his fists couldn't handle his own. Striking with a force reminiscent of a crashing aeroplane, Doctor Korosenai had resorted to sacrificing his Titan Limbs in order to deal maximum damage to Hissatsu. Knowing that his body was fragile, he knew that such techniques would serve to cut down Hissatsu's chakra reserves significantly.

'Strange, he sees the effects of my jutsu, yet comes at me head on? What is this speed?' While he could see the future, his predictive skills were for naught as Doctor Korosenai came at him head on, negating the advantages of his predictive skills. While he attempted to use his incredible speed to dodge, he still suffered the impacts of minor strikes on different parts of his body, impacting his chakra armour significantly as Doctor Korosenai continued his onslaught by regenerating his fists.

'But even then, this match is settled.' Hissatsu thought as his plans had come full circle. His shadow clones, in the sky, had made more shadow clones, each wielding a machinegun. Channelling significant amounts of chakra in it and increasing its power, all the clones then unleashed a veritable wall of bullets, made more terrifying with the additional use of Bullet Shadow Clone Jutsu, literally blotting out the sky, followed by the use of Enlargement Technique, creating massive meteors which descended upon Doctor Korosenai's position in the next instant. With the speed of the bullets being so great, the turrets of Doctor Korosenai were incapable of deflecting them, and they bombarded the area continuously for as long as the machineguns kept firing.

At this moment, all Doctor Korosenai managed to do was to enter his GT Robo and shrink it, for he knew there was no way he could avoid such a massive onslaught of bullets with his speed. Thus he resorted to using his GT Robo instead. Using it, he directed all power to its Blaze Luminous Systems, combining it with the Radiant Wave Surger Claws to project powerful energy shields aiming to defend himself from the attack as the bullets crashed down, causing massive explosions akin to a nuke. As the bombardment continued, more energy was expended by the GT Robo in its defence, as it endured the attacks with all its might. Hissatsu, who was continuing to maintain the bullet strikes, decided to add some power into the attacks by unleashing Kunai, Shuriken and fire as well, further enhancing it with Fire Release Stream in order to maximize the damage dealt.

'This is bad' Doctor Korosenai thought to himself. Knowing that he had been cornered, he realized that he had no choice but to use one of his more powerful weapons - the Stark Hadron Cannon. Functioning differently from the Radiant Wave Surger Claws, this weapon was different in that its attacks are physical in nature. Unleashing it in the process, the might of the bullets were suddenly matched by the GT Robo, as it began tapping into additional sources of power and shifted the energies from defence into offence whilst Doctor Korosenai began shifting to using a more powerful armour - the Shinkiro Form. He knew that it would be folly to pursue the use of weaker Mechas in the face of this powerful threat, and thus entered the Shinkiro, an eighty-story modified Mecha, before shrinking it down. Unleashing its own Zero Beam, Doctor Korosenai then kept his GT Robo, deciding that the Shinkiro would fare better against an enemy of such a calibre.

"Impossible, he survived that onslaught?" Hissatsu wondered aloud. He knew that Doctor Korosenai was strong, but he did not expect his weapons to possess such strength behind them. To deflect thousands of meteors with ease? I will have to be wary..." Hissatsu thought as he stopped his Machinegun barrage to dodge to the side alongside his Shadow Clones, away from the Zero Beam being unleashed.

"Lightning Release: Channelling" Hissatsu activated an ability he thought most fitting - he channelled lightning throughout his body, upgrading his synapses significantly as he drew his Sword of the Thunder God, charging himself further with lightning and calling down lightning from the sky to empower his sword.

"A Mecha you might be, but let's see how you handle this!" Hissatsu exclaimed as all his shadow clones followed suit, bringing out all their Swords to absorb lightning.

"Lightning Release: Kirin!" Hissatsu spoke as lightning descended upon the Shinkiro, striking it and beginning to fry its systems through the use of vast amounts of lightning.

Atleast, that was until Raikou was brought into the Shinkirou, draining all the power and preventing it from overloading the systems. To Hissatsu, it was a shocking sight. His strongest lightning technique, rendered useless even without any defenses used by the enemy? Truly this Mecha was a force to be reckoned with.

Charging himself with power, Hissatsu began to unleash thousands of layered sword shockwaves, in an attempt to slice apart the Shinkiro. Yet, it was for naught, as the forces barely left a scratch on the machine, let alone the need to use the Absolute Defence System. Realizing that his physical strikes were too weak to be of use, he then began thinking of another plan.

Atleast, that was the plan until the Shinkiro began attacking, unleashing Missiles, Grenades and Hadron Cannons even as it remained unfazed by the attacks. Deciding that the clones could no longer serve a decent purpose except to waste chakra by dodging the Shinkiro's strikes, he dispelled his clones, withdrawing the power back to himself.

Then, he created a Stasis Seal, halting all ammunition coming his way and the Shinkiro itself, preventing it from moving.

"What? I can't move the Shinkirou!" Thoughts entered Doctor Korosenai's mind as he suddenly found the Shinkiro unresponsive to movement, remaining completely still as a result of the seal. Realizing that an attack was incoming, Doctor Korosenai then activated all defence systems at maximum power, hoping to defend against whatever was going to be used against the Shinkiro, disabling the Zero Beam.

"Wind Release: Vortex of Death! Fire Release Stream! Entei, I call upon thee! Unleash your all in a Sacred Fire Flamethrower!" Disabling the Stasis Seal, the attacks passed through. Throwing additional Kunai and weapons into the technique, its power grew exponentially as Hissatsu put his all into this technique, literally being able to push the Shinkiro back and begin tearing apart its armour. In an effort to defend, Doctor Korosenai unleashed Mjolnir, calling upon lightning to strike the Shinkiro in order to regenerate its shields, but to little avail, for Hissatsu's technique drained the shields faster than it could be restored, even with the power of Raikou helping the Shinkiro.

"Crap, what can I do?" Doctor Korosenai thought to himself. He had begun regretting the fact that he did not use the Guren S.E.I.T.E.N Eight Elements instead, which was much more capable of enduring attacks of this magnitude. His shields were being torn apart like a knife through butter, and the powerful winds were wrecking havoc on the exposed bits of armour.

Deciding that it was for the best, he then withdrew the Positron Sniper Rifle using the Shinkiro, as it continued to endure. Lifting it up, with the Shinkirou the Raikou then channelled the energies into the Sniper Rifle, even as the Shinkirou's surface defences began to melt under the onslaught.

"YES! I win! Wait what?" Hissatsu spoke as he suddenly saw a bullet in his future vision coming his way. Imbuing himself with his reserves in chakra, he shielded his face from the Sniper Rifle's strike with all his power. At the cost of this however, his attack was disabled, and it gave room for Doctor Korosenai to recover, who then entered the Guren S.E.I.T.E.N Eight Elements immediately.

"I must say, your power is enormous..." Doctor Korosenai remarked. "Trapped any longer, I would have been in danger." He said.

"Well, it's not like I can beat you now..." remarked Hissatsu, who was completely exhausted. "It seems. You have yet to. Use your full might." Hissatsu panted as he spoke.

"Heh." Doctor Korosenai replied. "If you know what's best for you, you'd best run away."

"You know that's not possible. Say... How about I join you? Then I can finally free myself of the Nazis!" Hissatsu said. He had hated them for a long time, and now his excuse to leave had come.

"You may join me if you wish, but my friends may not be so... accepting of you." Doctor Korosenai nonchalantly replied, as he began riding his Guren Seiten Eight Elements and moving away.

And so began Hissatsu's journey with Eos.


A highly focused person. He is prideful of his own sealing art, using it to advance his own technology for Shinobi Tools. However, despite being focused, he is prone to bouts of excitement, being extremely eager to challenge others, to the point of even developing tactics and strategies designed to beat them. If he does not get what he wants, he gets angry easily, becoming a chore to deal with.

Current EventsEdit

Time Skip: 350k B

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

As a Shinobi, his powers and abilities are limited, as he possesses only 1 Occupation. However, he has refined it to an incredible extent, namely his skills in sealing, his specialty, and Ninjutsu as a whole. Belonging to a clan of high chakra reserves and sealing prowess, he has developed his skills to the utmost.

Kekkei GenkaiEdit

Possessing Chakra Reserves like no other, his Kekkei Genkai enables him to convert Energy into Chakra at a set rate, with no seeming limit to the amount of chakra he may contain. This allows him to endure most weaker energy-based techniques without much of a scratch.

However, as his chakra only regenerates to a set limit, the additional chakra has to be replenished through other sources in order to maintain consistently large reserves.

Excess chakra regenerates Hissatsu's wounds at a rapid rate, allowing him to survive debilitating injuries for as long as he has chakra.


His greatest skill. He has developed many sealing techniques which cost varying amounts of chakra to use.

Elemental SealEdit

A seal consisting of 5 separate seals, each capable of sealing its own element. When any element is fired toward Hissatsu, the seal will absorb it into itself, preventing the user from being damaged.

This concerns only generic elements, not advanced elements such as lasers and whatnot.

Chakra SealEdit

A seal which has stored chakra for Hissatsu's use over the years. It possesses vast amounts of energy.

Stasis SealEdit

A powerful seal which is Hissatsu's most powerful (and consequently most chakra taxing). It vastly increases all the resistive forces in the area where the seal is in effect, slowing all objects, ranging from bullets to missiles to a complete halt. Detonations which may be unleashed when this occurs will also be subject to this, preventing the explosion from ever expanding past the layer it broke. This creates an instantaneous field of defense for Hissatsu, as he is practically invulnerable in the direction this is created.

When deactivated, the objects trapped within it drop onto the ground.

Seal of IllusionsEdit

Applied to entire battlefields to create generic Clone Jutsu, blocking the sight of afflicted targets and confusing them using constructs of chakra.

Seal of TransferEdit

Creates a portal to seal anything that passes through it into another dimension. This costs relatively larger amounts of chakra due to its flexibility to be positioned anywhere for defense. This may also be used to block the sight of the enemy.

Body SealEdit

A seal Hissatsu has applied to his own body, constraining the maximum amount of muscle he may use as a human. By imposing an incredible weight of several tons on himself, while limiting the use of muscle to 1%, he has undergone incredibly tough physical and mental training which has helped him break past conventional limits in strength and power, as it forced him to utilize his chakra control in many different and unorthodox ways, as well as bolstering his mental willpower to force his muscles to budge and move. In this way, not only has his strength increased exponentially, but his chakra reserves as well.

He may gradually release this seal in battle to unleash ever more of his power.

Energy SealEdit

May be applied to any target. Prevents Energy from flowing into the part of the object it is placed on, absorbing all energy from that area. To the afflicted target, that limb/part will become completely unuseable, and no energy can pass through it at all. Similarly, no Energy Attacks can be used to remove it, only physical force.

Blade of SealingEdit

His primary weapon of choice. It is a blade equipped with the most powerful seal - the ability to absorb techniques and break them down to its constituents, converting it to energy. This enables it to store energy to be unleashed at a later time. This applies only to energy techniques such as lasers.

However, the seal can only contain energy up to 20 minutes, at the end of which the energy within will either dissipate or has to be unleashed. There is no known limit as to how much energy can be contained.

This blade is useful in that Hissatsu can choose any way in which he may unleash the energy, be it through propelling sword slices or unleashing massive explosions and shockwaves.

It can also be transformed into various shapes to act as different weapons.


Having trained in the art of Ninjutsu, Hissatsu is capable of using many jutsu ranging from the elemental to the generic, of which he specializes in the latter.

Enlargement TechniqueEdit

A rather simple technique, overlooked by even the greatest of shinobi. In the modern age, and even in the past, Hissatsu realized that this technique could serve a sinister purpose far greater than any other, and that was to make a simply projectile into a life-threatening one, turning simple rocks thrown into the sky into giant meteors is one application of this skill. By transforming small threats into great ones, it is one of the most powerful techniques which can be employed.

With greater development of this skill, Hissatsu has learned to use it with his modified weapons, such as Sakuradite-Core Kunais. By concealing Sakuradite within the Kunai, Hissatsu is able to conceal the use of an explosive in the process. Hissatsu may then use this technique to forcefully expand the Sakuradite inside the Kunai itself, thereby shattering the Kunai into many pieces and shards flying across multiple directions. Accompanied by the Sakuradite explosion, these shards may possess sufficient force to impale everything within the vicinity.

There are many other deadly applications to this technique, which may be utilized by Hissatsu when the time comes. The mind-boggling quality about this technique is that the items whose sizes have increased literally gain more mass, and thereby fuel for their techniques.

Shadow Clone TechniqueEdit

An advanced technique forbidden from use for all but the people with the greatest chakra reserves. This technique is designed to create shadow clones for use in many areas, such as espionage and the like. However, Hissatsu finds these uses impractical. Instead, his mastery over this jutsu has taught him that the best way to utilize Shadow Clones is to place them in strategic locations and predict the enemy's movement path when avoiding his attacks, enabling him to unleash subsequent assaults to maximize damage as soon as possible, giving the impression that he is able to see into the future.

He also uses this technique to clone his own attacks, multiplying their efficacy and power, thereby increasing its strength exponentially. This technique is therefore staple in most of his techniques.

Body Flicker TechniqueEdit

A technique commonly seen to apply to entire bodies, increasing the speed of their bodies as a whole. Hissatsu however finds that to be incredibly flawed, for what point is there for an entire body to move, when the simple movement of a limb is more than sufficient? Developing his own technique, he has learned to apply it to one body part at a time, not only minimizing cost but also maximizing its impact, as he may use it to casually deflect attacks from people far stronger than him at a far faster rate, giving the illusion that he is more powerful than he actually is. As the strength of this technique is dependent on chakra alone, it is said that nobody can match his speed when he utilizes the full power of this technique.

Commonly, he uses it on one leg at a time (for extension) in order to attain maximum acceleration, travelling at speeds which can amaze even Battle Wolves. This enables him to disappear from sight without a sound, reappearing at different places akin to teleportation.

He also uses it in the extension of his fists, increasing the power of his punches to shatter the most powerful of defences, or even just simple things like throwing rocks and Kunai, using this power to maximize the strength and power behind his techniques. This is also what makes anything used by Hissatsu incredibly deadly, and deceive others into thinking that he possesses immense strength.

Clone TechniqueEdit

A far simpler variant of the Shadow Clone technique. It is intangible and only serves to block the opponent's sight. It is an illusion which can easily fool non-chakra users, especially in the dark of night.

Earth Grip TechniqueEdit

A variant of the Tree Walking technique he developed. Using his Chakra, he may casually increase the grip strength he has on the ground, preventing him from ever falling, and even using it like roots to keep himself attached. This variant enables him to give the impression that his strength is far beyond what it actually is, allowing him to keep attached to enemies. On the ground it also enables him to run at far greater speeds from the "downthrust", preventing him from losing contact with the ground.

Explosive Running TechniqueEdit

A variant of the Water Walking technique which enables one to float on water by ejecting chakra. Unlike its predecessor, Hissatsu uses it to accelerate his running speed, causing explosions with each step he takes, surprising the enemy with his vast speed, deceiving them of the true strength of his leg by using chakra in its stead. Combined with the Earth Grip Technique being used simultaneously, Hissatsu can attain nigh-unmatched burst speeds.

When applied to his fists, he may also drastically increase his punching force. When applied to bullets, he may accelerate them to far greater extents. When applied to Kunai, they may also be fired at far greater rates.

Chakra CushionEdit

A technique he has designed to prevent himself from receiving the full brunt force of enemy strikes, resistive forces and potentially his own movement techniques, enabling him to survive drastic impacts and sudden changes in direction with little to no internal damage, despite being simply a shinobi with a normally, expected frail body. This sets him apart from other shinobi as he is thus capable of unleashing feats which none of them could hope to replicate.

Transformation TechniqueEdit

Can be used to literally transform the size and shape of a weapon, granting it different properties. He may turn an axe into a spear, or a Kunai into a sword, so on and so forth to suit his needs. He therefore has little to no gaps in defence.

Chakra ShockwaveEdit

An ability developed by Hissatsu. Understanding the property of force and how it moves through mediums, he has developed the ability to use Chakra to carry forces, allowing him to deal ranged melee attacks by channelling chakra at the moment of "impact", propelling the chakra medium to carry the forces to the enemy. This is used to strike objects which should not be touched at all costs.

Elemental NinjutsuEdit

Though not Hissatsu's specialty, he is well-versed in it in order to unleash unparalleled takedowns and to force opponents into corners.

Fire Release StreamEdit

Unleashes a massive stream of fire whose size varies depending on the chakra put into it. This is used by Hissatsu to conceal himself within and incinerate enemies.

Wind Release: Vortex of DeathEdit

Hissatsu's Wind Release ability. It creates a vortex which can be unleashed from his mouth to suck in multiple objects as well as pull in oxygen into the area as well, creating a tornado of death in its path, especially when infused with flames. It is powerful enough to push even Doctor Korosenai's Shinkiro form to the ground, a testament to the physical force possessed by this jutsu.

When further empowered by fire, the flames literally destroy all in its path. Combined with Entei's might, little to no force can truly overpower it directly. Even the Absolute Defence Systems on the Shinkiro failed to do much to defend it against the combined technique's onslaught.

Wind Release: Eradication BodyEdit

A technique applied to his own body. Surrounding himself with wind of currents flowing in various directions, he replicates the cutting effects of wind throughout his body. This causes most attacks toward him, such as simple bullets, to become completely ripped apart before coming in contact with his body. When fighting enemies in hand-to-hand combat, this gives an extra oomph to his attacks.

Lightning Release: ChannellingEdit

Using his Sword of the Thunder God, he is able to conjure limitless amounts of lightning, and further absorbing it into himself for use as power. Even more so, this access to such incredible amounts of lightning, be it through his sword absorbing power from natural sources or otherwise, enables him to use Lightning Release techniques to incredible degrees.

This in turn empowers all his weapons to unmatched levels, enabling even simple kunai the capacity to rip bullets apart and penetrate the toughest of armours. The shock which accompanies it serves to paralyze and debilitate the victim.

When applied to himself, his reaction speed becomes almost instantaneous, as his synapses and processing speed are increased to absurd degrees, enabling him to match supercomputers in intelligence. The lightning further serves to provide him an armour, literally magnetising himself to accelerate himself toward any Mecha users. The negative side to this is that all bullets and magnetic materials will inevitably be attracted to himself as well.

Applying this property to weapons however, would also allow him to divert enemy bullets with great ease, leaving him more room to strike the enemy.

Notable AbilitiesEdit

Unfathomable Chakra ControlEdit

Part of his ability to manipulate chakra so well is because of his unfathomable chakra control. Courtesy of the amount of precision required in sealing ninjutsu, he was forced to train his chakra control to absurd levels before even being allowed to attempt more advanced sealing techniques, which require far greater precision in the allocation of chakra for its activation. This has spilled over to all areas, causing most of his techniques such as Ninjutsu to cost seemingly no chakra whatsoever to him, requiring the barest minimum of chakra to utilize to its greatest efficacy.

Even so, he may become even more powerful if he ever chose to channel more chakra into his techniques.

Master Chakra ChannellerEdit

With his excess chakra reserves continually increasing, he has learned to devote it to channel power into different devices. The use of chakra by him is hence utilized to increase the efficiency of all weapons severalfold, from aspects such as power and energy to sharpness and other qualities. This causes all his weapons to be more powerful than what they seem to be. Machineguns suddenly fire at an increased speed, offering stronger bullets which are also heightened to possess increased sharpness and accuracy, courtesy of chakra refining it. The greater the amount of chakra channelled into the weapon, the greater the power it will possess

He often applies it to his own frail human body to enable himself to achieve superhuman feats through the use of chakra. This prevents him from getting his face smashed in by mighty buff Bishokuyas whom he has encountered before. Training in this ability to channel Chakra, he has learned how to channel chakra in a manner such as to overpower them directly.

Expert Hand-To-Hand CombatantEdit

What he does not have in strength, he makes up for in speed and skill. His many years fighting human opponents has taught him to see through most of their techniques and skills, enabling him to capitalize on any weak spots that may appear. Applying a simple, additional body flicker to certain attacks of his own vastly increases the difficulty of the opponent to avoid his attacks, and also enables his strikes to be delivered with greater force to the enemy's weak points. This makes him more terrifying than most Bishokuya foes.

Extreme SpeedEdit

More than anything else, Hissatsu is known for his extreme speed, made ever worse by his use of powerful Shadow Clones, which rely on this speed to stay alive far longer than any enemy. Not possessing any notable strength feats or powers which are able to annihilate others in one fell swoop, he instead has to rely on the powers of other weapons and tools in order to increase his offensive strength. Hence, it can be said that he does not really possess any true great strength of his own, but rather relies on things around him to deal damage to his foes. One such example is his use of the Body Flicker Technique to fling Kunai - a testament to his weak physical strength, which has led to him resorting to such means. Or his use of Machineguns to fire ammunition, which he then enhances.

This extreme speed, while a great boon as it prevents him from being struck down easily, but also a bane as it requires that he use chakra to maintain it. This means that Hissatsu's aim in battle is to strike down enemies as quickly as possible in order to minimize chakra use.


His Geass has the ability to see into the future definitively. Combined with his incredible skills even without this ability, and the intelligence to plan ahead, this power enables him to outmanoeuvre opponents with incredible ease, trapping them at places where they move to next with the use of shadow clones, traps and weapons.



  • Entei - A legendary pokemon invulnerable to fire. Used by Hissatsu to unleash massive fire attacks or have it endure them in his stead.
  • Sword of the Thunder God - An incredibly powerful Thunder Blade comprising highly condensed lightning. As an incredibly powerful medium to channel lightning and absorb it, enhancing its power drastically. This gives Hissatsu an additional weapon he may use in his elemental techniques. On a side note, he may even absorb the energies from his sword to replenish his reserves. When the Chakra Shockwave is used in conjunction with this blade, a hint of lightning can be seen throughout the entire length of the shockwave itself.
  • Incursio: Shinobi normally possess mere human capacities in the face of powerful foes such as Tailed Beasts and the like. Relying on Chakra, they enhance these capabilities in the hopes of matching otherworldly foes. Upon the purchase of this armour, it was as though Hissatsu struck jackpot. With this, he himself would become superhuman, gaining superhuman speed, power, and strength which he could only once attain through chakra alone. Enhancing this new state of power further with his own chakra, has brought his strength and power to unimaginable heights, capable of contesting with the most powerful of beasts despite supposedly being far weaker than them, courtesy of the use of chakra. Furthermore, he is now able to force his body to travel at far greater speeds using the Body Flicker Technique, enabling him to rapidly speed up his limbs in combat.
  • Cross Tail: A weapon of great repute. Made from the threads of a powerful Demon Beast, it possesses durability and strength far beyond most conventional materials. Being a string-based weapon, it is capable of exerting unfathomable amounts of pressure unto the enemy, whether be it weak spots or otherwise. As it is able to be controlled easily, mastery of it is also casual, and Hissatsu may use it in both offensive and defensive manoeuvres, bringing its effectiveness to fruition through the use of chakra. For instance, he may use the Body Flicker Technique to propel his wires at blinding speed, slicing apart unsuspecting enemies with great force, and overwhelming the defenses of most enemies easily. When used alongside the Shadow Clone Technique, millions of wires can further be created for use, increasing its effectiveness for multitasking in battle.
  • Hades: A seemingly simple weapon, if not for its material makeup. Created from Orihalcum, its hardness and strength are unmatched for its strength-to-weight ratio, making it one of the most durable weapons to ever exist. Firing Orihalcum bullets, its strength and power are not easy to counter, especially considering the power laden behind it when Hissatsu clones and enlarges the bullets. Hades further possesses the ability to be enhanced by lightning, transforming it into a railgun capable of accelerating its Orihalcum bullets to several dozen Machs in speed, enabling it to penetrate most, if not all materials and defences with the greatest of speed. With the full power of the Sword of the Thunder God backing it, it would become even stronger. By passing it to Doctor Korosenai for upgrading and analysis, Hades has further been upgraded to function like a Machinegun, enabling it to fire powerful bullets at far greater frequencies.

Other EquipmentEdit

Before meeting Doctor Korosenai, Hissatsu possessed mainly his own shinobi equipment. They are:

  • Blade of Sealing
  • Kunai
  • Explosive Tags
  • Shuriken
  • Fuma Shuriken
  • Machinegun (Conventional)
  • Pebbles

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